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Hi everyone do you ever find yourself doubting that you can last not smoking as that's how ive been feeling since I had to stop the patches ive been thinking about cigs more. I'm still not smoking been 9 weeks on Tuesday but ive been really up an down since had stop patches with reaction. When I went to see Liz my quit smoking advisor I got really upset then felt embarrassed just keep thinking am I gonna last not smoking I do have self esteem issues im on 1mg mist an Liz gave me prescription for chewing gum I do have Nasel spray but was warned off not use it cos burns your nose and can cause nose bleeds does anyone on here use it? all my life ive felt like a failure an feel like I'm going to fail 😭😓 im also planning my wedding in August so been very stressed guess im just scared I'll be tempted to smoke again x

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  • Aup Leanne :) I think we all go through a sort of phase like you are going through at the moment :o

    Leanne your doing ever ever so well on your quit journey :) you really are :) you hold your head up high gal and be proud of your achievement :) cos am sooooo proud of ya :) :)

    I'm sorry, I cant help you with the nasal spray, cos have never used it :o but am just wandering !! if you have any patches left, I know these irritate your skin, but if you put one on every third day say, just to give you a bit of relief :) The gum is very good, but if you cant get on with that then maybe try the lozenges, the 2 mg ones, cos these are very good :) or have you thought about an e-cig :o

    Drink plenty of water and try to exercise if you can :)

    Leanne, perhaps go and treat yourself to something nice :) this might up your spirits a bit eh :)

  • Thank you monky I can always rely on u don't know why I'm feeling like this all of a sudden maybe stress of wedding work etc an it's so easy to be tempted to smoke when feel like that but you be pleased to know I haven't give in x

  • Hiya Leanne, you are doing absolutely brilliant, 9 weeks is terrific so well done😃

    We often doubt our ability to do something but you ARE doing it and you will keep doing it and I promise it will get easier😃 I know it's hard sometimes to believe in yourself and I think it must be stressful planning a wedding but look on the bright side........... You are going to be a beautiful bride and a non smoking bride and you just keep telling yourself that. Use your mist and use your gum when you need it and you can do it. we are a right nosy bunch on here and we just luv a wedding, im so excited for you 😃 x

  • Thank u peter means a lot like monky your always on hand to help me just feel like a failure sometimes think it all started when I stopped patches but ive always doubted myself been through a lot an I guess I am stronger than I think just my will power is really testing me at the min but I know I can do it just hate feeling this low x

  • Hi Leanne,

    I'm on day 51 (stopped patches around 3 weeks ago) and use the 1mg mouth spray. I know exactly how you feel, it is an up and down feeling, for myself it has involved some tears and non self belief. I always thought I had no will power but I DO as I have not smoked a cig in 51 days. I bet you thought you had no will power but YOU DO, you have been an ex smoker for 9 weeks (my smoking lady told me that once you get to 12 weeks you are classed as an non smoker). You can do this, we will do this. I still think about smoking, dreamt about it last night. But just think how much freer NOT smoking makes your life. I am no longer planning my days around when I can have my next smoke (i smoked in secret from my children). I went to a sporting event at the weekend and i wasn't watching the clock trying to work out when I could have my next smoke. When the event finished and I left the stadium, loads of people were puffing away and for the first time in my life, I saw how desperate they were for that cig as they had not had one for 90 minutes - I could have cried at the relief that I was no longer that person. Smoking OWNS you, you do not own smoking. You will be a smoke free bride, able to enjoy your day without thinking of when you can nip off to have a ciggie. You can do this.

    Exercise is very important - go for a long walk and take slow breaths and breath in the fresh air.


  • Thank you hun for your reply means a lot I know I will get there just hard to re train how I think after being like this since I was at school when I was heavily bullied an other things I've been through guess I dealt with it by smoking an like yourself I had dreams about smoking too don't know why but I haven't give in x

  • Hang in there and try walking and also meditation as those self esteem thoughts need to be appreciated for what they are, just thoughts from theake believe ego.

    You are a non smoker now and self sabotage is a choice we can make but don't do that!

    It's a wicked addiction that you can beat! Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Thank you hun x

  • By keepmg things going with the nicotine you are on a roller coaster. Three days is all it takes o break from the roller coaster of the physical nicotine addiction. I wish that this were discussed more often on this site as I see so many roller coaster rides with supplements on this site.

    The psychological battle can be the bigger challenge but getting rid of the physical piece, in three days, by no consuming nicotine, will help.

    We all say stop smoking but we should be saying stop nicotining.

    Then we deal with the habit of rewarding ourselves with cigs we established and the cigs we did because we were bored or the cigs we did to avoid situations or used them to either obsess or forget thoughts.

    Smoking is very unhealthy both physically and mentally!

    Hang in there!

  • Thank you for your help so you have felt like me x

  • Hi Leanne,

    We all doubt ourselves at some stage, so dont go worrying about it, as with everything else, it will pass.

    Try some relaxation techniques or going for a walk, drinking plenty of water, breathing exercises - These all help.

    in terms your low self esteem Leanne- step back and take a look at what you have achieved so far on your quit journey :) Now - go look at your self in the mirror and tell you, just how fantastic you are for getting through these first 2 months as a non smoker. can you do it - YOU are doing it, and as every day, week and month passes by, you will get stronger.

  • Thank you glolin I will deffo try them techniques an as always for helping me x

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