NRT - how do I give up the mouth spray

Hi Everyone, I quit smoking on 19th January 2016 using patches and the mouth spray.  I only have another week or so on the patches before I give them up but I think I'll find it harder to give up the mouth spray.  I really want to be nicotine free but the mouth spray is so moreish.  Has anyone else had this problem and how have you dealt with it?

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  • Hi Rubywednesday it sounds like you have taken a real liking to the mouth spray the only thing I can think of is maybe suck some mints and try and do without the spray. You are close to leaving the patches behind and I don't think it will hurt to use the spray for a while once you are off the patches. Hopefully others who have encountered this problem may be able to offer suggestions. Good Luck JC

  • Hi lovely, well done on your awesome quit journey so far. I had the same problem with the nicotine gum! Came off the patches after 2 weeks as they were giving me funny dreams and messing with my sleeping pattern, but chewed the gum for about 4 weeks in total. 

    I just tricked myself, so i started swapping the nicotine gum for normal minty gum. Maybe you could pop down the chemist and buy a minty mouth spray or something, and use that instead? That is what i would do :) i still chew chewing gum all the time, but i am completely nicotine free, which is the best feeling in the world :) 

  • Thanks for the advice, I think I'll try that, it seems just a habit and maybe a mouth spray without nicotine would work just as well, thanks again.


  • I'm also on the mouth spray and using as much as I want until April 23rd. Then I cut down to 3 squirts a day, and when I've got there, I'll stop. 

    Like you and jessrudd12  I have thought that I might need Nicotine Replacement Therapy Replacement Therapy (NRTRT) and minty mouth spray might do the trick. Let's keep in touch here and see what works :-)

  • Good luck with your cutting down, I've only used 3 sprays (I think) of the mouth spray today and it's just after 7.30pm.  Will continue to limit how much I use and hopefully move onto the mint mouth spray in a couple of weeks or so.

  • Hi Ruby, beautiful name👍🏼😊

    Well done on your quit, great idea about using just a minty mouthspray to trick your brain. Doesn't sound like you're using too much as you've only had a few sprays today.   good on ya👍🏼😊

  • Thanks for the support, I'd love to take credit for the minty mouth spray but it was suggested by jessrud12, unfortunately I use it a lot more in the evenings, especially if I'm drinking but I'm trying to reduce it.

    Thanks again, Ruby

  • Hi Rubywednesday, and a big warm welcome to our quit support family :) :) and I am just loving your quit Ruby, I'm loving the way your thinking :) now you've quit the ciggs, you want to quit the NRT :) 

    I see you've had some fantastic reply's to help you :) and as you can see, we are all here to be FREE of that dreaded mr flippin nic :) :)

    Ruby, my advice is to set a date, say a month from now, so then you will have finished your patches :) and for a week, keep a sort of log to when you need to use the spray !! soooo, you will then know the times and places and what your doing at these times :) Soooo, say your sat down watching the TV and you get the urge to have a spray, get up and go into another room for a few minutes, look around, could you make this room look better, could you smarten it up and look at that flippin dust on that shelf :o ha ha  anything to distract your mind at that time :)  and as has been mentioned, the mint mouth spray could help you too eh :) :) 

    I know your going to do it Ruby, one way or another, you will do it :) :) and am sooooo PROUD of ya gal :) :) 

    Pete :) 

  • Hi Monky, thanks for the welcome and support, all very good advice.  I will set a date (got one or 2 stressful things coming up in May, so may not be for a while) and keep a diary, need to buy that mouth spray!

    Thanks again to you and everybody else that replied for all the support and advice I've received, it's all been very helpful.  What a great forum.


  • I wasn't planning this but I forgot to put my patch on today, so what the hell who needs them.  Using the mouth spray a bit more but not really missing the patches so far.  Decided not to monitor use of the mouth spray, it seems to make me think about it more and therefore use it more (same with cutting down cigarettes).  Planning on stopping the mouth spray on 30 May, there I've said it so I have to do it lol.

    Hope everybody else is doing well in their quest to kick the evil weed.


  • This morning at about 11:00 I thought oh, I haven't had my mouthspray, like its medicine that I have to take. Like the chump that I am I got it out and used it. Next time I "forget" and then remember that I've forgotten, I'll leave it and see how  long it is until my body says it wants some, rather than my habit.

  • Hi Desperate dad, aye it's awfy moreish, I've set a date to stop it, just like I did with the fags.  Using it much more now I've given up the patches but fingers crossed I'll be able to come off it soon.

    Good luck with the stopping smoking and cutting down the mouth spray, I know how hard it is.


  • Hi Ruby, Like you I set a date to continue NRT until, which I haven't reached yet. They said 3 months of NRT was a good idea, so that's what I'm doing, but I'm going to cut down slowly, taking up to 3 months for that if I want to. It's not like there's pressure to quit NRT in the same way with the tabs. Our dates are not far apart so lets coach each other. I'm going till 23rd April before starting to measure it and cut it down. I'm only on mouthspray too.

    Another thing I'm doing is watching the money that's not going to tobacconists. Gosh how that builds up! You could lease a car for the money you save!

  • Sounds good DD, I've been treating myself (ie a gps sportswatch) with the money I would be spending on fags, it's great, I don't need to deny myself things like I used to.  When I give up the mouth spray I will probably go on the inhalator to make it a bit easier, it's not very good but not moreish like the mouth spray.  Keep up the good work and keep in touch.


  • Hi Ruby,

    I couldn't do the spray!!!! 😖 Used to take My breath away and I felt worse than before!! I think I became more afraid of the spray than the fags so just went Cold Turkey 🦃 It's all good keep up the good work...

  • Hi OPB, I didn't like the spray at first but you get used to it, good for you going cold turkey, that would be my worst nightmare, how long's it been for you, I've just started my 14th week.


  • Hi Ruby,

    I stopped in October 2014 Thought I should do it before Christmas 🎅🏻  Then January 2015 got diagnosed with Diabeties and High Blood Presure 😪 Made a decision at Christmas last Year but got hit by a virus from January 4th witch lasted until beginning of February and then started the C25K goal to rid myself of medication..... 🤗

  • Hi OPB, that's fantastic, about 6 months without the fags! Hope your illnesses can be controlled without drugs.  Have you completed the C25K yet, I'm still on week 6 but really enjoying it, coming up for the 25min continuous run, eek!


  • Just did Yesterday WK9R2 so Graduation is only a run away... 😊 Keep up the good work they say (and it was true for me) the first 30 days are the worst get over that and 'Hello Lungs' nice to feel You again!!!!😍

  • That's fantastic, you must be so pleased, keep us posted when you graduate.

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