Hi I am new to things in this group and would like to know if anyone has stopped smoking using Ecigs, I am not on day 28 of not smoking and I've done it only with Ecigs.

I couldn't use patches and couldn't use the champix tablets but I found I have been able to do it with electronic cigs, I use the ones with the liquid and I buy them on ebay which cost me very little.

Just want to know how many others have stopped using the same method and if it's worked for you, also if you are still using the Ecigs because I have found that I've replaced smoking real cigarettes with Ecigs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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  • Hi Janetta, welcome to quit support. I myself used an inhalator , although e cigs were not as popular 3 years ago. Many members on here use the ecig and have been able to quit. I am sure you will get plenty of replies from everyone. Stay positive and please join in our daily chat. xx :)

  • Thank you I will stay in touch and let you all know how I'm going with it

  • Hi Janetta

    A big warm welcome to our quit support group and well done on making the decision to quit smoking :) :)

    I can 't help you with anything on e-cigs as i never used them myself but have many members who have successfully quit smoking using them :) :) There is some information under the topic heading, there will be members that will see your post who do use ecigs and will happily advise you :) :)

    All these forms of NRT are there to assist in quitting smoking and its a matter of working out what works best for each individual. It sounds like you have it sorted :) :)

    If you let me know your quit date I will add your name to the wall of winners so that you can get awarded badges as you reach quit milestones :) :)

    Keep up the great quit you have there


  • Hi my quit date was 10th of April at 5.30am. I have a app on my phone and I have been keeping track of everything lol, thank you so much for your reply

  • I have an app on my phone too, it gets a little scary when you see just how much money you wasted on cigarettes but at least now its money in your pocket :) :) . i set aside the money i would have spent and just checked it and i have not spent just over $7000 ( I am in Australia so its about half in pounds) and that is in a little over 10 months :O :O

  • Hi janetta😀

    Welcome to our little community😀

    I initially started off with ecig but due to allergies I had to stop using them. My sisters quit using ecig and over 2 years later are still using them. I understand what you're saying about kinda replacing real cigs with ecigs😕 I didn't want that either and by the time I had stopped using it I was down to 3mg in about 8 weeks but I think I had lowered it too soon and started having odd ciggie. I researched found Allen Carr book read it and here I am nicotine free for over a year 😄

    For me I had to just stop using any kind of NRT and go cold turkey coz I think if I hadn't I may have went back smoking full time 😕

    Everyone's different and you have to do what suits you, if you feel you're using ecig too much put it in another room or just use it on one room so you have to think about it first, my sisters still have it in their hands nearly all the time but in my opinion it's better than actually smoking 😃

    So don't worry about it 😉you just continue with what's working for you😄 you're doing great 😄


  • Thank you so much

  • Good morning, congratulations on making this step, it's a big one!

    e-cigs were my saving path. I moved onto them for close to three years! I have since quit e-cigs (not a walk in the park, but easier than going cold turkey from regular cigarettes).

    I have posted in the past about my relationship with e-cigs, a small extract is:

    I have been smoking only an e-cig for nearly 3 years now. Two Christmases ago (I'd been on e-cig only for a few months) I had a flat battery on my e-cig while out socializing. A friend gave me one of his regular cigarettes. I lit it and took a puff, to me it was disgusting! It tasted bad and made me feel sick like the first time I tried a cigarette! One thing stands true, I am off cigarettes, I can't stand the smell (it makes me feel sick) I don't want one! This is a success...

    I have looked at it as "smoking on my own terms", in the pub, club anywhere. I don't smell of tobacco, I get on well at the gym. It's cheaper than the equivalent in cigarettes. However, I'm still addicted to nicotine! I'm still putting a white stick in my mouth for that hit (all be it with a nice minty flavor).

  • Thank you so much for your reply and help

  • Thank you I am going to keep going with the ecigs they are working well for me

  • Hi Janetta,

    Well done, the most important thing is you have stopped smoking normal cigarettes.

    Accept this and be pleased. This will be of great benefit to your health.

    My personal advice would be that the next stage is to perhaps try other NRT when you are ready or reduce the amount of Nicotine in the vapes you are buying.

    I went straight to patches , gum and then the oral strip. I wanted to stop the actual physical link of lighting up and nictotine. I was also panicked by the fact that an ecig might run out when I need it. Easier to get cigarettes at 3 in the morning!

    Even after 4 months I still think and dream of smoking and I have to give myself a little kick to remind myself why Im giving up.

    There is no need to push yourself to stop immediately, your local GP may be able to help, but there is nothing wrong with ecigs to get you off the nasty stuff.

    You just have to think and plan that final move when, and only when, you are ready.

    Keep going

    Jim x

  • Thank you Jim and yes I will keep going, my son always begged me to stop smoking and now I'm happy to say that he is so pleased that I've stopped

  • I bet he's so pleased. My little girl is 4 and she started commenting on the smell. Even though I never smoked around her or in the car or house. That's when I decided I cant do this anymore.

    I also want to be around to see her grow up, I don't want to be an invalid through a stupid habit and miss out on "my family's life".

    Some people have commented on being careful how much nicotine is actually in these fluids off the net. Make sure they are not too concentrated and therefore increasing the need for nicotine.

    I decided to break that lighting up habit, but its what suits you. You have made a giant leap from smoking normal cigarettes and time will help you plan the next stage you want to move to.

    Don't put any pressure on yourself. Make that move when you are ready

    Jim x

  • It's great to see how proud he is

  • Hi, I gave up using an ecig or vaping as it's called. Been doing it for over 18 months. I am better physically and medically. I'm not planning to quit this yet but have cut down on the nicotine strength. My Asthma nurse is very happy with my fortnightly results as am I. My breathing is much better. I have just come back from podiatry and the doplar test on my feet is much improved

    Considering I was to have my foot amputated 18 months ago.

    All the best to you. Ray

  • Hi how are you. I am in Australia and have found that they don't sell E juice with nicotine, I have found a place in Ireland that sells it and i actually mix a little of that with the E juice with 0 nicotine.

    The ones I get have beautiful flavors like bubble gum and juicy fruit, strawberry, cotton candy and spearmint. They are so nice and then you can get the tobacco flavor too, some of them are so yummy lol.

    Thank you so much for your feedback

  • nice seeing another join up from downunder :) I am Victoria

  • Lol its great to have someone to chat to, I am in NSW just on the border of NSW and Vic.

  • small world, In Shepparton here, amazing how small the world is :D

  • Wow your not that far I'm in Albury Wodonga lol, love it here😆

  • you will really enjoy this support group, I quit just over 10 months ago and found the members here just amazing. I honestly dont think i would have been so successful without their support :)

  • Great I need support from people as my partner trends to be a bit of a wet rag lol😂

  • and everyone here is on their own quit journey. Have you been smoking for long?

  • I've been smoking for about 30 years lol very long time

  • I'm hearing ya..40 years of 30 a day here

  • That's great news that you are doing so well Ray

  • Hi Janetta, Don't worry about using the vapour e-cig, I quit using one after 45 years smoking 20 cigs a day, I find now I use it less, I can go out and leave it at home, :-)

    So onwards and upwards, Good Luck, Stay possative, :-)

  • Thank you so much.

    I actually like the Ecigs it's my so called partner who is giving me grief about them, mind you I think the reason he's doing that is because he is having a hard time trying to quit.

    I have found therm a great help😊

  • Hi ya Janetta, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to our quit support community :)

    Your doing just flippin ACE gal :) :) e-cigs, NRT, anything is better than smoking :) :) I too am on the e-cig just over 11 months quit now :) and when I feel its time to cut the e-cig out, then I will do :) and not before :o

    I see you've had loads of advice from our lovely members :) and you live next door to our lovely Glolin too :) well, not quite next door, but a stones throw away eh :D :D

    Hmmm, about your partner :o why not ask him to join our merry Winners band too :) cos we could perhaps help to make the quitting easier for him :) Just a thought Janetta :o :)

    I know he will get loads of help :) :)

    Take care now and hope to see ya BOTH soon :) :D :D

    Pete :)

  • Great Job!!! Ecigs are good try to cut down the level of nicotine every two weeks until you are not using nicotine Find a flavor you like that is non nicotine and use it just like a reg smoke. They come in handy for that moment.. I use a vape liquid with a disposable chamber that I can get different flavors with no nicotine my fav is Pina Colada. I wish you and everyone here a Great And Smoke Free Weekend.

    Be safe and Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers out there.

  • Hi Janetta and welcome to quit support😃 congratulations on over a month quit, well done to you👍 Yes I used the ecig and found it really helped me along with the support from this great group of friendly people here. I started lowering the strength of the liquid and mixing it gradually down as I found it the easiest way. I never took the ecig out of the house so I found I could go longer and longer without using it. When you are ready you will know when the time is right, don't hurry the process as it's keeping you off the dirty smelly cigs. Keep up your great quit and be very proud of your achievement😃x

  • Hi janetta

    I'm new here but have mentioned in my own posts that I have only been able to get smoke free because of ecigs. For me it had worked completely and I've never looked back although I know many people who haven't had as much success. Hopefully you're still going strong but there are enough posts on here to demonstrate that there are many methods you can use and it's simply about finding the one which works best for you. Great news. ..hope you have earned yourself some new badges now! !!

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