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Daily Chat: Friday 15th February 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 15th February 2013

Good morning everyone.

It's a beautiful sunny day today - what a difference a day makes! AND we're not supposed to be getting any more rain for a few days so everyone can enjoy the outdoors at the weekend for a change.

I've heard on the radio that they've started demolishing the most hated building in the UK today - the Imax building at Bournemouth Pier so I think I'll dust my bike off and go and have a look.

Hope you all have a good day with not too many cravings - don't forget those breathing exercises.

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Good Morning Andi and everyone,

It's a lovely day here as well so I think I'll go out a walk later, get some fresh air in my lungs. No cravings so far, although it is early, I hope that continues today for me and everyone else.

Enjoy your bike ride Andi :) Have a good day everyone :)


Happy Friday everyone,

It's quite sunny here too and seems like the weather is picking up. However, we probably said that at some point last week too :-/

Found this and wondered was it what you will be seeing today Andi? -


Hope you enjoy a nice refreshing ride out in the sunshine B)

Sue, glad to hear that you are feeling heaps better today, a walk may do you the world of good.

For those of you experiencing cravings, you are more likely to feel them quite intensely during the early days, but they do calm down if you deal with them. If you have been quit for some time, they do still pop their head around the door to try and catch you out, so be ready for them as they can be sly sneaky things if you are not armed and ready!


Getting cravings is a positive sign so welcome those cravings in and then don't let them outstay that welcome, show 'em the door!


Hi everyone

I got a Valentines balloon off Cheaty Peetie as well. I did pm him and said I hope he didn't send them to other women or I would get jealous. He didn't reply so I took that as a sign of a guilty conscience :D

Sorry to hear about your daughter Sue, that must have been a nasty fall to break her wrist and I'm so glad the baby is ok. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Great picture Andi, sums up the Friday feeling nicely :) Enjoy your trip out on your bike this afternoon.

It's a lovely day here as well, sunny and and a nice blue sky, makes a pleasant change.

Happy Friday to you too EmJay, I hope you are having a good day.


Hi everyone,

Just back from a lovely walk down at the water, saw the lifeboat men out practising and fed the swans, then had a bar lunch, even saw some dolphins jumping so have had a great day :) I hope you've all had a great day as well :)


Just got home from work, it's gorgeous. To much going on at mo to enjoy it all but just looking out of the window is a joy. Big smile to all of you....:)


Afternoon Everybody, the sun is still shining here and there has even been the odd window opened up in the office too!

Ooooh Sue, how lovely to see dolphins on a Friday afternoon! Sounds like a lovely day out :-)

Hey Kazz, I hope you've had a nice day too :-)

Fags, you're doing brilliantly and we're loving the tales! :-/

John, was the balloon not for Amor or Vida? I think our 'Guess Who' person is very thoughtful :-)

I'm about to leave the office now and am away for the weekend with some friends, a nice girly weekend. I'll be taking my ipad with me and so shall pop my head around the door later, providing we have wireless in that there sunny or snowy Wales :-)

Speak to you all in a bit :-)


Wow Emjay, that's exactly the photo I took. I see it's a live webcam so you were probably watching me take it and chat to a visitor. If I'd known, I'd have given you a wave! :) :D So I haven't been back long and as it was so nice I cycled the whole prom and then some and covered 22 1/2 miles. Am feeling it now though - just need some food and a sit down and relax. :o :D

Glad you're all enjoying the day even though most of you are stuck in work - not long now.

Also glad that you managed to get out for a nice walk Sue. :)


wow andi thats impressive..wish I could cycle that far :) and what a great day for itr. I've had an interview bought a kitchen cooked dinner and now off to collect grandson. have a good eve folks xx jan


How did you get on with the interview? Hope you got it


Hi Sarah it went well but its wait and see. I am also in 2 minds if i want it lol..i wouldnt mind the money but it means stopping my little job driving my old lady to get her hubby from the care home twice a week .. i wish i coulod get 2 more of those jobs ..much better than office work for me :))

hope all well with you xx


Hi everyone.

Enjoy your weekend Emjay, hope the weather is good for you :)

That is amazing Andi, cycling all that distance, i don't know how you do it :o :) you relax the rest of the night now :)

You've had a busy day Jan, hope the interview went well, and you bought a kitchen, that will keep you busy :D :)

Hope you have a good evening John, looks like Amor and Vida will with their chuckle egg :)

Thank you Kazz, her wrist is just annoying her now, she can't do the things she wants to, hope you day went well, bet your glad it's Friday :)

Have a great evening everyone :)


See this is why I'm such a depressive, been a mainly cloudy day here with the sun popping it's head out now and again, still cold and damp too. Meant to be dry over the weekend with little in the way of sunshine. :-/ same old really, it'll be like this all year. I need to move.


Hi ya Sinfree, I hope your copin well :) :)

I've ordered the sun in your area for tomorrow 8-) so I hope it cheers you up a tad eh :) :) cos I love the sun :) and it cheers me up when it shows it's face :) :)

You stay strong Sinfree, cos we are with you all the way gal :) :) speak soon gal :)


Hi all you Happy people on here,, Good to hear you are all enjoyed the nice sunny day we had. I hope this weather stays that way as its a great boost for the spirit and soul.. :) :) :) :)


Hey it's nice to see you Cath :) and yep that sun really does give me a boost gal, erm not sure where :o but it definitely does :) :)

You stay strong & focused, cos your goin to do it :) :) speak soon, Pete :)


Hiya Happy, so happy that you're still happy and staying quit. :) Yes, the weather does make you feel better.

Sin, sorry you didn't get much sunshine where you are today. :( Why don't you pop down to the south coast for the weekend for a bit of sun and r & r? ;-)


Evening all, yeah late again :( :( but HEY its flippin Friday, yipeeeeeeeeeeeee :) :) :)

Yeah we had the lovely sun here tooooo, huh I'de booked it for Valentines day :o hmmmm suppose better late than never eh :) :D :D


Andi, love the pic gal :D :D ace, just ace :) :) I just feel like doin a bit of boogying :o :D :D

So you cycled 22.5 miles then :) thats nearly as far as i row :) ( on a good day ) :D :D


Hiya Pete,

Glad you booked the sun, today was lovely :) can't see me boogying unless you can do it sitting down :D :D


Aup Sue, it's nice to hear you had a nice walk and got some fresh air gal :) :)

Hmmmmm boogyin sittin down eh :o yes I reckon you can do that Sue :) :) well this lot are doin it :D :D



Do you know whats happened to Polland ?? :o


:D :D good one, mind you this is more like me

icartoons.co/600/cartoon-cl... :D :D :D


Hey so thats where my can a lager went too then :D :D


It's late Sue, I know you must be gettin tired, especialy after that lovely walk you had :) :) so I shall let you get nice and cosy gal :) :)


I don't know where poland is today Pete, I am getting tired, need my bed and my hot water bottle, not forgetting teddy :D :D

nite nite, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow, luv ya :) xxxxxx


Hmmmm wish I was a teddy :o :D :D

Nite nite Sue, sleep well and luvs ya toooo xxxxxxx :) :) and see you tomorrow :)


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