Daily Chat: Sunday 10th February 2013

Daily Chat: Sunday 10th February 2013

Good morning everyone, I see your all champing at the bit to get chatting today. :)

I do not think it will be one of those lovely days for a nice walk in the countryside or by the seaside today! :o :( We've just got torrential rain in the south - anyone got snow? :D

Is there anyone else joining Jan and making today their quit day? If so come on here and share it all with us - you know it makes sense. :)

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  • Good Afternoon Andi and everyone,

    I'm late up again, i'm sleeping for Britain just now....or my body wants to hibernate :D :D

    no rain here yet but meant to be getting snow tomorrow :o :D hope it's not to much. no walk for me today, it's too cold, will just have to get on with housework instead :)

  • Hi Sue, I wanted to have a lie in today and didn't set the alarm and then woke up earlier than ever - 5 o'clock and couldn't really get back off again! :o Finally dragged myself out about 7.30 - after it got daylight :D :D (not that you'd have known with the rain hammering down outside. :o )

  • Hi Andi, sorry you couldn't get enough sleep today, i know the feeling, it's awful :( Did you still go running in the rain :o surely not, a quilt and a hot cuppa would be better :) :D, I didn't see the daylight, couldn't get my eyes to open :D :D i'll find out from my son, when he gets in, if we got any today :D :D

  • Hi all,

    No snow here, just rain. It's snowing on the other side of the county though! That snow storm in America looks horrendous, 3 feet of snow and a massive power cut!

    My daughter did really well doing her speech yesterday at the convention, we had lunch there and it was a good day. Next stop National finals weekend after next.

    I had a bloody awful day on Friday, had a toothache where I had the new crown fitted a couple of weeks ago. My dentist put it on temporary as she thought she might have to do a root canal treatment.

    I went to the dentist, she took the crown off, and drilled, prodded and poked about in my mouth for nearly 2 hours, but alas couldn't do the root canal, as she couldn't get in to the canal, as the tooth had calcified! She put a dressing in, filled the tooth, popped the crown back on, gave me 2 lots of anti-biotics and is referring me to a Specialist. I am back to see the dentist next Weds.

    The tooth is still aching, but I am managing to get some sleep. The bloody thing! My first dental implant might be happening sooner than I thought :)

    I refuse to let a toothache get the better of me :)

    Aww Andi- tis awful when you want a sleep in and can' have one- have a snoozette this afty, that's what I'll be doing!

    Hope that you don't get too much snow Sue! Best thing when it's snowing and raining is to stay indoors. I am not going out today, did the food shopping on the way home last night.

    Hope everyone is keeping warm as toast and having a great day!


  • Hi Chickles,

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your Daughter, hope she wins :)

    Sorry you've got toothache :( there's nothing worse, hope the specialist can fix it for you :) I'm just trying to hold on to my teeth, all the bottom ones are really slack, not sore though thankfully, some of the tablets i was on completely wrecked them, i can see them all falling out soon, at least it's just teeth, could be worse, like my hair :D :D

    Hope you have a great day :) xx

  • Hi John,

    What you up to today, making any of your yummy bread? whatever you do hope you have a great day :)

  • Sounds nice :) i made soup, that with a crusty roll will fill me up :)

    hope you get your kits sold, it's a good way to make extra cash, i do that from time to time :)

  • Hi everybody :)

    Huh its flippin pi____ erm raining loads down here again :( :(

    Sue you enjoy your lie ins gal :) its good for you, yeah weve got snow coming tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday nall :o :(

    Chichen, I do hope your Daughter wins too :) my fingers will be crossed for her as well. Sorry to hear about your tooth ache :( i hope the antibiotics kick in soon :) :)

    Andi so sorry you couldnt lie in gal :( I think it must be to do with your age gal :o :D :D :D rite am offffffff to find a hidin place :D :D

  • Hi Pete,

    hope your hiding well :D :D :D Andi will get you with her spear otherwise :D :D

  • Aup Sue,

    Am not in hidin yet cos i know Andi's snoozin :D cos I can hear her snorrrin :D :D

    It's enough to wake the dead, i tell ya :D :D and ave got some books down the back of my britches for any spears :) :)

  • :D :D :D did she wake you up Pete :o :D :D, think i better hide now :D :D

  • Lovely picture John, there such beautiful birds :)

  • Hi everyone

    It's been raining here all day and snow due this evening. I'm working from home tomorrow so hopefully wont have to go out in it. Fingers crossed I get my boiler fixed tomorrow.

    Can't believe you didn't set the alarm Andi then woke up even earlier than usual. Didn't you say you were going spinning today instead of running?

    If you are sleeping a lot Sue it must mean you need it and it makes a change. I always feel like hibernating at this time of year I think it must be instinct from our ancestors 1000s of years ago :)

    Lovely pic as always John.

    Fingers crossed for your daughter at the National finals Chickles. Sorry to hear about your toothache and 2 hours at the dentist. Toothache is horrible there is nothing much you can do about it other than go to the dentist. I hope you get it sorted soon.

    Are you making lumpy gravy today Peetie? Must be difficult moving around with all those books down your britches :D

  • Hi Kazz, bet your glad your working from home tomorrow, i'm just wondering who ordered all the snow :o :D thought we'd had enough this year :D

    I don't mind all the sleeping it's the constantly feeling tired that's annoying me, i don't have the energy to climb everest and go ostrich racing :D :D :D

    have a great day Kazz :)

  • :D I'm sure once the better weather comes Sue, you will be out climbing Everest and ostrich racing with the best of them :D :D It's not good feeling tired all the time, you don't feel like doing anything at all. I'll be back to my usual camel racing come summer :D

    This snow does keep showing up, or should that be snowing up :) At least with each day we are getting nearer to Spring so that's something to look forward to.

  • Aup Kazz,

    It's lovely to see you gal :P :) whoooops how did that get in there :o :D :D

    Kaz I just wish that I was further on in my plumbin course, so that i could come and fix your heatin for you gal :) but havnt got that far yet :o :(

    Dont forget you've got a gas fire infront of you :D :D get the bugger lit gal :) :)

    you say snow keeps showin up, what about the flippin rain then :o :( :( or do you live on a boat :o :D :D :D

    And yes Spring is near :) like Andi said, it's gettin lighter now :) :)

  • Afternoon all - I see Pete's still in hiding although I'm sure I don't know why. :) Nice to see a few people around this aft - not much else to do in this weather I guess. :o I think it's finally stopped raining here now. :)

    Kazz, yes I went spinning this morning and went in a bit earlier and had a bit of a workout in the gym first. It all caught up with me at luchtime - put on the box for whilst I was eating and like Pete said, ended up dozing most of the time in between. :) Hope they fix your boiler tomorrow, weren't they supposed to come yesterday?

  • Aup Andi, you've awaken then :D

    Huh it's still rainin here, but it's got colder now too brrrrrrr down to 0.8 c so I suspect the snow is on it's way :P :( :(

    like you Andi, I thought Kaz was gettin her boiler fixed yesterday :o :| Hmmmmm am wonderin what she told him to do :o was it like BG who charge about £88.00 an hour !!!!! rip off flippin merchants :X

  • Aaah thanks Peetie Weetie, it's the thought that counts. Yes, can't forget the rain as well. I don't mind rain so much but I don't like slippy snow and ice.

    I did have someone out to fix the boiler on Friday but he couldn't fix it, he fitted a part but it didn't work so he charged me £90.00 then left so that was a complete waste of money. I have a Glow Worm Engineer coming tomorrow who have charged me a fixed price no matter what it is. I just hope they have the part on the van so I don't have to wait another few days.

    I haven't got my fire on yet but I do have my hot water bottle :)

    You are really good Andi, very dedicated to doing your exercise, even on a Sunday the day of rest :) Yes Pete did say he could hear you snorining, I thought it was thunder :D

    Just off to get my tea now, Spam sandwiches or cheese on toast not sure which yet.

  • Kazz ya wot !!!! :o he charged you £90.00 and didnt fix it !! well Kaz, if that would have bin me, I wouldnt have charged you anything gal, cos I didnt fix it :o :(

    When i went in for this plumbing course, they told me that plumbers had got a bad name :o :( I thought naaaa, but since i have started, I have heard all sorts of goins on :o :( well, when i pass my exams, it will all change :) well around here anyway :)

    I hope Mr glow worm gets it fixed for you tomorrow :) :)

  • The people round there will be very lucky to have you Pete, I think it's hard to find reliable and honest tradesman.

    The plumber I had did buy a part and fit it so he had to charge. He said it could a number of things the next being pcbs (printed circuit boards) of which there are 3, and it could cost me up to £800 for him to keep guessing so he advised me to get a fixed price of Glow Worm. Still annoying to have to pay when I'm still left in the same position just £90 lighter. I don't believe the valve he bought was £50 though.

  • Hmmm well perhaps he wasnt soooo bad then eh :)

    Erm dont suppose you know what valve it was :o ??

  • No idea Pete, he did give me the old one so I'm sure you would recognise it but they all look the same to me :)

  • It's probably about right £50 for a valve. It's £46.99 for a diverter valve for our boiler and that's off ebay. £40 labour?? umm well depends how long he was there, then there's the qualifications they need to have which you would know about Pete, and the public liability insurance? OMG I dread to think. Working in people homes with a gas appliance, I should imagine insurance companies get very nervous about underwriting risks like that, so though yeah some tradesmen are rip off merchants, I'd say this one sounds like he's been reasonably fair. Our boiler is a Ravenheat. I hate it, its been useless since the day it was commissioned. When we replace it I'm going to put it in the garden and throw rocks at it, then I'm going to find the person who designed it and throw rocks at him. Good luck with your Glow Worm man tomorrow.

  • Thanks Sinfree, you are right. Good job I've given up smoking to pay for it :)

  • Hey there Sinfree :)

    Love it gal just love it :D :D :D

  • Hey up all,

    Re my toof, it's just one of those things! I think the jawbone and nerves are bruised, I'm sure it will ease eventually. It's making my nose run lol

    I haven't cracked with it and smoked and to be honest I haven't wanted to smoke.In the past if I had toothache I thought smoking would take my mind off it, just an excuse to start smoking again! So am proper pleased with myself.

    Thanks all, I'm sure the antibiotics will start to work eventually, usually takes a couple of courses! Don't feel like eating, but have to eat to take the tablets, grrrr :)

    Anyway enough of me whinging. I'm going to meditate later...

    Hope you get your boiler sorted tomorrow Kazz- thought they were fixing it yesterday?

    Where are you up to in your plumbing course Pete?

    Sue- hope you get a bit more energy soon. When did you last have your thyroid checked?

    Laters all


  • hi all,

    had my tea and shower so all cosy in my jim jams and dressing gown now, need to be with the cold weather and rain tonight

    Hope you've got your fire on now Kazz, you'll need it, can't believe that first gas man charged you all that then didn't even fix it :o that's ridiculous, hope you get it sorted tomorrow :)

    My thyroid was checked last year Chickles, my GP is away to change my meds though, hopefully to T3, cause i don't feel any better, something is wrong somewhere. I'll find out when i go on Tuesday.

    Well done on not smoking, i used to do the same with toothache, you should be well pleased with yourself :)

  • All the best for Tuesday Sue! I had a brill snooze this afty, but I think that was more down to the strong painkillers. I have had a completely lazy day, have done nothing, cept watch telly and snooze lol It's not often I have days like this, I'm normally dashing about at 100 miles an hour. It's back to work tomorrow, Mondays come round far too quickly!

    Kazz- that boilerman sounds a proper rip off merchant, charged £90 and didn't fix it?

    Hopefully it'll be sorted tomorrow!

    Am away to watch telly for a while.


  • Aup Chickles,

    It sounds like those antibiotics have kicked in gal :) :D

    Yeah i know just what you mean about Mondays comin around tooooo fast gal, am the same :( :( I think we could do with a 3 day weekend :) :)

    as for my plumbing course am on jointing now, huh lots to do yet gal :o :)

    Enjoy your telly :) :)

  • Why thank you John, I have played it, and the sand dunes in the clip were amazing! I am sure that with the music, my meditation and everyone's 'hope the toof ache goes' wishes, that I shall be on the mend very soon.

    Thank you again!


  • Aup JC,

    tell ya wot pal, that did my toooofff ache good and I aint got tooooff ache :D :D

    no it was nice john, relaxing :) :)

    Hmmm are you on a diet John, cos not seen cakes about again :o :(

  • What coke for your fire or for slurpin on :) :D

  • Well that explains it then you wont be able to afford cakes now :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • So what kind of coke were you after in the garage? :o :D :D

  • Chick, think it might be something to do with the age having a doze in the afternoon in front of the telly. :o :) Hope your tooth settles down and gets fixed soon - I couldn't imagine what it'd be like to have a false tooth - screw in or otherwise. :(

    Kazz, I was gobsmacked when I heard that you got charged so much on Friday - let's hope the glow-worm man does the job. :)

    Pete are you on nights this week?

    John, I was really surprised to hear that you had snow, I thought it was all heading to the eastern side of the country.

  • Yes john its snowin here too, and its settling on top of rain :o it's gone down to 0.6 c now, so its freezin, its going to be bad in the morning on the roads :( :( ice underneath snow :o not good !!

  • Nope !! am on 7 am - 7 pm again, what shift you on this week ? :o :D :D

  • Not snowing here yet, they said between 20:00 and 08:00 we would have snow.

    I would want screw in teeth if mine came out but they are so expensive.

  • Ave got some spare screws, cheap anall :o :D :D

  • Thanks you two, what about anesthetic? Also what you going to use for teeth :D I bet neither of you has thought this through properly :o

  • It's my turn for coffee morning on Tuesday so I've got to make a cake - am gonna make the chocolate one I made last time - I can still taste it in my mouth now! Mmmmmmmmmm :) :)

  • Make that 3 :) :)

    Quick before JC gets to smell them :D :D

  • Greedy :D Great minds think alike :P

  • was it from Birds !! or out a packet :o :D :D

  • Could you make 2 Andi, then we will be able to let you know what we think :D

  • Yes of course I can. :)

  • Hmmmmm how would one get these choc cakes then :o

  • :) Thanks Andi you're a star.

  • Hmmmmm different :o :o

  • Am dropping off again so I think I'll turn in now (think Sue's been dropped off all evening again. :o :D )

    Nite nite all and sleep well, luv you all. :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, sweet dreams gal and luvs ya tooo xxxxxx :) :)

    Will be thinkin of you bakin that choc cake, while am hard at work :o :D :D

  • Rite am off now tooo, soooo good nite all, and luvs ya all, take care now and keep strong xxxx :) :)

  • Night night y'all, luv yas xxxx,

    Speak to you tomorrow. I think I can hear Boozie Suzie snoring :)

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