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Daily chat: Tuesday 15th January 2013

Daily chat:  Tuesday 15th January 2013

Good morning everyone.

It's a nice day here today, cold but sunny though we did have a few snow flakes earlier. I hope the weather is not too bad in your area.

I hope the site is a little better today than yesterday. I looked like I had a stutter during the evening my posts repeated that many times :D

Have a great day everyone, you know where we are if you need some advice, want a chat, need to have a moan or fancy a piece of cake :)

Off to get a coffee now, speak to you later. xxx :)

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Good Morning Kazz,

it was funny and annoying last night, half my posts went awol so i gave up, goodness knows where they went too :o :D :D

It's bright here but cold, no snow yet, pavements are icy so i'm staying in :D Have a great day Kazz, i'm away to have a cuppa to waken by brain up :D :D :) x


Good Morning Everybody, lets see how it goes today then after yesterday's antics :-/

I'm going to be reposting some blogs later that I hope will be of help to some of our newest members. I'll also pop some breathing exercises too as these are something that could be practiced so that they come naturally when needed :-)

If there is anything that you would like more information on, please let me know. I shall also change the poll as well as the current one has become a bit dated now.

Can I please take this opportunity to thank you all for making this site the lovely pleasant place that it is. The support that you share between each other has been amazing. We know that there are a few members who are about who don't post very often, but when they do they offer some fantastic advice. There are some members who just like to read, as long as you feel you are getting the support and advice you need then thats fine, if you have any questions though, please don't hesitate to ask or send me a PM (private message) and we'll get your questions, worries otr concerns answered.

If you would like to find out about your local stop smoking service, then send me your postcode in a PM and I'll send you their information or can even refer you into their service.

Weather is quite chilly here but its a nice bright day. A lovely day to be smokefree :-)


The sky is so white here in Leicestershire and it has just started to snow again. I don't work Mondays or Tuesday so yesterday was nice because I visited the post office and local supermarket on foot, like the good old days. Stopped and chatted to a dog walker and the community actually seemed happier with the snow. Saying that though, I will need to go work tomorrow and defrost the car and maybe even dig it out !!

Now that being smoke free is second nature to me I have decided to start healthy eating and lose some weight. And just like a smoker trying to stop, all I can think about is food, food, food. Had cereal for breakfast but am craving for some bacon and bread !!

Will go and have a nice frothy coffee and have the bacon but with a poached egg and no bread. My tummy rumbling is worse than the cravings of stopping smoking as it is really physical, must go and eat something. Bye and all have a lovely day :)


Hi Wonder - bacon and poached egg is really good if you're trying to lose weight, did you find it took the hunger pangs away and it was quite a while before you were hungry again. I dieted with weightwatchers a couple of years ago and bacon and egg isn't that high in points and I think all the protein in it keeps you going for quite a while. I'm hoping I don't put too much weight on now I'm trying to stop smoking, I seem to be hungry all the time. I lost loads of weight with weightwatchers but I don't really fancy doing it all again.


Morning Wonder, Ive just found a great link via NHS Choices you might want to have a nosie on it;


I've also just discovered that Health Unlocked have got a new weight loss community. It doesn't look like its fully up and running yet but I'm sure it will soon have lots of members :-) It can be found with the above link.

You have had a great mindset for stopping smoking, so just try to programme yourself in the same way with regards to healthy eating :-)


I gave up trying to post as well last night Sue.

You made me feel really hungry after I read your post Wonder :) I've just had one of those Oat So Simple pots, they are great just add water and you have porridge and they taste really nice, ok maybe not as nice as a bacon butty but nice all the same :)

Thanks for the links to the Weight loss sites EmJay, I think a lot of people giving up smoking will find that useful, I've just been on the Health Unlocked weight loss community and as you say there isn't a lot going on just now but I'm sure it wont be long before there is. It's not only the advice you get on these sites it the camaraderie and the support they are brilliant. I would be lost without this one. :)


JC i hope you are feeling a bit better today and Amor and Vida and giving you lots of love and helping to cheer you up.

Pete said he's got a couple of ideas on how to get your cake off you or to eat cake without you getting your fiddly fingers on it first, not sure which but I can't wait to find out what he has up his sleeve :D

I hope everyone is having a good day. xxx :)


Afternoon everyone, its a frozen, slippy, icy day here in L.Pool but lovely and bright, the sun is shining and should melt the ice ( I hope ). Yesterday was awful trying to post on here, I gave up in the end, I am noticing more and more of you wanting to lose weight, I have said this many time just e.mail it to me, it will be gladly recieved. ( I wanna be fat ) I surpose some are finding it hard being without ciggys and are compensating with food so just keep eating all of you and then I can recieve more pounds from you all, Ha Ha. I,m sure you can all lose weight, if you can stop smoking you can do anythink. Mybe when the weather gets warmer you will find it easier to get out and exercise, also we tend to eat more salads when its warm, the cold entices us to eat stoggy foods, thats just nature,s way of keeping us warm. Keep trying thats my motto, have a great day, and dont slip.


will look at the weight loss link and who mentioned cake ? :)


Wonder you dont need to look at the link, just post your extra pounds to me, lol


flipping 'eck, I can give you at least 3 stone, no problem


I have gained weight John, but I want a bit more, not a lot though as I,m only little. I,ve gained 11lbs but want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee


We should all go to hospital and and have a fat transfer over to Mad :)

That's brilliant JC only putting on 3lbs since October, I put on 21lbs since October :( Stop gloating because you ate cakes as well, it's not fair :o

I'm glad you are feeling a bit brighter today and yes biting fingers is a sign of love and if they bite your nose that's a sign of love as well :)

Sorry there was no actual cake for you we were just talking about it, I bet you can't wait to hear Pete's plans either can you ? :D :D


Tell you what Kazza if my Husband bit my fingers and nose I,d divorce him, what kind of love is that!!!


They are love nibbles Mad :) Birds can't kiss and cuddle so they have to bite to show their love :D

Well you are safe where I'm concerned JC, those cakes have been contaminated with fruit :( So don't think it's me just being slow if I don't try to get them.

I thought the dressing up as birds was quite a good idea :D I don't see how bribing Amor and Vida wouldn't work! Everyone can be bribed if the price is right :D


They can keep ther love nibbles, I would rather have perfume or flowers. Dressing up as birds is a ridiculas idea, none of you can tweet properly, the things you,ll do for cakes, sound like you all need to join a Quit eating cake Forum, Ha. You,s have another addition now, see what Clinic will help sort you out cos I dont think they have Cake Patches or Cake Sprays, I wonder would they recommend walking around with a cake stuck to your body, then I,ll laugh at you all.


I know they have chocolate patches. Having a cake stuck to our bodies wouldn't work we would have eaten it within seconds :) I'd rather have a cup of cocoa and a good book than love nibbles :D :D


The company I work for has blocked that image JC so I will have to have a look when I get home. You are very creative. What do you mean you had a mess with sorting the colour out, did you get cake crumbs in it? :D


Going to try a cake patch, you just put parcel tape over you mouth


These lot here would put the cake down there earholes if you taped there gobs up.


They,ll find a way John if you taped there mouths up, come to think of it, so would you. Your all the same, cakeoholics


:D Let me know how you go on :D Anything is worth a try as far as I'm concerned, just a bit worried about ripping the skin off my lips when I pull it off :) After all we do have to take it off when we eat lettuce :( and fruit mmmmmmm yummy ! :o


I got you chocolate flavoured lettuce, what more do you want!!


Hi all, all this talk of chocolate and cakes is making me hungry :) well the good news is I lost 2 lbs last week :) the bad new is I probs put it all back on last night haha Don't know what was wrong we me, started with chocolate cake and ice cream followed with bassetts liquorice allsorts and then chilli cashew nuts, had a bit of a belly ache after lol think I need to put some tape parcel tape over my mouth, hope you have all had a nice day :)


:D Yes you did Mad and it was the nicest lettuce I've ever tasted, the problem is I can't find it in Morrisons , Asda or Tesco :) Well done on losing 2lbs delina, if you put it back on then at least you lost it first instead of putting it on before you lost it if that makes sense :o

Looks like you have started a craze Wonder, loads of people walking round with tape over their mouths, Mad wont be though :)

I'm just finishing work now and heading for home. As I'm going out tonight, I wish you all a lovely evening and a good night's sleep and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Pete, can those 2 great ideas for getting JC's cakes wait until Wednesday? If not I will catch up with the posts tomorrow morning while I'm supposed to be working. The buffoon is off ... whoops I mean my boss :) so I don't have to be looking over my shoulder.

Bye for now xxxx


Have a nice evening, speak 2morrow. Be careful though as the roads are like glass 2night.


Thats great John, now you can start on another room and before you know it the whole house will be like a little Palace.


First day of not smoking and so far it's going ok, but I knew it would because every time I have stopped before the first day has never been a problem, it's all the other days after that it get's worse!

hopefully this time I will have that extra bit of will power to go with it.

Had my last fag at 11pm last night, only been 20 hours I know but it's a start I suppose.

I've been on the champix and lozenges, not had too many lozenges to be honest, had the first one at 11.30 this morning and had a few puffs of the hubby's e-fag that I got him to leave at home for me.

My e-cig came home today so I've got my own now.

My mood hasn't been too bad, just a bit 'ohhhh I cant have a fag' after doing a job that Im used to having a fag after but I've just gone and done something else!

I had a big to do list for today but done very little of it to be honest, Im ever so tired so I'll leave it all for another day when Im REALLY gagging for a ciggy!


Hi orkneysarah, good luck with your attempt to stop

I dont think you should be using an E-Cig with Champix though as one will block the other so I would be careful and get some advise about this as it could make you feel quite ill.I read somewhere that Pfizer do not recommend that you use e-cigs while taking Champix. I am not trying to tell you what to do but you could become ill using them both. I use an e-cig and have had no problems or cravings for real ciggys, I stopped nearly 9 months ago, but thats all I use. To many Nicotine products together for me are not a good idea. Just check with someone please just incase.


Hey madimad, I'll check with the doctor tomorrow about that

I dont really use the e-cig that much to be honest, just a few puffs through the day

Im mainly taking the lozenges as I feel they work better for me because they last longer.

I think the e-cig will be good for me when I come off the champix to help me along coming off them.

Thanks for your tips though madimad, it's good to get support from somewhere rather than general negative comments


Its a good idea you check with your Doctor just incase, better to be safe than sorry. As I said I just use an E-Cig and nothink else and I,ve been fine, no cravings at all. Good luck anyway.


Where are you all tonight? Are they at yours John having tea and cakes, very selfish not to invite me, I wouldnt have eaten your cakes as I am not a sweet eater so you could have asked me to come as well. Never mind, I dont care i,ll have my own party with my fruit and olives, much healthier. See you all tomorow, buenas noches


Aup Mad, am ear now, well I am, erm dont know about the others :o :D


Nite nite everybody :) :) erm I dont know why :o but its bin a funny old day today :o :| but never mind eh :)

Huh am not bothed if nobody is talking, :P :( not bothered if you go erm galivanting about :P :( huh i just play with myself :o on the flippin computer :o :) :D :D before you flippin start :D :D

Sweet dreams all, and i do luvs ya all xxxxxxx :) :)


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