Daily Chat : 2nd February 2013

Good Morning Everyone, It's nice and sunny here today, I hope you all have nice weather as well :)

What an amazing group of people we are, we're all kicking this smoking habit into touch, not an easy thing to do. I hope you all don't get to many problems with the cravings today :)

Hope things go okay for you today Sarah, remember deep breaths, you can do this and you'll be pleased with yourself when you do :)

Wherever you are on you quit journey come on here and tell us about it, moan if you need help, help others, and have a good laugh along the way :)

I'm away to put the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa :)

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  • The gremlins are out early I think, I put a great picture on here, I previewed before i published as well, and now it's not here, aw well I'll keep the pic for another day :)

  • Good Morning Sue :)

    Its lovely and sunny here in Derbyshire 8-) :) but its a bit brrrrrrrrrrr tooooooo :D

    Hey you got any cake to go with the cuppa then gal :o :)

  • Good Morning Pete, it is a bit chilly here as well, but not as bad as it's been lately :)

    Here's some cake, get it quick before JC gets up :D :D

  • I think JCs already got the cake Sue :D :D

  • :D :D doesn't matter i'll send you one later :D :D

  • Good morning peeplies!

    What a lovely morning, blue skies and sunshine, makes me feel very upbeat!

    House is cleaned, dishwasher is on...am going to have a hot shower soon, and get my 'face' on, my daughter is having her hair cut later and then we're going shopping, food shopping, and new dress shopping (which I don't want to- but I'm sure I'll soon get into retail therapy mode, ha!)

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Morning Chuckles :)

    Hmmmm you have bin a busy little bee this morning :) you got the house cleaned and the dishwasher on :o you got a dishwasher ?? huh I'm the dishwasher in this house :( :(

    Enjoy your shopping gal, and hey I dont want you comin home in a mini dress :o do you hear me gal :D :D :D take care gal and speak soon :)

  • Ha, you sound like my daughter there :) She says 'mum you can't have that top, it's see thru' or 'you can't buy that it's too low'....tsk :)

    I can assure you Pete that it will be a knee length dress :)

    I traded in my ex husband for a dishwasher, best bargain to date lolol

    Hope that you have a brill day Pete! :)

  • :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Ace gal.

  • :D :D :D :D :D

  • I wonder what I can trade my hubby for..........

  • HEY Sarah :o :D :D

  • Haha, uch even though he's an arse most of the time he sorts too much round the house bill wise and fixes pretty much everything too so we dont have to get ppl in to fix them (apart from our windows which I sorted)

    So I think Id better keep him lol

  • Morning Chickles, where do you get your energy from :o give me some :D :D i've not got half the stuff done you have, i'm the same as Pete, i'm the dishwasher here, hope i get a dishwasher by the time i've retired :D :D

    Have a great day with your daughter :) i'm sure you'll love retail therapy soon, after all that's what we women do :D :D

  • Good morning - whoops, afternoon all, lovely and sunny here too. 8-) :)

    I had a new kitchen 3 years and finally got a dishwasher then - bliss! As I'm on my own I only have to turn it on about once a week and I do the hand stuff every couple of days or so (I don't put the pots and pans in the dw). Just makes me even lazier. :D :D

    I've decided that from today I've got to write down all that I eat and drink and try to be more active cos I'm fed up with my increasing twin-pack - it's time the six-pack started showing through! :o :D :D

    Sue, hope you had a good sleep last night.

    Pete, how did you get on with your CO reading this morning?

  • I've been doing that this last few days too (the writing down of what I've eaten), must say chocolate of one kind or another seems to feature in the diary quite a lot :o still its not quite as bad as it was last Wednesday, - Jammy Waggon Wheel, Chocolate swiss roll, chocolate digestive biscuits, its my husbands fault, he's the one who goes out buying it all - I just eat it.

  • Thats it Sinfree blame pooooooor hubby again :o :D :D

  • haha, that's what he's there for. And supplying the choccie biscuits of course :D

  • Hi Andi, glad you've got the sun too, even if it's cold the sun makes everything look better i think :)

    I think my twin pack is a six pack :D :D :D so the diet starts today, hopefully, although i have said that before :D :D

    I didn't have to bad a sleep last night, thanks Andi, hope you got a good sleep as well :)

  • Hey all, sounds like everyone is having a good weekend.

    We have braved the big city.....,, we had our major row BEFORE town so that got it out of the way.....

    Ruth's netball team won all their games again which should keep them at the top of the league, its exciting this stuff, never thought Id be a competetive parent but I doubt I am :(

    The shopping was kind of sucessful, only spent around £200 whixh could have been way more with Stewart being with us but I stuck to the list and he out in only a few extras.

    It turned outto be a bit more expensive in lidl coz they didnt have the toilet roll I usually buy so had to get the cheapest there today which was £2 dearer than my normal stuff :( I hate that, never mind though, tescos was still under the £100 mark which is brill for us, I try and buy mainly their value range or theown branded stuff so can get a lot of stuff for £100 :)

    Cant wait to get into pjs and have a nice evening in front of the tv ;)

  • Hi Sarah, A big well done to your daughter and her team mates :) I'm glad the shopping was less stressful for you than you thought it would be, I did mine yesterday, decided to do it on-line and get it delivered, that way there was less chance of my hubby adding stuff to the trolley :D :D

    Have a lovely evening :)

  • Yeah me too, just wish it wasnt stressful, at least now I know I can do it without a fag!! When the shopping was in the boot I just jumped in the car coz usually I light a fag as soon as we out of lidl/tesco and put the trolly away, made Stew do it this time lol

    I wish we could get it delivered here, I would love to do my shopping online and do it that way, all the money savings tips say to do that but I doubt here in the crappy Orkney Islands you cant :'(

    We back in town on Thursday sorting our vank a/cs so hopefully something good will come out of that day, Stew said about getting an idea about holiday prices too ;)

    He must be trying to keep me happy lol

    He was working out our hydro last night, at the moment in this cold 1/4 we are spending £3.30 a day on heating and electricity which is more than last year but its gone up a lot so I really dont know how I can cut that any more than I have been already. Any suggestions?

  • Well Sarah, there are energy saving bulbs, plus not leaving lights on when you leave a room etc, and make sure that power points on things aren't left on standby. Irons, kettles, hairdryers, straighteners and microwaves use a lot of electricity...showers are cheaper to have than baths because you don't use as much water.

    I also switch things off at the plug on the 'switch' if they're not being used.

    I turn our heating down at night and don't switch it on until I get home from work. A hot shower warms me up on a morning lol

    Another way to do it is to keep warm through winter and really cut back when the better weather gets here. You can get monitors that tells you how much power an appliance uses.

    At least when you do your own shopping, you don't have to pay a delivery charge, you choose your own products, you don't get crappy alternatives sent and you can select longer sell by dates.

    I can't bring myself to shop online after what happened to one of my neighbours.

    She ordered a shop from a 'certain supermarket', delivery driver came and asked if he could use her toilet. He was up there 15 minutes or so! My neighbour kept asking if he was okay and he said yes. He came down, said thank you and went.

    She went upstairs to check the toilet as she heard strange noises. She got the shop of her life. There was faeces smeared all over the walls, the sink, the floor tiles...it was everywhere! Plus her sink was broken!

    She got on the telephone to the local branch and demanded a manager and cleaning staff attend at her house. They told her it wasn't the store where the delivery originated! She told them in no uncertain terms that if no-one appeared within the next ten minutes, she'd be on the phone to the press.

    Needless to say someone turned up. It wouldn't clean off properly, and she ended up getting a whole new bathroom fitted, which said supermarket paid for, plus the driver got the sack!

    You did really well with your food shop too! The price of food has gone up so much recently. Three months ago a carton of Tesco passata was 29p...it's now 65p. That's over a 100 % increase!

    I think that when you stop smoking, it makes you aware of what things actually cost, which is a good thing! I'm turning in to a right miser lol

  • OMG Chickles that's a terrible thing that happened to your neighbor, what on earth was he thinking, he couldn't have been right in the head, no wonder you never want your shopping delivered, i only do it because i don't have a car and it's cheaper than paying for a taxi, i couldn't carry home a months shopping as well, not with my wrists, there about as strong as cardboard :D :D :D

    have a nice evening :) xx

  • That's a hard one Sarah, especially with the way prices have gone up, I'm guessing you've done all the usual, putting lights out, not leaving things on standby etc. I know you need your heating cos you don't live in a warm place, I know how cold it can get where you are, and you don't want to be sitting in the cold, that's not good, give me a while to think about it, and some of the others might come up with some ideas as well.

  • It is a hard one, just now im in the sitting room and the rest are in the kitchen but all lights through house are off, the kitchen will be shut off when they all done tea and we will just have 1 of our bar lights on in sitting room on instead of 2 (4 lights on each bar) so that saves a lot.

    I really dont know what else we can do apart from completely sit inthe dark lol

    We dont live in a warm place, I doubt its the wind that makes it colder, lovely windless days are nice but few and far between at this time of year lol

    Nice for drying the clothes though ;)

  • Aup Sarah,

    Erm just wondering :o have you got double glazing ??

    I'm always in the dark gal :D :D :D

  • We have e glass in our windows, the kind that lets the sunlight in and doesnt let it out.

    We had to get our windows replaced a few years ago (free of charge :) )

    So the glass the put in them was a upgrade too because of new regulations.

    Our house is only 10 years old so its pretty well insulated and have even put more up there over the years.

    We changed our heating from oil to air sorce (stewart fits them at his work as well as fixes fridges) so that has saved a lot of money, £3.30 per day at the moment on heating and electricity

  • Hi Sarah, yep e glass is good :)

    erm you could try walking around with a candle :o erm when its windy, say start from your back door and run the candle along the openings and see if it flickers or not :) and the same with your windows :)

    As Chickles said too, I like a bath, but now only have 1 a week, I shower the rest of the time, cos I put the plug in the bath, had a shower :) the bath ended up with about 2'' of water in it, now if I had had a bath, I would put at least 6'' of water in it :o

    if you see what i mean !!

  • Aup Pete, so your looking to move further north now are you? :D :D

  • Aup Andi, nope its cold enough here thank you :P :D :D

    You bin out exercising today :o or you had a lazy day after your hols :)

  • He could come and stay here, we got a spare room, could charge rent and that would be a great help to the finances ;) lol

  • I thought he was angling at moving up there from his earlier comment! :D :D

  • :D :D that sure would be north, he could na go any further and stay in Britain :D :D it would certainly blow the wind up his kilt :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • I'll answer your question when you've answered mine, Pete! ;-)

  • Am I missin something :o :o

  • Obviously you missed my post of 7 hours ago. :(

  • 7 hours ago, gosh gal i have trouble remembering what happend 7 minutes ago :o :D :D :D

  • Blimey, this is hard going - anyone would think I was dealing with an old codger! :D :D

  • Derrrrrr whats one of them :o ??

  • Alright alright, my CO reading was 5 hayay about the same as it was before :) :) so am happy with that :)

  • Sorry, thought I was watching you on the telly now! :D :D

  • Hey could go to Shetland Sue, its in Scotland too.

    No as good as here though ;)

  • Yeh i know Sarah, don't think Pete would though :D :D

  • Timbuctu is a bit warmer. :D :D

  • is that near Skeggy :o :D :D

  • Dont think I would what :o :D

  • Haha dont think he's as thick as he makes out

    Oh my Im missing a certain something at the moment.........

  • Deeeeeeeep breathes now gal :o :) :)

  • Just slightly :D :D by about 100 degrees :D

  • I think even the arctic would be warmer than here!

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Hmmmmm I've heard its rite cold there brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Now, what was your question? :o

  • Is it Sunday yet :o

  • What question Pete :o :D :D

  • Ask Andi :o ;D :D

  • Oops i didn't see it was Andi :D :D should have gone to speakers i think :D :D :D

  • Spec savers :D :D :D :D

  • It didnt take long to pass ;)

    Although evenings are not bad for me, good tv to keep me occupied, adverts/end of a programme the bad parts

  • They can have a go at you anytime, so just be aware and be ready :) :)

  • Just going to watch the kangaroos, see you later. :)

  • Okay dokay :)

  • Am going to turn my bike around :o :D

  • Hey Pete you turned your bike round yet :o :D

  • Im watching for some hunks to drool over lol

    Looking forward to my tea and bedtime so I can read some more of my book :)

    Thinking tomorrow should be a busy day, might get up in the attic and give it a good sort out for next months boot sale to get a few pennies for my pot

    Ruth got a party so running around will also pass the time

    Got NO cooking to do tomorrow though coz its all leftovers in the fridg :)

  • Did you find any hunks Sarah, send some my way :D :D :D

  • Na the one now is just too big a pretty boy, watching take me out!!

  • I don't like pretty boys :D :D :D

  • Who needs a hunk then :o :) :) :D :D

  • Sarah is looking for one Pete :D :D

  • Haha dont think Stew would say very much about getting a hunk lol

    There is only 1 man I have met in my life that has made me go weak at the knees andit wasnt my husband or past boyfriends ;)

  • Oh Sarah, you got a skeleton in your cupboard :D :D

  • Haha none what so ever I doubt :(

    Just a very very attractive man who fits the bill very nicely, saw him quite a lot on the nursery run when I put the youngest there and the knees certainly still went weak then! A girl xan dream lol

  • I know what you mean Sarah, been there myself, as most women have i think :D :D

  • Na no really into them either, I like stubble dark stubble though, someone like mcdreamy or mcsteamy ;)

  • I like dark, not much stubble though :D

  • Or robert downey jnr or jeffrey dean morgan when he was in greys anatomy

  • Hi John, how's your day been, i've had a good day, nice and quiet, how i like it :)

  • Hi John, not bad thanks, hope you had a good one too. Are you trying to lose weight too - as in not coming on today so you don't get tempted to eat all those things beginning with c. ? :D :D

  • Kangaroos all released and new ones taken on. :) (I did nod off a bit though. :o )

    Pete, I went to the gym this morning and had a little walk this afternoon. How many miles did you do on your rower today - or is that only for warmer weather? :)

  • I did 200 strokes, erm not sure how many miles that is :o probably 1 :D :D

    I'm afraid I only use it at weekends at the moment, cos am just toooooo erm cream cracked in the week days :o :( :(

  • So how long does it take you to do 200 strokes - and do you do it all in one go? :o :D :D

  • Aup JC, ave ya just got up :o ?? :D :D

    Am afraid not many cakes about today pal :( :(

  • Oh was that a wildlife program Andi, i wasn't sure, with my one brain cell sleeping it's difficult to know :D :D

  • Hiya Sinfree, you're allowed to pig-out on the chocs and biscuits as it's still early days for you. I allowed myself 3 squares of CDM this evening as it's Saturday. :D :D

  • Aww but its getting bad now and I lost loads of weight in 2010 on Weightwatchers and got rid of all my size 16 clothes and now have only got size 12 so don't want to put too much weight back on otherwise will have to start all over again. Gonna go out tomorrow to get some grapes and apples. God not had an apple since about September just before dentist ran amok with his pressure washer :o

  • Sorry Pete i don't have the laptop tonight, can't have it all the time i suppose, i'll need to save up and buy my own one, as long as it's nice and shiny :D :D

    well folks i'll have to love you and leave you, i'm falling asleep here

    I hope you all get a great nights sleep

    love and hugs :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Sue, God bless you gal, luv n huggs to you gal xxxxxx :) :)

    See you tomorrow :)

  • Nite nite Sue, hope you have a good sleep. I won't be far behind you as I'm nodding off here too. xxx

  • Right, I'm off to bye-byes too so I'll say nite nite to all you lovely people and see you tomorrow. Sleep well all. xxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Andi, you get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in gal cos you need em :) :)

    Luvs ya gal and take care eh xxxx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl :) havnt seen you for a couple of days gal :( I hope your ok and resting :) :) luvs ya gal xxxxx :) :)

    Nite nite Sarah, Chackles, Sinfree and everybody else, a luvs ya all xxxxx :) :)

  • Night Pete :)

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