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Daily chat: Friday 11th January 2013

Daily chat:  Friday 11th January 2013

Good morning one and all

I hope you had a good night's sleep and are feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, armed and ready to take on any cravings that may sneak up on you.

I'm on my 2nd coffee of the day so beginning to wake up a bit now. It's dull here today but not raining which makes a change :)

Well done to everyone who has got through another day of not smoking, those days soon add up into weeks and months so keep going. To all the people who gave up at the beginning of January, you are doing a fantastic job, kicking the habit and you are now getting towards the end of week 2 so keep up the good work, well done :)

Speak to you later xxx :)

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Before I have any complaints that I didn't post a picture of the day, I did. I previewed my blog before I published it and the picture was there and now it's gone :( So it's gremlins not me this is the picture I posted.


Just wanted to clear that up :D


Oh it's done it now ! or am I going mad ! :D Might go back to bed, could be going to be one of those days :D


Morning Kazz,

:D :D i know what you mean about the picture, it's happened to me as well, too many times, i gave up trying :D :D

we've got rain here, so normal weather then :o :D :D i've just got up so need to get my tablets then a cuppa, it will be a while before i'm awake :D have a great day, and take it easy cause it is Friday :) xx


Haha yes it posted Kazz, was nice and bright when I got up but its getting duller by the minute. Can't believe how late I have been getting up since I quit ,-) it must be that my body is not craving the nicotine :) My brother is 10 days quit now and he is sounding very positive so fingers crossed for him. My diet is also going well :) I will lose that 10 lbs before the summer. Hope everyone has a nice day what ever they are doing, and love to Jilly hope your feeling better everyday :)


Morning Sue, that was suppose to be a wink :( how do you do a wink lol


Good Morning Kazz and everybody else :D

I just tried to add in your picture for you Kazz but me thinks there are gremlins about still! :X Ooooh I spy your picture now !!

How crazy is it that it's Friday already?! Another weekend to get under your belts

Fraz, congratulations on getting through your first week and making it into your 2nd week of being smokefree. By now all the nicotine will have left your system, however it takes around 12 weeks for the nicotine receptors in your brain to die down. By understanding this and staying positive will help make your journey more manageable. Have a read through the following link to gain an understanding about these receptors (don't worry about the question around using NRT - the information is still the same!)


Hi Gardenbunnie, how are you doing today? I'm just trying to work out which NRT you are currently using? I'm not sure if you are actually using the patches yet and thinking of lowering to a 7mg, or are just thinking about using the 7mg patch? If ouremind me, then I'll be able to advise better :-/ Your yoga retreat training sounds very therapeutic and I'm sure you will find this will help you feel calm too :D

Sue, have a lovely day visiting your daughter and her (ever growing) bump :D

Pete, Have you heard anything yet from your Dr about being referred for Champix? It's still important that you focus on your reasons for wanting to stop smoking, as well as remebering about understanding what you 'think' you 'enjoy' about smoking compared to what you feel that your body 'needs' from the nicotine. I hope work is easy on you today and your boss is treating you okay.

Jillygirl, big luvz and hugz being sent to you. I hope you are okay. We all miss you on here and its a lovely surprise for us when we see a post from you xx

Andi, I had terrible computer gremlins on here for most of yesterday. Have reported it to HU though. I think as their communities are growing and getting busy, the gremlins are playing havoc :-/

Ashton, you were given some fab advice on the other thread. How are you feeling today? I think that the best way to get on with your stopping smoking journey is to stay positive right through, especially at the times that you least want to. See each up and down (there's going to be a few!) as something new and just learn to understand that its all part of the process of quitting and will level out after time.

Morning Delina, a wink is a ; and a - and a ) ;-) and there you have it! If you hover your mouse over the smilies, they'll also show you how its done :-p Great to hear that you are doing so well, and your brither too. Keep smiling... and winking!

Big waves to everyone else, I hope you are all okay.

Right, kettle is boiling :D


Hi Sue and Delina

It's really good that your brother has joined you Delina and that he is sounding very positive . I am sure you will both do it and it's good that you can help and encourage each other. Losing weight and giving up smoking can be hard work so stick with it. I am also doing well on my diet and feeling very positive. I put on a stone and a half in 3 months but that did include Christmas. I don't like it but I accepted that is what I would do in order to give up smoking, the sacrifice I was prepared to make but now I am determined to stop eating instead of smoking and get back to the weight I was.

Good luck to everyone else who is also on the giving up smoking and losing weight journey.

You do the wink by not holding the capital lock key down when you do the eyes :)

If you hover your cursor over the face it shows you.

Have a great day. xxx


;-) thank you Emjay :)


Morning Delina, i don't know how to do a wink either, maybe Kazz knows :) :D

well done to you and your brother, your both doing amazing :) i hope you manage to lose the weight you want to, although with your determination i'm sure you will :)

Have a great day :)


Good morning EmJay :)

Thanks for trying to post my pic for me, as you say it just sorted itself out. I'm glad the gremlins didn't interfere with our post, it was a long one so it would have been very frustrating if they ate that :)

I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by, I have now beat my first goal in not smoking as the longest I had ever given up for was 3 months on Champix and I have now just passed that mark. My next goal is 6 months, for no other reason that it just sounds good to say I haven't smoked for 6 months. :)

See you later xxx :)


Well Done Kazz for getting to 3 months and I am sure you will get to 6 months, my longest quit was 7 years, I know I can hear you all saying "why start again" that's the thing with quitting, I have been told it takes most people 4-7 quits before they quit for good but many quit and never look back, I would never have started again had it not been a very bad time for me, in future I will try to deal with life's ups and downs in a different way :)


Thanks delina :)

Wow 7 years that was great. I wouldn't ask you why you started again because I've known quite a lot of people who quit for years then started again. That is one thing that used to put me off from trying to quit, I used to think well if people are starting again after years then the craving must never leave you so I didn't want to go through that. It doesn't work like that though does it? It's not constantly craving it's the memory of it. You remember smoking making you feel good so when you are going through a tough time you think it might help but it doesn't stop the tough time and then you just end up wanting to quit again.

Well done you for getting back to quitting delina at least you know you have the strength to do it.

Anyway quitting is easy I've done it loads of times :D :D :P


If I have learnt one thing from all my quits (4 in all) is that I have wanted to quit again within 3 weeks of starting again, this is what I am telling myself now, quitting is easy wanting to quit is another matter, and each time you want to quit you have to be in the right frame of mind, I am sure we will all get there as we now have so many reasons to quit, Heath being the main one and the most important I think!!


*Health :)


I think I have quit about 4 times as well. You are definitely right in saying that you have to be in the right frame of mind. I think health is the most important reason however it was money that pushed me to quit this time as I just couldn't afford to smoke any more and it's only going to get worse which is what I keep telling myself. I don't suppose it matters that much why we want to quit just as long as we do :)


I totally agree, health should be number one reason for smokers to want to quit - but quite often it is financial reasons that push folks to stop.

I reckon that once you have made the decision to stop smoking, regardless of whether you do it or not, then it is always on your mind to want to quit. I don't believe that there are many people who have actually sat there and said "Right thats it, I'm going to smoke for the rest of my life"....

If we can help people to find a reason big enough to get them to want to stop smoking and stay stopped, then it is far easier to stay stopped for good and feel free (in the mind) that they'll never smoke again.

Hopefully each time a person attempts to stop and relapses - they will learn from their attempt, ready for the next time :-)

Wherever you are in your present quit attempt, you are one step closer to leading a full smokefree life :-)

Remember, that stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health.


Hi there JC,

I'm glad the cravings are getting less so the patches must be working.

What is Crema Catalana? Sounds like something sweet if you have vanilla extract? It must be good stuff at that price.

There are a lot of things we would to have cigarettes as well as pay a fortune for them, go out in all weathers, driving around to find a 24 hour garage if the shops were shut and I'm sure other people have tales of their own of what they did when they wanted a cigarette and didn't have any :)

EmJay, I was just thinking about the Stoptober campaign with you talking about reasons to give up smoking. That's what encouraged me and JC to do it. Do you have any idea of the success rate of that i.e. how many people stopped because of that campaign? I know the figures can't be exact as probably some people attempted to stop without actually registering for it. They did phone me up a few weeks ago to see how I got on so maybe that was what they were doing, trying to compile some figures.


I totally agree John, I wouldn't have done it without the wonderful people on here (don't think much of the stealing of cakes though) :P


I think all the quit smoking campaigns are good, the new advert with the cigarette oozing nastiness is enough to put most people off :( it really hits home when you see that :( And John your Spanish desert sounds yummy. Most of the money I have saved has been used to feed the birds in my garden, two new feeders yesterday so my birds are very happy :)


Well I am sure you get a lot of pleasure from your love-birds and you get to look at your newly decorated kitchen :) I am going to start saving for the country and western weekend in Brean Yeeehaa :)


hi everyone, just got back from my visit, had a good time and daughter happy cause i took her old stuffed dog up for her,she's had it since she was 6 months old and still loves it :D :D

well done Kazz for getting to 3 months, I didn't realise you'd stopped that long, but then again i can never remember how long i've stopped for :D :D, that's brill Kazz, you'll get to your 6 months, without wanting to start cakegate here's one for your tea


Will be back on soon, am away to have tea :) xx


:D :D :D poor Kazz :D :D oh well i'll just message her one then :P :D :D


JC you are sooooooo greedy that cake was huge. Anyway Sue sent me a cake by special delivery I have had a big slice but I will save the rest for later and you can't get your fiddly fingers on it so there !!! :D Thanks Sue you are so thoughtful and kind xxx

I am not slow JC you are just too quick for your own good. Well it is good because you get the cake but you know what I mean :D

I know how long you have given up for because I know you gave up 1 week and 1 day before I did so you've given up for almost 4 months. I'm not sure how long it is in weeks any more as I've given up counting in weeks now. So well done to you Sue on almost 4 months, that's brilliant. Do you still get cravings? I've had a couple of days where I have had a few but they are not bad like they were at the beginning.

I'm glad you had a good time with your daughter, it must be lovely spending time together with a little baby on the way :) Does your daughter gets cakes off you as well? I wonder if she will pass her little dog on to your grandson. I have a teddy which I was give when I was 3 months old :D He knows all my secrets :D :D

I agree with you JC about that horrible advert, it wouldn't have made me give up smoking either. It might make people think twice if they are thinking of starting but peer pressure will probably win out there as well. People will just turn off, look away or just ignore it like the pics on the cigarette packets. I know they have to try to do something but trying to scare us into giving up wont work in the majority of cases.


Hi Kazz, thanks for the reminder, i've just looked up the wall of winners and found i stopped on 25th September :) and according to that also April :D :D :D I can't believe it's that long already, like you i get the odd craving but not as bad, i guess it's the psychological ones we'll need to keep on top of now, I also know people who stopped for years then started again. I agree about the advert as well, people will only stop when there ready to

My daughter does want to pass the dog onto her son, so she says, i think she just wants it for herself :D :D I don't get her cake cause she says she's only gonna eat healthy, she's in protective mother mode already :D :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the cake, free from JCs hands :D :D


Hi John, I think your Crema Catalana is safe if Amor and Vida are guarding it, i want to keep my fingers :D :D :D

That's so lovely that you have the teddy's sitting together, I never kept any of mine, wish i had, but they did go to a good home, children that needed them more than me :(


meant to do :) lol


Yes I have a quit date on the Wall of Winners in June as well as October :) I'm glad your cravings aren't too bad now. I can't wait for the day when smoking doesn't even enter my head.

Good for your daughter eating healthily I would use pregnancy as an excuse to eat chocolate, I would be telling everyone I had chocolate and cake cravings :D well I do anyway and I'm not pregnant :D

I think we should find a way to steal JC's Crema Catalana as he keeps eating our cake. I'm sure Amor & Vida can be lured away with something :)


I'm with you there, so wan't smoking to not enter my head, hopefully we both get that soon :)

Did JC not say that they like eggs?, i can't remember, I know someone who has a love bird an it goes mad for popcorn, maybe we could leave a path of popcorn from the fridge to the living room, when their eating that we could grab and run :D :D


They are so cute :) I think it's Vida we need to worry about, that beak looks very sharp but I think Amor is a softy, he will be a push over.


Hi everybody :) :)

Hmmmmm you've been talking cakes again :o mind you I see JC 's bin on :D :D say no more :o :| John I will try that puddddd recipe, maybe this weekend, sounds yummy in my tummy tooooo :D :D


Hi Pete,

yep cakes on here, and I'm sitting eating Cadbury's Creme Eggs that my son bought me :) :D


Hi Sue :)

Oooooooo Cadbury's Creme Eggs :P yum :P yum, just love em gal :) but have you noticed the size of them, cos i think they get smaller and smaller every Year, soon I will need my specks to see them :D :D


Aup Sue & Kaz, just found this :) if we put inside there cage, and then shut the door quick :)

jobs a gooden :D :D



Brill, when will we do this Pete :D :D


Hmmmm we will have to think when he is asleep, when does he go for a nodd :o :D

Orrrrrrr we could go dressed as birds, and he wouldnt notice us eh :D :D



we could be bluffing :D


That will keep them quiet for hours :D good one Peetie Weetie.

JC keeps nicking our cakes, Sue had to send me one private delivery :D Will you share some of your Crema Catalana Pete because JC wont or are you going to keep it all to yourself?

How has your day been? Are you having a cuppa? :P


If we leave it too long Sue, then JC will have scoffed it, you know how greedy he is, nothing sweet lasts long with him :) I think we should go in mob handed. Peetie puts that seed thing in their cage, you shut the cage door and I will be look out :D If I shout run then .... erm .... run :D


:D :D creme eggs are getting smaller Pete, all chocolate bars are, and there getting more expensive :o


Aup Kaz :)

If you look up a bit i've made a suggestion to get to JCs puddddd :D :D


The price of chocolate bars is ridiculous, that is why I had to give up smoking because I was struggling to afford the chocolate :D

Good thinking batman, not sure when he nods off but if we dress up as birds then he might even feed us some cake :D Love those pics, that's Sue in the skimpy outfit :) I'm sure JC wont know it's us :D

You are full of good ideas tonight PP.


Oy less of the pp, cos you'll have me wanting to go for one in a bit :D :D


That is good thinking, but he might notice I'm not dressed as a bird :o :D :D i need another costume, how about that on

costumesupercenter.com/s7/m... :D


sorry got visitors, will be back on in a bit :) xx


Ha ha ha brill Sue, or there's this on, just incase it snows :o



:D :D good one Pete. cause we are gonna get snow sometime over the weekend :D


I don't like snow :(


Aup John erm erm :o how are you getting on with the patches now then ??


John i've printed the recipe off, but as you say it does sound a bit too sweet for me, so will cut the sugar down abit, and will try that :) :) I will let you know :o

yes I know what you mean John, its like counting your chickens before they've hatched :o :|


Where's Andi today then :o


Don't know where Andi is Pete, she was on earlier on, maybe she's still running round the park :D :D


Great outfits, suppose it's a bit cold for skimpy outfits at the moment. That's great about the patches JC, I think I might give them a whirl, I think I am addicted to niQuitin lozenges now :) I got down to 4 a day but back up to 5 the last couple of days.

JC has nicked my privately send cake, didn't even see him hmmmm .. the slow one am I ? :D

Not sure where Andi is today, probably out exercising again, running a marathon on some little thing like that :) Maybe she is packing for her trip.


Yes Kaz I noticed he called you the slow one :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I'll have to go everyone, it's past my bed time :D :D

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :)

ps I'll get you a cake tomorrow Kazz when JC is still sleeping :D :)


Nite nite Sue and luvs ya toooooo loads :) :) xxxxxx

Take care Sue, and enjoy your sleep and charge them batteries up, so your on fulllll power tomorrow, to swipe JCs pudds :D :D


Yeah but it's not quite the same as Crema Catalana is is John. I wouldn't be very happy if I wanted Crema Catalana and got some cornbread instead :D


Night night Boozie Suzie, sleep well and sweet dreams. Thanks but I think JC sleeps with one eye open :) luvs ya xxx :)

I notice you find that hilarous Peetie Weetie, I may be a plonker but I'm not slow. JC thinks I am slow just because I'm not as quick at grabbing cake as he is, I like to call myself restrained and self disciplined :D :D


Kaz you are far far from being a plonker gal, I tell you :) :) nor are you slow :) :) its just that JC nows all there is to know about cakes, and how to get them :o

He is a Cakeasoirrrr after all :D :D

I know you restrain yourself, and have loads of self disiplin toooooooooooo :) :)


Nite nite JC, you get a good nights sleep pal, cos you will neeeeeeeed all your witttttttts tomorrow :o :D :D


:D Yes we know that trick now JC :D we will have to think of something else.

Night night, sleep well and speak to you tomorrow when we nip round for our pud :D

I'm off to bed now as well, this first week back at work has worn me out.

Night night Pete, sleep well and sweet dreams. Speak to you tomorrow and as always thanks for making me laugh :)

Night night everyone xxx :)


Nite nite Kaz, as i said to Sue, you get a gooooooood nights sleep so to charge your batteries up, ready for tomorrow, erm the big ''pudd highst day '' :D :D

Sweet dreams gal and luvs ya xxxx :)


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