Daily chat: Friday 1st February 2013

Daily chat: Friday 1st February 2013

Good morning everyone on this wet and dismal Friday morning ....... but ....... it's a new month and there's promise of spring being just around the corner and the weekend starts tonight. :)

I've got back safe and sound from my holiday and I'm amazed to see that we have 70 new members on here this year already. That's fantastic and shows that word is spreading. :)

Congratulations to all of you who reached 1 month yesterday who must have given up as New Year resolutions. :)

It does get easier the longer that you do not smoke and coming on here really does help. You will get some down times and rather than go and buy a packet of fags, come and have a rant on here because a smoke will probably make you feel worse inside after.

Have a good day everyone - I'm away to catch up on all your shenanigans since I've been away. See you later. :)

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  • Morning all. It's been a while since I visited - real life can be so time consuming sometimes ;) - but I'm celebrating 4 weeks smoke free today! Still going strong and although my waistline is taking the toll a little, it's getting easier and easier.

    Hope all is well with everyone. Happy February 1st :D

  • Hi Fraz - 4 weeks is just brilliant. :) How's the running going? Hope you're still getting out there cos we know that in the long term it will help the waistline. :o :D

  • Hiya Mad, a skiing banana - that's really mad! :D :D Thanks. :)

  • Good Morning you three. Yes its a great feeling to be a month free from smoking.Yippee to us all. Well its my day off so just going to chill out for the day and give me some me time.:)

  • Hiya Happy and good to see you joining us. Congratulations on getting to your first month and I hope there's many more. :) Are you getting that feeling of freedom yet? :)

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Andi, lovely to have you back and what a fab message to start our daily chat off :D With regards to shenanigans going on around here, I think you'll find there's been quite a bit of cake hiding, stealing and guarding!!

    Fraz73, congratulations on reaching your 4week milestone. Bestest of wishes to you on entering your 2nd month. How fab does that feel?! :-)

    HAPPYME, love your username and can see where your coming from :-) Have a lovely chilling out day! :D

    Mad, are you going out for one of your nice walks today? I've not been out yet but it looks quite nice and bright and not windy at all - a good day for it :-)

    Big hello to everybody else... Cup of tea time if anyone fancies it.... :-)

  • Tea up! :-)

    That's a good article John, also recommends stopping smoking too :-)

    Mad, I agree with you in that if you're not really ready, then you won't do it. However, I do believe that by planning properly towards a set quit date will help, it's no good saying "after my holiday" and then just waiting 'til you get back home, you have to plan the first coupe of steps of your smokefree life. Think about past quit attempts and what you have learnt from them. Planning is the most productive step forward to becoming a winner :-)

    Staying positive is also key, including positive self-talk so it's worth thinking about what you say when you talk to yourself! We all do it!

  • Is it something that you've eaten Mad? Or changed your soap powder?

  • Hi Emjay, did you have a good weekend away? and how's the physio going?

  • Glad you worked out what it was - I should just go for normal next time - or make up your own! ;-) :)


  • Hi John, very interesting article there. Yes, I'm usually a bad sleeper too but had a great night last night - back in my own snuggly bed - it was wonderful. :) Will probably be back to the normal broken, short sleep tonight again. :( Are you sure it's not cos you're eating too many cakes? :D :D

  • Hi everybody,

    Just back from the doctors, she sent me to hospital for an x ray on my knees, sat there for hours, the x rays just took 5 mins :o then I get home and my lazy hubby hasn't done anything, i had to get him ready for work then get something to eat cause i was starving, I should have just left him to go to work with nothing, i was so angry, but a few deep breaths later and I'm all calm now :)

    It's great to see you back Andi, I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday :)

    I liked the articles John, i don't sleep much either, even with a routine, maybe one day we all will get a good sleep :)

    Well done to all you new quitters :) stay strong you'll all get there :)

    I'm off to have a cuppa if anyone wants one :) xx

  • Hi John, here's some cakes to have with your tea

    blog.annabelkarmel.com/wp-c... :)

  • Hiya Sue, I could have had all those cakes - wakey, wakey JC! :D :D

    I decided to leave them for JC though cos I've really got to start trying to lose some of my excess weight and at least get back to where I was when I first quit smoking. :o :) I've put on about 6 kilos and am getting a bit fed up with finding less and less clothes that I fit into and am determined not to buy any more! :o

    Sorry to hear about your knees and lazy hubby - I suppose it's a bit difficult to give him a kick up the backside if your knees aren't working properly at the moment. :D :D

  • Hi Andi, you could have had some cakes, but I know what you mean about the weight, I don't know how much weight I've put on, I don't go near my scales, they bite :D :D, but I know

    i've put on so I'm trying to behave and eat healthy :o not easy for me :D :D

    I'll get my hubby back as soon as I get these knees fixed, or I'll stop feeding him :D :D :D

  • I didn't actually put any on whilst away so that was good. I've got to get back on my exercise asap and I do eat healthily on the whole. Part of my trouble was getting the injuries which kept setting me back. Have got to stop eating chocs in the evening - I think I'll see if I can replace my evening (food) cravings with tictacs like I did with the fags. Off to make my tea now. :)

  • Is that why your not getting a sleep John, is Amor and Vida keeping you awake with their night time antics

  • I hope it does help you John, night time can be so horrid sometimes

  • That's my problem as well, snacking at night, think I'll have to get the carrot sticks out :D :D

    I'm know you'll get back on track with your running soon, your one determined lady :)

  • Hi all!

    Good to have you back Andi- hope that you had a great holiday!

    Mad- hope that the antihistamines kick in soon! It must be awful!

    John- you can always try to meditate when you get into bed...relax your body from the toes up...or pop an amethyst crystal under your pillow, that aids sleep, plus avoid caffeine after 7pm. It's awful having a disturbed sleep pattern.

    Sue- Grrr at your lazy hubby! Hope that you have a chiiled evening!

    Well done Fraz on your first smoke free month- that's brilliant!

    Today is 5 months for me! Gosh it has gone quick!

    Been at the Doctor's today. My blood tests were fine and my cholestrol has come down from 5.1 to 4.2! I was proper impressed, so was the GP :)

    I'm having salad and quiche for tea, a treat for me because I haven't been eating cheese.

    Hope that everyone has a fab evening!


  • Hi to all my newfound fellow quitters of the habit. Well I am well rested and love all the chat that is going on. I too am eating more, another habit forming so I have set my goals higher and booked my holiday to America in Sept so I have to apply yet more willpower to keep the weigh off and stay off the cigs.. Am I mad of what??????:)

  • Hi Happy, you might be mad :o ......then maybe not cause we all ready have a mad :D :D

    I hope you can do this Happy, I know I couldn't so i concentrated on giving up the ciggies first, I say go for it, you can only try it and see, as long as you have a choccy instead of a ciggie if things get hard :)

  • :D :D :D :D she said it.......honest :D :D

  • Hi Chickles, well done on reaching 5 months....way to go

    kes.ccps.k12.fl.us/staff/kr... :)

    and you got your cholestrol level down as well :), I've got those results to look forward to on 12/2 along with rheumatiod arthritis results and x rays, what a wonderful day I'll have :D :D thank goodness I'm going to my daughters for tea that night, think I'll need it :D :D

  • Hi Sue,

    Aww thank you! Good luck on the 12th! I hope that you go on okay!My Neurologist wants my cholestrol under 4, and has done for 6 years, the closest I got was 4.1! I've tried 2 other tablets, but the side-effects were awful. This no smoking seems to have made me review my 'bad' eating habits, like far too much cheese, crisps, the occasional tipple lol My new healthy eating plan seems to be paying off!

    I tell you what else I've noticed as well, I don't like spending money, ha! I do the food shopping and that's about it! I've got to buy a new dress for a dinner I'm going to in a couple of weeks, and I can think of far better things to spend the money on (so unlike me lol), but I know I shall enjoy the weekend away, with my daughter who's a National finalist in a competition, to do with her voluntary work. My daughter gets all her expenses paid, and I just have to pay for my evening meals, so it's not too bad. Some friends are going too as support, and the weekend is £250 for them, so I can't complain :)

  • Hi Chickles, I'm glad your healthy eating plan is helping, it's so annoying sometimes when all these things happen because of out stupid thyroids, I'm sure if my thyroid had been picked up sooner things like my cholsestrol would be fine, especially as my GP said that puts your cholestrol up, suppose that's why they've always tested it

    I hope your daughter wins, I'll keep my fingers crossed for her :) have a great weekend :)

    I was kinda like you with money till I had a grandson on the way, I was out yesterday buying him loads of stuff, and he's not even born yet :D :D goodness knows what I'll be like when he is :D :D

  • Well lets compromise and I can be a mad/happy lady. I will do this as my motto for every craving now is IT WILL PASS. and carry on. Its hard but its worked so far with the E cig :)

  • Hey Hap, it does help to be a bit mad to come on here anyway. :D Where are you off to in the U S of A then?

  • :D :D good one Happy/mad lady :D I might have to stick to Happy though or I might get confused :o :D :D

    I love your motto, that will help you loads I think :)

  • Hi Chick, 5 months is fantastic! :) Those months are starting to fly by now, aren't they? I had a cholesterol test not long after I'd quit and it was pretty good too - just shows what healthy eating can do for you. Keep up the excellent work. :) :)

  • Hi Andi,

    Thank you chuck! And a very big well done to you on reaching 9 months tomorrow, that's amazing! I hope that you're going to treat yourself!

    Healthwise I'm not too bad at the moment. My dry eyes are a lot better, my chest ache has gone again. I've to have a heart scan done and run on a treadmill, because of my health history, just to be on the safe side. If that's fine (which I'm sure it will be), GP is packing me off to have a camera in my stomach, yuck! I shall have to be sedated for that lol C'est la vie, am still smiling and happy!

    How's your ankle doing? I hope that it's still improving! You keep up the excellent work too! :)

  • Ankle's fine ta, still swollen but not stopping me doing anything - I guess these things take a lot longer to get completely better as we get older. :P :o :D :D

    Looks like you're really going through the mill at the mo - just like Sue - all you need now is the camera going in the opposite direction! :D :D :D

  • I am off to Chicago for a reunion and going to Nashville and Vegas... Its a trip of a lifetime for me so I will be needing all the encouragements I can gets lol.. I think this site is what people need to help one another get through it all :)

  • Good on you Happy! I'm sure that you'll have a fabulous time and your being smoke free is funding your trip! That's one big incentive not to smoke :) I'm sure that you'll do it. This site and the people are wonderful! I couldn't have done it without them!


  • Thanks I am planning to have a ball and the long flight would be a nightmare for me if I was still smoking for another reason to quit.. Yes I am a newbie to this site and what a nice welcome I got from you all:)

  • Cor, you'll be 9 months down the road by then - just like I am now. :) You'll have an amazing time and the bonus will be that freedom of not wondering how you'll manage for all those hours without a fag and where you can go to have one as soon as you've landed. :|

  • Is that you stopped 9 months already Andi, Wow that's amazing

    images.picturesdepot.com/ph... :)

  • Will be tomorrow, ta. :)

  • Thanks so true as its always the first thing I would think of and thats even before I think of my luggage:) And after nine months free of smoking sounds so good to me... I want that feeling so much.:)

  • Hope you have a fantastic holiday Happy :) and 9 months smoke free by then, that's brilliant :)

  • Hey everyone,

    You all glad its Friday???

    I have been reading all your comments from today and it seems everyone is doing well.

    How is your face today Mad??????

    Sue Im being nosey but whats happened your knees??

    I am a little aprehensive about tomorrow, we are heading into town because Ruth has netball from 12-2 so we will be going to do a little shopping while there, now I dont mind grocery shopping BUT ONLY when Im on my own WITHOUT the hubby, it is ALWAYS a fight at the best of time about how much he puts in the trolly and then him moaning about the £ of it at the end so anyway I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow at all, I have a shopping list ready and have told him that we wont be grtting anything thats not on the list but Im really worrying that Im going to end up buying fags and really dissapointing myself again...... any tips would be great

  • Hi Sarah, my tip for you would be - don't go near the fag counter - simple as that. :) How about getting yourself a little treat with the fag money instead - something just for you that no-one else in the family can pinch - or be generous and get an extra special box of chocs and all indulge when you're warming by the fire in the evening. :)

  • Thats a good idea, then I wont be tempted for a fag, no arguments and no stress..... likely no 'proper' shopping either lol

    I have to get it over with sometime I suppose, just kinda scary coz the last time I stopped smoking I ended up starting again because of the trip to the supermarket .

    Fingers x'd no this time though

  • Hi Sarah,

    I have pain, stiffness and swelling in all my joints but my knees are the worst, my GP is thinking either osteo or rheumatiod arthritis, so the x ray was to check for osteo, i have a blood test on Monday to check for rheumatiod, I'm hoping it's neither

    My hubby is okay shopping but he gets me annoyed with other things, you could do the breathing exercises, or tune him out, that's what i do, i think of other things then i don't hear what he's saying, but whatever you do please don't buy cigs, you don't want to undo all your good work so far, it's not worth it, stay strong, could you not tell him that he's not helping you.

    Good luck tomorrow, stay strong :)

  • Yeah Andi, that would be a good tip...... I just hope I can stay away from it

    The treat thing would be great but we kinda scrimping here at the moment.... and believe it or not I dont like chocolate...... shocker lol

    I have been taking money out of the bank a/c and putting it in my empty glass jar (lid super glued on) to have money for when we go on holiday, Im not needing much clothes yet, trying to wear out my clothes.

    Oh no Sue, arthritis is horrible, so many people have it eh, I do hope it gets better.

    I doubt when it comes to shopping we just do not get on so please think of me tomorrow lol

  • Hi Sarah just be strong and think this CRAVING will only last awhile and I will not give in to it..That is my motto and it has worked for me so far :)

  • I love you idea mad, only thing is i can't get in a bath :D :D :D

  • Oh no Sue, I see you're having a "I should have gone to specsavers" moment - mad was commenting to Sarah not you! :o :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D maybe my eyes are going wonky like the rest of me :D :D.

  • Yeah I will get over it, Im old enough and ugly and I have to man up lol

  • you can do this Sarah, your strong enough to chase those cravings away :)

  • :D :D :D I love mad houses there so much fun :D :D

  • You dont have to be mad to come on this site but it helps if you are ;)

  • Yeah, do you remember Russ Abbott's? :D :D

  • And didn't Freddie Starr have one too? :D :D

  • I've listened to it mad, it was so good, thanks for putting it on :)

  • They were so funny :D I liked Russ Abbott's, used to laugh myself silly at that one :D :D

  • John, just tell Mad what she can do with it! ;-) :D :D

  • Sorry mad, seems to have come out the wrong way.

  • Hi everybody, corrrrr its flippin busy on here today int it :o :| I wonder why !!

    WELCOME HOME Andi :) :) :) :)


    I've got you a cake young Lady, cos I think you need to put some weight on :D :D

    Have you got a sun tan ???????

  • Hiya Pete and thanks for the cake. Does it freeze well cos I can't eat it all at once, although I do want everyone to have a piece first. :)

    I haven't got a suntan cos we didn't have that many really sunny days. Apparently it's chucking down with snow there now. :)

  • Hi Pete, see your feeling chipper today :) you must have had a good one :)

    How's the Champix going, is it working for you yet? :)

  • Good evening Sue :)

    Yep Fridays are always good days, even when I have to work late :( :)

    The champix, yeah its helpin, but I still need a shot of the mouth spray now and again :)

    How you doin gal :o :)

  • I'm doing great thank you Pete, just annoyed cause i forgot to keep Andi's hat for her, she would have loved it :D :D :D

  • It will be busy coz maybe usually most folk would have been down the pub, getting rat arsed and having a fag and now they cant so came on here instead lol

    Not that I can remember the last time I was in a pub on a Friday night........ oh yeah it was 2005,in August for my birthday lol

  • I can't remember the last time i was in a pub Sarah, it was years and years ago, I don't drink now, i went off it

  • Aup Sarah :)

    Hmmmmm its bin some time since i've bin down the pub toooooo :(

    Gosh August 2005 was that the last time you had a Birthday gal :o :D :D

  • Oh aye Im really only 22!! Na i dont go out much, really dont know the last time I was out on a Friday night.

    I did have a lot of nights out last year because it was all the girls 30ths so we went out and did stuff, phew thank god that all over.

    Im a bit like you sue, I do have the odd drink now and again, had a bottle of wine at hogmany and prob no have any now till xmas!!! CAant be bothered with the hangovers that take days to get over.

  • Those were the days, but go back another 30 years for me - of course you could smoke anywhere then and nearly everyone smoked. :)

  • Am so so glad you got back in one piece Andi :) cos I ave missed ya loads yaknow :( :(

    Did you get plenty of sking in then :o :)

  • Bless - how sweet! :) Did loads of skiing ta. :)

    Have you stopped smoking again now? :o :)

  • Yep :) :)

    Am usin champix, quit on Tuesday 29th Jan :) :) it took longer to work on me though - 11 days :o

    Dont think the champix could find my 1 brain cell gal :D :D

  • Aup Sue is this the hat you found for our Andi :o :|


  • :D :D that was it Pete

  • You calling me a chicken? :D :D :D

  • I aint said note :o :| :D :D

  • Where's Mad gone too ????????

  • Think she must have fallen off her perch! :o :D :D

  • Getting tired now so am going to sign off and go to bed. It's been really nice to chat with you all today and I hope you (we) all manage to have a good sleep tonight. :)

    Nite nite all and sleep well. :)

  • Nite nite Andi and sweet dreams to you gal, you get them batteries charged up for tomorrow :) luvs ya xxx :)

    Speak tomorrow :)

  • nite nite Andi sweet dreams, luv ya :)xxx

  • Night Andi, have a good weekend

    Think monkey is mad for mad lol I tell ya there will be a wedding soon ;)

    We had all better be invited lol

  • Who's this Monkey then :o :o :D :D

  • Uch dont get jelous monky, I didna mean to put a e in your name.

    There must be something about you and your name coz I keep getting it wrong lol

    Old age setting in already I think

  • Ya duna wana be gettin old yet gal :o :)

    I'm a rite old boy and I get senior moments now :D :D

  • Turning 30 last year was hell for me I doubt :(

    Felt really old coz I remember my mother at 30 and thought she was well old but then I do also remember my granny being in her 40s, she didna like it when i asked her why she didnt go to 'old folks club' with great granny lol

  • I'll need to go to bed as well, need to try and get some sleep while i can

    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxx

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well and rest your legs gal :)

    Luvs ya too Sue xxxx :)

  • Im off now too, got a busy day the morn.

    Night all

  • Nite nite Sarah, you get a good nights sleep gal ready for that shopping trip in the morn :) :)

    Take care and luvs ya xx :)

  • Have you scared everyone off then Pete :D

    Glad to hear that you're getting there, but please remember that it's you who is working the Champix, not the Champix that's working you! :D

  • Hi ya Emjay oo its lovely to see you gal :) it is :)

    yep it looks like I've scared em all off with my good looks and charm :o :D :D :D

    Am off to see my adviser at the Chemist tomorrow morning so will get a CO reading :)

    It seems to erm I seem to be working the champix ok at the moment, although I do need the mouth spray odd times, I hope its ok using that as well, cos i will find out tomorrow at the chemist :o :|

    I hope you had a lovely weekend away gal :) :) you deserved it cos i know you are a very busy Lady :) rite am off to bed now Emjay, so I will say nite nite to you, and sleep well gal luvs ya xxx :) :)

  • Emjay where you been???

    Missed you this week.

    Got my hot water bottle and the bed to myself so gonna get off and read my book.

    Night all, sweet dreams xx

  • Good night all

    thats me 1 full week off the cigs whoo whoo. Hope everyone has a really positive weekend. Keep strong all.

    Linda :)

  • Day 26 over-- not too bad so far, but couldn`t have done it without patches and gum--sometimes feel I`m cheatingand should be doing it cold turkey-- wishi could say i felt better but have had flu and then a bad back---like smelling smokefree and the house smell nicer too!!

    My wicked sense of humour says i would love to have seen all those deleted messages !!! good night all and keep going

  • Hi cheesecake and welcome. Well done on getting 26 days under your belt. If you've got a wicked sense of humour then come and join in the chat each day - we love a bit of fun - helps to keep us sane! :o :D :D Mind you, I'm not sure how long you'll last with a handle like that - have you heard about our Johnny Cakeface? :D :D

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