Daily Chat: Monday 25th February 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 25th February 2013

Good afternoon everyone.

I thought Emjay would have opened up today but it looks like she might have overslept. :o

Everybody seems so up beat today which is great considering it's a Monday and the weather's still so dull. It doesn't seem quite so dull if you get out in it though and wear the right clothing against that biting wind! Brrrrrr!

Hope you all enjoy another day of freedom. :)

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  • Hey andi

    Its a lovely day here, got the windows open letting some fresh air in and the smell of vinager out (cleaning inside of windows)

    Its been a busy weekend for me.

    I was in town all saturday with ruth, had the final day of the netball league, it was a sad day for her team coz they were winning until the last 30 seconds and the other team got a goal in..... but really they did well but nerves got to them in that last game (ruth didnt know that that game was the decider for the whole league)

    Did a shed load of shopping and yesterday I had a busy morning and visitors in the afternoon and then the usual tv night last night.

    I hope the lovely weather here stays for a while, Ive got beds to strip on Wednesday so need a good day for that

    On a not so good note I broke my hoover attatchment today trying to get it off and I think the toaster and kettle are on the way out, thankfully we got spares in the attic.

    Me and Ruth have been sorting out the boxes for the boot sale on Sunday (that why I cleaning the car out this morning) we got loads so hopefully we will get lots of pennies in my pocket!!!

  • Hi everyone, I really slept in today :o :D so i'm missing all the lovely weather we have today, i might go for a walk in a bit

    Emjay must have my sleeping bug Andi :D :D have you been out for a walk today, doesn't sound like the weather is very good your way, hope it gets better for you :)

    you've had a busy time Sarah, well done to your daughters netball team :) It's always the same, when one thing breaks others follow, glad you may have replacements :)

    hope everyone has a great day :)

  • Hi folks :)) hope all had a lovely weekend.

    Sarah yours sounds as busy as mine lol.

    Sue I know what you mean one thing always leads to another !

    Andi your weather sounds like ours..brrrr indeed !

    I decided to treat myself to a whole new kitchen,all be it on the cheap..so i decided to have the sockets sunk in the wall coz at present they are surface..well electricion came today to do them and ohoh hiccup !! He took the facia off a socket only to find very bad wiring,very dangerous,ans sockets in utility all coming off this didgy wiring !! Ive been here 8 years ,so im counting my blessings ! Anyway long shot is its going to be a bit more expensive than id planned this kitchen of mine :( but in the long run at least it will be safe and i will have my first ever new kitchen and oven !! :))) so I am excited .

    Nannie has been in demand today ,my grandson wanted lots of hugs and rocks to sleep..that always makes for a happy nannie :)

    just off to make a brew ...jan

  • Hi everyone its a lovely sunny day here in Stirling. Had a great morning and actually went out and did the first week of the couch to 5k running programme. Have never ran in my life so no doubt if anyone was watching they would have been laughing their heads off but hey at least I gave it a go. I promised myself that I would be healthier and non smoking by my 50th (next wee) so have managed to stay off the cigs now for over a month (on champix) and have started the keep fit.

    Linda :) :) :)

    Heres to everyone having a fab day :) :) :)

  • Hi all,

    thank goodness your bad wiring was spotted Jan, i hate to think what could have happened, hope your kitchen is finished soon :) it must be lovely to have your Grandson round, i can't wait for mine to arrive :)

    Hi Linda, we have a lovely day here in Dundee as well, it's been like a spring day :) Well done on being smoke free for over a month, that's brilliant :) and exercising as well :) keep it up and you'll soon catch up with Andi :)

    have a brill day everyone, kettles on if anyone wants a cuppa :)

  • Afternoon Everyone, sorry I've only just made it on here. I've had a busy day delivering training and so have been away from my desk :-/

    A much needed cuppa is about to be made whilst I have a proper catch up on what's been going down in the world of Quit Support :-)

  • Good afternoon all, I think us southerners need to emigrate to Scotland for a few days :o - nice change for you to have the good weather though. :)

    Sue, nice to see you around again today, hope you're feeling better now. :)

    Jan, that sounds pretty awful about your electrics - at least you'll know you'll be safe. Will it involve a complete re-wire of your property cos that's pretty pricey.

    Linda, well done on starting the c25k. You'll get lots of good advice on their site. I went out today and did week 7 run 3 - last of 25 mins continuous running. :o It's bloody hard work but I think today was marginally easier than the last 2 runs. :) I'm taking forever to do it as I keep going on holiday so you'll probably graduate before me. Whatever you do, please take it easy, don't go too fast, don't push yourself too much and always take the rest days. It's too easy to get injured and I've had a few of those too. :P :|

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm much better now thanks Andi, don't think I'll be decorating for a while, hubby can do the next lot :D :D I'll send some good weather down to you, that makes a change, it's usually the other way round :D hope you have better weather tomorrow :)

    Enjoy your cuppa Emjay, it's well earned after a busy day :) I'm just away to have one myself :)

  • Lots of new names, Hello everyone!!

    Most of you won't know me....I'm a new recruit :-) Passed Monky's interview last week, induction went well, and I'm delighted to say 7 days in and I haven't been sacked!!!

    However, I cannot deny, its been abit touch and go... 7am this morning and placed myself on disciplinary measures! After a weekend of contemplating the mean of life without ciggies, addiction, cravings or purely just habit... woke up with the worst, and I mean proper proper worst craving to date. It was dark, cold and miserably wet and worst of all it was MONDAY!!!

    Then I remembered... the tobacco pouch in the gloves box of my car.... dangerous position to be in....Pink slip number two! Fortunately, by the time I'd finished putting on my mascara (makeup can be a long process) NRT kicked in and the craving passed....

    Yipeee, and in answer to my weekend dilemma, yes the patches they work!

    Tobacco still siting in gloves box, have avoid temptation on 60 mile round trip to no worse place that Swindon. Tomorrow I may dig a small grave and say goodbye to evil tobacco, once and for all! :-) :-)

  • Hi Bellabella,

    Nice to meet you, I'm Susan, i wasn't on much over the weekend, i wasn't to well

    well done on resisting temptation this morning, i'm glad the patches worked for you :) and that you passed Pete's interview :D :D, good idea to to bury the tobacco pouch, it's onwards and upwards for you now :)

  • Hiya Bella, lovely post there. :) Yeah, cravings - grrrr! :D :D Sounds like the best idea to dig a grave - make sure the dogs don't dig it back up again though. :o :D Then you can start grieving for your recently deceased 'friend'. :(

    Glad the patches are helping you and I think it best if you can't easily lay your hands on the temptations. I think that's a big trigger for everyone - driving then getting stuck in a traffic jam. Well done. :)

  • Oh Bellabella,

    First of all, well done on your 1st week. keep on going.

    But, get rid of the temptation.

    I have been finding little nasties here and there. A pouch in the car door pocket with a bit of baccy in it, a half smoked roll up in the garage left over from whenever. But this time round, I am finding myself destroying the stuff without the temptation to "well just one puff eh".

    It's this sort of thing that has been my downfall in the past and I am so determined this time that I will not let that Nico take the p**s out of me and I systematically get rid of the temptation. There are no rizlas in the house, I went round every drawer and every pocket and all the places I would normally be frantically searching when I run have run out in the past and threw them all away. I still get some mean cravings but, NO, go away, I have stopped. Nico hates me, but considering what Nico has done to me over the last zillion years, I hate Nico more. This time I aim to win.

    You have an amazing bunch of people supporting you, They have worked miracles for me and they scarcely know it. Be strong, we are all fighting the same fight and know where you are at. (I'm not normally this serious)

    Well done, keep at it.

    Fags :)

  • Hey Sue, are you getting bored? or just getting ready for that programme in half an hour? :)

  • :D :D :D def the programme I love penguins :D :D :D

  • I've always loved penguins too. :)

  • I pinched the picture from the Frozen Planet facebook page, I couldn't resist it :D :D there just sooooo cute :) :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup everybody, yep late again :(

    I hope you've all had a nice and smoke free Monday :) :)

    JC you just got up pal :o :D :D

  • Hey John, thought you might like a cake :) :)


    :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • I'll have a cake Pete, in fact I'm about to go and eat a real live cake and boy am I going to enjoy it.

  • You enjoyyyyyyy Sinfree :P yum :P yum

  • That's not a typo is it? As in it's not meant to say "I hate Amor and Vida" ? No, of course it's not - silly me, slap my wrists! :o :( :D :D

  • Grrrrrrrr. How does a day go from OK to downright diabolical - when family is involved. I have come so very, very close this evening to going out and buying some cigarettes and smoking the whole flaming packet. As it is I've had two skanky lozenges within half an hour of each other and am about to have another. Not had any for 3 weeks :( Have to say they're pretty disgusting but they just about do it and I did buy them for times like these, lets face it you can choose your friends but you can't choose your stupid family.

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend.

  • I'm sorry you've had a bad time sinfree, but a big well done in not giving in and smoking, i had problems with family a few months ago now and i caved, shows how strong you are, you'll get passed this with the lozenges and a good moan on here.

    Take deep breaths and stay strong, you'll do this :)

  • Thanks Sue, I need to chill as I have had very little sleep for the last two nights and as I am still gnashing my teeth and generally seething at the mo, I need to get rid of all this bad feeling otherwise I'm going to end up spending another night without sleep. Oh well - least the shops will be shut lol. I forgot all about the penguins cos of everything and I really enjoyed it last week, was it on tonight? How time flies

  • It was, you can get it on catch up though :)

    I find doing deep breathing or listening to music helps me when i'm angry like that, hope you can do the same and get a good nights sleep :)

  • It's also repeated again later in the week sometime. :)

  • Oh right thanks Sue and andi I will have a look for it.

  • Hi soooooper Sinfree :) I say that cos that is you gal :) you got through it without giving in to the ciggie !! just ace gal just ace :) :)

    Yes I know what you mean about family too :o

  • :) Thanks Pete, how are you doing anyway, glad to hear your mum's feeling a little better. Not had my cake yet, these lozenges go on for ever.

  • You could take it out and stick it behind your ear for later. ;-) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi Pete, How you doin? I'll have the oven ready in a minute i case you need it later :D :D

    image.shutterstock.com/disp... :D :D

    How's your mum, i hope she's feeling a lot better now :)

  • Hmmmm what programme you all watchin then :o :|

    Erm has it got sedges in it ???? :D :D

  • Hi Pete, didn't see any on account of there being a lot of snow and ice. :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi Sue, ha ha I aint going near your oven gal :D well not for a bit anyway, just got to let the dust settle from last time :o :D :D

    My mams about the same thank you, just waiting for the results from the biop :o

  • images.clipartof.com/small/... :D :D see if that works Pete

  • Sue it worked this time gal :D :D :D

    Although I do look a bit browned off :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hopefully your mum will get home soon :)

    programme i was watching had penguins in it, not a sedge in sight :D :D

  • Sorry Pete i didn't leave you any room :D :D

  • Blimey, what a busy evening - trying to watch the penguins, keep an eye on here, phone going and lots of texting - making my eyes go funny. :o :D :D

  • :D Hi andi, we need a 'like' button on here same as facebook, that made me laugh :)

  • Yeah, I see we've got over 2.000 likes on facebook now :) :)

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Hey Sin, sorry you're having a s**t time AND not sleeping cos of that mattress. Just shut your eyes, take a few of Emjay's deep breaths and think of rolling along on that bike of yours in the sunshine. Now cycle up that hill and think how much more puff you've got and give yourself a smile and a pat on the back cos you've somehow managed to get through that first month. :)

  • Brrrrr, was a bit chilly for cycling today. Must admit though, this evening I wish I could run, I could have jogged a very long way tonight and am sure would have felt lots better, might have a look at that couch to 5K thing. We got a mattress topper this afternoon before all the issues kicked off, came to put it on the bed between the two episodes of corrie and instructions said leave to air for 72 hours :( flipping eck I said or words to that effect. So have put a spare quilt cover over the mattress while waiting for the 72 hours to be up, will probably roast in bed tonight. Oh well, my grandson calls me Chicken instead of grandma so I'll be a roast chicken now.

  • :D :D :D love it gal.

  • Did you go out on your bike today then? I'm finding it not very conducive to cycling at the moment. :)

  • Hi ya Andi, :) whats up with you Woman, thought you lot could multitask :D :D

  • Oh yes :o :D :D :D

  • Well that's exactly what I was doing, wasn't I? :o :D :D

  • I'm getting tired now, it's way past my bed time :o :D :D

    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, love and hugs xxx :)

  • Nite nite Sue you get snuggled up in bed gal and have a gooooood nights sleep :)

    Love and huggs to you too Sue xxxxx :)

  • Andi you can do texting then :o :| :D

  • Yes but it's quite a slow process. :o I don't do facebook though so not sure what you're all going on about there. :D :D

  • Your not missing much there gal :D :D

  • I'm not surprised Sue, it suddenly went a bit bonkers didn't it?

    Nite nite and hope you sleep well, :) xxxxx

  • Yeah JC woke up :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • I'm done in now so I'll wish you all nite nite folks and see you all tomorrow. Sleep well and sweet dreams, love you all. :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi and everybody, cos ave got to call it a day too, am noddin here :o

    I hope you all have a lovely nights sleep and luvs ya all xxxxxxx :) :)

  • Ok, am going now too. Going to take the advice of oooh can't remember now, I get mixed up with Sue and Andi anyway going to take their advice and listen to some music in the hope I calm down and go to sleep. Night Pete, John and everyone, tomorrows another day :)

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