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Good morning all you quitters.

Another hot day I sometimes wonder if we are in England , it doesn't seem natural to last this long does it.

At least it cheers us up seeing the sun.

Friday and nearing the weekend. Sorry Pete, I know you find it hard over the weekends. We will have to think of some sort of distraction for you. Any suggestions welcome. :D

Whatever you have planned and whether you have quit for 1 hour or 1 year stay positive and focused.

Don't think you have failed if the cravings make you give in. Just think of it as a practice run, and you will beat it next time.

Have a lovely day everyone. :)

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Hello & good morning all

It sounds like all is not well in the camp and sorry to say I am very angry myself at the moment with a number of things not going well. Oh dear .......

If I don't calm down soon I will ..........

Now it is really tough / hard but do I want to put lots of smoke in my lungs and feel shit and all that goes with it and then face going through another week of hell !!!




Good morning Jillygirl and everyone, Love the pic, it reminds me of my uncle's dog, Sheba :) It's hot and clammy here but not much sun at the moment, I hope it comes out to play soon.

Sorry your finding it difficult at the weekends Pete, I'm gonna put my thinking brain on and try come up with some distractions for you, like Jillygirl was asking, that's if I can find it

freakingnews.com/pictures/6... :D :D


love the pic Sue. Got a few lined up for a new post for Pete. :D


Can't wait to see them Jillygirl :D


Hi Sue please add some more to the list. If we all do that , the weekend will be over before he has looked at them all. :) :D


I will do Jillygirl :)


Hi again

I have stuffed myself with NRP (spray & fake cig etc) and just starting to cool down. Oh my God that was intense, how I didn't drive off to the shop ???

Okay time to rebuild.

Really I should chat to someone at this point because a number of things have come up that are v. difficult.

Kindest regards



Hi Jonathan, how about you send a private message to Emjay, she may be able to help.


Thanks - how do I do this ?


If you go to the top of the page . In the green bar is your user name. click on that and you should see messages. click on theat and it will take you to the messages page. At the top right hand corner it will say new conversation (or message) click on that.

You should now have another page with a blank part for you to put who you wish to talk to (Emjay) it will show her picture when you type it in. then like opening the daily chat you will have a title and another box for your message. Let me know if you are struggling. :)


Hi Jonathan, I'm so sorry that your going through a hard time, a big well done on not giving into your cravings :) :) shows your strength and determination to stay stopped :)

I hope you manage to get things resolved soon. Sue


Hey, hey, hey I'm right here :D

My post from this morning isn't here though :-/

Big hello's to everyone, I've been trying to post this in between a few other things I'm doing, so apologies for the time it's taken....

Jonathan, I'll send you a private message so that you can reply to it :-) You have done ever so well so far. Everything that you are feeling is pretty normal and leaves you with 3 basic choices;

1. Go back to smoking

This really isn't a option that I think you would want to take. If you do, you will probably regret it, it probably won't be as satisfying as you think it would be. I can promise you that at some point in the future you will come back to wanting to stop again. Cross this choice off your list!

2. Grin and bear it, ride the storm

You will get over it, go and have a look at your face in the mirror, notice what it looks like to feel that way! Pull such a silly face at yourself and notice how that leaves you feeling :-/ It will take anything from around 3-5 minutes for such a feeling to pass. Why not time it? When you first feel this coming on you, note the time. You probably won't notice the feeling going away, but you will notice it coming back. For the feeling to come back, then it must have gone away! I hope this makes sense to you :-/

If you do choose to ride the storm and realise you got through it, you will feel great and much stronger, ready to face the next time. It will come back, but nowhere near as bad :D :D

3. NRT

Maybe consider using NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). You have done ever so well coming so far using the cold turkey method plus the psychological support and advice from members on here. It may seem a bit mad to start feeding yourself with nicotine at this point, however, if things really are getting too much for you to handle, then I would recommend that you consider using a product that only delivers nicotine as and when you need it. So maybe something like the inhalator. If you want to know more, let me know.

4. Access your local stop smoking service

You could go and speak to somebody face to face (chances are it will probably be next week now). You may find this helpful and can get your NRT product for free or for the price of a prescription. All you need to do is private message me your details and I can let you know more :D By accessing a service such as Quit Support or your local stop smoking service means that you are 4 times more likely to stay quit :D

I hope this long reply seems to be of some help and isn't too much of a waffle for a Friday afternoon!!


Good evening everyone. :)

Well, I've been a bit busy this week as my friend from Bognor came to visit so we've been out and about and played Scrabble in the evenings (as usual) so not had a spare minute to come on and have a chat. We managed to get to the beach on Monday afternoon but didn't really have beach weather the other days although each day turned out fine later in the day.

We had a thunder storm on Sunday night and rain another night which filled up my water butts so I've now packed my hose away and am waiting for my grass to turn green again. Looks like we're in for some mega rain tomorrow. :o

See you all a bit later - got to eat and catch up with what's been happening on here this week. :)


Just noticed my picture seems to have disappeared so I'll have to do some trawling and try and find something suitable on-line. :(


Hi Andi, lovely to see you back on site. We missed you. Scrabble eh may be you can find a pic of scrabble for Petes weekend activities. The more the merrier. :)


Oo-er - it worked! :o :D :D


Just looking for a pic for my profile and couldn't resist posting this one - does it remind you of anyone? :o ..........Answers on a postcard please..........



Don't know how to do a wolf whistle on line. sorry!



I meant the one in the link - found that before I updated my profile - not too sure about it, I think it'll take some getting used to after my blue thing all this time. :o


Hi Andi, It's great to have you back, we missed you :)


Hi Sue, thanks - I noticed that you weren't on for a while either. Hope everything's settling down for you now after your hectic time too. :)


signing off now, so have a good night everyone. May be late on site tomorrow as we are having a new boiler and radiators fitted. sweet dreams everyone. xxxxxx :) :)


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