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Change of plan the surgeon has just called me and due to a cancellation the operation is now Monday 10th.

your all Wonderful People, I cant believe that smoking isnt good for you.

You probably think that the op I had has definately affected my brain, with statements like that.

However if I hadn`t smoked and decided to quit I would never have met some of the nicest

and true friends. I think your positive vibes , wishes, hugs etc have worked for me. I couldn`t

have asked for any better friends than all of you on quit support.

As most of you probably already know , I have a date to go in to hospital to have my lung removed.

Yes it`s a daunting thought and believe me yes I am ************* ing myself. However the thought of losing a lung

or losing my life I know which is the best outcome.

I have told my hubby to contact Emjay when we know things are going forward, so with a bit of luck willpower, and all the positive vibes I get from you all,

I will be on line wishing you all a happy new year. Meanwhile I will bob on site now and again.

I find I end up aching or falling asleep if I use the lap top too long.

Anyone who suddenly gets a craving for a ciggy, think twice. I wish I had quit a lot earlier than I did.

However at least I a dont have to worry about quitting now, which would have been a daunting task on top of my concerns

over the cancer etc.

Once again a BIG thank you for being there for me. love you all . xxxxxxxxx :) :) :)

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Its lovely to hear from you Jillygirl, I hope that all goes well for you and you make a quick recovery. Bringing your date forward is a good thing as you have less time to sit and worry, get it sorted as fast as possible and then move on. I will be thinking of you and send you love and best wishes. xxx



Hi Jillygirl, it's lovely to hear from you, i'm glad your date has been brought forward, you'll get rid of that nasty cancer sooner :) and will give you less time to think, i know how nerve racking surgery is

My spears are on there way to you along with positive vibes, and my love :)

I'll be thinking about Jillygirl, and hoping you have a speedy recovery :)

Take care, Susan :) XXxxxxxxxxxxxxx


get well soon , i am yet again trying to stop smoking. I should no better with my mum having lung cancer, My mum had part of her lunge removed


Thank you all for your wishes. Keep them there spears sharpened. :D


Mine are at the ready Jiilygirl :)

see Pete is ready as well

us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/... :D :D


Sue you never let me down. Thanks. :D



Hi Jillygirl xx

It's soooooooooooooooooooooo good to see you back, we have missed you :) xx

As everyone has said, it is good news that your op has been brought forward, though I am sure it is a very daunting prospect for you. We are all behind you Jillygirl, all the way and our prayers, thoughts, wishes, love and hugs go with you wherever you are.

I doubt very much you will be bothered about Christmas this year, but hopefully having your operation on 10th December will mean you will be home for Christmas and that has got to be better than being in hospital, even if they do cook your meals, wash up, look after you, plump your pillows up, make your bed and you get lots of magazines and treats from your visitors :D

You take care, loads of love and hugs to you xxx :)


Wonder where Andi is today? do you think she got lost while out running Jillygirl

clipartguide.com/_named_cli... :D:D

I better get outta here whooooooooooooosh


I think she's in the pub Sue :D



:D :D she'll need the alkaseltzer later

image.shutterstock.com/disp... :D :D



Plenty of tablets there for Christmas as well :)


Hi there Jilly, so glad to see you back here albeit briefly. :)

Really good news that your op's been brought forward - the sooner the better, eh?

As ever our thoughts are with you and all the vibes we can muster. :)

Just want to give you some BIG HUGS and speak again soon.


Love from Andi xxx :)


Aup Jillygirl :) :)

You've probably got your feet up now watching telly with hubby pampering you :D :)

As for you saying you've met some of the nicest people on this site Jillygirl, I tell you gal, your one of the nicest people that I've ever met :) :)

Now then Jillygirl you stay strong, and true friends stick together through thick and thin, so you aint getting rid of us that easy :D :D

Loads and loads of huggggggs going to you and your family Jillygirl, luvs ya gal xxxxx :)

Pete :) :)


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