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DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY' 25/01/2013

DAILY CHAT/  FRIDAY' 25/01/2013

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well, staying positive and keeping those cravings away.

As many of you know over the last 9 months I have managed to quit smoking. However not soon enough, as I have just gone through surgery for lung cancer. However I have pulled through and just got a course of chemotherapy which I start next week. I feel I have been given a second chance in life. Reflecting back on what I have been through , I can`t believe what damage smoking can do to your body, and your brain. I Have been going to the hospital cancer clinics and still see people stood outside in their dressing gowns having a smoke. What a shame that we all have to struggle through to quit.

I must admit I do tell people about quit support , but only if they are interested, as I dont want to come across as patronising ex smoker. So all of you out there who are trying to quit. Stick at iit . It could save your life. (It saved mine). :)

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Good Morning Jillygirl,

It's lovely to hear from you :) I hope you had a good nights sleep and are feeling stronger and better :)

We have finally got proper snow here :D :D so i won't be going out today, hope yours has stopped now :) To keep you up to date with your adopted grandson, my daughter had her midwife appointment yesterday and everything is great :) there buying loads of boy clothes so i hope the nurse doing the ultrasound got it right or there in trouble :D :D

I'm away to put the kettle on if you want a cuppa, see ya later :) xx


Good morning Sue, think we are getting the snow this afternoon. So pleased that grandson of yours is doing well. Cant wait! Yep I think I will join you with the cuppa. Hope you like chocolate digestives. Hurry up before john gets the scent. ! :D


Catch up later. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Hi Jiily nice to hear from you and am glad your getting the treatment you need, Quitting is not easy and you have to want to do it, My brother gave up over 3 weeks ago now and I have been trying to get him to give up for year, he gave up last year for a couple of weeks and I just keep telling him that we love him and don't want him to become ill, he suffers chest infections every 3-4 weeks and is always on antibiotics, hopefully this time it will be for good :) Hi Sue I love looking at baby clothes and bet your getting excited now :) We have more snow on the way this afternoon and the other snow hasn't even melted yet. Off to make a nice Madras curry and a keema :)


Hi everyone,

thanks for the biccies Jillygirl :), i got one before JC got there :D :D

I can't believe your getting more snow! you've had too much already :o just stay in and keep warm, cosy up in a duvet :D :)

Hi delina,

I hope your brother stops for good this time, like you say it's such a hard thing to do, i'm sure with your help and encouragement he'll get there :)

It takes me ages to do my shopping cause i keep looking at baby clothes first, there so cute and they are better now compared to when my two were babies :D :)

Sorry your getting more snow as well, you'll just have to join me and Jillygirl under the duvet D:D :D

will chat later :) xx


Sue and Delina seeing its not too busy on here and its snowing outside i have just got 1 message for you both.


Catch up later. :) :) xx


will do Jillygirl, at least till my son gets in from work :D :D :D he usually comes in like this

3.bp.blogspot.com/-NVSMZCxC... :D :D


Got a nice hot Madras to warm me up later :) Heating is up high and me blanket is over me legs, think I am getting old lol


Think I'm joining you delina, my heating is full on and i'm wrapped up in a duvet, I look like the michelin man :D :D

I won't have much for tea, hubby's working and i can't be bothered cooking for myself lol


A good idea mad, but I couldn't do that today, it's even too cold for penguins here :D :D



Im also wrapped under the duvet, got a cracker of a sore head again, tried the fresh air (its warmer outside than it is my house) but itdidnt work :(

It is a long time till bed time

Got to go out tonight because Alf has youth club till 8pm, cant wait to get home

Hope your chemo goes well jilly, sorry to hear about your illness.

Its the cbb final tinight so im looking forward to watching that, will make a hot water bottle and get into bed and watch that

Have been invited to a candle party tonight but im not going because we still have no money, think Stewart will have a hairy canary if I go to another one lol

Not sure if Im looking forward to this weekend or not, might be a bit stressful with hubby and kids home again


Hi everyone

It's really cold here today, no snow yet but heavy snow forecast for later, just hope it doesn't start before I drive home :)

Great to hear from you Jillygirl, you have been so strong not only giving up smoking for 9 months but with all you have recently been through and are still going through.

I want to say a WELL DONE to our Boozie Suzie as it's 4 months quit for you today :) Great work Sue, keep going and keep strong.


Sounds like everyone is keeping warm and staying in today, best place I think. You are great Mad, going for a walk in the park in this weather, good for you.

Not sure what I'm having for tea yet, I know one thing, it wont be salad :D

Speak later, just off to get a cup of coffee. xx


Hi Kazz,

Thank you for that, I'd forgotten it was 4 months already, think I need a new brain :o :D :D just as well I have all of you to keep me straight :D :D

I'm sure you'll find something yummy for your tea, you always do :D :D There's a cake for your pudding



Thank you mad :)

I couldn't do this without the help of all of you, so thank you mad :)


Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry you've had a bad headache, I hope it has gone now, did you try drinking lots of water, that might sometimes works, I know you'll be busy just now with your kids and tea etc. but going to bed later might help to relax you and get rid of of it that way, that's what I do

How are you doing otherwise, are you managing to beat any cravings that may have appeared? You know every time you do that they get weaker

Stay strong Sarah, we're all behind you :)


Hi John,

I know what you mean about spinach and parsley, I don't take that cause of my thyroid and calcium absorption, means it's not good for me either.

that's great that Vida let you touch her, maybe one day she'll be tamer :) you never know

I might have known you would have got the cake :D :D, I'll need to get Kazz another one now :D :D


I'm so sorry about that John, this is a very common story, doctors just don't know what there doing when it comes to the thyroid, that leaves people struggling with their health, I won't say what I think of them either or I'd get kicked off the site


Good evening all!

Jilly- Great to see you! Good luck with your chemo next week! You are one top lady!

Sue- A big well done on reaching 4 months! You can have a treat! A Gold Star!

Mad- I would deffo be keeping my window shut...it's snowing a right blizzard here! Jim Jams on and heating, am warm as toast!

Kazz- Hope that you have a nice 'winter warmer' for tea! Spag Bol here...

John- Your birds do seem to be getting tamer. I like birds, but I am phobic about them flying near me, I proper panic, hyperventilate etc...I'm okay if they're in cages. I'm the same with butterflies and moths as well...

Sarah- You're doing really well! Hope your headache gets better. I had some bad headaches when I first stopped smoking. It's your brain getting used having oxygen again :)

I do hope that your weekend goes well and isn't stressy!

Delina- I hope that you enjoy your Madras! Good warming food!

Hopefully catch up later, depends how snuggled I get under my throw on the sofa, with a hot water bottle...:)



Hi Chickles

That sounds lovely, just what I might do, I love my hot water bottle I have one every night at this time of year. You must be so tough Mad, sleeping with the window open. I don't like my bedroom window open at all,ever. I always worry about creepy crawlies coming in and crawling over me in my sleep.

It's good in a way that you are no longer counting how long you have given up for Sue, means you are not constantly thinking about it. At the beginning I was counted it in days then in weeks but now I'm counting it in months, still can't wait to be able to say I've not smoked for 6 months.. Thanks for the cake Sue, it looked (before JC scoffed it) gorgeous and very chocolately :)

Have a good evening everyone and keep warm. It's snowing heavily here now, I live on a main road and even that is white now. So glad I'm not going out tonight.


That looks lovely John, and the dish you got from Linda is so nice :)


Hi everyone,

Hope your nice and warm under our throw chickles, I'm doing the same thing :) We've had snow all day but it's stopped now thank goodness, only thing is it's going slushy now, and I am going out to visit my daughter tomorrow, bet I slide all the way there :D :D I hope you have a great night :)

Sorry you didn't get any cake Kazz, I should have guessed JC would jump on it first, even though he has trifle in his fridge :D

Thinking about it, it is good I can never remember how long I've stopped smoking for....wonder when that started :o :D, who knows

Have a good night Kazz and stay warm :)


hey all

nice to get on and read all your posts of what you all been up to etc (and of course all your lovely words of encouragement)

been drinking LOADS of water, Im thinking my head got so sore today because I am tired, was up till 10.30pm last night (not late I know but I've been going to sleep about 9-9.30 most nights since I stopped smoking!

I think (or should I say hope) this weekend is better than last weekend. My husband is just irritating me at the moment but I suppose that is part and parcel of stopping smoking!

I was wondering, is anyone able to start the daily blogs or is it just certain people?

Is there Moderators on here? I've noticed people have deleted comments (not mine but other peoples)

Well done Sue on your 4 month mark, that is one achievement :)

February is a short month so it wont be long until 5 months ;)

Today has been a tough day for me again, think Im just still sad after yesterday and maybe worrying about the weekend, I nearly went in past my granny's earlier to pinch a puff of her fag but thankfully I came straight home and knew I wouldn't go and buy a packet and there would be no other way to get one so that was a huge thing for me.

I am not craving one tonight, as usual it's the afternoons that Im struggling with, but every day is an achievement for me just now,

is there anyone on here that is on facebook?


Hi Sarah, well done on not smoking today; that is fantastic :) i hope your headache has gone now.

Getting irritated is part of stopping smoking but it will soon pass, i told all my family that that would happen so they would understand when i got angry

Emjay is our advisor on here but anybody can start the daily chat, it usually depends on who's up first, or can get on first lol

Is there anything you could do different in the afternoon, can you think about what your triggers are, this could help you to come up with solutions to make it a bit easier for you

I'm on Facebook, don't know if anyone else is

Have a great evening Sarah :)


yup Sue, another day nearly done and dusted for us all to tick off the calander ;)

they know Im getting irritated/grumpy because of the stopping smoking, all they say is 'its because she's stopping smoking' which irritates me even more!!

I have a few times nearly done a blog in the mornings if I've been on at 8.30am and there's no one already but I didnt want to get into trouble if it was just certain people who were allowed to do it!

I will have to maybe just get out walking or doing some excerise because my belly has certainly expanded in the last week! lol


Aup Sarah,

if you want to open the Daily Chat, then have a go gal :) but just remember to put - Daily chat - day and date :)

As for the deleted posts, you do that yourself, if you have a look at the top right of your post, it will say delete, so if you've said something wrong you can delete it and repost :)


If I could give you a big hug Jillygirl I would. You have been given a second chance and I wish you a speedy recovery. Just think of how many peoples lives you can change by being on this site, keep in touch with everyone and rest, fight this illness and lots and lots of good luck and love to you x x x x


I second what Wonder has just said Jilly


I third what Wonder has just said Jillygirl :) :) :)


Aup Mad,

Dont worry gal cos that white stuff will be gone on Sunday :) cos its going to get warmer and wet :(


Yes is supposed to rain here tomorrow and you aren't that far away from me Mad, soon be gone.

We delete our own posts Sarah, maybe if we've made loads of spelling mistakes :) or if as sometimes our posts go through more than once.

Hi Pete, I hope you've warmed up and got a nice erm ... cuppa :D


Aup Kazz :)

Yep got a errrrrm cannuppa :o :D :D the snow aint half coming down here now :(

hey how come you aint gone out gal, cos its FRIDAY NIGHT gal :) :)


Staying in where it's warm Pete but out tomorrow, so I hope the snow is gone by then. :) Seems we are all getting the snow today, even our Sue who's escaped it up to now.


Hi all,

snow has stopped here, hope it rains tomorrow or i'll be a prisoner too :D :D

i think Sarah was talking about the deleted post further up, it says anonymous, i didn't spell that right lol,

You having your cupinnie Pete :D :D, you'd be better with a hot todd, that would soon warm you up :D :D


I've been having the same problem, it got worse when i went on my phone lol


Hi ya Sue :)

4 whole months quit gal :) :) your a star gal :)



Grooooooooovy gaaaaaaaaaal :D :D

Erm dont know about paying for it though :o :D


Sorry but i want my money back ;)


:D I think you need a bit of a shave hahaha


:D :D :D :D


:D :D :D mad you make me laugh, you dat apeth :D

I'm gonna have to go to bed now, i'm sitting here nodding

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) Xxxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue, will have a chat tomorrow gal, when i've got more time :) :) take care Sue and keep WARM & Cosy, luvs ya too gal xxxxx :) :)


I think you are definitely female :) a hairy one going off that pic but still female. I recommend an epilady, painful but works :D

Night night Sue, sleep well,and sweet dreams xxx :) luvs ya


kazz what the flippin eck is a epilady :o :o and do you really think it would work for Mad ?????? :D :D


It would be Mad might have to trim that fur first :) An epilady is like an electric shaver but instead of having blades it had a number of think discs that spin round and pull the hair out by the root. Then the hair doesn't grow back for about 4 weeks.


thin discs not think discs :D


Not that I know of but I'm sure it can be used by both sexes


:D well you can't help what your hormones get up to. I like to blame everything on hormones. My mum says she doesn't believe in hormones they didn't have them when she was young :D :D obviously a recent invention :D


mad how could you be a man :o :o :o :o


Mad Sue meant to say daft apeth, which means your erm erm silly :D :D


You might not want the answer to that Peetie Weeite :D


Hmmmmm maybe its a bit late for that eh :o :D

I expect JC will be able to refresh my mind in the morning :D :D


ha ha ha ha luv it gal :D :D


At least he's not hairy, dances quite well in fact :)


no I will have another look


yeah see Mad :P :P :D its not my fault i've put some weight on :o :(


Are you blaming it on your hormones Peetie Weetie ? :D


That's not a woman, it's a man with man boobs.


can you make it bigger mad !!! so we can have a goooooood look :D :D


blind turnip heads that us :D


Your a so & so mad ;o :| i think your turning me mad gal, mind you thats not hard to do :D :D

Nite nite mad, erm just wondering what the book is about :o hormones or how to test your eyesight :D :D


I've just enlarged it and it's defo a man, you can tell by his face. Big belly and man boobs :D :P


:D Night night swede head, we'll come and dig you out if we can get through the snow to you. Just looked out the window it's really thick snow on the road. I love it now I'm safe and sound and warm inside the house.


Hold on Pete, did you just notice Swede head said her husband is working nights, thought she was a man hmmm. Saying that men can get married now so Mad could still be a man and have a husband. Still think she's female :)


erm yeah :o :o hmmmmmmmm


now you've got me confused ;o thats pretty easy to do really :D :D


Kazz am so sorry gal, but got to go now cos am all of a do :o plus am noddin

so i will wish you a good nights sleep and the sweetest dreams toooooo :) :) you stay focused now and take care gal, luvs ya loads xxxxxx :)


Night night Pete, sleep well and sweet dreams, luvs ya loads too xxxxx :)


And you lot thought my clapshot was wierd lol

What are you lot like?

Pissed i would have said but you were all like this the other night lol


yeah we were all pissed then :D :D :D


here here Mad :D




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