Daily Chat Caturday 2nd March 2013

Daily Chat Caturday 2nd March 2013

Good Morning all you fellow quitters and wannabes :) :)

Well it's the weekend again yippie dippie doooooooo :) :)

I hope you all had a good nights sleep and charged your batteries up ready for anything that might come along today :o

Jillygirl, loads of huggs and vibes heading your way to help build you up again to the fighting fit and ready for action Woman I new :o :D :D

Rite am off to the Chemist to get my CO reading, so see you all in a bit :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

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  • Good morning Pete and everyone - what a beautiful picture today - makes me fell like going back to bed. :o

    I must say I was surprised to see you up and about so early today Pete. :)

    It's still grey down south so enjoy all your sunshine up north! 8-) ;-)

  • Good morning Monky, sorry meant Pete ;-) and happy weekend everyone :-) :-)

    Good luck with that CO reading Pete, I might take a visit to Boots later see how my CO levels read.....

    Bit overcast in Cheltenham today however rumour has it the sun will peak through the clouds later ....

    Time to get up, power walk up Leckhamptin Hill for me!!!! :-) :-)

  • Hi ya Bella, my CO reading was the lowest i've had - 3 :) :)

    Erm what was that Bella, a power nodd your going for :o :D :D :D

  • Morning Andi, any running planned today?

  • Good morning everyone,

    It's a lovely sunny day here again so I might go a walk later, after the housework is done :)

    I love your pic Pete, i hope your CO reading is good this morning :) Enjoy your walk Bella, no walking uphills for me though, I'd never manage it :D :D are you going a walk today Andi, or is it the gym, I don't know where you lot get your energy from, i wouldn't mind some of it :D :D

    Have a great day everyone :) xx

  • Good morning ,

    Its a lovely sunny day here in yorkshire. I am planning on a short walk today. I am going to try a walk near where I am going to live. Its called Rawdon Billing. ( clump of trees on a hill)

    dont think I will manage the hill just yet. The picture is the billing and thats the view I will soon have from my flat .


    Hope you all have a super smoke free day. catch up later. :) xxx

  • Aup Jillygirl and good morning to you too :)

    Hmmmmm where did you get that pic of my back garden from then :o :D :D

  • Hey didnt know we were neighbours. :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Good morning everybody, what a lovely pic to start the day. Its a cold but sunny day here in Scotland and I am going out soon to do the week 1 run 3 of the couch to 5k so I think I should get the emergency services on standby in case I collapse:)

    Hope everyone is feeling good and looking forward to the weekend.

    Linda xx

  • Good morning Linda :) I hope you enjoy your run :)

    Here's a cuppa for when you get back :D :D


  • I was planning on getting up early and going running but it was just sooooo snuggly in bed that I couldn't do it so I WILL do it tomorrow. There, I've said it now so I have to! :) Linda, enjoy your run in the sun, do you have to do any hills on your route?

    I am calling today my rest day and will go for a walk this afternoon with my friend and dog. :)

    Jilly, that is a view to die for and a goal for you to aim for - you may get up there by bluebell time with a bit of training! ;-) :D :D

  • Huff Puff :D I will make that my aim.


  • Hey, I think that's what Pete would look like if he attempted the Couch to 5K! :D :D :D

  • :P :P

  • Sooooo your having a lazy day today then Andi, so you should as well :) :)

    Hmmmmm so you've got a friend then !!!!! :o :D :D :D time to go and hide in the greenhouse I thinks :o

  • That's a wonderful view you'll have Jillygirl :) think i need to move :D :), I know you'll get up there eventually :)

    Enjoy your run Linda, doesn't it make a change that we've got the sunny weather instead of down south :D : :)

    I know what you mean about not wanting to get out of bed Andi, i was the same this morning, enjoy your walk later :)

    I'm away for my walk now, down by the river, see you later :)

  • Aup Sue, you have a nice walk gal, hey but dont fall in :o :)


    :D :D :D

  • Thought you were in the greenhouse. :o :P

  • Thought you were noddin :o :D :D

  • It's a lovely sunny day in Leicestershire, I have finished doing the housework and it's so nice to have the windows open, no heating on and a bit of fresh air wafting through the house. A walk or maybe a bike ride may be in order today.

    My husband hasn't shaved for a week and already has a beard. He thinks he looks like Russell Crow out of Gladiator, more like Bill Oddie I think. Have a good day Xx

  • Aup Wonder, it's lovely and sunny here too in Derbyshire 8-) :) and a massive great big well done to you for quitting a whole Year gal :) :)

    Enjoy your bike walk ride :o :) take care xxxx

  • What the flippin ecks this couch to 5k then :o :o

    I thought 5k was like cornflakes :o :o

  • It's another HU community Pete. Is it too cold in the greenhouse for you then? :)

  • Nope :o

    My greenhouse is see through, so i cant hide in it can i :o :( mind you have got some big plant pots :) :)

  • Rite see you all later, off out now to do some pottering about :o :) :)

  • Yeah, I've been summoned too. Love your Bill & Ben. :) See you later. :)

  • Hi folks..love the cataurday pic pete :) my long haired one is residing on my bed ,bit cross with as ive just cut some of his fur. Overcast and cccold here. Just picked up grandson who seems to have learnt the word NO this week and says it with a cross tone lol..obviously his mummy or other nannie has been usuing it. His poor daddy is a bit hung over after a night out with work last night..and i have no sympathy :) well ok a bit.

    Right im off to get a nannie cuddle and a coffee..catch you later you amazing peeps xx

  • Hi ya Jan, my cats a long haired one too :o she was a stray a couple of years ago, and her fur was all knotted :( so I tried to cut some of the erm tufts out, gosh did I know it, she was definitely not a happy bunny, due to the claw marks and bites that I got :o :( huh thats flippin Women for ya, you try to help them and what do you get ! a load of bashin :( :D :D still it was worth it :) :)

    She, Monkey that is, looks after herself now, just give her a brush when she's malting, to help her along the way :) :) speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi all hope you are all enjoying your day. Well my run was a bit rubbish today and I didnt do as well as the last time but hey ho just need to keep trying. main thing for me is to stay away from the ciggies so if I can cope with that I can cope with the odd rotten run.

    If someone had told me in at the new year I would have been off the cigs for 6 weeks and running at the start of march I would have thought they were insane. Just goes to show we never really know what we can achieve until we try.

    There are so many fantastic and inspirational folks on this site that I am becoming quite addicted to it. Will be needing computer replacement therapy :) So thank you all

    Have a good smoke free weekend folks

    Linda xx

  • :D :D :D nice one Lin :D

    Emjay did you hear that gal !!!! you will have to look into CRT now :D :D :D


    :o :|

  • Thanks for the tea Pete its most welcome

    and no Andi I dont have to do any hills thank goodness. Dont think I could make them just yet:)

    Linda xx

  • Linda, have just come inside for a cupannie, hmmm and I tell you it is most welcome toooo :P slurp :P slurp :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Wow what a early start to the day for everyone.

    I was up at 8.30am but went back to bed till 10, lazy I know but I thought its saturday why get up early, the days are long enough as it is!!

    Had a productive time though, soup and curry sauce bubbling on hob and kitchen lovely and clean :)

    Going to fill up the car with the boxes of stuff for the boot sale tomorrow in a bit and then set to hoovering etc coz wont want to do much after the boot sale tomorrow!!

  • Hi everyone, back from the walk now and feeling very tired - more from being dragged round a load of charity shops before walking than the walk itself! :o Luckily enough, though, the sun decided to put in an appearance whilst out which made it feel slightly warmer when we came out of the trees. :)

    Sarah, will you have to be up with the lark for your boot sale tomorrow or do they do them at a civilised time?

    Better go and get my dinner now as I'm starving. ;-)

  • Jan, nice to see that you've set yourself a new quit date, let's hope it works this time. :)

  • Andi, have to ,i dont want to keep doing this and i dont want to keep smoking ,so it will :)

  • Hello one an all!!!

    Well the sun came out and it's been the most beautiful afternoon in Gloucestershire!! Just settling down in front of the fire nice cuppa coffee to hand :-)

  • Well done on that CO reading Pete, bet you're well chuffed... :-)

    Super power 'walk' up the hill this morning, thought I'd undertake so toning tummy exercises after... Now every time I laugh it HURTS ;-)

  • Fortunately for me Fags is in serious mode today!! ;-) ;-)

  • The car is totally full and can fit no more, thankfully Im really small and have the drivers seat pulled right forward!

    Cant fit the hubby and kids in the car so the taking another one thats going to take a few things with them in that.

    We will leave at 10.30 to get there early and set up and prob be there till 2pm or there about.

    John we have one pair of boots that we are selling and hopefully will get them sold :P

    Hoping that we get rid of the whole lot, we aint sold stuff at one for YEARS so hopefully people will think of us as 'new' sellers but there are 70 other tables selling stuff too so we'll see

  • Hi everyone,

    I've not been on much lately, been too tired, I've hardly had any energy lately, hopefully it will get sorted once i've been to the hospital.

    I hope you all have a brilliant evening :) xx


  • Hi ya Sue :) :) :) :)

    Oooooh it's so lovely to see you gal :) :) :) av missed ya :( :(

  • Ah Sue, lovely pic. :) :D Hope you enjoyed your walk and have a lovely evening. :)

  • I might just try that John :D :D :)

  • Hiya Pete, I've missed you too, I've barely had the energy to lift my hands, it's a bit better tonight though :)

    Well done on your CO reading, that's brill :) :)

  • Hi Andi, I did enjoy my walk, even though i didn't get far :D :D, I hope you had a great day :)

  • Hi Sue, oh dear, so new to this site, don't know all the history but I hope your feeling better soon. The non smoking can only be positive :-)

    Home made pizza tonight, naughty I know but hey hopefully it'll provide me with energy I need for gym tomorrow :-)

  • Hmmmmm who's this gym then :o :o :D :D

  • homemade will be healthier because you know what is going in it, not like that frozen ones with all the salt and sugar they add.

    I ply mine with veggies and a tin of tomatos. Usually that does 2 pizza's too :)

  • Hi Bella,

    It's just my Rheumatoid Arthritis playing up, hopefully new tablets and I'll be as right as rein :)

    Homemade pizza is yummy, you'll soon work it off at the gym tomorrow :)

  • Wow, there's a prog on bbc2 about a tiger at Ranthambore national park in India at the mo. That's where we went last year for a tiger safari but the park as closed due to some kind of dispute. :( We could still go to the fort though and they're showing that. :)

  • Bring on some warm weather for you Sue.... ??

  • Thank you Bella :)

  • Wish I'd known that was on Andi i would have watched it, it's such a shame the park was closed then :( will you manage to go back someday,it would be amazing to see tigers in the wild :)

  • It's on now. :)

  • Hubby's watching a film so I've no chance of seeing it :( at least he's back at work tomorrow :)

  • What rite now :o :o

  • Hi Bella, when I saw my pt the other day he said he wants to see my food diary for the next week. I cursed him cos I said I had a pizza in the freezer that keeps winking at me every time I open it so that would mean I can't eat it this week. I've decided I'll eat it on Thursday evening before I go on holiday then it'll be gone. :D :D Home made pizza sounds like it's probably better though cos at least you know what's in it then. :)

  • Hope made pizza is super Andi, dough base as thin as u like, fresh sauce and not too much mozzarella!!! The downside is that it has to be eaten with a nice glass of Rioja ;-) holidays lucky you, going anywhere nice?

  • Hmmmm cant I eat it with a can a lager then :( :(

  • I think a lager or two could be allowed :-) :-) how ya doing Monky, oops I keep forgetting ... Pete ;-)

  • Alleb, if you want to call me flippin monky, then you call me Pete ok :o :o erm does that sound rite :o !! hmmmmm think maybe got the flippin wrong :o :D :D

  • Actually is Monky the name of your cat?? My youngest dog is called Bella (in picture!) my actual name is Suze ... . But then that makes two of us online!! So for ease maybe i best stick with My pic!!! :-) :-)

  • Ok then Suzzzzze I give in, you call me monky, and I will call you erm erm Bella :) :) perhaps it is easier :) :)

    My cat is called Monkey, and I tell you she flippin is one :o :| not like me of course :)

  • What a beautiful dog Bella :) is is a boy or a girl dog :)

  • It's a woof woof dog :o :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Dropping off again! Terrible this getting old lark. :o :D :D

    Suze, I'm off skiing again and I think Bella looks lovely too. I bet she's a bit of a livewire - I can imagine her bounding around. :)

  • Hey Peetie Weetie, I don't think a boy dog would be called Bella somehow - mind you, there are some weird people around so you'd never know, would you? :D :D

  • I'm off to bed now, i must be getting tired when i can't see that Bells would be a she dog :o :D :D :D nite nite all, see you tomorrow, love and hugs :) xxx

  • Nite nite Sue :) and hey you take it easy gal :) do you hear me flippin flippin girlie you :) :) speak tomorrow, and loves you toooo Sue xxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well and dream of a nice relaxing day tomorrow with hubby back at work out of the way. :) xxxxxxxxx

  • :P :P

  • I know it's ridiculously early and a Caturday night but like that picture at the beginning of the thread, I've got to go to bed otherwise I might not be able to get up for my run in the morning.

    Nite nite Pete, Suze and everyone, and sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, sleep well and get focused on that run tomorrow :) luvs ya Andi a doo :) :) xxxxx

  • Bella is a girl Sue, she was only 4 mths when that pic was taken... She was very cross with me for telling her off for digging up the garden! She's now 14 months and has the longest whiskers, fluffy ears and tail. I have two other collies Alfie and Harry. Alfie's my old boy (now 14) and Harry 7. I adopted Harry after he'd been run over by a car. Had to have a leg removed, but he does just fine... Then there's the bantams.. But that another story!!! :-)

    Pete, you are a total Monkey, ;-) ;-) what else could I possibly call u ;-)

    Nite nite Andi and Sue xxxxx

  • Suzzies your dogs sound lovely gal :) they really do, hmmm just wondering what your bumtams are like :o :D :D :D I seem to have mislaid my specs :o :(

    Well I'de best get off up that wooden hill myself, cos am noddin, so I will say nitey nitey Suze, take care xxxx :)

  • Aww you have hens. I would love hens but we have a Rottweiller and two other mongrel dogs, one of which is mental so I don't think hens would stand much of a chance in our garden. Also spotted just before Christmas on the fields at the back of us - 2 Llama's, now they came as quite a surprise to my husband who was up there trying to find out what mad Sam was finding so interesting at our fence. He got the impression someone was staring at him, he turned round to find this Llama looking at him very inquisitively. We also found a black pig once up there, one of those with the weird squashed face, so wrinkled you can't see their eyes properly, never seen it since. You really do start to wonder if you're hallucinating when you step out of our back garden and onto the bridle path. OK, so it's slightly rural round here but only 10 minutes drive from two towns and Manchester only 10 miles away, so giant pigs and Llama's aren't really the norm ;-)

  • Hi Sin, sounds like you have the best of both worlds. Bit like you, I live on the edge of Cheltenham at the end of a dirt track and right at the bottom of quite a large hill and fields that lead into forestry. Dogs never see site of a lead as long as we climb upwards!! Equally it's only 2 miles to Chelt town centre.

    I was terrified for my chicks as Bella was a puppy when they first arrived. I kept them in their coop for the first few weeks then gradually expanded their free range area with chicken wire. They now have the run of the garden but spend most of their time hanging round the garden swing! Bella is totally obsessed with them, follows them everywhere but she knows she's not allowed to touch. Equally they don't feel threatened by her. My boys have never even bat an eyelid at the chicks which is surprising since they're obsessed with cats! My fear has never been the dogs, foxes is the problem. I've already had one fox attack, killed my cockerel - poor Mr Wiggins :-(

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