Support from family friends?

I noticed how us newbies lack support from our family and friend because of many failed attempts in the past. This support I think is crucial when quitting and there wouldn't be all these wonderful sites if it wasn't, just wanted to say to everyone starting out on this quit journey that I had no support whatsoever from my family and smoking and non smoking friends and if I hadn't found this lovely caring people on here I would of proved them right and would be still puffing away probably cos at the end of the day that's what they expected and no one took me seriously! These people showed me support and caring not just on my quit but other personal probs I wanted to share with them that occurred during my quit that I no would of set me back normally, I just want to help anyone now that experienced all the negative stuff I did and please it really doesn't matter to us if it's your first quit or quit number 100 you will get the same support and help from everyone on here if you need it. After that I've realised I'm running late for work now lmao so best be gone, he he, will log on later my friends, have a great smoke free day xxx

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  • You are right a lot of people don't have the support at home which is why this site is so fab x

  • Hi Sharon,

    I feel having support certainly pays a big role in quitting and sites like this is sensational as we are all on that same journey of quitting smoking and staying quit. Unless you have been a smoker and tried quitting there is no way that you could begin to understand how tough it can be for some people and even tougher if they have no support network.

    I am not sure what the stats are but knows i have read many times that the majority of people that are successful in quitting have had several practice runs first :D

    I am in the minority group as i can honestly say that i had never tried to quit before and the main reason for fear of failure. It was easier for me to not even go there :O :D Looking back, how silly was I :D :D

    Dont answer that..hee hee.

    I have said it many times that i am so grateful for the members of this this quit support group because there is always someone about that is going through the same thing and there is always someone about to lend a ear :) :)

  • Well said Sharon, these amazing people make a huge difference :)

    You are part of this and now you are helping others, that's brilliant :) x

  • Well said Briar :) hope you're feeling fabulous :D

  • So true Sharon! (Do you feel some people WANT us to fail?) xx

  • Hi ya N, I hope your well :)

    The answer to your question is YES, cos I've got a couple of friends who I know would love me to relapse :o

    All it is N, is flippin jealousy !! cos they cant quit :o

  • Sad though, I have a friend of over 30 years who still smokes and is very unsupportive. She says stuff like - don't come over all sanctimonious with me mate - I know how much you smoked! I can't spend time with her any more.

    Thanks Monkey - I am still not smoking and healing well - I can sleep on my right side now so am a happy camper - AND I CAN sleep because it is cool here for a while......Woo - bl#+¥^y-Hoo!!

    N xx

  • Hey N, thats the way to go gal :) and I'm soo glad your getting a good nights sleep to charge your batteries up :)

    I will soon be chasing after a new badge for you toooo eh :) :) xx

  • Woo hoo

  • Absolutely NgaireM, my old work colleague was unable to quit herself and was forever telling me I would be happier if I smoked again....I told her I was happier not freezing my butt off or getting soaking wet standing outside to smoke :)

  • Nice one Lily :D :D :D

  • Hi Sharon, hope you're doing well? I found that friends and family were supportive for the first couple of weeks but after that they were like 'aren't we over this now?'.

    Like you I've found that pulling together with friendly people going through varying stages of the same process has been invaluable and again like you've said it's been easy to trust these shining stars with problems, issues, happiness and general stuff that is unrelated to nicotine :)

    Beautiful people :) x

  • Aup Lily :) I'm with you all the way on that gal :) :) xx

  • Hi ya lils, yes the green eyed smokers lol, the ones who wish they could be strong enough to quit but hope you fail so they can feel better about the fact they don't ever try! Then there's the non smokers who like you said after a couple weeks they don't no what the big deal is and why we are going on about how long it's been since we quit and basically we are now boring them with this trivial information lol, THank goodness we have each other!!!!!! Good to hear from you lily, I'm doing well how are you? Xx

  • Aup Sharon, a great post gal :) :)

    I'm soooo glad your doing well on your quit :) cos you've had some ermmm, of them times when you could do with a you know what eh :o BUT, you've got through them and stuck strong to your quit and am sooooo proud of you Sharon :) :)

    Just wondering gal, did ya get your doggie :o

  • Arh thank you monky, unfortunately they postponed my one to one with Freddie cos he was poorly with a bug but he finishes his antibiotics today and apparently he is all lively and well now so going at 10am tomoro, I really am over excited pete, I've bought him a lovely bed, toys and don't laugh but a knitted jumper, he he incase he gets cold out there in all this wind we are having, he he xx

  • :D :D :D xx

  • He he fantastic briar! I got him a red one lol x

  • Awwww, thats lovely Sharon, I hope he's well enough for you to bring him home with you tomorrow :) :) cos I know he will be the bestestestestest loved Freddie in the world :) :) xx

  • Thank you me too, will post a pic tomorrow if I get to bring him home xxx

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