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Daily chat: Monday 5th November 2012

Daily chat: Monday 5th November 2012

Good morning everybody.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

Well it's the start of another new week and another new opportunity for quitting as I know some of you out there are planning to start your quits today. If you are, don't forget to come on here and rant if you like because we're all here to help you on your way. :)

It was very quiet on here yesterday although we did welcome siennaly and lanemorph to our community and saw some of the older members pop up. Nice to see you all and so glad that your all managing to stay quit - Congratulations to you all. :) :)

Have a good day and kick those cravings out of the door - and safe bonfires tonight. :)

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Good morning Andi,

i ended up in bed ill yesterday, thankfully i feel a bit better today :)

It's freezing here so i'll not be going to fireworks display tonight, just stay wrapped up in my quilt

it's nice to see new people on here, hopefully they join us on here :) :)

Have a great day, i hope it's warmer where you are here:) x



Can't believe I've managed to get to day 9 cold turkey, have had some serious craving over the past 2 days. Having bouts of indigestion and still coughing phlegm.



Hiya seafront, day 9 on cold turkey - congratulations! I did cold turkey too and have just got over 6 months so it is possible - espacially with our chums help on here. :) I was on mints for the cravings and hardly ever have them these days but still get attacks of the munchies from time to time. :o

Coughing phlegm is very common and I'm sure Emjay will be on later to re-post about it or you could try searching the tags for this and the indigestion.

I see you were doing the c25k at the beginning of the year - did you ever finish it? I started running this year but as I kept getting injuries I have now started doing the program and hope to be up to the 5k before Christmas. ;) :)


Hi seafrontsos, Sorry I should have introduced myself I am jillygirl. When I first quit I got a lot of indigestion so dont worry it is normal. big well done on getting to 9 days. :)


Hi Sue, sorry to hear you're under the weather at the moment. :( On the plus side I think the weather's supposed to be a bit warmer and less wet this week so hopefully you'll be feeling better soon and maybe be able to get out for a walk and some fresh air. :)


morning seafrontsos,

That's brilliant that you've got to day 9, and gone through the cravings, i hope things are easier today for you :)

Emjay has got loads on dealing with cravings, you'll see them in the blogs. I used to scream and shout and hit my pillows :D :D it seemed to work for me, now i try to keep busy if this happens

You can also come on here and have a rant, a few of us have done this, we're all here for you, and will help you all we can

Keep strong, you can do this :) x

Hi Andi, I'm hoping i can get out for a walk later, right now it's too cold, there's penguins walking about out here :D :D

In the meantime i've had a hot chocolate, low calorie one so i don't feel too guilty :D :D x


Hi John, glad all you lovebirds are enjoying the sun today. 8-)

As I was a cold turkey person the only thing I used was mints (mainly tictacs as less calories :o :D ). I had always used them after a cig before as I didn't want dog-breath, but never smoked at the same time so this worked for me.

I know you're still having some terrible days with grieving for your wife but I think you're also grieving for those cigarettes as well and it's all getting a bit mixed up together at times. Not a lot we can do about that I guess except try to stay strong and keep coming on here for support. :)


Hi John, well done on staying quit. I dont think you will slip up now. Bet your love birds are really enjoying the sun. My grandaughter has just got a cockatiel she calls it sunny. He is gorgeous. Her budgie isnt too sure though.

take care. :)


Morning everyone,

Had a sore throat so been in bed for a day drinking tropicana! As usual too little too late.

Anyway feeling a bit better today so thinking about getting up soon! Not in work til weds so not too bad.

Need to think about walking into town to get another week of NRT.

Hope you all having a great day x


Hi Aaron, Hope you feel a bit better now. Take care and keep wrapped up. :)


Thanks jillygirl, I do feel much better now yeah. Thanks


Thanks John, I do feel better. I don't pay for NRT. I go to boots you sign up for the NHS smoking cessation service and pay the prescription charge on week one. ( I got two things patches and inhalator so I had to pay prescription charge twice £15 something) then you go every week and do the CO2 test and if all ok you get the NRT free every week for 12 weeks. Well worth a look. Loads of the bigger pharmacies do it and most GP's do it.


The only thing that we light up today,

Are the fireworks in the skies display,

No more ciggys , no more coughs,

Cravings come in peaks and troughs,

There`ll be bad and good times on the way,

So stay smoke -free take it day by day


But if your reading this rhyme on this site


At least youv`e got something right,

Support each other chat away,

Keep those ciggy thoughts at bay,

Join in the fun , laugh and be hearty,

Guy fawkes night so I`ve set up a party! :D :D :D











Save some for Pete! :)


Hi Jillygirl,

Thank you for the party, will you be joining us, i'll put some aside for Pete now :) done

loved the verse :) you so clever at that :)

have a great day Jillygirl

thinking about you always, luv ya :) xx


Hi Sue of course I aint gonna miss a nora batty knees up :D save some flap jack for me. :)

luv ya tooooooooooooooooooo! :)


Will do Jillygirl, already got stuff put aside for you, including flap jacks :)

glad your coming in your nora battys' :D :D


You know wrinklies turn that pete on ha ha. :P


ha ha ha maybe we should all wear niora battys' then :D :D


ha ha ha ha i love it :D :D x


Jillygirl, meant to ask is this bonfire party fancy dress? x


If it is Sue what would we come as? All the things i am thinking of are for Halloween. I could come as a sausage : )


ha ha you'd have to watch you didn't get eaten :D :D


Hi everyone xx

That rhyme was great Jillygirl, and the bonfire night food looks gorgeous and made me feel hungry, I love treacle toffee mmmmm

Sorry to hear that you were poorly yesterday Sue and I'm glad you are feeling a bit better today, just make sure you wrap up nice and warm if you go for a walk. Same for you as well Aaron, wrap up warm if you go into town, and feel better soon.

I went to the doctors a few years ago with a very sore throat and the first thing she said to me was 'do you smoke?' at least you know your sore throat has nothing to do with smoking :)

Hi Andi, that's a great bonfire night picture :) Did you manage to sort out how to put a link on here following Pete's instructions? I wasn't sure how to do that either so I'm glad you asked, Jillygirl obviously knows how to do it :) I haven't tried yet but will give it a whirl.

Well done on 9 days seafrontsos, and especially as you have done it without NRT I definitely couldn't have gone cold turkey as you and Andi have done. The other day I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee but first I went to the back door to have cigarette, then realised I don't smoke. Another habit induced action but the good thing is that when I remembered I didn't smoke it didn't bother me at all like in the very first days of giving up when my heart used to sink with disappointment when I remembered :D

You are doing really well John and I do understand your concern, I'm sure EmJay and Jarvo can give you some valuable advice on reducing the NRT and over what time scale plus you also have your councillor who should be able to assist. Maybe you are just not ready yet to reduce.

Pete, you said when I have reached 9 weeks, you will give me a treat :) hmmm will it be a full chocolate cake all to myself without a huge slice missing :D I really don't think Monkey ate that slice it would have been as big as her, I have a feeling it was you :)

It's lovely and sunny here today, but cold.

Have a good afternoon xxx


Hi Kazz, hope your ok love. Sounds like you have managed to control your cravings well done. At least you dont have to stand outside in the cold now. :)

Have a go at putting pics on, you can always delete them if it doesnt work.

Took me ages to work out how to put smileys on. :) take care. :)


Thank you Jillygirl. My cravings do seem to be under control at the moment. I am so glad I don't have to stand out in the cold and the rain any more brrrrrr.

How are you doing? It's lovely to see you on here giving your support as always and making us laugh.

I tried to put a pic on here but I am having the same problem as Andi, it doesn't say copy URL. It just says copy shortcut which I have done but I get loads of characters or it says copy which then on here wont paste. We need more instruction from Pete I think :) I wanted to contribute to the bonfire party as well :(

I am going to just past the copy shortcut and see what happens.



ooh think it worked. : D


Hi Kazz, i am a bit better thank you, didn't go for a walk though, it was far too cold, even for up here, :D :D

I know what you mean about habits, i do that as well, especially opening the window for a cig, used to do that a lot, but isn't it great when it doesn't bother you :) :)

hope your having a great day :) x


Happy Monday Everybody,

Jillygirl, is that one of your own poems? It's fab :-) I'll pop along to your Guy Fawkes party and will bring one of my my Grandbaba's along too if thats okay. Countdown day to Thursday now, will be here before you know it xx

Andi, where are you upto now with your C25K? Are you in your 2nd week? I didn't half feel it Friday and Saturday from my Thursday night 3 mile power walk, was quite stiff so must have done something positive :D I am going to attempt the same again twice this week, now that my one blister has cleared up. Give me a couple of weeks and I may even start breaking out into a jog soon enough! :-/

Seafrontsos, well done to you for making it this far. 9 days stopped is brilliant. I suppose getting to 2 weeks is a major milestone for you now :D Quitting cold turkey means that you will have brought your body through the worse of what it has to go through. It's just the psychological cravings that you have to be prepared for. These can happen on and off from any point from your quit date but if you try to think and plan ahead, then combatting them should be no trouble at all. Remember, if you do get cravings, it's a positive and ias it is a sure sign of your body recovering :D With regards to coughing up phlegm, remember that you are only coughing up what is not supposed to be there. However, if the coughing lasts more than a couple of weeks, then please let your GP know and also tell him/her that you have stopped smoking :-)

Sue, another week almost here for you :-) Are you going along to your group today? I hope you wrap up warm when you are going to join those penguins, if they're still about :D

JohnUK, you are doing really well. With regards to reducing your mouth spray, I'm not sure whether you need to start worrying about cutting down the amount of times that you use it at the moment. However, I will pop it on my 'to-do list' to write up a blog about each stop smoking therapy separately and include the 'coming off' process. You really are doing well at the moment and given time, leaving the mouth spray behind won't be a problem to you. Lets just carry on, carrying on for now :-)

AaronD, glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. There are many people who seem to feel quite unwell when they first quit smoking, however this is because when they smoked, the smoking masked a lot of the signs and symptoms of coughs, colds and sore throats etc. So, now you can actually feel the healing process happening. Try and stay as positive as possible and you'll come through the other end shining :-)

Chickles, hope you are feeling better today and your chest is feeling a lot lighter. How did you get on yesterday with cutting down on your lozenges? It may be best that you stick with them a bit longer and try and complete the full course. They won't do for you what a cigarette will do but they will certainly take the edge off your craving. The same as with JohnUK, I would rather see you using your NRT for certain amount f time rather than take the risk and going back on to those dreaded white sticks that cause so much trouble and damage to your body. Keep up the good efforts and stay positive :0)

Shazzie, 8 months quit :-) Brilliant! Good to hear that you still use your checklist so that you can revisit your reasons for 'why'! :-)

Kazz, not heard from you but hope you are okay and fighting those cravings and still wearing your T-shirt ;-)

Kengreen, hope you had a great weekend and a well earned pint :-)

Siennaly, you are now into your 3rd week and your body is getting healthier and healthier, roll on Friday and you'll be heading into your first smokefree month :)

Kal69, lovely to hear from you again. Are you still using Champix? 8 weeks quit is fantastic. Remember to stay positive and keep smiling :D

Pete, hope you are on a good shift this week that will keep you heading in the right direction. It's a shame that your pharmacy advisor wasn't in on Saturday so that you could get your CO levels checked. Did you change your NRT to the mouthspray? :-)

I hope everybody else is okay. You all have the same choice, to choose to smoke or to choose not to... The choice is yours :-)

Remember that the biggest thing that you can all do to help yourself is to stay as positive as possible.


Hi Emjay, lovely to hear from you. Seems the site is getting pretty busy at the moment. Which is a good sign all these quitters. I know I have probs at the moment but I am going to go out and let of the loudest banger i can find, celebrating 7 months of being smoke free. So glad i have done it as I am sure this will go a long way to helping me over the next few months.



Hey Kazz, I posted the last post without checking for any updates... Ooof! :-/ Glad that you are okay though :-)


Thanks EmJay, I do that all the time :) I hope you are well and enjoy bonfire night with your grandbabies xx


Good afternoon everyone - can't go getting too personal like Emjay - be here all night and I'm off out to a bonfire party later! :o Jilly, glad you've done all that food for it and the poem was brill as usual. :) My contribution on the food front is 2 boxes of mini eclairs - just as I'm trying to be good as well. :o :P :D

Nothing on here from Pete today so I guess he's on the s**t day shift that finishes at silly o'clock or whatever the boss feels like. :o :( Hope he gets back in time for the fireworks. :)

I've got my giant sparklers ready and they should be just like Kazz's pic. :)


hi Andi, Enjoy your bonfire. Heres some fireworks for you to take. :)


luv ya . xx


Hi Andi,

have a great bonfire party later, i think your mad going out in this cold though :D :D :D i'm staying wrapped up in my quilt tonight :D xx


Hi Sue, it's about 5 degrees out there at the mo and going down to about zero tonight. :o Did you see they had snow yesterday at the other end of Dorset? Couldn't believe it when I saw it on the telly last night. :) Think I might put on my warmest winter coat - it gives good bum coverage too and is a bit like a quilt. :D :D I'll have to hang it outside tomorrow to get the smell out though. :o :|


Hi Andi, you'll need that coat, we're -1 degrees tonight so just slightly colder :o :D

couldn't believe they got snow there, usually we get it, mind you last year it was later than than this last year so it will be on the way :o

I think the weather is a bit like me just now.....nuts :o :D :D


Right, I'm off now, have a good evening and stay strong and kick those cravings into touch. :)


Wow it has been busy on here today :) :)

Jillygirl just luvvvvvvvvv your poem gal, as always its magic :) :)

Andi , huh you off out again, not bothered am not :( :P

Sue you've got the best idea, stay indoors wrapped up gal :)

Speak in a bit, got to catch up with the gossip :o :|


Hi Pete, I'm soooooo glad you got home earlier today :) about time :o :D

now you can stay all warm and put your feet up :)

away to have a cuppa, be back soon :) x


Yep Sue, have got my feet up :) :)

I'm sorry to hear you were ill yesterday, but you did the right thing and stay wrapped up in bed gal :) :)

Still havent read all the gossip yet :D :D


You better hurry up then, before the bonfire party starts :D :D and put your warmest coat on :D :)


Nite nite Sue and luvs ya sweet dreams xxxx :) :)


Hi Emjay,

Yes i find the mouth spray better than the inhalator, used it about 6 times today, no side affects with it yet, apart from the hiccups that i have had a couple of times, but as you said i spray it on the inside of my cheek and not at the back of my mouth :) :)

Rite i can hear my bed calling me, so i'd best go, good night and god bless you all :) :)


nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, luv ya xx


I'm off to bed now, soooooo tired

nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas xx


I`m off to bed too loves you all. xxxxxxxxx

nite nite. :)


Night night, sleep well and sweet dreams xxx

Until tomorrow, love and hugs xxxx


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