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Daily chat/Monday/ 08/10/2012

Daily chat/Monday/ 08/10/2012

Good morning everyone,

Monday and the start of a new week and another fresh week to stop smoking.

Smoking is like a driving test, You want to quit but it takes practice,

you want to drive but it takes practice. You may quit 1st time, you may pass your test 1st time.

However sometimes we fail our tests and have to start again, and sometimes we fail to quit 1st time and

have to start again. The main thing when quitting is to remember you may be the pupil but its you

thats the examiner and its up to you wether you pass or fail. Not many of us give it up as a complete failure, so remember you

can quit , you can pass. :) :) :)

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Morning Jillygirl,

I love your pic :) and comparing quitting smoking to passing the driving test, so true :)

The weather here is freezing cold, got polar bears today :D :D

not going out weather, hope your weather is better :)

breakfast time now so will chat later :)


Morning Sue , yes chilly here but sun trying to get out.

Off to buy a new ironing board . OOOOOH what a treat, ( I dont think ) :D

see you later. xx :)


Good afternoon everyone

Hi Jillygirl, i love how you put these things in to words! Very true... ;-) I need a new ironing board too, unless you fancy doing my ironing too :P .

Hi Sue52, Its very cold here but the sun is out and looks lovely on the leaves especially as they're all changing colour. :-D

How is everyone today? Did you all have a good weekend?


Hi Jarvo, Might have got a new ironing board, doesn`t mean to say I am doing any ironing. :D Besides it looks too nice and new to use. thats my excuse. :P

Hope you are ok, and you had a good weekend. I think we are all ok on here apart from niggly little bits. i.e Petes work, my legs, and Sue being too cold. :) :) :)


Hi everyone, it's got a bit warmer here now :)

Jillygirl did you get your ironing board? if you did you could do mine as well :D :D :D

save me buying one :D :D

I love autumn jarvo, the changing colours of the leaves are a wonderful sight :)

had a fab weekend, hope you did too :)

Have a great day everyone :) x


Hi girls, perhaps I should take in ironing with all the requests :D



Hi Jillygirl, you could make some extra pennies, wouldn't fancy that mountain of clothes though :D :D


Hi Sue, I wouldn`t mind my eldest daughter runs her own cleaning business and does ironing too. (never does mine though :( ) :) :)


Hi, that's brill she has her own business :) , you should sneak some of your ironing on her pile when she's not looking :D :D :)


Good thinking. :D


If you do a little at a time she might not notice :D :D :)


Afternoon Everybody :D

Where have I been?! So much catching up to do as well!

Jillygirl, I haven't even had the chance to pop on and say a big, fat, huge, gigantic congratulations to you in reaching your latest stopping smoking milestone! CONGRATULATIONS!! 2.bp.blogspot.com/-SPiKmSTL... I hope you celebrated big time :D

I love your driving test metaphor :D

Sue, how are you doing? You have another week under your belt come tomorrow :D

Looks like Pete has been behaving himself, I have quite a few posts to catch up on so will soon find out :D


Thank you Emjay great pic. I can`t believe I joined this site 6 months ago. Like they say time flys when your having fun. It`s the fun bit that has helped me and I am sure some of the others to stay quit.

Lovely to hear from you. xx :)


Hi Emjay,

Can't believe it's another week tomorrow, i never know what day it is :D :D

I'm taking things a day at a time. hour by hour if i need too :) and like you said, i have a grandchild to stay smoke free for, when the arrive :)

hope you've had a great day :)


Each day that passes helps you to get stronger, remembering that it takes hours and minutes to make up that day. So if you need to pass each one individually, then that's what you should do :-)

You are a winner Sue :-) encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/...


Thanks Emjay, you and everyone else on this site is what keeps me strong, couldn't do it without you all :) :)


Hi everyone

signing out now, have got a really bad headache

sweet dreams, see you tomorrow, luv ya :) x


Nite nite Sue, you take care Sue will speak tomorrow :)

Sweet dreams to you too gal :) :) xx


Hi all, thats the worst day done with, i hope :o :)

2 weeks tomorrow Sue, thats just super-duper gal :) :) you keep on kicking them piggies out a that door, or you could use my spear ---------> if you like :D :D

Hey Jillygirl, i hope that new ironing board has got go fast wing mirrors on it, so you can see when your hubby is creeping up on you :D :D

Emjay, huh huh what you trying to say gal :o :| you know i ''allways'' behave myself :D flippin young whipper - snapper you :D :D


Hi Pete, Glad you back, hope today went reasonably fast for you. How you coping still focused I hope. Looks like Sue has retired for the night with her headache. Bless her. Mind you if my neighbour doesnt stop banging around I`ll have headache too. She is retired, lives on her own, goes to bed at 1.00am gets up at 11.45 am. by 12.00 she is out of the house. Comes back about 6.00pm. 8.00pm starts to vac and do the housework for about 2 hours. That is just about everyday. drives me silly. Dont want to say anything due to selling our house, although we have mentioned it in a tactful way. makes no difference though. Anyway she is off on her hols on wednesday thank goodnes. Thats my moan for today. :P


Jillygirl you have a flippin moan gal :) am used to being moaned at :D :D

Sounds like she's a cleaning fanatic or something :o :|


More like something :O

By the way know where I can get some wing mirrors. :D :D


Sorry Jillygirl, yes have not had too badder day today thank you for asking, and am still focused :) :)


A wing mirror shop of course :D :P


Hey did you read what Emjay said, that i've been behaving myself :o flippin cheek or what :D :D


do you think if i got these mirrors they would be enough? :D



Ace gal just ace :D :D


How many mirrors ? hmmmm it all depends on how much you like being creeped up on :D :D


Crept up on -- sorryyyyyyy had a senior moment gal :o


Forget the mirrors! better without them. :)



Ha ha ha ha Jillygirl you just crack me up with laughing gal, you do :D :D

I've just thought, if you've been on here for 6 months, then that means that i have too, cus i found this site about the time you did :) but the only difference is that i havnt quite got the knack of quitting :o :(


You`ve not had a piggy today or for the last few days , so you are getting the hang of quitting. Besides you`ve probably got more stress than me, with work etc.

I`m going to sign off now, as it seems the gremlins are back, think its them thats creeping up on us. By the way really proud of you staying so positive. your a star. *


night night and god bless. sweet dreams luv



I wish you a very good nights sleep Jillygirl :) :) got to go now have to be up early tomorrow, you take care gal, luvs ya ta bits gal :) xxxx speak tomorrow :)


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