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Daily Chat: Monday 21st May 2012

Good Morning Everybody,

Hope you all enjoyed a smokefree weekend and are ready to start a fresh new week.

Today can be seen as either;

1. A fresh new start to a smokefree future - Maybe today is your new quit date :-)

2. Another Happy Monday - How many Mondays have you quit for, another week under your belt means more days experience of being a non-smoker... this can only mean you are getting stronger :-)

3. Your count down to your quit date, how long do you have to go now... a day, a week? Planning and preparation is key to a smokefree future.

Wherever you are at, you can find all the help and support you need here. Everybody is at different stages, but most of you will have very similar withdrawal symptoms and the help and support that you have given each other has been amazing :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

7 Replies

Hi Emjay, i hope you've had a nice weekend gal, well i've got 4 weeks under my belt now!! just got to get past that 6 week barrier, but i'm having a bad day today so far, mind you i'm working nights this week, which i hate, :( perhaps thats got something to do with it!!

Erm i finish work at 6am, and by that time the M1 is getting busy, so i dont get home untill about 7.30, just wondered if i could open the daily chat for you??

it would give me something to do and take my mind off, well you know what!!

I do not want to tread on yours or anybodys elses toes, by doing this!!!!

Please let me know if i can do this!!

Your doing a fantastic job on here Emjay you really are, i know that i could not have got this far without your support, and the support of all the others on here!!!! and i thankyou for that, all of you :) :) speak soon.



Hi everybody and Happy Monday!

Congratulations Pete on 4 weeks but sorry to hear you're having a bad day mate. I would suggest getting on your bike but it's a bit late today as it must be nearly time for byebyes.

You look just like my brother sat on his bike in the same era in your latest photo. His was a kwaka 400 (seemed huge at the time) what was yours?

Just got back from shopping and didn't know if I was craving food or a fag (after having to pay a desperate visit to the littlest room!). Of course I told the 2nd option to go away and shoved a carrot in my mouth as I prepared the rest of my lunch.

Sun's out now so will have to go outside. Speak soon.


Aup Andi, that bike was a Yamaha XS 250, my favorite bike, i had some great times on that, ha ha mind you had a couple of croppers as well, but hey i'm still here to tell the tale as they say.

Glad you kicked them piggies out a that door gal, i will have to watch them this week too!!

You have a nice day outside, its nice and sunny here too. :)



Hey Pete, that would be fab if you opened a fresh new day up :-) I did post the other day to you about this but it was one of my really long posts that disappeared... I'm trying to get into the habit of copying everything I type before I post it now, just in case it disappears! I think it was a great idea that you had with regards to having a weekend chat. Thank You :-)

I'm loving your new photie too! :-)

4 weeks is brilliant Pete :-) Having a bad day today? In what way? Have you checked your PMA - Positive Mental Attitude? This is the best tool you can have when you are feeling like this. If you think it's because of the shift you are working, then just look at it as each shift you do is another step closer to working the shifts that you don't mind :-) I guess you'll be heading off to sleep pretty soon, it must be evening time for you now! You've come this far Pete, keep the sunshing from within and you'll be onto a winner :-)

Hey Andi, Well done to you on choosing the better option. Next time you feel like this, just take a look at what time it is, then compare iot with the next time it happens. See how much time there was in between Another thing to notice too is what you were actually doing when you got the craving. Was it just something that triggered the emoery of wanting to smoke, did you just spot somebody with a cigarette? IOt could be something really simple that has triggered this craving off. However, you are strong enough to still say no and you've done wel to come this far :-)

Anways, get outside and enjoy the sunshine, we don't know how long it's going to last.... Unless Our lovely Pete has booked us some more in, mind you we can't be getting too greedy now can we?! ;-)


Hi Emjay, thankyou for that, i think it's the shift i'm on, i just dont sleep or eat very well on this shift!!

As for sleeping today, no chance!! just not tiered but will make up for it tomorrow.

I will open the daily chat tomorrow, ha ha see if i can get it right!! :o

Will speak later and keep up the good work gal!! :)

Thankyou again. Pete.


You were spot on with the Weekend Chat :-)

With regards to your shift, is it a week long? It must turn your days upside down. Just try and have a bowl of cereal before you set off and maybe take some sandwiches in for your lunch, which I guess will be around 2-3am? It really is a tough one for you, I can only try and understand. I suppose once you get used to it you are back on day shifts again then! Hope you get some rest today before starting it all over again tonight :o

Remember to stay positive :-)


Hi again Emjay, yes its useualy a week at a time, 4 shifts of 10 hours, which is good, unless we get busy and have to do an extra 1 into Saturday.

Just making some sanies now to take to work with me, whether or not i will eat them though is a diferent matter!!

Got some crunchy nut cornflakes, i might try and get some of them down me, thanks again for your help, your an Angel gal, you really are.

Pete. :)


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