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Daily Chat: Monday 24th September 2012

Daily Chat: Monday 24th September 2012

Good Morning Everybody.

Monday already, and a very wet one at that!

Depending on where you are at, it's a fresh new week and the best way to march on with it is to stay as positive as possible.

How are you all going to start your week then?

1. Is today your first day as a non-smoker?

2. Are you celebrating having another smokefree week under your belt?

3. Are you putting in some plans to bring you closer to your chosen quit date?

Wherever you are up to, take a look at your next goal and find out what you need to do to have the motivation to spur you on. Focus on building up your energies and superpowers to combat any cravings that you are either expecting or that may ambush you at any moment. Remember that as many cravings as you can allow past you, the stronger you will become.

So, what about choosing a Monday morning Superpower to get you started? If you don't feel that you have one, then here's one for you.... The Monday morning superpower that you can all have... is the power to say 'No' :D

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Goodmorning Emjay

I've just got up, couldn't get to sleep till 4am, so now i have a nasty headache :(

Still gonna stay positive about today, first meeting this afternoon, if everyone there is half as nice as all you lovely people on here then i'm on to a winner :)

away to get my tablets now will chat later :)


Hey Sue, get plenty of water down you to try ease your headache. What time is your appointment this afternoon? Can't wait to hear how you get on :-)


Hi Emjay

started on the water now, and taken all my tablets, i feel like a walking chemist :D :D :D

My appointment is 1.30 to 2.30 so longer than i thought, that's good though :)

i'll definitely tell you all about it, looking forward to it :)


Good luck for your appointment Sue, although you are probably already on your way there :D


afternoon peeps, defiantly is the autumn now have put a jumper on,am now rapidly comming up to the 3 month day on my callander this Friday 12 weeks smoke free :) not saying its easy but it is dooable and i have a reason to stay stopped,think that's important,anyway you all stay strong :)


Hi everyone

well done Kengreen, 3 months on Friday, that's brill :)

i agree, it's good to have a reason to help you stop and stay smoke free, although it's not easy i think having a good reason does help

hope things get easier for you:)

I think you just missed me Emjay :D

that's me just back, it was good, the people were really nice and friendly :)

we discussed me using the patches as well so i have the 16 hour ones

the group was similar to this one, lots of support and encouragement, they like to have a laugh as well which is good, i'm looking forward to the next one :)

so with the group along the road and coming on here, along with using the patches this time, i know i will succeed this time, i need to for my thyroid,plus i want to see any future grandchildren, i know that sounds a bit morbid, but that will help to keep me focused, and therefore succeed, all with your help, can't thank everyone enough :) x

Pete hope your doing well today, keep strong, you will get there :)

hope the weather wasn't too bad for you this morning, or your journey home :) x


Good afternoon everyone

It’s lovely reading all your posts.

Sue52 – well done for going along to the group. Stop Smoking Advisors are pretty normal (most of the time) and we just want to help you in making your quit as ‘easy’ and stress free as possible for you. We’ll try our very best to help you along your journey.

Make sure you use your patches as they advised but there’s lots of support here as well as your group. Well done again 8-)

Ken – Almost three months. How are you feeling? That’s a big milestone in your journey. You’re now coming on here helping others and sharing your experiences, I bet you didn’t expect that did you. Thank you and well done 8-)

I’m sure Pete will be on here this evening, its very quiet without the regulars!! How dare they go on holiday and treat themselves ;-) Hope they’re having a fab time wherever they are.

Well done again :-D


Hi Jarvo, sorry i forgot your name

It was a good appointment, but everyone on here is better :D

This is my second try, got really far the last time till my brother ruined it :(, but i'll do it this time :)


Hey Sue, that's brilliant news :-) So when are you going to start using them? I think you are very much well prepared and have had a good practice behind you. So I would suggest that you either start using your patches straight away or start with a fresh new day tomorrow :-) It's lovely that you are looking to going back next week already. Keep all your reasons for stopping with you at all times :-)

Hi Ken, you are doing amazingly well. I know that you say it's not that easy, but it will get easier - the longer you go without. You won't always feel this way. You need to feel a bit bluuuurgh just to remind you how bad smoking can affect you. Keep up the momentum and come on Friday... Bring it on! :-)


Hi Emjay, I thought i'd would start tomorrow, it will be easier for me to start first thing, rather than trying to stop later on

so tomorrow is day one, bring it on :D :D :D


Yaye! You go for it :-) Try and find 5 minutes for yourself tonight and have a little think about what strategies you can put into place tomorrow to distract yourself from lighting up. Also, have a nosie through the breathing exercises and maybe have a practise of them so that they come to you more easily at times when you are likely to need them. Tomorrow is going to be a good day :-)


Its gonna be a good day, i won't be a slave anymore :), also i found an old relaxation cd my hubby got when he went to grief counselling so i can use that as well :)

I think my biggest hurdle is my brain, so will need to make sure i change the way i think, like how to decorate my living room, cause i'm not sure yet, or do a crossword, maybe even if my son a laugh by trying to play the x box, never done that before

will just retrain my brain, or mindset, so it realises i'm a non smoker, of course coming on here will be a massive help, couldn't do this without all your help :)

might even write that blog, that might also help me, will think about that one :)


Aup Sue, i hope your headaches gone by now gal :)

So tomorrows the day then, i will remember your quit date Sue because you will be a month behind me :)

I hope everything goes according to plan for you :) :)


Hi Ken thats great pal you keep at it cus i know you can do it :) :) roll on Friday eh.

Hi Emjay, --- erm -- and Claire :o :| erm who's noddin then today ?? :D :D

It's not like you two :o especially on a Monday ;)

Speak soon :)


Hi Pete, thankfully the headache is gone, hubby's at work :D :D :D

glad you'll remember the date cause i'll forget, my heads full of mince, at least it's lean steak :D :D :D

hope you had a good day, not easy at work :)

keep strong and happy :) :)


Are you thinking of writing a blog on your quit ??


yes was thinking about it cause Emjay suggested it, but don't know,think it might be silly


No Sue it wont be silly, you might just help somebody with it, i started doing it but i have a job expressing my feelings somehow, erm not finding the right words and things like that :o but you Ladies seem to know what to say :) :)


thanks Pete, but you know what to say as well, you always manage to help all of us, so less of that :D :D :D


gremlins are attacking again :)


Yep am after them Sue with my spear :o ------->


yeh go get em Pete, before they cause havoc again :)


I think them gremlins have gone cus been everywhere, even in the cafe and cant find em :( :o


you must have scared them away :) :)

we'll all get peace now :)


Got to go to bed now Sue, flippin soon comes around, plus didnt get much sleep lastnight for some reason, just kept waking up :o and i tell you gal i do need my beauty sleep :D cus i have to look at myself in the mirror in the morning when i have a shave :o ;) not a pretty sight gal :( :(

Good luck for tomorrow Sue xx

Sweet dreams gal :) :)


nite Pete sweet dreams, and plenty sleep tonight x :)


think they landed on my laptop

on home page under daily chat it says 19 comments

when i click on this it says 22 comments

so i'm going away to get em

---------> hope it's ok i borrowed your spear :D :)


You go get em Sue :D :|


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