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Daily chat: Monday 19th November 2012

Daily chat: Monday 19th November 2012

Good morning everyone.

Another Monday rolls around and another week for many of us to tick off on the calendar. A lot of smokers choose a Monday to quit on so there must be a lot of anniversaries out there. Why don't you come on here and share your experiences with us all. You never know, you may have just the right tip to help another smoker make that decision to try to become an ex-smoker. :)

Have a good day and if things come along to try and trip you up, don't forget that you will manage whether you have that cigarette or not. :)

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Morning Andi,

2 weeks tomorrow!!! So happy I've broken the camels back! Now it really

is onwards and upwards, the hard part is over Thank God! I'm already planning

holidays with the money I'll save lol! Hope your'e OK Andi and everyone else!

Have a great day!



Morning Dawn, well done on 2 weeks, that's brilliant :) bet you'll be able to have a great holiday with all the money you save, i think it's a great way to do it, it will help keep you motivated :) :)

have a brill day xx


Good morning Andi and everyone else,

i love your pic :D :D Andi :D :)

I've been a bit lazy today, i'm just up :D :) the noise of the rain was bad here last night, thankfully it's off now cause i need to go to the shops in a while

I'm off to have breakfast will be back on in a bit :) xx


Good morning everyone

How are we all feeling today 8-)

Mondays come around too fast!!

Thank you for starting today’s chat Andi22, its lovely and positive. To celebrate each milestone/anniversary whether it’s a day under their belt, a week, month etc is really important. It’s also really good for people to share their experiences whether it’s good or bad, it will help others in their quit journeys.

Have you got any plans for the day?

Dawlol, 2 weeks well done. You must be so pleased with yourself. Planning something nice is always good, it gives you something to focus on and remember why you’re quitting and what you’re going to get out of it, a holiday sounds lovely. 8-) 8-)

Sue52, I certainly don’t class getting up at this time lazy. I would love a lie in, unfortunately I get woke up every morning between 6.30 and 7am without fail :-( :-( !!!

Enjoy your day everyone :P

Speak soon.


Morning Jarvo,

I'm a bit like you, getting wakened up really early, it's horrid :(, the reverse is true this time, i couldn't get to sleep for the pain in my joints, so slept in,

hope you get a lie in tomorrow :)


morning John, i love having a lie in, in winter as well, if i'm able to :D :D

I'm not sure what i'm going to do today either, the weather is awful so i'm not going out, might just annoy all of you :D :D only joking :D :D

hope you find things to do, i'm sure you will

Take care, susan :)


Good morning

Great picture Andi :) Well done everyone for getting through another weekend.

Sue I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering with your joints, I don't think the weather in this country helps much as it is so damp and especially at this time of year. I hope you are feeling better soon.

You are so right Jarvo, Monday's do come round too fast, I'm not sure where the weekends go. It would be good if the week flew by as quickly as the weekends do :)

Hugs & kisses to you Jillygirl, thinking of you and I hope everything goes well for you today.

Have a good day everyone xxx


morning Kazz,

Isn't funny how the weekend always seems to go quicker :o :D


I always used to have to rush around to get everything done i needed to :o :D

I hope this week goes quick for you, have a great day :) xxx


Hi John

It really is a mundane Monday. It's very quiet on here today so I'm not sure if people are asleep, busy or just can't be bothered typing today :) It is exceptionally quiet here in the office as well. I've just had a bit of a power nap :)


Your love birds are so lucky to have you, you really spoil them I think.

It's not been a bad day here weatherwise, rain was forecast but it hasn't happened and we even had a bit of sun.

Are you planning on cooking anything nice for tea this evening? I'm having chicken, mash, sprouts and gravy. I'm feeling a bit hungry now :)


Love that picture Kazz! It's quiet here at work too! And where is everybody today??

I'm having meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce for tea tonight - can't wait! OH

had better start it before I get home or else...lol!



Thanks Dawn :)

Not sure where they have all got to today but wherever it is I hope they are having a good time and behaving themselves :) Andi is probably out exercising somewhere, leaping and bounding through the streets.

Your tea sounds nice, I hope your OH has run an nice, relaxing bath for you as well and made you a cuppa :)

I'm wondering if there is something going on today that we don't know about hmmm :|


I'm still here ;-)


Going home now - have a great evening everyone! Hopefully there will

be lots of posts for me to read when I come in tomorrow!

Dawn xxx


Bye Dawn, have a good evening, speak to you tomorrow, keep up the good work xx

Hi there Jarvo, nice to see another friendly face on here :)


Good evening,

Sorry I missed you Dawn - you really must spend your saved money on a home computer. On today's fag prices you should be able to but yourself a nice little laptop in the January sales then have fun joining in the evening shenanigans. :) :D


Hi Andi, back from your leaping and bounding ? :D I was just about to launch some heat seaking missiles :)


Doorbell went. I suppose you'll be going home now Kazz and Claire. Loved your pic of power-napping Kazz. :) And no I haven't done any exercise today - unless you can count chasing my lawnmower around the grass this morning. Yes I finally cut it, the wind had dried it out quite well so I thought it's this morning before the rain starts or next year sometime! :o :D :D

Claire, did you see Emjay today? Or didn't she make it in after her run yesterday? ;-) :D

John, some days can be a bit boring but at least you've got your little birdies to chat to. :) Btw, should you be feeding them eggs? Isn't that a bit canibalistic? :o

Sue, nice to see you around this morning. :) Shame you're so up and down at the moment but come on here and have some fun firing those spears around. :D :D


Hey Everyone, I've been quite busy today and this is the first chance I've had to pop on and say hi :-/

Jillygirl has her consultation appointment today so fingers crossed, prayers said and lots of love and positive vibes being sent to her and her family and that she comes home today knowing what positive treatment plan is on the cards for her xx

Dawn, looking forward to congratulating you tomorrow on your 2 weeks quit :D Have a lovely home cooked meal tonight :D

Andi, I'm starting to feel the exercise from yesterday coming on me. I'm going to go home and do it all again with the puppy dog. I'm looking forward to it too :D Exercising for a good reason and with a spring in my step :D

Kaz, love your power napping picture. Pete normally gives Jarvo (Claire) and I stick for nodding off in work. We take turns to piece though so I reckon that's okay :D

John, I hope you have something to keep you occupied this evening and don't feel that the day hasn't dragged too much. Lots of thinking time can be turned into a positive though :-)

Claire, I can see you and so know that you are still here... although you are putting your coat on now and sneaking out the door ;-)

Sue, did you call along to your stop smoking group today? Hope you are okay :-)

I'm away home now but shall pop on later this evening :-)


Hi everyone,

i was away seeing my daughter, we have to meet when we can, she has a busy schedule so we just meet when we can, today was short notice for me :)

Sorry i missed people, hopefully we'll catch up tomorrow :) i'm patiently waiting to get on the laptop, hubby's logging it just now :o i'll try shove him off in a minute :D :D in the meantime i'm on my phone

i'm away to get a cuppa, not having tea, i'm not hungry, again, i'll be back shortly :) xx


Hello everyone, What a day, got to hospital at 11.00am didnt come out of there until 3.45pm.

I was gagging for a cuppa.

Anyway to cut a long story short I go for an exploratory operation next wednesday go in tuesday afternoon. If the surgeon thinks its ok to operate and remove the tumour without any risk he will probably do that within 2 weeks after my exploratory op. All depends on the position of the tumour as it is very near the main artery . Otherwise its start chemotherapy and go from there. So its cross fingers legs arms and anything else next week. Going to get some dinner/ tea now before my girls come up so see you all later. And thanks for all your good wishes. xx :)


Hi Jillygirl, i have everything crossed and more for next week, sending you positive vibes, and love and ((((hugs))))

Have a lovely relaxing time, and come on here and have a laugh when you can :)

My spears are on there way to help you :) xx


Thanks Sue get those spears sharpened up. :)


Hi Jilly, sorry you had so long hanging round at the hospital - and no cuppa! :( Of course we'll all be keeping everything crossed for you and at least you have a bit more of an idea of a timescale now. :) Love and hugs too xx :)


Best thing thats been said to me today. ;)

thank you


Hi y'all

So good to hear from you Jillygirl, it's good that you have a date and as everyone has said, we are sending prayers and loads of love and hugs your way xxx

I think mowing the lawn is exercise Andi unless it's one of the sit on ones :)

Nothing wrong with a power nap EmJay and Claire, allegedly it allows you to work harder, unfortunately for me a power nap is about 8 hours so I don't get much done :D

Good for you EmJay doing your run, I hope it's not raining, if it is wear your pacamac and pacahood :)

Hi there Sue don't be in too much of a rush to get hubby off the laptop, he might be looking for your Christmas present :)

Just off to get my tea now, so speak later xxx


Pete, I think you had a busy weekend - Monky's been checking supplies for you! :D :D



Aup Andi, ha ha ha ha love it gal, cus i was wondering where my cannies had gone :o :D :D


Hi Kazz, hope you enjoyed your tea. Did you mean this for Emjay? :D :D



Hi Kazz hope you enjoyed your power nap, all eight hours :D : D, no chance hubby's looking for Christmas presents, he's watching a tv show, i don't need to watch them, the best ones usually happen right outside my window :D :D

love your picture Andi :D :D :D :D, that's a handy cat :D :D


Hi all,

Good luck with your op Jilly, everything will be crossed here, even mi eyes (I'll practise) :)

I shall be asking for some 'Angelic' assistance too at my next Reiki share group :)

Well, my self healing and meditation seems to be kicking in at long last, I am starting to feel better, but by eck it's been a long slog.

A big well done to Dawn on achieving 2 weeks!

Alas I can't lie in...a lie in for me is waking up at 7am! I'm up at 6am everyday, and average between 5 and 6 hours sleep a night, I do have the occasional snoozette on an evening if I'm proper tired after work.

Hope you feel better soon Sue, this weather is deffo bad for joint problems.

Hope you enjoyed your tea Kazz.

Laters all



Hi Sue, every time I zoom back up I have a little chuckle at the one I put up this morning. :) :D :D


Speaking of chuckles and up she pops!!! :D :D


Hi everybody,

Jillygirl, like the gals have i will be keeping everything crossed for you next Wednesday, well almost everything :o and i know what you mean about hospitals, they seem to be on a different speed to everywhere else, you enjoy your dins - tea - supper :) :)


Evening Pete, hope today was ok for you - did you see? - I've been out in the garden! :o :)


Yes i saw, but the mower actually did the work :D :D


Andi your putting some great pics on here gal, love your Daily chat opening :) :)

4 whole weeks for me today yayhay :) :) although saying that, its been hard today for some reason :( pitty i hadnt got any spears with me.

Rite i will go and read some more of the blogs :) :)


Blimey, I've just been trying to get a pic of lawn mowing. It's a very sexist occupation as I only found one pic with a woman on it - all the others are men mowing the grass! :(



Thats cus you Women always tell us men that the lawn needs cutting, so we have to go and do it :( :)


Kazz where you gone to then hmmmm i bet your having a flippin powernapp :D :D


Hi Pete, is that you chasing away the ugly cravings


he he


Hi ya Sue, so you got your laptop back then :) :)

I bet hubby's already got your Christmas pressie :) :)


Just read part of the article that goes with this pic -

Lawn mowing — Mowing the lawn is on the higher end of the calories burned housework scale. You burn around 187 calories in half an hour of lawn mowing and most yards take well over 30 minutes to mow. If you have a larger yard, you can get quite the regular workout just by mowing your lawn frequently.

So I was mowing for nearly an hour and did a bit of weeding and sweeping so must have earnt myself a treat. :) Now then, what can I eat? ............... :o :D :D


Andi, has your mower got any blades on it :o :|


:D :D


That's weeding, not lawn mowing - I do know the difference! :P


Andi i've got you a treat for mowing you lawn gal :) :)


:P yum :P yum


I prefer the plain ones if I have them, thanks. :)

I found another set of sexist pics while looking for my kind of hula-hoop and chose the odd one out. I think we should have a hula-hoop challenge! :o :D



Yeah, I saw that one too! :D :D


Hi Emjay & Jarvo, its lovely to see you both :) :)

Just wondered if you had tried this power napping lark, cus that would explane why we dont see you for a couple of days :D :D am going to hide


:D No I wasn't having a power nap, I was having my tea, dinner supper and washing up :D I can only fit in 2 power naps a day or I would get nothing done :D

That's brilliant Pete, I think those 4 weeks have flown by, not sure that you do but I hope so :)

That pacaman isn't exactly what I was thinking of Andi, the one I remember was see through and folded up into a very small clear pocket and the pacahood was see through and tied under the chin :D The pic you put on was very modern, I didn't even know they still made them :)

I'm sure your hubby is doing his Christmas shopping when you aren't there Sue, or he's just pretending to watch something when you get close then he's back on the Cartier website :D

I'm so glad you are beginning to feel a bit better Chickles, lets hope it continues.

I usually wake up early but I refuse to get up on a Sunday, I lie in and read my book then have a couple of power naps which I can fit in on a Sunday :)

I did enjoy my tea thanks, I think there might just be enough room for a Magnum :)



whoops I meant pacamac, not pacaman, though I do like a good game of pacman :)


Hiya Kaz, did you mean something like this :o :)


I think i've still got one somewhere, they used to rollup, you could put it in your pocket :)


I'm really struggling with this computer tonight, it is sooooo slow, think i'll need a new one


Think they must have left you then come up to me Pete :D :D

pn case i don't get on here again, just want to say, nite nite everyone, luv yas :) xxxxxx


Nite nite Sue, you'll have to get your wellies out tomorrow and boot him off!

Sleep well. xx :)


Hey Pete, well done on getting back to four weeks - that means I've been back from my hols 4 weeks too. Is that a coincidence? Let's hope you can do another four weeks. :)

In the meantime ........... realbollywood.com/up_images...

Congratulations! :) :)


Thank you Andi, thats really lovely of you :) :) and yes i do want to do another 4 weeks, i think i've had enough practice now, dont you :) :D


Nite nite Sue, sorry to hear your having probs with your comp now gal :( :(

You put your feet up with a nice cuppa and maybe some chocs, cus i know you Girlies always have some hidden somewhere :) :D


Yeah Pete, I do think you've had enough practice now. :) :D

Righto, I'm calling it a night now. Hope you all sleep well - specially you Kazz if you've had an 8 hour power nap at your desk today! :o :D

Nite nite :)


Nite nite Andi, luvs ya gal, just thinking Andi, why dont you get a desk, then you could have an 8 hour power nap, and not bother with going to bed :) :D


:D Something similar to that pacamac Pete but I didn't even know they did them in colours, I thought they were just clear. What colour is yours? Is it pink to match those pink frilly boxers of yours :D :D

You will do another 4 weeks laddie, we are all behind you with our spears at the ready, you're not coming back from the pub now with your 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, it's full steam ahead to success :)

Night night Sue if you don't get back, sweet dreams and sleep well, you deserve it. xxx


My pac a mac is see through grey, but you could get all colours at one time, erm i think i may be a tad older than you Kaz :o :)


:D Well grey is a good manly colour, much better than a pink one :) A black one would be good very chic :D


I wished i'd got a black one now, cus could have been chic then couldnt i :o :|


Oh definitely, however, if you co-ordinate your grey pacamac with a black man bag, black pacahood and some black leggings you will be very chic and on trend :)


Getoutofit, you flippin Woman you :P :D


:D :D you love it really !!


Night night Andi, sleep well, I'm sure you will after all the running round with the lawn mower today. Oh I'm sure I will manage another 8 hours, easy peasy lemon squeezy :)

Until tomorrow, sweet dreams xxx


Kazz, i've got to go up the wooden hill now gal, sorry so i will say nite nite to you gal, and sweet dreams, luvs ya xx and hey dont you get over doing these power naps gal, you dont want to wear yourself out before the weekend do you :o :D :D speak tomorrow Kaz :) :)


Night night Pete, luvs ya, sweet dreams and don't you go wearing yourself out planning your outfits and parading in front of the mirror in your pacamac :) xxx

Speak tomorrow xxx :)


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