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Daily Chat: Monday 13th August 2012

Good morning everybody and the start of another new week.

Hope everyone won't be too deflated after all the excitement of the last couple of weeks and all the build up to the Olympic Games, I think they were a triumph for us! :)

Like all the Olympians, we will all have to stay strong in our own small way and keep saying no to those ciggies, because like London 2012 they are now history! :)

If you're still in the process of getting towards your quit, this site is all about you too so come on here and you will be far more likely to succeed with everyone's help and support here than without. :)

We look forward to welcoming you. :)

In the meantime, get chatting. :D

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Morning Andi the Olympics were amazing, i slept in this morning cause i stayed up to watch the closing ceremony, that was really good as well :)

Don't know what i'll do now, it seems strange having no Olympics to watch now :D :D

roll on the paralympics :)

Hope you have a great day :)

I'm away to have brekkie will chat later :) x


Hi Sue, I couldn't last out after 10 so have got to catch up on it later.

It's a grey morning so far and we've already had a light shower. I'm off out for a walk down by the river before it turns back into a quagmire as I need a bit of fresh air and stretch.

See you later. :)


Hi Andi the weather is not good here either, so much for summer :D

you'll really enjoy the Olympics later:)

Enjoy your walk, hope the weather holds out for you, the river Tay is a bit away from me but there is a burn a out the backs, i like to go there at night to see the wildlife :)

Away to do some housework see you later :) xx


Back already! The footpath was closed one way so I couldn't do the circuit but went to see how much mud was still there. One big puddle still blocking the path - just passable with having your hair combed by the brambles! :D Watched a swan running across the weir pool - fab. Two pairs there but no cygnets - I think the nests were washed away with the floods. :(

Had a thought - last time I walked the circuit it was before all the rain started and I was still smoking then. :(

That sounds lovely having a stream out the back and being able to watch the wildlife at night. :)


Good Morning :-)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, the weather looked a bit grim when I left home this morning but it seems to be nice and sunny here in Liverpool at the minute 8-)

I struggled getting on here on Saturday and yesterday. I left a reply to weemikec and then wrote up a huge post about my weekend so far, posted it and then when I looked in later it wasn't there and then it wouldn't allow me to post anything.... Grrrrrrr :X

Andi, I love your good morning post, saying that just like the the London 2012 Olympics are now history - so are the piggies :D I wonder how many people there was was attending the closing ceremony who were so glad that they stopped smoking and didn't have to keep nipping off for a quick smoke that they probably didn't enjoy anyway? :-/ Enjoy your walk, it sounds really lovely :D

Sue, hope you have enjoyed a lovely tasty breakfast :) When you used to smoke, did you smoke before or after breakfast? It's funny to think back over things like this :-)

Jillygirl is away on Grandparent duties today, hope she's having fun and not missing her little Bertie too much :D

Speak in a little bit, I have a meeting to go to at 11 but will be around after then :D


Oooof! I'd already posted without checking first Andi. Poor lovely swans :( hopefully it's not too late in the season for them to maybe nest again :-)


Hi everyone having a break from housework :) am getting to old for all this work :D :D

Shame you couldn't do the whole walk Andi, at least you got some done, even though you got attacked by the brambles he he :D shame about the swans though :( hope they can nest again

might go to the burn tonight see the deer, and the crane might be there, it's a nice relaxing thing to do, helps get rid of any stress :)

I had trouble with posts as well Emjay they also kept disappearing, it was so annoying grrrr

it's great when you stop smoking, i used to have my first one before breakfast, so even put the piggies before food, how mad is that :D

food tastes so much better now :) hope you have a great day see you all later :) xx


I thought I'd do a bit of housework as well this morning. My friend and I were discussing it the other week and decided that it's age where after an hour or so you find you have to sit down for a rest! :o :D Funny how it creeps up on you. :D :D Must admit I'm feeling a bit tired today - dunno if it's the bike ride yesterday or it goes back to giving blood last week or the change in the weather. Anyway, tomorrow's another day!! :) (As Scarlett used to say. :D :D )


afternoon Andi and everyone...

hope everyone is well

not been about for a while.. long story.. but I got bitten twice by a mosquito on my leg whilst out walking the dogs a couple of weeks ago and ended up with cellulitis!! I'm finally on the mend but feel totally exhausted.

However not sure if its the fact Ive been ill or they have reduced my patches yet again (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..lol) .possibly both!!

despite times in the last 2 weeks Ive wanted a piggie more than anything Im hanging in there and looking forward to celebrating 2 months of being smoke free on Friday.

anyway Its 2.15 and im still walking round in my dressing gown.. :) I'm too tired.com!!!


Afternoon Everybody :-)

Hows everyone's day going so far? I've forgotten to bring in my lunch and so am now sat eating noodles. I always have a few emergency packs in my drawer, but it seems that I've had a few emergencies lately :-/

Lovely to hear from you Lisa-Jane. Ooooh those bites sound nasty! I was bitten myself last week on my foot and it didn't half swell! I've heard of quite a few people who have been bitten lately and have been covered in hives. Glad to hear you are now on the mend and have stayed strong throughout. Roll on Friday :D


hi EmJay..

there certainly has been alot of people being bitten. infact it was my chemist on a visit for more patches that noticed how bad my leg was and said I needed treatment fast.

He also said they are selling out of insect repellent faster than they can stock it!! He is also saying that the bites seem to be causing more reactions too.???!!

however during my first hospital visit there were a good few people I met with insect bites. so defo something going on with the insects..

all I know is Im just about to order some repellent wrist bands even if i have to wear them on my arms ..legs... as earnings..belt.. where ever I dont care if they work!!



Hiya Lisa, was wondering where you were. OMG it just gets worse for you, you poor thing. I bet you're glad you weren't hospitalised for it - my Mum was a few years ago. Are they sure it was from the bites cos it could have been from one of your previous injuries. Glad to hear you're on the mend now and hope you get stronger each day. I suppose you had a good excuse to lie around on the couch all day watching the 'lympics though! :D :D (In between sleeping :o )

Whenever I go for a walk in the evening with my friend she always gives me a strange look cos I where jeans, socks and trainers and say I don't want bitten legs! :o :D

Excellent news about managing to stay off the piggies whilst having mega cravings. I'm sure it's all about coming on here that helps you as it's helped all of us. Keep it up - yoh! :)


hey Andi,

I would literally have to be on my death bed before they could keep me in hospital I was ready to go home 2 hours after my labour so a lil cellulitis was not keeping me.They did try though.

Yes defo the bites as I actually swatted the lil bugger that bit me. thought id been lucky and not bit. It was raised and itchy like how they do... but within a few days that swelling and burning was almost up to my knee! and i got bit right on my ankle!!

I have seen absolutely no Olympics though.. think I must be the only one..my partner is head of one of the security departments and ive been listening to him and his "very important meetings with the head of police...yada yada for way tooo long now!! :o but I have an empty week this week so i plan on catching up with it all!!

hope your enjoying your night out and your KFC... :D


Am off out for the evening. It's my friend's 70th birthday and she's really pushed the boat out. No cooking for me tonight - have been invited out for KFC!! Yippee - will get told off later in the week for eating rubbish! :( :D :D


Hi Everyone, Back home at last. At least little jessica likes olympics so we watched the closing ceremonies. After that we had to play on the wii as she has got the olympics 2012.

That was fun I was super mario and won 3 golds. I was also shattered. :D

Andi and Sue , you are very lucky having nature spots near home. Hope you get more cygnets andi. We have a local heron who has been in my garden twice. We also have a pair of red kite just decided to make themselves seen.

Well Lisa you poor love you could do without that sort of nature. I bet it was painful. It really is lovely to hear from you. You must be proud of yourself staying so strong. well done.#

Emjay lovely to hear from you. I did wonder if you were having probs with the pc gremlins. as I know you usually check up on us all. :P

Sue you reminded me when you put a ciggy before breakfast. I too did that and always had a last ciggy before going to bed. Then coughed most of the night. How stupid were we. :O

By the way Emjay my tickly cough has more or less gone, perhaps it was my little oven timer after all. :)

see you all in a while. :)


Hi everyone, hope you have had a good day. Childminding tomorrow and wednesday so dont know when I will be on site. Have a good day tomorrow. Pete hope you aren`t working too hard. I am signing off now so night god bless to all of you lovely people. xxx :)


Hi Jillygirl and nite nite Jillygirl, god bless you too gal, and you had best sleep well, cus if you are doing more Olympics tomorrow, you will need the rest :) :)

Speak soon Pete :) xx


Aup Andi you going out noshing again gal, i hope you enjoy it, ha ha well i know that you will :P :P yum yum

Just thinking of the cals, and you tum tum getting bigger :D :D

Think i'd best scarper !!


Lisa - Jane, what we going to do with you eh ???? if your not falling over your getting trampled on by your bogs, now the mossis have taken a liking to you tooooo :D :D

You keep with it gal, cus i know you will get there and be smoke free, yippeeee

Pete :)


Hiya, back now and feeling very stuffed - my twin-pack is turning into a swiss ball - it's supposed to be going the other way! :( :o :D :D


Anyway, off to bed now - might try and run a bit off in the morning! ;-)

Nite, nite, sleep well. :)


Well you will go stuffin yourself :P :P hmmmm twin pack, :o hmmmm, my mind is just boddling abit at that, best not say anythink, cus i want to keep living :D :D

Nite nite Andi, and sweet dreams gal, hmmmm still thinking about these twin-packs.


i know Pete.. walking or possibly falling disaster!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hey Lisa-Jane, i do hope you get better soon and its all done with :) :)

Nite nite gal and sweet dreams to you as well xxxx.

Pete :)


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