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Daily Chat: Monday 29th October 2012

Daily Chat: Monday 29th October 2012

Good Morning :-)

Another Monday upon us already. Does this mean that it's another week under your belts of being smoke free or are you another step closer to making that decision to quit smoking and set a quit date?

For those of you who have stopped already, how are you feeling on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being not so confident in staying stopped today and 10 being on top of the world that nothing is going to change your decision not to smoke.

Think about why it is that you want to stop smoking, health, finance. Reflect on both the good and the bad of how stopping has made you feel and how well you have done to come this far.

Don't let your reasons become excuses as to why you should go back on that promise that you have made to yourself and start smoking again.

Make a choice, take a chance, add in a couple of changes and away you go :-)

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Still feeling at number 10. Just came back from a week away in Spain, I acknowledge that I used to be the smoker with the fag in my chops as soon as outside the airport. I also acknowledge how much money I would have spent on duty free fags too. I had no guilt about the four of us having a meal at the airport and feeling that I was short of money. I really do feel a sense of freedom. Think I bore the pants off my family as I was the only smoker and they do not realise what a life changing feeling being smoke free is. I will never go back. I know this. Been free of nicotine since end of Feb and it's a great achievement to feel positive about now those days are getting darker.


Hi Wonder, you really have done fantastic.

I love how positive you are and how you have helped people along their journeys. ;-) You've been smokefree for 8 months; I think you have every right to bore (although I wouldn't say that) your family. Shout if from the roof tops!! 8-)

Well done.


Hi everyone

I am feeling a 10 today, I think this is the best day I've had since I stopped. Last week was a tough week, probably the worst week I've had on I would say 3 days I was a 1. I got through it though with determination and a lot of help from my friends here, so thank you all.

I've only had 1 lozenge today and NO sweets :D so I am feeling quite proud of myself today, I know we all have our up days and our down days and when we have a down day we may want to reach for that cigarette to make us feel better, I know I do. When that happens, I just think that I had my down days when I was smoking so that just proves that smoking doesn't make everything ok so I will do what I did then and just get through those days and they will pass without a cigarette.

I agree with Wonder, that unless you have smoked, you really do not understand how hard it is to give up and also what a feeling of pride and achievement you have when you do, it is something you want to shout from the roof tops :)

You sound so determined Wonder and have such a positive attitude.



Good afternoon Emjay and everyone else.

Nice to see you again Wonder and not at all surprised to see your rating! :) :)

I'm also on a 10 although since I came back a week ago I keep thinking 'wouldn't it be nice to just have one?' but know I won't. I'm so weak and lazy on lots of things but won't let myself down on this and go backwards after surviving this long. :)

Glad your wedding was good Em and pleased to see what you wrote yesterday. Does this tie in with your 3Cs of today? :) Had my first pt session today - ugh! - no stamina left after a month of sitting. :o Finished week 1 of c25k yesterday before I went out for the day. Hope the weather's ok in the morning to start week 2. I want to get through it a bit quicker due to my previous record but not so fast that I get any more injuries. I need to build those muscles I've not really used in that way before. My gym also restarts tomorrow so I'm in a quandary about how or what I'm going to do as I still want to do the run. Have now got to sort out my head about where I'm going over the winter fitness-wise. :o :)


Hi everybody, love your 3 Cs Emjay, spot on gal :) :)

As for me Emjay, probably 6 at the moment, cus it's Monday and i'm working nights this week, but at least i know what time i will finish :)

Wonder it's lovely to see you again gal, sounds like your doing just great gal :) 8 months eh, cant wait until i can say that :) :) stay strong Wonder, your just super gal :) :)

Aup Claire what you doing here on a Monday then,?? couldnt you sleep or something :D :D I bet that flippin Emjay keeps prodding you, dosnt she :o :D

Hi Kaz, so glad your on a 10 today gal, and no sweets :o :| sounds like youve got it sorted gal :) :) but dont you let your guard down eh :) :)

Now then Andi, i see that your on a 10 as well, nice one gal, as for your stamina, i'm sure that you will get it back very soon :) :) and dont you get doing too much exercise, you just watch that calf of yours eh :) :)


Good to see you too Pete :-P , its nice to feel wanted on here ;-)

Well done on your low CO reading, thats fantastic.

Emjay and I are working hard today, there's smoke coming off our keyboards!!


Aup Claire am sorry gal so so sorry, its only a bit of fun gal, cus you know i luvs ya really :) :) as for your keyboards smoking, havnt they got any NRT then ?? :o ;)

I tell you that you are well and truly needed on here gal, cus i think your the only one with brains gal :o :D

Speak soon Claire, and you and Emjay have a good day :) :)


Thanks Pete, we do our best!

I fell in to that joke didn't i, NRT for the computer haha!!


Hi there Pete,

You keep strong, throw that super duper spear and get that down to a 1 :) You are doing brilliantly, into your 2nd week now and you know we are all behind you Pete and I don't mean throwing spears at you when you bend down :D

Yes, I am having a good day today and still haven't had any sweets but I really do need to start exercising, I have put 10lb on since I gave up smoking which is ridiculous in less than 4 weeks, I will be the size of a house if I don't sort something out soon and fast. Well... as I said last week :) I am going to think about doing some exercise this evening. I have Wii fit which is actually quite good fun, I haven't got the nerve to go out in public yet :)

Andi you are doing really well, resisting that 'just one' that is the downfall of a lot of people and has been for me in the past, I'll just have one and off we go again, so stay strong. You are strong as well for keeping off them for so long and the exercise you are doing, you seem like a very determined lady.



Aup Kaz, thank you for that gal :) :)

Just thought why your on a high, it wouldnt be because your boss has gone to Spain would it, and what do they say -- while the cats away the mice will play :D :D and hey 10lb note gal, you start exercising and you'll soon get rid :) :)

Rite got to get ready for work now, so will perhaps speak tomorrow :) :)


Yes, you could have a point there Pete :D He has gone to China, unfortunately I have not had much time to play today, been busy with actual work !! The day has gone quickly though which is good. Can't believe it's going dark already.

I will start exercising Pete, and with most people on here doing some exercise that should spur me on just out of embarrassment for being so lazy :O

Have a good night and don't work too hard. Keep up the good work and don't let those cravings get you down, we want you on here tomorrow to tell us that you have yet another smoke free day to add to your tally.

Speak soon xx


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