Good morning,

I hope everyone is feeling ok. Friday and another weekend approaching,

Another week to add to your quitting date. No matter what stage your at you are doing fantastic.

Just getting involved with quit support means your on your way to being a non smoker for good.

If you feel the urge to smoke, think to yourself why? is it really you that needs that ciggy or is it more like

the ciggy is just wanting some attention from you. Is it going to do your body any good , breathing in the smoke or breathing fresh air.

It`s not easy to quit, but each day gets easier. You can do it. I have gone over 7 months now , so it is possible. keep positive and happy. xxxx :) :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl,

    Just a quick hello, i need to go out this morning, thankfully there is no rain today, hope you have sunny weather, then you can go walk in the fresh air :)

    I'm away to get a cuppa then head on out, will see you later :) :) xx

  • Morning Jilly,

    Lovely to see you up and about and being so positive...I truly admire you!

    11 Days for me and still feeling great. I even thought about quitting the patches

    but then thought no it's a bit too soon so will carry on with them.

    Thank crunchie it's Friday a lovely weekend to look forward too!

    Have a great day everyone!

    Dawn xxx

  • Morning Sue!

  • Morning Sue and dawn, lovely to see you up and raring to go. well done Dawn on 11 days thats great. Sue enjoy your shop.

    I am off for a ride out today so will catch up later on.

    enjoy your day. XX :)

  • Good morning

    Its a lovely day here in Cheshire and the sun is shining.

    Well it's flippin Friday again, the weeks fly by. Sometimes when you have given up smoking it can be a real struggle, as we all know and those pesky craving really give us a hard time. Just look back over the week though. Any cravings you had, you got over and another week has almost gone. I had a couple of really bad days with cravings this week but I got through it and I'm feeling ok now, especially with the help from my friends on here, so thank you. As Jillygirl says, those cravings do get less as time goes on, so keep strong and fight the good fight :)

    Thanks for the reminder about Crunchies Dawn I haven't had one for ages so I will have one today as my Flippin Friday treat :D

    Have a good day out Jillygirl and enjoy your walk in the sunshine Sue.

    Speak to you all later xxxx

  • Yes Kazz I think I'll have one too! It did used to be an

    advert Thank Crunchie it's Friday didn't it??? Or am I

    imagining it lol! Have a Fabulous Flippin Friday!

    Dawn xxx

  • It was an advert Dawn I remember it well :) xxx We have some snack boxes here in work, full of crisps and chocolate so I am going to have a look and see if there are any Crunchies in there :) xxx

  • Don't eat toooo many!

  • Hi John ,like I said before I think you can call yourself a non-smoker. Once you forget about the ciggys it becomes a lot easier. I was like that , then I started thinking I needed my inhalator gradually I stopped using that too. Your doing great . :) xx

  • Hi Cake Face

    It's great that you are not thinking about smoking, I think you are about 3 days ahead of me on giving up and I think about it all the time. Maybe I need to start doing a bit of baking to take my mind of it :)

    Your lovebirds sound as if they have a lovely life with you and are very happy. I saw the pictures you posted the other day and they are beautiful.

    Enjoy your walk and enjoy the cake this afternoon. I think I might make some cherry and coconut scones this weekend, I haven't made scones for ages.

    I wont eat too many Crunchies Dawn, if I can find any that is, not looked yet. I need to keep some room for the scones :)


  • Hi Kazz,

    Why are you thinking about smoking, are you using

    any HRT? I'm using patches and rarely think about

    smoking (only that I'm so happy not to be doing it

    anymore - try reading the Easy way by Allen Carr,

    it gives you a whole new perspective! Stay strong love!

    Dawn xxx

  • Thanks Dawn,

    Yes I am using niQuitin minis 4mg. They really do help. I don't crave cigarettes all the time but they are certainly on my mind a lot but not as much as they were. It's just a time thing I think, the longer that passes without smoking the less I will think about it.

    I will have a look at the Allen Carr book, I know you said that it could be downloaded off the internet so I will do that now.

    Thanks again Dawn, it's great that you don't think about it too much.

    I've just had a look in the snack boxes and there were 6 Crunchies. I only got 1 :) I'm going to eat it as I read Allen Carr book :)


  • Enjoy Yoour CRUNCHIE and Allen Carr! He was a 100 a day


  • Hi Kazz and Dawn hope your day is going well.




    just something to keep you both going . :)

  • Thanks Jilly!! Hope ur OK? Thinking of you. Have you got

    something happening on Monday?


  • Yeah got to see surgeon pre assessment for op. at least getting a bit further. fingers crossed. :)

  • Oh Jillygirl, I really want one of those scones now, you've made me feel hungry. I had my Crunchie hours ago :)

    I couldn't download the Allen Carr book as the company I work for block certain sites. I will either buy it or download it from home over the weekend.

    Here's something to keep you going as well Jillygirl and you can share it with Sue and Pete if you want to if you are feeling generous :D


    I hope you had a nice ride out today and went somewhere nice. It was sunny this morning here but then went dull but at least it's not rained yet.


  • Hi Kazz chocolate eclairs scrumptious thank you. .

    It was lovely and sunny when we set off, but it gradually got foggy and cold. We went to a place near York called Easingwold. Hubby called it freezing cold. :D

    Nice to get out though.

  • Hi took a nice walk down to the quit smoking clinic and noticed even after only two weeks how much easier it was to walk up the hill :) no huffing and puffing my breathing was so much better, The other thing I don't miss is going outside in the cold to have a cigarette. Hope you all have a nice weekend and stay positive quitting is the way to go. :)

  • Nice to see you on the daily chat. like you say its much better when you dont have to go outside in the cold. I am sure it took any pleasure of smoking away. well done. take care. :)

  • Going home soon, so just want to wish you all

    a lovely smoke free weekend! Tuesday will be 2 weeks

    for me, I'm so glad I tried again and this time I WILL NOT

    GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION! After Christmas I'll start putting

    all my cig money into a savings account and watch it grow!


    Dawn xxx

  • P.S. Good luck for Monday Jilly! Will be thinking of you love xxx

  • Thanks Dawn. I surely cant fail with all these wishes and thoughts I have got from quit support members. Have a good weekend. :)

  • Have a great weekend Dawn and you be strong over the weekend xxx

    It is so true what you and Jillygirl have said about standing out in the cold. It had been a long time since I had had a relaxing sit down with a cigarette. I didn't smoke in the house so stood in the back garden, couldn't smoke in work so stood outside, couldn't smoke in shopping areas or pubs so stood outside. Lets face it, as time goes on it will only get worse, cigarettes will just get more and more expensive and the Government will put more stringent rules into place about where people can and can not smoke. They are already thinking about banning smoking in cars and they wont leave it at that.

    It will be so nice when new rules come into force and cigarettes go up in price and it doesn't bother us in the slightest because it doesn't apply to us any more :) what a great feeling that will be :) xxx

  • Your right about the government Kazz, it was on the radio the other night about banning the e.cigs now. as the vapours may effect other people. We are well out of that club now Yeah!

    Even me I know I have left it a bit late in quitting, but believe me I dont think I could have stopped and faced this lung cancer all at the same time. At least my lungs or the 1 and a half thats not affected should be clear of a lot of those harmful chemicals. At least I am giving myself a fighting chance now.

  • Sorry that was you delina and Jillygirl talking about standing out in the cold. What was your CO reading delina? I'm finding my breathing is getting better.

  • Hi Kazzachoc my CO reading was nil this week and last week, she did say that sometimes you can get a reading of 2 from from traffic and stuff, was trying not to breath to many car fumes in lol, I noticed my breathing from the end of the first day and I am not using my inhalers nearly as much as I was, also not coughing when I lay down to go to sleep which is also lovely. And like you said smoking is getting soooo anti-social now it will be lovely not to feel like the outcast :) I will also be saving after xmas, been treating myself the last two weeks to little treats I think I deserve it!!!

  • Delina well done with the co reading. and Yes you certainly deserve to treat yourself. :)


  • Hey Sue where are you?


    hope you didnt get lost walking or shopping not sure whichyou were doing. bet you got carried away buying baby things. :)

    Hurry up theres an eclair waiting for you from Kazz. :)

  • Thanks Jilly, be a shame if they do band the E-cig as I'm sure for those that really struggle its the lesser of the two evils.

  • Yes typical of the government. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    That's me just back, had my tea, and done the dishes

    What a day i've had, been to the shops 3 times cause i kept forgetting stuff :o :D

    then waited, for what seemed like hours, but probably 10 mins, on my coffee, when i hadn't ordered it :D :D

    started eating my cream cake when one of my back teeth crumbled :o :D, when looking for an emergency dental appointment, couldn't get one, even at the Dundee Dental Hospital, who are supposed to do emergencies grrrrrrr

    so now i'm doped up on pain killers, feel very tipsy just now :D :D hope i don't get a hang over :D :D :D

    so now i'n relaxing in my slippers with a cuppa


  • Oh Sue what a day you have had love. Hope you get your tooth fixed. Your heart sinks doesnt it when your teeth decide to give way. I find its usually on holiday or like you near the weekend.

    Pete has got some pliers in his shed if your desperate. :D


  • Hi Jillygirl,

    that would be a great idea if there was any tooth to grab hold of

    i.ytimg.com/vi/YNGbreq8Rgc/... :D :D

  • :D : :D :D that would be good, would love a mouth full of them :D :D

  • Same hear. I hate anything to do with teeth. at least now they haven`t got nicotine stains on them, If we can manage to keep em. :D

  • we all had a lot of cake this week, yummy, so i think we should have a nice relaxing weekend



  • Now your talking. Cant see pete doing that though can you. ? :)


  • he might enjoy it, you never know :D :D :D


  • Nice one.!

  • :D :D :D i'm nearly there, if i won the lottery i'd get them all renewed

  • My hubby says that every week . but suppose we have to make do as usual .


  • That's soo true

    i just went to get my cuppa, got everything ready, put the kettle on, then promptly forgot all about it


    I think my tooth is affecting my brain :o :D :D :D

  • Oh Sue :D :D you really are having one of those days. I bet you are wishing you never got up this morning :D Don't worry the day's not far off being over and tomorrow will be a great day for you :D xx

  • Hi Kazz, i think i should have stayed in bed today


    don't really feel any pain, i'm too doped up on pills :D :D

  • You two don't half make me laugh :D :D

    Sorry to hear about your tooth Sue, when it crumbled did you touch it with your tongue to see if it hurt? I have done than and that's what I do and it's such a relief when there is not pain. That's ridiculous about not being able to find an emergency dentist. No eclairs for you I think just to be on the safe side, I'll have yours :D Those slippers look soooooooooo comfy and a bit of pampering would go down a treat :)

    That's great delina a reading of 0, wow, I don't think I've ever met someone with that reading because of things like traffice so that's brilliant, you can't get any better than that and yes you do deserve to treat yourself. It's nice to give yourself something to look forward to.

    You have given yourself a fighting chance by giving up Jillygirl, your lungs are not having to cope with the cancer and the horrible, harmful chemicals as well. Trying to cope with what you are going through and giving up smoking at the same time would have been too much I think.

    I didn't know that the Government were trying to ban e-cigs as well !

    Sue that made me laugh about you sitting waiting for your coffee when you hadn't even ordered it yet :) Good job you didn't go and tell them off about keeping you waiting :) I hope you got it in the end and enjoyed it after your wait.

    Well I'm off to get my tea know, chicken and stuffing sandwiches on white bread, can't stand brown bread.

    Speak to you later and have a good and relaxing evening xxx

  • Good evening everybody. :)

    Jilly, glad you had a nice day - all that cake will make you fat! :o But, you'll need some extra padding for when you go in to hospital cos I don't envy you the hospital food so the pounds will just melt away again. :)

    Sue, oh dear, all that shopping then your teeth falling out - serves you right for eating all that cake! :D :D Don't people always swear by soaking the area in whisky to numb the senses! :o :D :D

    Kazz, if you're out there (or are you out gallivanting again? :o ) You be careful cos you'll go the same way as Sue with all your teeth falling out if you keep up with all that cake and chocolate! :o :) Was wondering earlier - did you get on the ping pong table or lie on the floor to do your crunchies? (I hope you warmed up with some light skipping first!) :D :D

    Delina, never seen anyone get a co reading of zero on here before - High five - way to go! :)

    Weather here today was dull and damp with very light drizzle all day - very depressing but that's November for you. :) Saw pt first thing and had a good workout - lots of boxing, tried the rowing machine but that's no good yet with my ankle. Came home, got changed then down to the pool for another deep water aqua class. Ended up dozing on the sofa most of the afternoon. :o :)

  • Hi Andi, You have been pretty busy today. you deserve to relax on the sofa.

    I think that pete is working over or his computer is playing up. May be he has dozed off,


  • If Pete was me that's what I looked like this aftie - was trying to catch up on some tv but my eyes wouldn't stay open - did wake up at 5 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep again so not surprising really! :o :D :D

  • Hi Andi, yeh i should have left the cake alone, but it's so tempting


    you have had a busy day, you should have a nice relaxing weekend :)

  • At least you`ve got a brain. Think I`m off to see the wizard of Oz see if he`s got one. :D


  • I think i'll be joining you Jillygirl, especially today :D :D

  • I think your brain cell must be getting tired Sue with all this forgetfulness! Cor, we sound like a load of old ladies - which of course we are to the younger generation! :D :D

  • :D :D :D good one Jillygirl,

  • Well I can get mine up there - how about you two? :D :D :D

  • Have to keep stopping cos my stockings keep wrinkling down. :D

  • Maybe you'll have to tighten your suspenders. :D :D

  • I knew I forgot something this morning. ! wish I could find mi brain cell.too.

  • like this Jillygirl

    4.bp.blogspot.com/_lXhfgV9O... :D :D

    i have to keep stopping to run to the bathroom, drinking to much tea :D

  • :D :D :D :D (That's if you remember to make it first :o )

  • that can be difficult, especially today

    cartoonstock.com/lowres/jdo... :D :D :D

  • Sue, don't you have an indoor toilet? or do you still have to go to the bottom of the garden? ;-) :o :|

  • and try getting there in time from a 1 up in a flat

    clipartguide.com/_named_cli... :D :D

  • I think too many people are on line this evening with Children in need - on a goslow at times and crashed once.

  • Yeah mine has been on a go slow too . forgot about children in need.

    Off for a break now will call back.later on. :)

  • mine's is on a go slow as well, a bit like me then :o :D :D

  • How about this portaloo


  • :D :D :D that's brill, i'm sitting here laughing my head off :D:D

  • Hope you're not wettig yourself! :D :D :D :D

  • Excellent! I took a photo of a brilliant loo in Bhutan. It was a straw hut on the side of the road, leaning out over the near vertical bank and a bit lop-sided. :)

  • that sounds scary :D :D, you'll have to try a put it in here

  • Don't know where the old man's got to - hope he's not stuck at work. If not I guess it must be his computer.

    All this talk - I need a little walk and am just getting a need for some cheese and biscuits. See you in a bit. :)

  • will do you two, i'm off to have a cuppa

    I hope it's Pete's computer and not him stuck in work again cause at least he'd be home :)

  • No not out tonight Andi :) I did my crunchies at my desk, didn't warm up though :o Anyway it was Dawn's fault, I hadn't done a crunchie for ages until she mentioned them hmmm maybe I should have said that on Tell Tale Tuesday :D

    No wonder you had a little snooze this afternoon Andi, I feel like having a snooze just reading what you get up to, you wear me out :D

    I think Pete laddie is keeping out of the way with all this talk about weeing :) It has made me laugh, especially some of the pics but maybe Pete has thought he will leave the wee talk to the women, I'd love to hear what he'd have to say about it :D

    I'm watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, not sure why as I really don't like creepy crawlies and there are a lot of them ... yak! xxx

  • Hi Kazz, you've put me right in the mood of a crunchie,i've not had one for ages, and some of these as well

    gumball.com/images/products... :D

    I don't know how you can watch that, just a picture of creepy crawlies has me running for the hills

    clipartguide.com/_named_cli... :

    :D :D

  • Cor, had one too many of those cheese and biscuits. :o I quite like I'm a celeb too but I record it so you can whizz through the ads and phone stuff. Thought I might have gone off it a bit this year but it seems to be as good as ever so far. :)

  • Hi Girls, I too am watching celeb. so going to sign off now see ya tomorrow. Nite nite sleep well . :) xxxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well if you have a crunchie Sue, don't forget to warm up like Andi said :D I prefer peanut m&ms, haven't had any of those for ages.

    I'm not sure why I watch it, I like watching the celebrities but really don't like the creatures. You would never ever get me going in there.

    Are you feeling better and more relaxed now? What a day you have had :) Shouldn't laugh really but I just couldn't help myself, it's the way you tell em :)

  • I had a good laugh about it as well Kazz :D :D i'm much better now though thanks :)

  • the insects mean i can't watch it, my stomachs to sensitive for other parts as well

    this is my level of telly


    you'll be to young to know how that is though

  • meant to say who :D :D :D

    i really must find my brain


  • it's Andi Pandy :) I'm not too young to remember that Sue, I watched it as a child, they were the days :D proper programmes :D :D

  • Night night Jillygirl sleep well and speak to you tomorrow xxxx

    I know more people in I'm a celeb this year than I think I have done in any of the others.

    Hope you've got the indigestion tablets at the ready Andi after overdoing in on the cheese and biscuits, don't worry you can do some extra exercise tomorrow :D :D

  • Think I'll call it a night too ladies.

    Nite nite, sleep well. Hope you don't get too many dreams about creepy-crawlies! :o :D :)

  • I'm going to bed as well, getting tired

    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas, xxxxxx

    wherever you are Pete, and i hope your home, have a good nites sleep luv ya xxxx

  • Night night Andi, hope you don't have vivid dreams because of that cheese you've eaten.

    Sweet dreams xx

  • Night night Sue and night night Pete wherever you are xx

    Sweet dreams, sleep well xxx

  • Evening all, just checking in, only been back from work half an hour. Another smoke free day hip hip...

  • well done aarond, another day. you been working late. hopefully got the weekend free. chat tomoz. nite nite sweet dreams. xx :)

  • Hello everyone special message :- Petes computer not working. Sends his love to you all.

    Sorry only just got message if youv`e gone to bed. xxx :)

  • hi peeps i saw there were 96 comments so i thought I'd add the 97th hope you are all well :)

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