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DAILY CHAT/FRIDAY/   31/08/2012

Good morning,

I hope everyone is feeling ok. Friday and another weekend approaching,

Another week to add to your quitting date. No matter what stage your at you are doing fantastic.

Just getting involved with quit support means your on your way to being a non smoker for good.

If you feel the urge to smoke, think to yourself why? is it really you that needs that ciggy or is it more like

the ciggy is just wanting some attention from you. Is it going to do your body any good , breathing in the smoke or breathing fresh air.

It`s not easy to quit, but each day gets easier. You can do it. :)

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Hi all sorry for being quiet yesterday - had to actually do some work for a change here which was a bit of a shock. Good luck to all out there today for another smokefree day. Good luck Pete & give them piggies a big kick. Looks like weathers good for the w/e so lets hope we get some sun


Good Morning Everybody :D

Jillygirl, good advice there :-) I think you are right in questioning whether the 'need' or 'want' for a smoke is coming from yourself or from the 'powers of the urge'!

It's also worth knowing that the thought of smoking is often far greater than the actual act of smoking. A lot of people who give in to the urge or the cravings quite often say the it wasn't really that nice after all. Sometimes it may even be worth taking your mind through the whole process of smoking (by imagination) and this will sometimes satisfy what you think to be the urge... hope that makes sense...

Chris, hope you have plenty of work to distract you and helps speed the day up so that you pop into a lovely weekend ahead. Getting another smokefree weekend under your belt will help towards that 'feel good' factor for staying strong :D

Pete is on day 4 today and so I hope with his past experiences, he'll be able to use them to his benefit and pop them onto his 'being strong' pile which will deter those awful cravings as they raise their ugly heads :-/

I hope Andi is enjoying herself in 'The Big Smoke' without having to worry about 'having to smoke' :D

Sue and Lenne, we're always thinking of you and hope you are staying positive :-)

Betts, I hope today is as good and positive for you as it has been lately :-)

Lisa-Jane, I hope you get some well earned rest this coming weekend :-)

Big waves to everybody else, I hope you are okay, any problems let us know. :-)

Remembering that the more cravings you get under your belt and overcome, the more successful you are going to be at staying stopped :D

With the support of everyone here, and sharing all the good and bad experiences will make this journey more bearable :D


Hi Emjay , hope your ok. Looks like its another quiet day.

Chris well done on still being smoke-free. Brilliant. Nice to see you chatting to Pete. I think he will need your support next week

when he hasn`t got us women nagging at him :D

pete when I get back I want to hear your on day 13 of quitting , no excuses or the rubber band makes an appearance :D :P :O :)

Lisa hope you managed to get a bit of sleep last night or I should say this morning. You even bet me on the site today :)


Hi Emjay, just let you know I took a painkiller last night. It said take 1 or 2 tablets early evening.

7.00pm I took 1 tablet. 9.00pm I could actually sit down without my knees and legs really hurting.

this morning still felt much better. Its now nearly 1.00 pm and they are just starting to hurt a little.

That was just with 1 tablet. what a difference. Funny though as I said to my hubby I dont like taking tablets unless

I need to. Yet 5 months ago I thought nothing of putting poisons into my mouth at least 20 times a day.


seldom Known Smoking Facts in History

Over 2,000 years ago, South American Cultures began using tobacco. Brazilian peoples invented cigarettes by rolling tobacco leaves in paper.

The First Europeans to use tobacco were sailors.

Christopher Columbus took tobacco leaves back to Queen Isabella of Spain.

People used to believe Tobacco had medicinal value. A French Ambassador named Jean Nicot brought Tobacco plants to Portugal in 1559, telling friends it was useful in treating wounds, asthma and cancer.

The words nicotine and nicotiana come from Jean Nicot's last name.

In earlier times, tobacco was called herba panacea- meaning cure-all herb. Some people even believed that smoking cleaned out the lungs.

Several Countries outlawed tobacco use in the 1600s. In Turkey during that period, tobacco users could be tortured or killed. In China, a person caught with tobacco might be beheaded. In Russia, tobacco users who were caught a second time were killed.

Tobacco was extremely important to Spain and the American colonies. It was a major crop and became so valuable that it could be used in place of money. People in Virginia planted it in every square of soil they could find. In fact, the Virginia Company, which sponsored the early colony, had to pass a law requiring people to grow food also, and not just tobacco.

Until the 1700's, pipe smoking was the preferred method of tobacco use. Then people began using dry snuff or chewing tobacco instead. By the 1800's, cigarettes became more fashionable but had to be rolled by hand and were extremely expensive.

The first report to link smoking to certain diseases was published in 1859.

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford both declared tobacco use should be banned.

After World War I, a group of tobacco companies banded together and denied that tobacco causes any harmful effects.

In the 1920's, the makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes wanted to appeal to women who were watching their weight by using the slogan “Reach for a Lucky instead of a Sweet”

During World War I and World War II, soldiers were given cigarettes as part of their rations.


hey all

absolutely shattered... despite taking meds from doctors nothing is working!! Jillygirl thanks for replying.. I have seen the doc and she said it was G.E.R.D and I have meds for it.. and that was before I quit smoking. :( this must be super G.E.R.D!! coulnt get an appointment with the docs today so I shall have to go to the walkin centre when I get chance later.

Emjay.. no chance of rest this weekend.. Im behind on my deadline thanks to heartburn messing up my sleep pattern and being either late or just to tired to concentrate!! so roll on the following weekend

plus its my birthday on tuesday.. will be my first smoke free birthday since I was about 17.. wow 20 years of smoking!!!


Hey Jillygirl, why not copy and post all that onto a blog? You could call it something like 'interesting facts about tobacco and smoking. How funny that both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford declared that tobacco use should be banned! I'm sure folks will find it quite interesting :-) With regards to your pain killers, I think that once they are in your system you'll probably get a regular and greater relief from them :-)

Lisa-Jane, poor you :-( The heart burn should start getting better soon. Have you tried eating a banana? Apparently it the acid needs something else to attack and a banana is the suggestion... I hope you are looking forward to celebrating a smokefree birthday after meeting your deadline at work :-)


Emjay..I have never heard about the banana thing.. unfortunately I absolutely hate the things!! the smell alone makes me want to gag let alone the texture... however I cannot take any more heart burn meds as I have taken too much as it is... so when I walk up to see my quit advisor in a bit after I have had a good go at him for taking 2 weeks off without telling me and leaving me to find an alternative solution ! I might buy a couple of bananas and see if I manage a bite and take it from there...

dont suppose the old back in the day banana sweeties would work no????? worth a try!!!! haha


Hi Lisa-jane, Hope you get sorted out love. you take care. :)


Only way I can post it is on the questions blogs or on this page. Cant post it on the quit support blog. or can I ? I could always send you post to put on otherwise. :)


Hullo everyone, just thought I'd check in and see how everyone was doing. Lisa-Marie- I am sending you a big sympathy hug and hoping you'll feel better soon :( I live on Rennie because if I go to sleep without taking one it won't be long until I have to get up again. I was told sleeping on your side facing to the left helps the tummy, it does sometimes for me, I just hope you get your tummy sorted soon :(

I also wanted to share how much of an idiot I am here. I decided to start my new hobby today- soap making! After months of research I decided today I was ready. So, I did all the maths, prepared all of the equipment and ingredients, popped my goggles and gloves on....and couldn't open the bloody caustic soda container because of the kiddylock. I am now waiting for my dad to come home to open it for me and feeling pathetic and weak!

Wish me luck- hopefully I won't get eaten by caustic soda a la Fight Club. xxx


thanks Lenne I shall try that..

and I have to say you alone not the only one who struggles with the kiddy lock.. i have the same problem!! I remember years ago when my son was pretty young I used to have to get him to open my tablet containers as I simply couldnt do it! drove me up the wall! so the kiddy lock failed there more like adult lock!!

hope it gets opened soon.. Quite like the sound of soap making, hope its less mess than my attempts at candle making!


Hi Lenne, wow sounds good soap making. I must admit I hate those kiddy locks , and some of the ring pulls too. I really feel old now. rely on others to do stuff for you. :) Let us know how the soap turns out. :)



Roses are red viloets are blue,

Now then Pete I will miss you. :(

Whilst I`m away dont let me down,

stay positive and dont you dare frown. :O

Those piggies may natter you most of the day ,

But I`ll natter you more :O so do as I say. :P

Emjay is watching and andi is too,

So keep your chin up, dont you get blue.

Dont you forget Emjay is at hand

no slipping up or its the ..................................

Elastic band. (Twang! ouch!)


:D :D now then Jillygirl, just love it gal, just love it :) :) Thankyou so so much xx hmmmm elastic band eh, havnt found my peashooter yet :o so had just better do as you say then gal :P :P

You done your packing yet ?? huh bet your making poor hubby do it all eh :D my offer still stands, of carrying your bags for you, and just maybe i will hold your hand, cus i know its the first time that you will be without us :) :)


Hubby packing dont be daft. I would spend all week ironing instead of being on hol. :D

Yeah get those wheels of yours and come up to blackpool, you know your welcome. xx :)


Hey Jillygirl, ii wish gal, would love ta meet ya and your hubby of course :) i'm so so glad them tabs are working for you, and hopefully make your holiday more enjoyable :) :)

Just one thing though Jillygirl, just watch where you sit !!!! have you seen that advert on tel :D :D


I think I`ve lost the plot which ad is that. I must admit dont watch too much tv. But you are talking to an oldie here. :D


off for my bath now catch up before bed. could do with some of lennes soap. that would be good. Long as i dont come out yellow. :D


Jillygirl, same here gal, the only time i watch telly is when im having my dins :o

The ad is at Blackpool, on a rollercoaster, 2 old biddies sit down, and it starts off, they get off and the old man says to his missus what sort of cheese sandwich was that !!!! -- as they are a bit worse for wear :D :D


Yeah I have seen it brilliant.


God, that was terrifying. I had two panic attacks, three crying fits and now I am worried I have lye on me. Not the most relaxing hobby I have tried :| This would be a good time for a fag... no wait... doh! hehe


Steady on Lenne, calm down now, cus you dunner be wanting to smoke them things gal :P

I just havnt got a clue how you make soap :o :o all i know is - it cleans and smells nice :) :)


Cor I tell ya Pete, I was freaking out so badly I would've if someone waved one under my nose but that was the most stressed I'd been in the last 4 months. It involves mixing caustic soda with various vegetable fats and because I've seen so many cautionary videos on soapmaking- the lye being dangerous etc, I totally pooped myself.

I made a weird yellowy... goo. \o/ hehe


Gosh Lenne, that caustic soda's bad enough, not quite sure what lye is, sorry gal i havnt been out much :D

Hmmmmm a yellowy gooo eh :o

haaaaaaa but does it clean and smell nice ?? :)


Will let you know- it takes 24 hours to solidify (if I've done it correctly) then I slice it into soap bars, then it sits curing for 6 weeks :)


Hi ya Lenne, its lovely to hear from you gal :) :)

Hmmmm making soap are we, erm you make sure your windows are open gal, to let all them bubbles out :o :D

Hey we will have to think of a name for your soap !? :)

Speak later Lenne, luv ya gal, and i hope the soap goes to plan :o :)

Pops 2 xx


Day 4 - It's not been too bad today, at work i've been very busy, seems to be a lot easier when i'm hard at it, but driving home from work, had a very near miss on the M1, think perhaps if i had had a ciggie in my van, then i would have lit it :( :( but i hadnt got one, so i didnt !!!! :) i chucked a couple of fruit pastilles in my g-- erm mouth :)

That told me - that you should never have a - erm - emergency pack of ciggies anywhere, cus if you have, you will have one in an emergency, then it will become two,three and it goes on :( :( I know i've been there !!

Emjay you've done really well this week gal, hmmmm i shall have to find my gold stars out for you :D :D

Pete :)


Jillygirl, you and your hubby enjoyyyyyyyyy gal :) :) you've got to think of it as your second honeymoon :o ;) but hey donner wear him out too early in the week eh, cus dont forget he's got to carry that fat wallet around with him :D :D


Wishful thinking. :D miss you. see you next week. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Ok folks signing off now . Will see you all in a weeks time.

Keep positive, focused, and most of all keep happy.

Luvs you all. xxxx :)


Jillygirl, you and your hubby have a goodn, and dont do anythink that i wouldnt, you hear me gal :D :D missin ya already, see's ya when ya get back :) :)

Nite nite gal, luv ya :) :)


Goodnight everybody, and as Jillygirl says stay positive and focused, because if you dont, them ciggies might just weave there way in !! :( :(

Sleep well :) :)

Andi i hope that you've enjoyed the few days down the smoke gal, with you're older-bigger-bossier sister of your's :) :) Get her on here, see if she can put up with me or not :D :D

Pete :)


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