Daily Chat : Friday 18th May 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

It's Friday!!! Another weekend upon us. How do we feel about it then? Are you excited about another weekend of being smokefree? Or are you feeling apprehensive and concerned that plans to have your favourite tipple may tip the balance of staying smokefree?

As long as you put yourself in control of your choices then this should help you to stay strong. Remembering that you are choosing to stop doing something that you no longer wish to do anymore. If you really want to smoke, then you can... it's not that you can't... You are simply choosing not to.

When we first quit, and are offered a cigarette - we fall into the habit of saying "I can't because I've stopped" Instead of saying "No thanks I don't smoke". The words "I can't" can quite often set up negative feelings without us realising. So.... Remember to stay positive and work on your own positive self-talk - what you say when you talk to yourself :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

22 Replies

  • Hurrah Friday! I love Fridays. It means that I have gone another week without smoking- 3 weeks now according to my NHS Quit Journey calendar (get free pretty stickers with it too which are silly but good fun)! Today I am going to add up how much I've saved by not smoking for 3 weeks and celebrate by thinking of things I could've spent it on instead (can't actually do that because I bought food and paid bills with it hehe)! Thinking about it will be fun though.

    Hope everyone has a great and craving-free Friday :)

  • Well done Lenne, 3wks thats brill, bet you've saved a ton of money, and feel so much better too, way to go, hope you have a great and happy day :) x

  • Afternoon everybody.

    Congratulations Lenne on completing 3 weeks - you're doing great girl, I'm sure you're never going back now!!

    I had a pretty amazing sleep last night - only woke up 3 times, went back to sleep quite quickly and didn't get up til 8 o'clock. Hope that's the start of getting back on track with sleeping. (I do like getting up early at this time of year though.)

  • Hi Andi great to hear you had a better sleep last night, hopefully you'll be back to where you should be soon, hope to join you there soon but at the moment i sleep all night but wake up feeling like i've not had any then i can hardly function all day, upside though i'm too tired to notice any cravings lol have a great day keep strong :)

  • Hey Sue and Andi, hope you're both well! What's causing the insomnia, if I am not being rude asking? I hope you both get back to your regular sleep patterns soon *hugs*

  • I'm sure part of it is an age thing Lenne! (that's what my sister says)

  • Thanks Lenne not sure what's going on cause i do sleep all night, i can only guess that it's not deep enough, i just go with the flow, all i can do, i still dance to my music, just sitting down lol, hope things are great with you :)

  • Hi everybody, just flippin got home, it's took me two and a half hours to come from work!!!! normaly takes me an hour!! Do you know what i feel great now- let me explane, i was in this traffic jam on the A 38 and a young girl was in a car along side me, thought hmmm very nice, then i slapped my hand!! then she flippin lit a fag up!!!!! God did i look at her!! them flippin piggies came then from everywhere, i thought to myself, if i wind the passenger window down and ask her for one!!!! very very nearly did, but just then Bruno Mars came on the radio singing ' Count on me', then i thought of all of you, and your comments, so i had a suck of my inhalator and sung along with him. I thank you all for that, so now you see, being on this site DOES help!!!!! Loads and loads of hugggggs to you all :) :)


  • Cor Pete, that's one of my triggers too - slow down, in a traffic jam - perfect time to light up,eh? Well not no more boy - just find the mints and shove one in.

    Mind you, when I dropped my mate off last night I parked in the street opposite which was right in front of the Con Club. 2 blokes came out for a smoke and it wafted into the car - didn't like the smell - does it mean I'm starting to turn a corner?

  • Hiya Andi hope your having a good day gal!!, didnt like the smell, that has got to be great news, and i think you've definitely turned the corner, just wondered though whether you were focused on quitting, orrrrr the 2 blokes????? best get out of here.

    Thank you as well Andi for your help this afternoon, i needed it as well gal, i did!! loads of huggggs to you as well, and dont you forget that i'm here to help you as well!! :)


  • So proud of you Pete :) that gets a woo hoo, isn't it great that just as you need help you get it, same thing happens to me sometimes too so i say a big thank you to everyone on here as well :) keep strong, keep singing :)

  • Aup Suepagal, a woo hoo eh, thats magic gal, i havnt had a woo hoo for ages, thats just made my friday Sue it has!!!! :) I hope your feeling better, and you must keep that dancing up gal, when you can that is!!

    Big big huggggs to you Sue for your help :)


  • It's my pleasure to help you Pete, you help me too, as does everyone on this site, that's how we can all keep the piggies away, we're all a huge brick wall keeping them out :) your doing amazingly well, keep going strong :)

  • Pete! You must be so proud of yourself no wait, let's go one step further, PROUD in capitals! You told those piggies who is boss!!! Doing a little happy-dance for you right now :D

  • HI Lenne, thank you very much for that, and your right, i feel fantastic gal, i told them who was boss!! and they bossed off!!!! te he.

    As for you havin a little happy-dance, wish i was there dancin with you gal, oopps, had to smack my hand again gal, thats twice this-safto, sorryyyyy it must be my age gal. :o

    Loads and loads of huggggs to you Lenne, and i am allways here to help you if you need it gal :)


  • Hehe thanks Pete, I really appreciate! xx

  • Now I love a sweet cup of tea. Used to have 2 sugars in coffee and tea. Years ago I tried to cut down and really missed it in tea but not coffee which I thought would have been the other way round! Well a couple of months ago I finally ditched it altogether in coffee and just decided to cut down in tea. Thought I'd try to replace one spoon with sweetener and got these natural ones made from Stevia Leaf. Just had my first cup like this - won't bother again - probably a bit like smoking - it's the real thing or nothing! Well as I only have 2 cups of tea a day I think I'll just keep taking the sugar!!

    P.S. My box of chocs will be finished this weekend.

  • I too used to have 2 sugars in tea & coffee years ago, but now I can drink tea without sugar but no way with coffee!!!! have to have half a spoon of sugar in that!. Jamie at work just drinks coffee, nothing else in it. :o Talking about nakid coffee, i quite like nakid tea, ha ha told you i was nuts didnt i !!!!

    As for that box of chocs, just how BIG is it????? and do you really like ALL the centre's???? I used to like Black Magic, cus you had 2 layers and if any of my friends were coming around, i used to swap my favorite ones off the top layer, and put them on the bottom layer!!!! if that makes sence to you, well i know what i mean. have a great weekend Andi, and stay lucky. :)


  • Well Pete, it's a Thornton's premium collection which I got on special offer at Christmas and had tucked away. It's 444g and the chocs are so big I can only manage a few in one sitting. I know some people who would admit to finishing off a box in an evening once opened and can't believe that I can only eat a few at a time!

  • Andi, I admit to it, if i get the taste!! that is it, box is empty gal in one sitting, hhhmmm Thorntons premium collection, eh!! now i know that you are a lady of good taste, even if they were on offer!! Good nite gal and i hope you have a good nites sleep as last night, nodding myself, soooo i'm going too. Sweet dreams Andi. Ha spelt it right this time. :)


  • Was in middle of writing here about it being on a go-slow - probably cos whole country on computers at same time. It was driving me nuts and that seems to be when my computer crashes on me!

    Oh well, Pete's gone to bed and I'm going shortly so good nite everybody and don't forget, that's yet another one we've all got under our belts!!

  • Night Andi i'm going myself soon too :)

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