Good morning everyone.

Thursday and nearly at the weekend. Another week of us all being smoke free. :)

Weather doesnt look too bad here in Yorkshire. hope its ok where you are.

Well got no plans for today. Maybe ironing and a bit of shopping. Feet still ache from yesterday.

Todays piccy is thankful thursday, mainly to be thankful we have all stopped smoking, our health will improve, and most of all we should be thankful to Emjay , Claire, quit support team. and thankful we have each other . :) :) :) :) :) :)

I am off to get my brekky now. see you all soon , and enjoy your day. :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl your up early :) wish i was still in bed, couldn't get to sleep last night, or the night before :( feel rubbish today, but will try to stay cheery and awake :)

    Love the pic and couldn't agree more, i'm really grateful to everyone on here, and Emjay and Claire, i could never have stopped smoking, or stayed stopped without everyone's help :) so a big (((hug))) and thank you from me :)

    Away to get breakfast now will chat later :) xx

  • Morning Sue, I too am a rubbish sleeper. Always have been. Funny enough since i stopped smoking I could manage a half hour nap in the afternoon sometimes. Sure I feel better for that than when I try to sleep at night.

    Keep happy and positive. your doing great. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl thank you for that, i'm certainly will try keep happy today :) been struggling a little, but that's to be expected i suppose, i'm sure i'll get a laugh on here though :) xx

  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Grey one here today with lots of showers forecast. Might be another afternoon for getting square eyes. :o

    3 months today!!! Yippee!!! :) :) :)

    I've got my first dental appointment since quitting this morning so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. ;-)

    Wonder if Emjay's sorted out the competition yet?

    See you later, off to see pt shortly. :)

  • Hi andi, BIG well done on reaching 3 months. yoou must be so chuffed. :)

    Yes I wondered if Emjay had forgotten about the comp. Sure we will have reminded her now.

    Dont train tooooooooooo hard this morning.

    Good luck at the dentist. :)

    see you later. xx

  • Well done Andi you must be so pleased And proud .. 3 months is amazing well done.

  • Morning Andi 3 months, that's brill :), hope things go well at the dentist :), then you'll save more money :D :D

    don't know what the weather is gonna do here today, although it's sunny at the moment :)

    will chat later :) xx

  • Morning all, well done Andi, you must feel GREAT! Don't know why but I'm feelin a bit low

    today and keep thinking of fags but I won't give in. Thank God for my little plastic one!!

    Have a good day everyone.

    Dawn x

  • Hi Dawn, Dont worry about feeling a bit low, I find I have the odd days like that. although they aren`t as often now. Think our bodies are still adjusting to getting healthy. Keep at it dawn you can do it.

    Just think your a non-smoker now. :)

  • I know, thanks Jilly. The feelings past now a bit but still niggling!

    Oh well tomorrow is another day and a better one hopefully!

    Dawn x

  • Good Morning :-)

    Things got quite busy for me yesterday so I thought I'd spend some time with you all in the evening, got home and then couldn't get on here! :-X

    I have a couple of messages to take care of about our fun competition but shall report back later :-)

    Congratulations to our lovely Andi :-D 3 whole months of being smokefree and you have worked really hard to stay where you are as I know it has been a struggle at times for you :-) Remember to let your dentist know that you are still smokefree and see that he books you in for a nice clean and polish :-) Well done :-)

    Lesley (newromantic) you have also been smokefree for a quarter of the year now :-) Thats brilliant :-D To think back to the days of when you really felt the need to sit there rolling up your rollies. Hopefully you now have a sense of freedom :-)

    How is it for you today Dawn? It sounds as though you are at that point of staying quit for good but those little white sticks are shouting out as loud as they can to you to grab your attention :X think of them as being pretty desperate to win your heart back... Don't let them in, just smile at the feelings, turn your back and walk away :-) Remembering that the more cravings you overcome, the stronger you will become :-)

    Sue, it's still early enough days for the odd struggling feeling to come through. This just shows how addictive nicotine is and how it affects your mind. Life throws all kinds of things at us and it is these things that the gremlins lie in wait for. When something happens, they are there straight away as that's when they think they'll catch you out :-X Just carry on doing what you are doing and stay strong. We're behind you all the way :-)

    Jillygirl, you have another milestone coming up this week too :-) I bet you are over the moon :-) Try and put your feet up today and rest up a little. Monday will be here before you know it and you're running round on Grandparent duties again, so rest up while you can! :-)

    I really am thankful that it is Thursday and totally thankful to you all for showing so much support to each other :-)

  • Morning all.. Hope everyone's well..

    Bit of a grey day today outside.. Hope it picks up in a bit don't want to but gotta go out!!

    Absolutely knackered today been up most of the might with missy my oldest dog as she's been ill.. Was hoping we'd avoid a trip to the vets but unfortunately looks like we might not be able to..

  • Hi Lisa-jane . Sorry to hear missy poorly. Hope she was ok at the vets. Big hugs and cuddles to her, and you of course. :)

  • Hi Lisa, hope it goes ok at the vet with Missy.

  • Morning Lisa-Jane, aaaaah poor Missy Puppy-Dog, she's the cute staffie isn't she? I loved her ears :-) Hope she's okay and that she's just feeling a tad under the weather, as we all do sometimes. How old is she?

    Positive get well hugs being sent to her :-)

  • Just to let you all know, I am onto this fun competition... I just have to tie up a few loose ends (need to speak to Pete too) He's cracked me up :D

    How's everybody's day going so far?


  • Hi Emjay, just got in after trailing round the shops for some new trainers. No joy just bought some new trousers and jeans from m&s instead. So much for putting my feet up. I`d love to see what Pete put in the challenge he`s super at making us laugh.

    Will catch up later. :)

  • I'm sure he'll let me share... he's the bestest head the ball in the world isn't he :D

    Speak laters :-)

  • I tell you what Emjay , he really does cheer me up. and I am sure that applies to the others. :)

  • We loves our Pete we do :D

  • You do know if he reads this he will get big headed. He will expect a fan club. :D :P

  • Good afternoon everyone and thank you all for your good wishes. As I said on Jilly's blog, there's no way I could have got this far without all your help and support. :) :) :)

    Dentist was ok - just a normal checkup. He seemed pleased that I'd quit smoking. I commented on a sore gum. He said that when you give up smoking your blood rushes to the surface much quicker so if you have somewhere prone to being tender it can get worse for a time.

  • Also, when some people first stop smoking they may find that their gums bleed a bit more than usual. This is a positive sign that their circulation is returning to normal too :-)

    Glad to hear that your dentist is pleased for you Andi :-)

  • Hi everybody, Gosh its been busy today aint it :o :)

    Will have to go and look around :)

  • Evening Pete, just did a nice vanishing post to you !! Gone!! Grrrr!! :X

  • I know just what you meeeeeeen Andi :(

    Congrats for the 3 months gal, i feel so proud of you :) :)

  • Hi Pete, seems your a popular guy. Hope your day went ok. Going to get ready for the land of nod now and practice the breathing exercise Emjay suggested.

    See you tomorrow. luv ya. xx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, dont think i need Emjays breathing exercise to make me sleep, i need somethink to get me up in the morning :D :D

    Nite nite gal luv you tooo xxxx :)

  • My night cap dosent fit !! :o think my eds got bigger for some reason!!!! :) :)

    Speak tomoz

    Pete :)

  • Friday tomorrow. :)

    Is it poet's day for you biged? :D :D

  • Hmmmm got to think about that one :o by the way your spellings getting worse Andi, one knows it is big head :P :P

  • I can't believe you've not heard of this one!!

    Poet's = Push off early tomorrow's Saturday.

  • Just tried Emjays breathing exercise and nodded off gal sorry :D :D

    No i havent heard of that before, BUT i have nowwww :) :)

    Hey its your bed time now Andi, so i will let you go :( :( nite nite Andi luv ya gal, and i couldnt have got this far without your help, and the rest of them lovely people on here :) :) many thanks :)

    Pete :)

  • Nit nite. :)

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