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Good morning,

I hope everyone slept well, and ready for another smoke-free day. Those of you who have just started with the stoptober a big well done your now on the 4th day soon be a whole week. Keep thinking positive thoughts and shun those cravings away. They might seem like a friend but they are the enemy to your health.

Have a good day whatever your plans are.

Be happy. :)

A happiness poem:

If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile,

Then my face would always dress in style.

If my ears could hear my computer screen,

From one to another, they, too, would grin.

My keyboard types for my eyes not my tongue

This happiness poem will never be sung.

But what of my eyes? Don't they shine?

Yes, but not from this poem of mine.

The pen is mightier than the sword,

But a pen can write only words.

The feelings I sense and the senses I feel

For keyboard and screen remain far too real.

My ears and my nose remain at rest.

My cheeks and hairline are doing their best.

But if this happiness poem could make my mouth smile,

My face would forever dress up in style

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Morning Jillygirl, love the poem, it's ace :) :)

Sorry about last night, i couldn't get back on, this stupid computer wouldn't let me do anything, again, it was nearly out the window :D :D

got a friend of mine coming later today to look at it for me, hopefully they'll get it sorted, so if i disappear today it's the the computer, not me

the weather looks nice here, the sun is out and blue sky, a bit chilly, but it looks good

got nothing planned for today, will see what the day brings

you have a great day, whatever your doing :) x


Morning Sue, hope you get your pc fixed, its really annoying isnt it.


weather nice here too, makes a change I was looking for noahs ark yesterday. :D

Off for a pub meal with hubbys brothers etc. so hopefully my cold doesnt get worse. Seems a little better today. You take care and chat later. :)


Hi Jlilygirl, love the picture, looks just like me last night :D :D

enjoy your meal :) will chat later :) x


Good Afternoon Everybody, I'm not sure what's going on but my post from this morning has gone :-/ It definitely posted as I read over it again earlier....

Enjoy your lunch with the boys Jillygirl :D

I think that it's my turn for that picture now Sue :-/ Hope you manage to get your PC sorted today and that we're not going to be having those gremlins to keep us company again like they used to! :-/

How's everybody else doing? I hope you are all staying strong and keeping those cravings at bay :D


Hi all, had a lovely lunch. Never even think about smoking now,except when we are leaving the pub and see them all stood outside smoking. Oh! its so nice not doing that again. :)

By the way Sue love your new piccy, is this for the start of the diet :D :D if it is I will join you. :P


Hi Jillygirl, hopefully this computer is fixed now, i just got back on now, just hope it holds out till i can get another one :D

glad you had a nice lunch, it must be great not to think about smoking anymore :) can't wait till that's me :) :)

:D :D :D absolutely my new diet :D

thank you for the laugh, been feeling down today for some reason (not smoking related), so have been stuffing my face on all the wrong foods, will start eating better tomorrow :)

you can all have a piece of the cake,it's yummy :D :D


Oooooooooooooooooooh! I`ll put the kettle on then.



Just what i need, a cuppa after a hard computer day :D :D :)


You see P.C. stands for Perfect Cuppa. :)

or Pete`s comical. :P


I think it should be Pete's Comical :D :D :) that's his new name :D :D


Yeah! he will say it stands for pretty clever. :P


He will, but we should stick to our one :D :-P


My daughter has just called so back later on. :)


Hi everybody hope you'r all ok :) :)

Tell you what Sue i've got fish n chips for dins, so could just eat you for afters :P :P yum yum :)

Hey Jillygirl see you've been gallyvanting about again, bet you didnt pay :P typical flippin Woman :D :D

Do you think Emjay's lost the plot, cus when i post it allways comes out ok :D :D

As for p c that stands for Pete's choc :P :P yummyyyyyyyyyy


Hi Pete

How you doin today, good I hope :)

I like chocolate, so that's a good one :D :D


I'm ok now thank you for asking Sue, its just work getting me down a bit at the moment :( :( but will get over it or find another job :o one or the two anyway :)

How you feeling today Sue, i hope them gremlins keep away tonight :) :)


sorry work is getting you down, just stay strong on the piggie front and keep them away, don't let your job get you down, just whistle while you work :D :D

I'm fine today, thanks, had some cravings but i just shouted them away, and off they went :)

think i got those gremlins with your spear so we shouldn't see them again :D :D :D


As for my spear :o i'm sorry for last night, my aim wasnt very good :D :D


:D :D :D just saw that today cause my computer broke last night, i nearly wet myself laughing :D :D :D


Hey you steady on gal :o :| did you see Jillygirls pic that she found :D


If you mean the one to do with your spear throwing yep :D :D, it was hilarious, don't know how she manages to find these :)


She must have something we havnt got gal :o :o hmmmm not sure what though :D :D do you think it's the age she is :D :D


hmmmmm could be, with age comes wisdom :D :D :D


Is this write Sue -- your saying our Jillygirl is brainy :D :D :D :D

Good job she's not on here :o :o


heard that!


Hi you two that cake was SUEperb!

Pete this is you :-


all you need is a whistling kettle and you`ve cracked it.


Just have a moan at us on an evening and forget about work.


she will be soon, I better hide :D :D :o

I'll go hide with the gemlins :D :D :D


Hi Jillygirl, glad you enjoyed the cake :D


Ok you two, gremlins have come to visit my pc. so sorry Pete talk tomorrow. Sue take it easy. love ya both. Night night. sleep tight. :) xx


nite nite Jillygirl sweet dreams :) x


sorry Pete gotta go now getting really tired

nite nite sweet dreams :) xx


Nite nite you two, going up the wooden hill myself now, luved the pics Jillygirl, just one thing, i aint got blonde hair :P :P although the other pic does look like me :D :D see you both tomorrow, and you take care of yourselves :) :) you have a good shut eye tonight :) :)


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