Daily Chat : Thursday 14th June 2012

Good morning all,

I hope everybody has had a good nights sleep, so that you can keep those piggies at bay and have a smoke free day!! :)

Those of us who had a bad day yesterday, just think of it as a challenge!! that you won :) and i do hope that you have a much better day today :)

Hi Hayley, and welcome to this fantastic support site, just come and have a chat with us gal and meet the rest of us, they are such nice people, and you have met Andi and myself. :)

We try to help each other but if we cant, we know two very nice young ladies who can - Claire and Helen from the quit support team. :)

Claire i hope that you have done your housework gal, :D and Welcome to you Helen, its nice to see you here too gal :)

Rite thats enough of me rambling on, i best go and check the girls in the greenhouse, see if they want feeding or watering, i might even give them a singsong while i'm in there. :o

Speak soon Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing

soooo..... chat away!

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  • Hi Pete, just popped in to say good morning before I go out for the day. Off for a ride to Easingwold near york. Do a lovely hot pork sarnie there. :)

    Anyway wish everyone a good morning , including yourself . and a special welcome to Hayley sure we can all help her.

    right ! off now hubby waiting. :P

    Love ya! xx

  • Hiya Jillygirl, having a ride out eh, nice one gal it will do you good, and a hot pork sarnie :P :P yum yum!! sounds a bit like my bacon butties, hey have you got a doggie bag with you gal :D :D and watch out for them piggies gal too :o

    Hope you and your hubby have a nice day and take care!! :)

    Pete :)

  • Hot pork sarnie, hot pork sarnie, hot pork sarnie, hot pork sarnie, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! One for me too please! :D :D

  • oyyyy i asked first :P :P i hope she's got a ''BIG'' doggie bag :D

  • Morning everybody and the sun's still shining at the moment! 8-)

    Oh no Pete, just seen your blog - bacon butties! I could eat it all! Have just got in from my PT session and told him about my pork pie. He said it's about the worst thing I could eat! :( Isn't it funny how all these things talked about ALREADY this morning come from PIGGIES!!! :D :D

    Anyway, let's hope today's better all round for ALL of us (and some even more who's been having a bit of a time of it the last few days. :) )

    Andi x

  • Hi Andi, soooooo the suns shining then, 8-) thats just what you need gal to charge your batteries up :o :| you sound about back to your normal mad self :D :D and hey stop talkin about piggin porkies, it was flippin pork pies yesterday, you were munchin on!!!! :D

    I think i might just get a BIG pork pie for a salad on sat erm sunday!! hmmmm what can i have with that???? :P :P

    Nearly shut eye time again, huh goes so flippin quick, but as i have said before!! I DO NEED my beauty sleep!! :(

    Pete :)

  • Have just finished my lunch and part of it was the last quarter PORK PIE! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! :D :D

    Yes thanks, better today. :)

  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the warm welcome Pete - I am slightly obsessed with this site already I love it!

    Hope everyone has a lovely smoke free day! Enjoy the fresh air jillygirl!


  • Hi Helen, nice to see you gal.

    just wondering if you've got any pork or bacon butties going spare gal, cus i know some people that will take them off your hands, :P :P

    Pies will do!! :) chat later.

    Pete :)

  • Yes, we seem to go from being addicted to one thing ( :( ) to being addicted to something else ( :) ) (Now is that this site, food - or something else! :o )

  • hi andi i agree we seem to be talking about food more and more, suppose it takes our minds of those piggies. what you having for your tea , havent christened mine yet. see you later love. xx

  • Hi Jilly, glad you had a lovely day out. I'm finishing up some chilli (home-made) with wholemeal pitta bread for my dinner tonight. That's a nice healthy, wholesome start to the evening, :) then I'll see where I go from there! :o I've really got to make an effort to stop shovelling in the rubbish - maybe next week! :D :D

  • hi andi, your being very good with the food today, prawn currry and rice we ended up with. like i said to finley resisted any afters.

    Gonna munch on a brazil nut. :)

  • hi Helen, glad your enjoying our banter. I am beginning to think this site is getting addictive, let alone the quitting and eating we are on about. I had a lovely day out thanks . see you later. :)

  • Just had the most godawful temptation. I set off at 8am for what should have been a reaaally important 9.30am meeting. The journey should have taken one hour but several lots of roadworks, broken down lorries etc etc and I had to phone them at 10.15 to let them know what was happening. They said to rebook for next week, which I've done, but it'll cause all sorts of problems for my work etc. Anyway, the word CRAVE doesn't come anywhere near what I felt for three out of the four hours I was driving today. I had to call at a supermarket for loo roll (needed urgently otherwise I'd have left it) and I was almost crying with the urge to go to the fag counter and buy 10. All the three hours it was like an angel and demon - well, mostly a demon, sitting on my shoulders telling me "Just buy 10, smoke 1 and chuck the rest, you'll feel so much better" and the other side saying "if you'd still been smoking now, would you have felt less stressed about this?". It's been horrendous. I did manage not to buy fags and I'm so glad, but still feel very wobbly. Hope tomorrow's a better day :-(

  • Hiya Finley, yeah that's what we all felt like at the beginning - driving! The first thing you do when the traffic slows down is .... light up! REALLY tough not doing that. Emjay always told us to do the breathing exercises - just look back over the Quit Support blogs and you'll find them. I always keep mints in the car cos I still feel like that now. :o Not sure if it will ever go away but it does seem to get easier as time goes on.

    Good luck with the rest of your day and STAY STRONG!

    Andi x :)

  • Thanks Andi. I am just about coming down of the ceiling now! I thought I'd cracked this driving thing, but today was off the scale in terms of wind up value. Anyway, I'm really glad I didn't cave in and am starting to feel a bit calmer, after two ham sandwiches and a big glass of water - just about to start on the M & Ms now - lol :-)

  • Here we go - it's that pork again!!! :o

  • HI everone, Just got back in from my ride out. Had a lovely day, went round garden centre, village shops. Bought my hot pork sandwich. it was sooooooooooooper! followed by a piece of caramel shortbread. yummy. :)

    glad you are all ok sorry i forgot to take the doggie bag with me. :(

    Finley i am so proud of you not giving in, these things are meant to try us i am sure. When we were driving home this afternoon, we came to some roadworks. When we came to a standstill i wound the window down. My hubby scowled at me thinking i was going to have a ciggy. I turned to him and said smugly just having a quick drag. :O hubby looked amazed. then i got my inhalator out and had a puff on that. :P wont tell you what he said then, you can guess.

    catch up later. xx

  • Ha ha, thanks Jillygirl. I've got my inhalator here, charged and ready to go! Been drinking loads of water and can't wait for my dinner (prawn curry, veg curry etc) and then I think I'll feel satisfied. Have to wait till my daughter's finished baking cakes before I can get to the cooker though! :-)

  • hi finley , we ended up with prawn curry and rice , resisted any afters. (at least for now) :)

  • Thanks for the welcome pete :D!

    Already so many people have given me help and advice and I've only been here 24 hours :D. Sounds like you had the crave from hell Finley! I hope my worst crave is past but I feel that may be a long way off yet haha!

    Thanks again all!

  • Yeh Hayley it was the crave from Hell. Happy to say I'm over it now after a lot of dinner, not to mention pudding and loads and loads of fizzy water (trying to knock the wine on the head as well at the moment - lol) You're right, this place is great for support, look forward to hearing more about how you're doing x :)

  • Hi Hayley, I hope that you are feeling ok today, and its so nice to see you here :) we are all very friendly gal, and a bit mad :o

    You know when you make the smillies :D i see that yours arent turning out!! :( well when you type the smillie, leave a couple of spaces between that and the text, before and after :P if you see what i mean!! :)

    Have a good nights sleep gal and maybe speak tomorrow. :)

    Pete :)

  • lol I had prawn curry and a chick pea and butternut squash curry with rice - then a bread and butter pud (it's my craze at the moment) and extra thick cream ;p To be honest the curries were just OK (home made and I'm usually good at them but was a bit distracted today) but the pud was yummy and I'm just trying to resist another portion. Have a good evening and no doubt I'll be on here tomorrow :-)

  • Soz Jillygirl, got me smiley wrong - didn't have me glasses on :p

  • should have gone to specsavers. lol. :O

  • Oh, very quick! made me laugh, I didn't think I would today, thank you :D

  • Forgot I'd bought some nice crusty bread so had some of that with the chilli instead. Followed by 2 slices of buttered malt loaf (low fat - don't recommend it :P ), 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds and some cashew nuts.

  • Pete, enjoy your last night working before your hols - just think, all those lovely lie-ins and you could get on your bike and see if you can reach the coast somewhere (better still, put it in the back of your van ;-) ). You too can then cycle along the prom and have a dip in the sea! :D :D

  • Now then thats an idea Andi, cus i think if i cycled to the coast, i would need the rest of the week in bed gal :D :D

    I see your eating some nice low fat food then!!!! :)

    Jillygirl, what!!!! no doggie bag :( :( just have to starve :(

    Do you want to start the chat tmoz gal???? its up to you gal i dont mind :P i'm glad you had a nice day out, anyway i had best get back to work, flippin busy again!! :(

    Speak tmoz and keep them piggies away!!!!

    Pete :)

  • hi pete, yes will start off the chat tmoz. sorry about the doggie bag :(

    Anyway love dont work too hard. chat tmoz. luv ya! xx

  • Garry, if you're around I'd just like to wish you all the best for the London to Brighton bike ride this weekend. I think it's on Sunday which looks like the better day. Don't go too mad and just pace yourself.

    Good Luck, Andi :)

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