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Good morning everybody,

Hope you all slept well, Like I told Andi yesterday I tried a sleeping mask, guess what didn`t work. :( anyway perhaps I am not meant to sleep in. :O

Well its raining this morning up here in the north. whats it like near you. ?

Welcome to Leanne and Bridgetjones, from yesterday evening. If anyone can help them with their questions. Sure Emjay will advise.

Whatever your plans are today enjoy another smokefree day. xx :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

Well at the moment, the sun is shining down here on the south coast. 8-) :) (Yippppeeee!)

Just off for my PT session. We work in a dungeon and it wouldn't surprise me if it's raining by the time I come up for air! :P :D

Good to see we have some new members and look forward to them joining in with the chat.

Look in later. :)


Morning andi, sunshine 8-) ! show off. :D

enjoy your pt. see you soon. :)


Just had a friend call round on her way to work., not seen her for about 5 months.

Made a cuppa, and sat for 10 mins having a chat. She gor her ciggys out and offered me one. " Oh I dont smoke thanks I said."

She looked surprised at me and said " uh who forced you to stop then"

My answer :- Common sense and my body, no one else.

So she put her ciggy back in its packet and went off rather sheepishly to work.

Did notice when she got into her car , she lit her ciggy up.

Now I dont know if she will see me again or not. but who needs friends like that if they aren`t going to support you.


Morning Jillygirl, yeah flippin raining here tooooo :(

Good on you Jillygirl, it sounds as though she was jealous of you gal, cus i bet she wishes that she could quit, like you have :)

I've got a couple of mates that know i have quit, but they still ask me if i want one, think they are trying to catch me out :x good job most of my mates are very supportive eh :) :)

Morning Andi, i hope you enjoy your pt down in the dungeons, dont get locked up will you :D :D

Pete :)


Well that's the first think you do when you get in the car, isn't it? (not any more of course) ;-)


Morning everyone - the sun is trying to shine here but at least it's not raining. I'm going to my son's caravan in Bognor for the weekend, going on Saturday and coming back Monday as I have a few days off next week, so hopefully the weather will be good. Anyway another smoke free day for us all!

Dawn x


Morning Dawn, i hope your feeling alright and keeping them piggies at bay, Bognor eh, erm dont think i have been their gal, thats on the West coast isnt it??

Anyway i have ordered wall to wall Sun Shine for us all this weekend, 8-) 8-) cus i'm sure we are all erm fed up with this weather now !!

Speak soon Pete :)


Morning Dawn, stopped raining here but not exactly sunshine. Bognor is on the south coast isnt it? I believe I once went when I was a nipper. You have a lovely day. :)


Yes jilly, south east coast. Gonna have a lovely few days with my grandchildren, well 3 of them anyway. I've got SEVEN!! and I'm only 52...god knows how many I'll have by the time I'm 70 LOL!!! xxx


Cor, you get around don't you! You'd better take your cossie cos hopefully you'll have some summer whilst there. Not going to Butlins for the day are you? (I think Pete knows his way round the country by where he thinks Butlins is! :D :D I wonder if he went to Pontins too?) :|


Just a little something for you Girlies :)





thank you Pete. that will cheer us all up. :)


Morning jilly and all

Not raining here yet!!! Yesterday it was foul in the morning so everyone was in coats n brollys by the afternoon it was bright sun and really warm!! Apparently I'm hearing the summer is about to start!!! Hmmmmmmmmm

Im in need of some geeing up today... My quit adviser has reduced my patches to the 14mg ones.. He says it's 4 weeks on each stage?? I used my first patch yesterday and struggled but just coped as I was out of the house and really busy and around non smokers.. But I've woke up this morning and the first thing I wanted was a piggie... Haven't felt like that in weeks.

I'm not going to have one, I've worked to hard on not having one and I hit my 4 weeks mark tomorrow.. I'm not feeling as bad as I did when I first quit.. But I didn't realise that I'd be like this!!!! Grrrrr . I'm gonna try my minis see if they can help.. Otherwise I see heads rolling today!!


Morning Lisa -jane, Hope your day gets better and those nasty cravings go. I am like Pete use the inhalator when it gets bad. I hope our newbies are reading this, proves we all suffer. have a good day love. xx


Thanks jilly

I actually can't believe I feel so agitated!! This was how I was although not as bad the first few days..

I'm armed ( with minis) and very dangerous!!


Hey now Lisa, just you calm down a bit gal, :o i just hope those minis help, as i'm sure we dont want any more accidents to happen :D think i had best get out of here cus my heads just fine where it is !! :P

Jim :)


Haha your head is safe..

Im actually considering if today is the best day to go shopping!! Probably do someone a mischeif with a trolly!!

Oh and I have firmly fixed the stair gate in place now...!! Haha


Morning Lisa Jane, I'm off the patches now (from last week) but I use an inhalator when I get a craving. This really helps, could you give that a try?

Dawn x


Hey dawn

Well done for coming off the patches.. Right now I'm so angry I probably could rip mine right off!! Haha!! I Have heard of lots of people using the inhalator, however I really don't want to try it this time. Only because of the hand to mouth action and knowing what im like!!

I have gum and minis and lozenges from my quit guy and find the thing that works for me are the minis.. I'm going to go and pick up some more in a bit

How's it been not having the patches??


OK a bit daunting at first but I've completely forgotten about them now. I think sometimes it's a case of mind over matter. Also try the deep breathing excercise that really helps. Good luck love x


I can imagine!! But really well done.. It's really good to hear from people who are further along in quitting..

I'm going to read the deep breathing thing again and have a go.



Andi, you back from your pt yet gal ?? cus you just watch it around here today gal, cus you just might lose your head, :D :D

I've just found another site about lungs and how long they take to repair, plus its got loads of other good stuff on toooooooo, not had time to have a good look myself yet, but will do :)

I put the address on my lungs post if you want a look gal :)

Well Jillygirl & everybody, i'm out of here now, am noddin, so best go get some kipp, look after yourselves, and kick them piggies outa that door :)

Emjay i think this noddin larks catching :D yawn yawn speak tomoz.

Pete :)


sweet dreams Pete. xx :)


Hi Pete, yes, just got back. Will have a look ta. Nite day, sleep well. :) (at least you won't be looking at your rain all day) :D


Sleep tight Pete X


Hiya ladies, cor, you've been busy on here this morning! I'm surprised you've got time to think about cravings Lisa! :o It is a bit :P though isn't it? Go in the spare room and shout at something in there. It's really weird cos I only thought about it a few days ago but Lenne and I both munch on mints when we have cravings. I realised that I hadn't had one for hours, then promptly had to shove one in! :o Maybe you could even start substituting some of your minis with mints to help with the reduction, You never know, it might work. :)


Good Morning Everybody, wowser it's almost lunchtime :-/ Time is just flying and I really can't believe that it's Thursday already :-) Have a lovely time with your Grandchildren and family Dawn, Pete's booked in some sunshine so hopefully it's in the post already and on it's way to us all :-)

Lisa-Jane, see how you go with using the mini's but if you really are struggling it might be worth asking your advisor if you can stay on the 21mg for a couple of more weeks. In the mean time, positive thinking and practising some breathing exercises will help these trying moments to pass. I don't seem to have you up on our Wall of Winners :-/ let me know your quit date and I'll pop your name up in lights :-)

Pete, thanks ever so much for those lovely flowers :-) I shall off my pop and read through the information that you have posted, didn't make the chance yesterday, sorry :-( Have a lovely, lovely sleep and we'll see you tomorrow :-)

Andi, how did your training go? What did you have to do today? I hope your calf didn't give you too much trouble and you had a good session :-)

I haven't spoke with Lenne or Sue for a bit, must message them to see how they are doing...

The rain has stopped here, sky is still a bit grey but I'm looking forward to this promised sunshine :-)

Although our service is not part of the NHS, we still try and compliment the advice that is given by NHS services. I have just received the following piece of information that I thought may interest you;

Many people find sharing experiences with others helps them stay on track and being part of a group increases your chance of success...

So being on here or / and accessing your local service helps :-)


Hi Emjay, thought you'd have been on a bit earlier today! :D Luckily it's still not started raining yet altough big black clouds keep coming over.

PT keeps telling me I'm bionic and I say that bionic to me means made of iron and rusty and creaky. :o

When I was with the physio on Monday he worked on my back and told me my calf seemed pretty good and to keep up with the exercises (including carpet running) and alternate with running outside (1min each walk and run xn10) so did my running after pt session. Have to go back again next week.

Meantime, pt keeps going on about core exercises ( :o Phew!! ) Told him I had a naff weekend and didn't do much and am getting fatter. He said I had hardly put any weight on and in the scheme of things it is much more massive that I've quit smoking and have managed to stay quit, especially cold turkey as I did and I'm allowed a few setbacks along the way.

Hopefully the forecasters manage to get it right for a change and we start getting more than one dry day a week then the whole country can start to feel better again. :)


I think you've done absolutely amazing Andi, I admire the motivation that you have in keeping up with your fitness sessions... I'd love to be able to be like that :-) Your PT is right in that quitting smoking will have more of an impact on your health than anything as research shows that giving up smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health all round :-)

I'm just in the middle of reading through the information that Pete posted the other day, lots of good stuff. I'm trying to look into what it says about eating pineapple to help clear lungs and increase the elasticity... really interesting :-)


Hi Emjay, After reading Petes info I also found out apples help clear the lungs too. Oh yes I am sulking seeing you didnt wish me good morning he he. :(

Only joking :P enjoy your day . see you soon. xx :)


Oh no... :-(

Jillygirl, I think my head must have fallen off! I really don't know what happened, I copy everything over to a word document before I post it (in case I lose it) I'll just nip and have a look.... Hang on a mo :-)


I must have not copied the whole post before pasting and posting... Oooof... I'm sorry :-(

This was at the end of my first post missus...

Thanks for the cute little Nelly the elephant Jillygirl, they say elephants never forget... so lets all remember to stay positive and not forget why you wanted to give up smoking in the first place

Speak to you all in a bit :-)


Anybody got a site with average weight for individual ages. think I am border line but not sure. Otherwise will check at the docs. thanks.


Hey Jillygirl,

Here's a link to the NHS Healthy weight for height chart;


I have a feeling you may have already looked at it. There is another option on the NHS website to work out your body mass index to take into account everything else, however it doesn't appear to be working. I'm on the wrong side of the line :-( although I wouldn't class myself as overweight so don't focus on it too much... :-/

This is the link anyway;


Hope this helps :-)


Just found this too Jillygirl :-)


I'm still a tad over weight on it though....


thank you will look after tea. your a star.


Hi Emjay , still on borderline. so will try more exercise as well as the healthier diet and should be ok. thank you. :)


Hiya Jilly, did you have any thoughts about my comments on your blog yesterday? (about exercising in water :o )

So, you're getting worried about your weight too? and after only 3 months! I suppose it might just be time to start reducing all those extra goodies like biscuits and chocolates! :D :D


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