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Daily Chat: Thursday 31st May 2012

Good Morningin Everybody :-)

Today is World No Tobacco Day, a day to encourage a 24 hour period abstinence from all forms of tobacco use across the world.

Here are a couple of links that will give you an insight into how World No Tobacco Day came about and the awareness it raises about the negatives of tobacco use across the world;


The following link is an article in today's Guardian which I think you may find quite interesting, see what you think;


For those of you who have already stopped, then well done to you :-) those of you still thinking about it, why not think about setting a quit date over the next couple of weeks? For those of you who have a quit date approaching fairly soon, how are you getting on woth your planning and preparation?

Remembering that all your past attempts will help towards this time round :-)

The weather is a bit damper today it seems, fantastic for the grass, the trees and the ducks :-)

I hope everybody is in good spirits and that today brings good energies to all :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing :-)

Soooo..... chat away!

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Good morning everyone, I am toasting you all with my cuppa tea on World No Tobacco Day! I plan to spoil myself today with steak ;) How will you all celebrate this day being smoke free, if you plan to celebrate?

Love and hugs to you all, I am off to read the links EmJay posted xx


HI Lenne, hope your ok. enjoy your steak. think there must only be you and me got up today oh and emjay. May be they are celebrating no tobacco day by staying in bed.

hug and cuddles to you.


hi emjay, and everyone else .

not much news today. Went for a ride out today up in the yorkshire dales. Rained most of the time until we got home . nice and sunny now.

On my 9th week of not smoking . so trying to keep positive.

Message to all :-



found the links you told us about very interesting. thanks. jillygirl.


Afternoon everybody, I was about earlier today but Emjay was a bit late starting today's blog so left it til now. Well we were lucky enough to not have any rain down here today.

phone going - continue later.


Afternoon Everybody,

not sure if it's my computer or not but I am still having major problems trying to access here... so frustrating :-(

I hope you are all enjoying a much cooler day today, I think you definititely will be Lenne :-)

9 weeks, Jillygirl, thats absolutely fantastic. Hope you are still putting your pennies away and treating yourself every now and again :-)

Are you going to be cooking your steak up yourself Lenne? Another lesson in cooking? You are certainly filling your time up :-)

Sorry I was late this morning Andi, I just couldn't get on here and then had to go to a meeting. However, if any of you are ever on before me in the morning, please feel free to start the daily chat, Pete done really well when he was on his other shift didn't he? :-)

I'm away home now and probably not going to check in on here until late tonight as I'm off out to celebrate our 'Stars of The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation' awards night. We have so many people to thank in recognition of their hard work and support to our charity over the years. I really am looking forward to it. Maybe I'll even have some photies to share :-)

Speak to you all later :-)


Aup Emjay, you out celebrating tonight then!! you enjoy gal, and have a couple for me while your at it toooo :o That means the daily chat will be late tomorrow then!! :D :D You enjoy gal. :)

Pete :)


Blimey, sounds wonderful have a great time; photos would be fantastic!! xx


Hi everybody, whilst i was driving home down the A38 i saw ''Me'' coming up the other way, same van, same colour, and he looked more like me than i do!!!! hmmmm does that mean there's 2 of me?? :D

Andi i hope your run went well, and you didnt hurt yourself gal, you say that Emjay was late!! nooooo never!! :D

Jillygirl-- wow 9 weeks, super gal, i've nearly done 2 days now :P

Lenne-- hope your not having a black pepper steak!!!! :X this weather!!

Emjay -- just wondering about the weekend chat!! is it for sat-sun-mon- tues, with it being a bank holiday, or you doing it for mon-tues, up to you gal, i dont mind which!! :o

Gosh thats a long phone call Andi's having!!

Pete :)


Hey Pete! You have a twin eh that's cool! No idea what a black pepper steak is, my other half is spoiling me and cooking tonight, I love mine really rare and with a sauce like steak diane but tonight it's probably plain or very mild cornpepper (spicy food doesn't sit well with me any season). How you doing on day 2? :)


Hang on black pepper is probably what I am having- having a really thick moment lol


Dont worry about thick moments gal cus i get em all the time !! :D

Black pepper is a sauce that you have with steak, like diane, but hotter :X you know what gal! you've got my mouth watering now, might treat myself to some steak, and have one this weekend, yum yum!! :P cus it gives it cooler weather for the weekend.

Yer im doing alrightish so far, ok driving and at work, just when i get home :( but am getting there, thanks for your help Lenne, your a very lovely young Lady, you ''enjoy'' your meal now :) and praise your boyfriend for cooking it for you, cus i reacon you've got a goodn there gal!!

Speak soon :)


He's okay I suppose ;) Do you keep yourself busy at home? When I get bored and fidgety (even if I am watching a movie or something on the telly my brain may be engaged but not entirely distracted) so I stitch at the same time so I am fully occupied, Maybe a hobby of sorts to keep your mind active and off those evil piggies? :)


hi all, enjoy your award night emjay, so lovely involving us all . photos will be great. Lenne I hope you enjoy your steak, sounds good to me.

Hi Pete, keep thinking positive we know you can do it. Whats this 2 of you, hope your new found buddy doesnt join this site or Lenne and I will definately be (DOUBLED) up laughing. You always manage to cheer us up. When that little demon starts niggling at you, why not take your mind of it and think up a menu for Lenne. (not pork though dont want any piggies )

Andi, Hope your alright love, and had a good day.

Love and cuddles to all of you.


Yummy, awesome idea! Love the double pun, it's punnerific! xx


Well I'm finally off the phone now. So as it wasn't raining we went out for this run!!! 15 to 20 minutes he told me last night - we were out for nearer 40 minutes. I thought you run for a couple of mins then walk for a couple of mins etc. Oh no! "We'll just jog down here" he says, get to the seafront, "keep going we're just going up here" - steps all the way up the cliff!!! :X Can't believe I made it all that way. Back & forth couple of times on top of the cliffs (not far) then start walking back down into the chine. Half way "stop, run back up" (oh no!!) walk back down all the way (nearly back now I think) "turn round and run back up again!" OMG!!!! Somehow got back up, "back down the steps" URGH! "Run back up the chine - ALL THE WAY" :o :P :X :X

No idea how I managed it!!! but somehow I did. He told me I was a natural and we were out MUCH longer than he thought we woud be!! :D :D

Drat, now I've got to go out and start running as well!!


Wow blimey Andi, you're superhuman! You must be really proud of yourself I feel creamcrackered imagining such a run! Wonderful stuff keep it up! xx


Aup Andi, so you enjoyed it then :o it's a few years sinse i've been to Bournworth gal, last time i was down there i got sunstroke!! in bed for 3 days i think, ha ha. So next time i come down there, i will keep a look out for a Lady running up and down the cliffs with a red face :X

I hope you dont ache tooooo much tomorrow, :D



well done andi. Like lenne I feel exhausted just reading what youve done. You must be chuffed with yourself.


That's enough about me for now.

Emjay, have a great time tonight - lucky for you that you won't have the temptation with the company you'll be keeping on the occassion! :D :D

Lenne, I used to love Steak Diane when I went out years ago - only problem is you have to be careful not to set fire to the house when you burn off the alcohol! :o (I'm having a lovely savoury scrambled eggs & bacon - perhaps that might reduce my munchies this evening. ;-) )

Jilly, shame you had rain when you were out on the moors. I think it's so beautiful up there and great walking country - mind you, most of the UK is great walking country even the cities. (Mind you a friend of mine had to pop up to Liverpool last week with her OH. They decided to walk around the city centre and freaked out a bit and left early to come back! :o )

9 weeks and counting - good on you girl!

Pete, well day 2 and counting. Can't believe there would be another you so close to home! :P Mind you, they do say that we all have a doppleganger somewhere in the world.

Sue, if you're about, we're all still thinking of you and I'm sure you're coping without the piggies like the rest of us. :) By the way, I was driving through the Forest today and saw 2 fields full of PIGS! (Yes, real snorty things - seemed like there were hundreds of them - I do like pigs.) :)


Hey Andi Emjay lives next door to Liverpool you know, shshshsh!!

Does steak Diane have lager on it then????

Suepagal please get in touch, i know its very hard at this time, but even if you just send us a smiley to say that you are all right gal, keep strong and thinking about you :)


Just spotted something---- Bournmouth---- sorryyyyyy


Hiya everyone, still here even though not been on for a while, still keeping strong, though getting bigger by the day lol - hey ho - can only deal with one thing at a time!!!


Hi everyone, just want to say thanks for all your responses to my running blog. Tried coming on earlier but must have been that busy time of the evening and everything on a go-slow which then causes my computer to crash so gave up in disgust and went to finish my latest packet of pistachios - gosh, I was starving today!! :o Wonder if the running will help my sleeping? let you know tomorrow.

Hi Loopy, nice to know you're still around - haven't seen you for ages. :) Glad to hear your still off those little white sticks - how long is it now? I think it was about February wasn't it so you must be really proud of yourself that you're still going strong. Keep up the good work, :)

Andi x



Hope the weather is nice for you all, raining here in yorkshire. Friday and nearly the weekend . Anyone got anything nice planned?

Pete your on day 3 keep positive, and watch out for that double of yours.

Hope the steak was nice Lenne, whats on the menu tonight.

Andi how you doing , did you have a good sleep last night after all that exercise.

Sue I hope you are doing ok with your quitting, got to admire you, after what you are going through.

Loopyloo, keep at it girl, we are all with you .

Emjay, hope you enjoyed your night out, and managed to get some photos.

Anyone heard from mad mad, Hope her leg is on the mend, and still off those piggies.

Off to make a cuppa , and some toast . catch up later.


Morning everyone sorry i've not been on for a while i've just been to busy, my dads funeral is today so won't be on for a while, i'm still off the piggies, although i don't know how I'm managing to do that if i'm honest, hope your all staying strong and keeping the pigs at bay, have a great day everyone, hope the weather is kind for you, and thank you for all your kind words, they really helped me stay strong xx


Good morning sue, my thoughts are with you today, i am sure your dad would be so proud of you. to go through all this and still of those piggies is **** marvellous. hugs and cuddles. xx


Hiya Sue, same as Jilly my thoughts are with you also xxx


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