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DAILY CHAT/  THURSDAY/  30/08/2012

Good morning all,

Well its thursday and getting nearer to the weekend. Nearer to another week under our belts.

I hope you are all ok and not struggling with your quitting regime. Dont forget if you need a moan and groan,

or a question this is the place to come to. Loads of super people here and loads of advice from Emjay and Jarvo.

Keep focused and whatever you feel like smile it really does get better. :)

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Good Morning Jillygirl :D

I think you'll also find that there is lots of advice coming from you fantastic members too :D The information that you found yesterday was great :D

I can't believe that it's Thursday already, Poets day tomorrow for most people :) The weeks are flying by!

For anybody who is looking to save money towards Christmas (dare I say this whilst it is still August?!), if you were to stop smoking now, and put all your pennies away, then you could be saving yourself around a massive £800! How about that then? :D

I think I feel a blog coming on :D


Hi Emjay, Where is every body ? Are they on strike or is it me thats not put my deodorant on. :D :D

Had a busy today, Been to the doctors thias morning, been told I have inflammatory arthritius got to go to the rheumatoid clinic 1st Oct. meanwhile he`s given me painkillers to see if that helps me. I hope so fed up with the pain .

Anyway been out for lunch with hubbys 2 brothers and wives so had a nice change there

Just got in going to make a cuppa now.

Then I am off out to feed grandaughters rabbit. Call for some more of those wrinkly support stockings and my pain killers. then I might just settle down . fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is ok. catch up soon. :) .


Hey Jillygirl, it has been really quiet on here today hasn't it? :-/ We've had problems with our server in the office today and so have just had to log out. I don't understand all this technical stuff!

I know that Andi has her holiday coming up so maybe she's doing last minute run-arounds in time for that? You go away on Saturday don't you Jillygirl?

Sue hasn't been on this week, hope all is good for her :-)

Day 3 for Pete, hope it's all going okay for him and his patches are keeping those cravings at bay. He's a winner and he'll get there :D

Chris, I hope you are finding today as easy as you seem to be lately :D

Sure2, same for you - Keep smiling and each day remaining smokefree makes you stronger :D


Hi Emjay , yesw nothing happening on here. Suppose it will liven up later when Pete gets home. Sound daft but I will miss everyone next week. I was wondering if Sue was ok I know she has been helping her daughter with decorating and they did have a death in the family. I think andi may bob on before her hol just to cheer Pete up. See you later. :)


Good evening Jillygirl, & Emjay, blimmy its been quiet today hasnt it !!!! :o

Jillygirl i hope those pain killers do there work for you gal, and you make sure you wear them wrinkleies !! do you hear me flippin Woman you :o :| I will miss you more than you will miss me gal, so there :P

As for Andi - i'm sure she has gone to London for 3 days, with her elder bossy sister, as she said :D

Emjay, did you say that you felt a blog coming on, or was it a nodd ?? :D :D


Pete, hello love sorry just got back in bet you thought we had all run off somewhere. No chance me running with my legs. But I will wear those wrinklys for you anytime. :D Now I am going to argue with you cos I most def will miss you more next week so there. P

Just taken my painkillers, ugh! they are more like horse tablets. flippin hard to swallow.

Right what sort of day have you had? Hope they have`nt worked you too hard.

see you soon. :)


Oooooh you are awake then, huh thought you'd court the nodds off our Emjay :D :D

No flippin chance gal, cus i will miss you loads and loads, so there, take that then :P :P

I just hope them painkillers help you Jillygirl, i really really do gal :) :) As for your wrinklys, i can still picture those pics you put on here gal, oooooooooo


You must be like my hubby a stocking man. :O 2 of ya cant cope. :P

I think we should call it 50 50 on missing each other.

I wish I had nodded off, :O been to feed grandaughters rabbit, little b wouldn`t go back in its hutch when I wanted it to. Worn out now kids rabbits men and Nora battys, what next? :)


You've got 2 stockins havnt you ? well then whats up, 1 each :D

Ok then 50-50 it is :) still miss you the most :(

As for what next hmmmmm will have to give that some thought :o :o !!??


wont fit over his head. :D


Well take his toupee of then :o :D


Emjay, thank you so much for all your help :) :)

Rite Day 3 - hmmm, it's been harder for me today, driving - no probs - work, them piggies had a few goes at me today, and they dug their heels in a couple of times, but managed to keep focused, perhaps it was because i wasnt so busy. I will have to practice those breathing exercises you bloged, so that i can do them without thinking, like you said :)

I'm not using the inhalator this time, so perhaps thats why it seems harder :( but think it was to much last time, using both nrt's

I'm using the 25mg - 16 hour patches at the moment :)

Speak soon

Pete :)


Right Pete, going to sign of now and sit and watch tv. Annoy hubby as I am going to use my foot spa too. he he ! :P makes a gurgling noise, hope theres nothing important he wants to watch or I shall be sitting in the kitchen.

Last day tomorrow so take it steady . and stay positive. Luvs ya

Nite nite. :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, i will try to stay positive and keep focused this time gal :) :)

Luvs ya loads & loads more so there :P :D

hey you put them pins up for a bit, and get hubby to make you a nice cuppa gal :)

Sweet dreams Jillygirl, and i do luv ya xx


always rely on you to make me smile before i log off. bless ya. xx :)


Hola! I did start a bog earlier but before I had time to finish and post it, we were having problems with our PC's in work, everything was on more of a go slow than me! I shall see that it's there tomorrow :D

Glad to hear that you're keeping on Pete. It's just really important that you do stay focused and remain as positive as possible at all times. I'm not sure why using the inhalator doesn't help you, as it's one of the recommended products alongside the patches if need be. Keep marching on and we'll help you get to the to in your wn time :D Don't forget though that on the days that you feel yourself hitting a low point, it won't be too far around the corner that you are back on a high again :D

Night night Jillygirl, hope you had a lovely relaxing foot soak and that your painkillers are working properly for you :D


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