Good morning everyone, I hope you are all fit and well this Sunday morning. I also hope you all managed a good nights sleep.I do hope sinfree and Martin are feeling a bit happier today. Yesterday I posted a poem taken from a poem I found a while ago. Seeing we have a lot of new members now, I thought perhaps we could see if there were any budding poets here. Go on have a go (even Pete has done poems in the past. :D :D

Have a good Sunday stay happy. xx

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  • Morning Jilly and all

    Sunny day

    Come what may

    Keep off the smoke

    It's just no joke

    Vape suck or scream

    'S'what I say

    Oh dear! Best I can do at this hour - so for a coffee, steaming in the pot if you fancy a cup :)

  • Wordsworth Revisited (or at least one verse)

    I exhaled slowly without a cloud

    Perused the shelves of vials and pills

    I used to smoke but now I'm proud

    They no longer choke: they no longer kill

    Sometimes I'll cheer and oft I'll plea

    I will not start, I will be free.

    Morning All. Day three begins (58 hours tick tock)

  • Nice one James!

    Well done getting to day 3, have a good one :)

  • Many thanks - one day at a time!

  • Love this James x

  • Thanks - just don't tell Wordsworth... :)

  • Wow, that is really really good - I love it!

    Wow 58 hours and rising, when we first met you were on less than 24 so you've doubled that - how time flies :)

    So was the comedy night fun? :) :)

  • Morning Chrissie. Two and a half days - getting there. Now preparing for the post three days (a major milestone in my mind) and the first week (the next big one). Think the evenings will be the hardest but all part of the challenge!

    Comedy night was great thanks - a good range of comics and a great evening. Hope you had a good evening too?

  • Wordsworth just called - he's suing you for plagiarism!!!!

    Don't worry, we'll stand as witnesses for the defense - failing that we'll send the guys round with a bunch of daffs to make him an offer he can't refuse! :)

  • Good plan! Failing that, I'll phone the Man from Porlock, tell him to give Coleridge a piece of the family business and set him on Wordsworth instead. He'll never write the same again... ;)

  • Briliant! Ha Ha Ha :) :)

  • Aup James, a great poem pal and a big wow weeeeeee for day 3eeeeeeeee :) :)

  • Hello! Many thanks.

  • Brilliant start Betts and James. :) :)











  • Hey Jillygirl, you had your hair done or something :o cos you look a lot younger now gal :D :D

  • Good morning everyone, my word your all refreshed and brain awake this morning. It must be all that fresh air to your brains, it's not happening in here I've started with a cold lol. It's a nice day again though so should be a good day, I actually find weekends the hardest to be honest probably because I'm not running around as much :)

  • Same with weekends, fresher. Sorry about the cold :(. Give yourself plenty of tlc! Runny nose here probably another effect of quitting g :) waiting for the teenage spots ! :)

  • Hi Fresher, yeah, am the same with weekends gal, thats why I try to keep busy doing something, keep my mind and body active :o :)

    I'm sorry to hear you've got a cold gal, I thought I was going down with something on Friday night, but it seems to have passed :) :)

    Put your feet up with a hot cupa soup eh :) Get well soon :)

  • Haha noooo don't want the spots, I've got enough problems lol. Yes horrendous cough and runny nose, I would blame stopping smoking but all the kids have had it and very kindly passed it on to me :)

  • Hi jillygirl and all

    Nine months for me

    At last I'm free

    No nasty nic

    To make me sick

    A happy girl I be

    Well that's how I feel today. Who knows tomorrow. What a roller coaster road this stopping smoking lark is. It's not easy but every week seems to get a little better. Well enough of my rant.

    Hope Sin and Betts are feeling a bit better better today with the ecigs. Hope your feeling a bit better Martin too.

    Good luck to you James, you seem to be doing really well and to all the others starting on their journey. There Will be ups and downs but it is so worth it. Xx

  • Thank you - and congratulations on nine months!

  • Hiya Beth, its lovely to see you gal, a great poem and a big gigantic WOOOOPEEEEE for reaching 9 Months Quit gal :) :)

  • Hi Beth, congratulations on your nine months, that's brilliant.

    Yes I'm feeling better than yesterday, thanks. :)

  • Tomorrow I will be six months free

    Of smelling of smoke and being a devotee

    Mr Nic can go ride his bike

    Cause he sure as hell don't have a friend on this site

    I pace up and down and sometimes frown

    When he calls on me usually when I am down

    He is not getting the message we are sending to just stay away

    But he will get the message till my dying day

    I do hope everyone is having a better day today, give Mr Nic the biggest kick you can today he will get the message we don't need him, want him or are going to help him, he can get lost!

  • Brill kaprin

  • Brilliant Bethjayne and Kaprin, you've both done amazing :)

  • Love the Poems, :-) Have a Happy day everyone.

    Hey Sin thinking of you, hope the e-cig working today, mine seems OK this morning :-)

  • Hi mrssunnyside. Had slightly better day with them today, then all went pear shaped this afternoon but dug out a thing I got about a month ago that had yukky e-fluid in it and didn't taste very nice but in desperation I tried it again after tea and I think I've managed to get rid of yukky taste now and as its the only one left that actually works, it will have to do. Glad yours is working OK and sorry I only just saw your comment. :)

  • Good afternoon Jillygirl and everybody :)

    Jillygirl, I will leave the poems to you and the others gal, cos as you know mine was a bit naff eh :o :D :D

    Off to have a read at the comments now, see's ya in a bit :)

  • Oh my gosh, there are so many anniversaries happening tomorrow - Monday is obviously a very good day for stopping smoking!

    Now there's Fresher on 4 weeks (wow), Monky on 8 weeks (wow), Kaprin on 6 months (wow) and BethJayne on 9 months (sorry but that's a double wow!)

    Are there anymore???????

    This is so exciting, I can really feel a bum wiggle dance coming on :D :D :D

  • Yeeeeaaaaa well done everyone and can't wait... :) I am considering re naming myself Freshair though due to what's happening in my head at the minute, I think that's all their is in there :) :)

  • I agree Chrissie cant keep up with all you winners. well done all of you.

  • Hiiiiiiya Jillygirl :) :)

    Love the pic gal :D :D :D thats what we will all be doing tomorrow night see :o a bum a wiggling dance gal :D :D

  • By the way, although I like your new pic, it just isnt you gal :o ;)

  • Cheeky Monky - you can talk mr pink man!!!!

  • OY, flippin Chrissie, it will go brown seeeeeee :P :D :D :D

  • Ah but is it you, is it REALLY you? That is the question???? :) :) :) xx

  • Mr Smoke....... Ur only a joke

    But you're NOT funny

    Coz u cost me money.

    U make me stink : P

    NO MORE I think!

    I can breath fresh air,

    I have clean hair.

    I don't smell

    So ring that bell.

    Ring a ding ding

    Chuck out that thing

    It's a new me

    Tee hee hee :D

  • Love it Briar. :)

  • Yeeaa go Briar, ooh your all so mucho better than me, it staking me all my time to speak proper haha, well type it lol :)

  • Oooooohhhhh mmmyyyy, I'm going to have to stop coming on here,,, I've just re read what I've just typed and corr blimey would ya believe it, that's wrong tooooo :( haha

  • Oh Fresher, we're all the same by the sound of it! If only I could remember what it was I wanted to say ! :)

    Oh yes!!!, hugeHUGE well done, you've done amazingly well, inspiring, I am trying hard to catch up :)

    Briar, hidden talents pouring out now, so good. Too Right!.

    Its taken N age to type this, stupid thumbs, so sending. Is

  • Definite candidate for the Freshair club I think!

    Briilliant Betts, it make me laugh out loud!!! :D :D :D xx

  • See we're getting new candidates by the minute haha

  • Yes probably best kept hidden :D

  • Hahaha Betts proper made me laugh out loud that and made me feel loads better, bet it took you ages to make all those mistakes,, was going to say cock it up but then thought ooohh hang on is that a local term and will someone take offence. :D lol

  • No the mistakes NIR was really gaay gasy gasy fast! Phwq pheq phew ;)

    Example of the really tupisu yupiay yypisy typist!!!!

    Exhausted now! :)

  • Haha

  • My kids are so kind to get me this new phone! They obviously didn't reckon on the siZe of my fingers a d thumbs. Bring back the Blackberry!

    Aside from that.........

    You lot have me in stitches here :)

    It's a real tonic :D


  • I always call it fat finger syndrome haha :D

  • It's a real tonic alright Betts, I just need the gin to go with that tonic please x. :)

  • As it happens my other present was a bottle of gin :)

    So pass your glass :)

    Cheers all! :)

    Bottoms ip!

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