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Daily Chat : Thursday 24th May 2012

Good morning everybody

It's a beauty morning again, gives it another sunny day even hotter than yesterday, yerrrrr even down south. :P

Just to let you all know if you hav'nt looked on yesterdays chat yet, Sue52 posted a comment late lastnight to say that Her Father had pastaway yesterday afternoon. I'm sure that all of our hearts go out to Her and Her family on this sad occasion.

I hope you all keep focused today with it being hot again, like Emjay said yesterday, when you have a cool drink sat in your garden. That happened to me yesterday, got a cool can a lager, sat at the top of the garden, gosh did those cravings start, but i stood, erm well sat my ground should i say, and beat them off. So i am going to do that again today, and the next day, until i've mastered them!!!! Have a goodn everybody. 8-)

Pete. :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Aup Noragirl,

Now then, whats this i hear about you munchin a ''whole melon'' to yourself!!!!! :o well!!!! what about your Hubby???? i bet he didn't even get a look in!! and a water melon at that :|

I hope it goes ok at the dentists gal. :D

Pete. :)


Hi pete , Lucky for me hubby doesnt like melon. Well today its mixed nuts and raisins , for a change. As if I aren`t nutty enough.

Still doing a good job there pete. Enjoy your day. I am off in the garden now. love from our nora.


Aup Jillygirl, i'm sorry for the Nora bit, thats Andies fault, it is!!!! hhmmmmm your hubby doesnt like melon, sooooo what about nuts & raisins then????, mind you i know he likes nutssssss, :| dont know why i know that :P

I hope everythink went well at the dentists, and keep a look out for those blummin piggies. Rite off to bed now, just say bye to Lenne, and going for some noddsssss. big huggs. :)


Hi pete hope you managed to have a nod. At least hubby thought it was funny with my new name. There again he likes stockings, dont know about wrinkly ones though. lol. Poor andie getting the blame for my new nickname. good job we all seem to have a sense of humour. Bye the way dentist went very well thanks.

Take care. Jilly nora girl!. xx


Good Morning to you all, it's slightly hazy here today but apparently we've some sun on the way 8-)

Well done to you for staying strong whilst sitting in the sunshine with a few tinnies Pete.Thats some practicing that you are getting under your belt :-)

Looks like you have yourself a new name now Jillygirl :-) Keeping those fresh melon pieces ready in the fridge is a real good idea and will stop you reaching for anything that may be bad for your health (piggies!) or for your waistband (chocolate!). Keeping ready chopped snacks always works. Good luck at the dentist today, why not book yourself in for a nice clean and polish? :-)

Our thoughts are with Sue at this sad time, big hugs being sent to her from us all here xx


Yay Emjay, you're really getting into the swing of our jargon now!! :)


Trying to keep up with the times you see... Cool, hip.... and happening! ;-)


Aup you lot, just finished watering & pottering in the greenhouse, donned mi shorts and shirt off ready for action at top of garden. 8-)

Tell you what Andi, i recon Emjay's about got it aswell, mind you took Her some getting there eh!!!! :D

Emjay what???? practicing the tinnies, or beating the cravings :D and wow, your here already, and its not dins time yet, you ''are'' really getting with it gal.

See you soon

Pete :)


Just want to let Sue know she is in my thoughts and sending my love to her.

Pete, wow a greenhouse, that must be baking hot in there! What do you grow in your greenhouse? I just have the world's saddest herb garden on my kitchen shelf haha! I love cooking with fresh herbs- no idea what to put with what food but whatever, it's fun throwing them in!

Today I ticked the last box on the Quit Journey calendar I recieved with my NHS quit kit which makes me feel sad. I liked ticking off the days, it felt good. Think I will fold it away as a keepsake though.

Hope everyone is enjoying this evil erm... beautiful weather, keep cool and don't forget to chug back on the water! xx


Hya Lenne, sorry about the weather gal, i'm sure i didnt order all this blummin lot!!!! yer 102c in the greenhouse, just trying to cool it down a bit, will have to put some shading on it.

I've got toms, cucumbers, melons, lettuces, geraniums, fressias and some sweet peppers, which i'm trying, ha ha bet you wished you blummin hadn't ask now, eh!!!!


Hey Lenne, just a quick one, can't you make a spread sheet on you computer, like the quit journey calender, so that you can tick that off each day then???? :)

Hey i've just noticed you've nicked my ''erm'' as well, thats why i cant find it, :|

By the way its not water im chugin back on at the moment!! :o

PS still having to use my reserve, as in blummin, instead of flippin, ah well your a Woman, so what do i expect, huh, you want all the best things, you Woman dooooo. :P

Pete. :)


LOL! I know, typical female eh ;) Must admit I rather crave a shandy at the moment (only a splash of beer because that is allowed) but back in the day it would be a cider in this weather! Good thinking on the spreadsheet thing, problem is if I carry on doing this I get pretty OCD and continue for years so probably best I just acknowledge Fridays as weeks since I quit and for months the 27th. If I remember.. haha! Don't forget your sun lotion don't want to get crispy and have a good day honey xxx


Hey Lenne you are magic gal, but just dont get the OCD thing, anyway i'm off to bed, big huggs to you gal, and keep in there


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