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Daily Chat: Thursday 24th January 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 24th January 2013

Good Morning Everybody :-)

Here's wishing that everybody's day has started off as lovely as possible. Try and stay as positive today as you can and see what the day brings you :-)

If any cravings have popped their head around the door, see it as a positive sign that your body is recovering from all those 4,000 plus toxins that are leaving your body. These cravings are there to try and get you you to have a cigarette and keep you hooked for life, they're only doing their jobs so welcome them in, see what they have to say and then show them the door! They won't stay for too long and no doubt that they will come back, but the more times you smile in their faces the weaker they will become.

The weekend is fast approaching and if you have a plan in place for how you will deal with any cravings then you'll find you're onto a winner :-)

You really can do this... If you think you can :-)

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Good morning EmJay

Thanks for the encouraging words as always. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive but I think that this is where this site comes into its own. We are all going through the same thing so we totally understand what each other is going through and we can offer support, encouragement, great advice and a few laughs along the way.

Have a great day xx


Good Morning Emjay, Kazz and everyone,

I love everyone on here for the help and encouragement we all get and give to each other, and Emjay for always being at the helm and knowing exactly what to say :) I know that i would never have got this far without you all :)

Your right Kazz, there are times when it's hard to be positive but just a click away all the help is there :)

I hope you all have a smoke free, craving free day :) xx


hey boys and girls

the day is going good for me and hope it is for you all too.

I want to second what Sue has said about not getting this far without everybodys support on here.

so I see that there was some entertainment about clapshot last night........

if I told you there was a place in Orkney called Twatt would that amuse you as much as clapshot did? lol


Hi Sarah,

Imagine them not knowing what clapshot was :D :D........suppose it is just a Scottish thing, it is yummy :)

I'm glad your having a good day today :) I'm having a good one as well, yaasss :D :)

I didn't manage back on yesterday cause my daughter and hubby stayed a while after tea, then I got a headache so I went to bed early, I had a good time before that though :0

I bet they all laugh at that name, England have a lot of funny place names as well though :D :)


Hi all,

Am pleased to hear that everyone is having a good day!

I've had a good day too, despite having a bit of a head over and a hang ache lol I went out last night and had one or two vodkas, and then I was at work this morning. I so didn't want to get up. I'll deffo sleep tonight!

It's still very cold here and we have more snow forecast tomorrow! It's due in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll have finished work before it starts, and then there's the shopping to do.

I'm not cooking tonight, we're having an Indian takeaway, it's been ages since I had one and it's a treat. It's not often I treat myself and to be honest since stopping smoking I don't tend to spend any money in the week! I go shopping once a week and fill my car up with petrol once a month, no wonder my bank balance is going up :)

I was at the hospital yesterday to see the Cardiologist. She seems to think that my chest pain is gastric acid reflux/indigestion! She also wanted to 'capture' my additional heartbeat on an ECG. I told her that they had done that when my GP packed me off to A&E in December. She said she didn't have their records, so I suggested that she request them! She wanted me to have a monitor on for 7 days! What a waste of NHS money! I couldn't believe it!

She is also sending me for a heart scan, where it also tests your heart after exercise, ie running on a treadmill! It's been ages since I went to the gym, but I do have an active job, so it won't be a problem. I 'retired' from my career job 5 years ago this year and I now have a totally stress free job, which I love!

I agree with you all re the support of the lovely people! I couldn't have done it without you all! Yesterday afternoon, I had a 'moment' where I could have had a ciggie, but that's all it was, a fleeting thought! There was no way I'd have bought any, I am still very focused! There is no way that a stick of poison is going to control my life!

I hope that everyone has a great evening!

Will pop back later if I don't get too comfy whilst sprawled on mi sofa all snuggled up!



Hi Chickles,

Hope you had a good night last night :)

I hope everything goes okay with your heart scan, we know that people who are Hypo can get heart problems so hopefully your Cardiologist is right with her initial diagnoses :)

Have a great evening, maybe chat later, if your on :) xx


Well its turned out to a rather shit day, went to get my daughter from netball but managed to kill her cat :(

Needless to say there has been a lot of tears, a funeral and now we going to our sons school wedding

See you all later


Hi Sue,

My heart is OK honest lol I've had ECG's, blood tests etc and it's working fine. The additional beat is quite common. My thyroid levels are fine and it's usually if there's too rapid a rise in medication that it causes heart problems. I don't get breathless, haven't got a cough or a wheeze. The other medication I take reduces the stickiness of the platelets in my blood, so the chances of me getting a blood clot are virtually zero. I had a heart scan 18 months ago when I was having palpatations. This turned out to be due to medication I was given for the menopause! I can't have HRT, so it was an alternative. The hot flushes went, but my heart didn't like it lol

I hope that you're keeping well Sue!

Sarah- Oh no- what happened to the cat! Accidents happen chuck!

Hope that the school wedding cheers you up x

Am off to phone my takeaway....as per I'm bloody starving hungry!

Laters xx


Hi John,

Your tea sounds yummy :) might have to come to you for tea the next time :D :D :)

I'm sure Vida will be happy now that her home is nice and clean, even though she protested :) and the food will help to make her happy :D, speaking of food I;m off to have my tea, I'm starving :D :D


Maybe not John, but food is always tastier when someone else makes it :D :)


I'm so glad everything is okay Chickles, that was probably me not reading the post right :D :D or possible not taking it in, I have problems with my concentration and short term memory at the moment, so if i get anything wrong that's why lol

Sarah what happened to the cat! like Chickles, I hope the school wedding cheers you all up xx


Good evening Mad...

I tried to have a look...but it wouldn't open....said 'connecting' for ages! Were they proper implants or jokey 'dracula' teef, ha! :)

Hope you're well....



Am laffin at that pic Mad- you daft apeth lol


Hi mad, sorry I had visitors, your pics have really made me laugh :D :D :D


Hi John, here's some cake


and no I didn't have clapshot today, had soup instead, with some gluten free oatcakes :)

Aww poor Amor and Vida, at least they sleep all night and not disturb you, It's funny isn't how moving birds homes can do that to them


Id put the cat out and it had gone up into the car engine to keep warm, unknown to me that is, so when me and alf went to get ruth from netball we got about 100 yeads when i felt the thudding at back wheel.

Looked in mirrior and saw a cat, turned round at the x-roads and saw that it was our cat :(

Poor alf was howling, we left the car in neifhbours drive and carried him home.

Ruth had a cuddle with him when she got home and we burried him with the hampster.


Aww that's so sad Sarah :( I know how sad it is to lose a pet, I hope your children are feeling a little bit better, although it might take them a wee while to completely feel better

How did the school wedding go, hope it cheered you all up a bit :)


The wedding was ok, too sober an affair, needed a good cog (there another one for you)

The kids are still sad, am sure the will be for a peedie (anther one) while yet but it will be ok, dont think we'll ever have a prince casper, the prince of fatness like him again ;(

Tomrrow is another day


You've got me with cog, don't know what that means :o :D I thought the wedding would have been a fun time though. I think i get the gist of what peedle means :o, I'm sure the kids will bounce back eventually, they'll just need lots of cuddles just now.


Hi all :) :)

These are cogs Sue :) :)



:D :D :D hiya Pete how you doin today :)


Aup Sue, erm am about the same as yesterday, erm nothing's happening yet with the champix :o :|

Hows your day bin gal ?? :)


Aup JC, I cant see any CAKE knocking about anywhere today :o :(

Never mind I expect you've got one hidden for a rainy day somewhere :) :D :D


Could I as you Pete, what is meant to happen with the champix, i don't know anything about it

My day wasn't bad, mainly housework then friends came to visit for a little while, now I'm just chilling, watching telly. Hope your boss is still behaving himself :)


Hey Sue, you flippin chill out gal, cos you deserve it :) :)

As for my boss, hmmmmmm he's being nice to me again, but as I've said before am not sure whether i like it or not :o if you see what i mean :|


I know what you mean Pete, plus he seems to run hot and cold all the time, if you know what i mean :| :D

Did you not see the cake just a little bit up the blog from here, it's a nice cream one, yummy, better get a bit before JC notices it :D :D


Oy Sue i wont keep you up gal, cos I knows its your duvet time now :) :)

You keep nice and cosy Sue and have a good nights sleep luvs ya xxxxx :)

Nite nite all and I wish you have the sweetest dreams ever :) :)


nite nite Pete sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx

nite nite Jillygirl, I'm thinking of you and your family, I hope you are feeling a little bit better, I know things will be tough for you just now

sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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