Good morning everyone,

Just for a change I am lost for words. Words are`nt enough to describe the happiness I feel having the love and support from you all.

Thank you so much for the flowers, I really was speechless,when I read the card to see who it was from.

I know none of us have ever met face to face,however I feel as if we are all one big family that support each other

Before I found out about my cancer I enquired with Emjay about being a volunteer for quit support.I now have the determination to get through this horrid illness, and once I am recovered I will not only help with quit support but also with the roy castle lung cancer foundation. They are such helpful people.

When I see the surgeon on Monday I shall ask him if he can extend my arms, so I can reach out and give you all a great big hug.

Once again thank you all. xxxxxx :) :) :) :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Glad to hear you got the flowers - you'll have to take a picture of them and put it on here for us all to see. :)

    I see you all enjoyed yourselves last night - you be careful skipping in those stilettoes though Jilly, you don't want an ankle like mine - or even a leg like Mad's (Broken in two places :o )! :|

    Had the paella but I don't think it would have been a patch on John's. Trouble was that all the seafood was cooked in it right from the word go and then it was kept hot for half an hour before we ate it. Oh well, saved me cooking for a change. :)

    Another grey day down here on the south coast but dry so I might do an hour of the garden gym again. See you later. :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

    i'm glad you got the flowers, and that they cheered up your day :)

    It's dull and grey here with some mist, and cold, it's great that your gonna volunteer Jillygirl , i thought you would be great at that ages ago :)

    Sorry the paella wasn't that great Andi, but like you said it saved you from cooking, you be careful in the garden, you need to protect your ankle :)

    I'm off the shops so will be back on in a bit :) xx

  • Morning all, so glad you liked the flowers Jillly! Wer'e all thinking of you!

    Day 10 and still feeling good. I've just read the Allen Carr EasyWay to Stop Smoking

    book, it's fantastic and really puts you in a different mindset to the whole approach

    of quitting. Instead of mourning for those ciggies we should be CELEBRATING, we

    are finally free from the slavery of smoking so let's all celebrate being non smokers!

    Have a great day everybody!

    Dawn xxx

  • Forgot to say my CO reading last night was a whopping number


  • Morning Dawn, that's fantastic that your on day 10 :) and i love your positive attitude :) i've never read that book, maybe i should get it :) great CO reading as well, mine is 2, i do live near heavy traffic though,

    have a fantastic day :) xx

  • Thanks Sue, you can read the book online (I did during quiet periods at work)!

    If you type in Allen Carrs Easyway to give up smoking it will bring up a pdf

    version so you can read it online. It really is enlightening and I feel like a different

    person since reading it. It does say you should still smoke whilst reading the book

    and he does'nt believe in NRT but you can still pick up the whole different attitude

    to quitting.

  • Hiya Dawn, how about getting a copy of the book and leaving it lying around at home for your husband to find - maybe just left open at an appropriate page? I guess he may be like a lot of blokes though that just don't read books so you have to tempt him? :D :D

  • Thanks Dawn, I'll do that later when i get a spare hour or so, i should be so lucky :D :D

    sorry Andi i forgot to say good morning to you, my brain cell is never good in the morning :o : D

  • I've already suggested the book to him Andi but he poo pooed it!

    He'll learn the hard way - he's already had a DVT and still carries on

    smoking. You can't make anybody quit, like we know you have to want

    to do it yourself. Anyway I still love him smoker or not, it's just that I am

    now a NON SMOKER!!!!!

    Have a good day!

  • Good morning

    You deserve the flowers Jilly girl and that's our way of reaching out to give you a great big hug xx

    Well done Dawn on getting a reading of 1, that's pretty amazing as you live with a smoker as well. My friend is reading the Allen Carr book. I think it says you give up smoking after you have read the book which is probably why he has been reading it now for about 5 years :)

    I hope you get something nice from the shops Sue :) yes I am thinking of chocolate again. Don't work too hard in the garden Andi, you can come and do mine when you've finished yours, it needs a good tidy up before the Winter but I can't stand gardening :) Actually that's a bit of a fib, I can't stand the thought of gardening but when I actually get started I find it quite therapeutic.

    Just off to get a cup of coffee to wake me up a bit.

    Have a good day, speak to you later xxx

  • Hi Kazz,

    I know what you mean about gardening, i'm kinda the same, i don't have one now though, i'm in a flat now,doubt if i could do it anyway, if i knelt down i wouldn't be able to get up again, i end up looking like a garden gnome :o :D

    enjoy your coffee, when i get on the laptop i'll send you a chocolate cake for your dinner :D :D

  • Good Morning Everybody :D

    Lovely to see how positive you all are today, it really will help you to continue marching on in your journey to remain smokefree. During the early days of quitting, it does take quite a bit of effort, but then at some point, you will realise that you have thought a bit less about smoking and then after some time you will realise that time has passed and you've hardly given it any thought at all :D

    Remember, nobody said that it would be easy, but everybody who gets there says that it's definitely worth it :D

    Jillygirl, we are all so happy that the flowers have cheered you up. They are a sign of our appreciation and friendship. I find it just amazing that even being diagnosed with lung cancer you still make the time to give so much inspiration and positivity to everyone here on Quit Support. We are now on Thursday already, Monday will be here before we know it and we'll be walking beside you 110% of your journey xx

    Andi, I think I might walk alongside MadMad for a bit until she's ready to up her pace, then I'll think about joining you for a run ;-) I need to dig into my Mary Poppins' bag for some C25K motivation don't I? I'm still in the 'thinking about' stage I suppose! :-/

    Kaz, is it now 6 weeks quit for you? I've just checked your quit date and I'm sure it is.... That now means that you are actually heading into your 7th week! How good does that feel then? :D

    Dawn, that's a cracking CO reading :D Don't worry too much if it fluctuates, as long as it remains below 6 you know you are doing well :D The Allen Carr book does have some good hints and tips in. I think it is quite a good to refer to even after you have quit, even just for a little bit of extra motivation. I know that not everyone likes his way, and if this is the case for any of you, then just use whatever way helps you best :D

    Hey Sue, have a happy shop and make sure you wrap up warm, although knowing that you are into your 8th week quit should put a nice warm smile on your face ;-)

    Today is a great day for being smokefree. Remember that if you are struggling, it is only that one cigarette that you have to give up, the very next one that you want to smoke. The feeling of craving for it is a positive sign and won't last too long. Maybe if you make a note of the time that you notice the craving coming on you. Then when it comes back, notice the time again. Slowly but surely you will notice that the time will get longer and longer in between each craving. On a positive note, for the craving to come back on you, then it must have gone in the first place :D

  • Hi Emjay, i can't believe i'm into my 8th week :) you know me i never pay attention to that, mind you i'm lucky if i know what day of the week it is :o :D

    wasn't buying anything exciting, just milk and bread, i can't live without my cuppa :D :D

    hope you have a great day :) xx

  • Hi Kazz, here's your chocolate cake as promised :)


  • Hi Emjay

    Yes it was 6 weeks yesterday, it does feel good and it is a big achievement, unlike Sue who isn't counting, I know exactly how long I have given up for :) I know a non-smoker may think 6 weeks is nothing but we all know that when you have smoked every single day for years, then every single day without smoking is a major achievement.

    Dawn said earlier that Allen Carr doesn't agree with NRT, I have a Paul McKenna book and CD and he doesn't either. I wonder if either of them ever smoked :) I think probably not or they wouldn't be saying that. I know Andi and a few other have given up without NRT but I'm not that strong willed and I certainly couldn't do it without a bit of help.

    As you know, I have struggled over the last couple of days but today I feel brilliant with no cravings at all, It's strange how you feel differently from one day to the next. As you say EmJay, those cravings do go away. It was being on here yesterday that got me through it and having a good laugh.

    Well done on 8 weeks Sue, I think for that you can have a piece of that chocolate cake you are going to send me for lunch :D :P No rush as I'm just having a packet of crisps to tide me over :)


  • WOW yum yum, that is a beautiful cake Sue, it looks too nice to eat and you didn't have a piece of it either. Oh here goes, I will force myself to cut into it :D :D it would only go to waste otherwise.

    Here is your piece Sue for celebrating 8 weeks,. Well done my love xxx I must apologise but some of the roses fell off and some of the cream dropped out, not sure how that happened hmm :|


  • :D :D :D thanks for the cake Kazz it was delicious, i added some of my own cream :P :D :D

  • Good Morning all!

    Am delighted that you love the flowers Jilly! I know I haven't been about on here for very long, but your warm and caring nature shines, as does your positivity, and you always make me smile!

    Am so pleased that everyone is doing well! I will not whinge about my sore chest, well I might a little bit :) I am sure it will be all better soon, at least I have had it properly checked out. My heartbeat seems to have rectified itself, so that's one half of the chest complaint solved.

    I am now on Day 75, gosh, I can't believe it. I dreamt about smoking last night, the first time for weeks! I have had a couple of occasions this week, where I could have smoked, but didn't. The only person I would be cheating is myself, and mentally if I'd had one, I would have been back at day one, which would have made me really cross with myself.

    Have a great day everyone!


  • So we have a couple of anniversaries today. :) Well done ladies but I'd like a piece of that wonderful looking cake as well please! :D I'm trying to get myself off crisps Kazz but that corner in the supermarket keeps drawing me in like a magnet. - couldn't resist a pack of Pom-bears just now. :o Am really trying to be good today cos I'm booked in with pt tomorrow and he's gonna weigh me - bugger this ankle!!! Grrrr!!! it should be going down by now!!! :P :D

    Didn't go in the garden as it's too cold out there today. There's just too much to do and when I get there I don't know where to start so fiddle a bit here and there then find I need a sit-down. :o :D :D

    Hey Kazz I've got a pressie for you - I'll bring it round and show you how to use it if you like! :D :D


  • Hi Chickles

    Well done for not giving in to the cravings after 75 days of being so strong, that is fantastic.

    Sorry to hear that your chest is still troubling you :( If you want to have a bit of a whinge, then you do so, that is what we are here for, to help each other through. Even if we have something to moan about that isn't smoking related we should still talk about it because anything that gets us down can lead us back to temptation. I hope you feel better soon.

    I noticed you popped up here just as the chocolate cake appeared, could you smell it :D

    I agree with you about just having 1 cigarette, that is exactly what I was thinking yesterday. I would only be cheating myself and I would mentally be back at day 1 as well.

    You keep strong and if you need tea, cake and a good old chat, you know where we are :)


  • Thanks Andi is it a scarf :D :D it's ok I think I can manage to wrap that round my neck, doesn't look very warm though, is it one of those designer ones?

    Should you be going to PT if you ankle is still bad? Don't go setting yourself back Andi.

    I am just like that in the garden. I stand looking at it for ages then just do a bit here and there and when I have had enough, it looks like I haven't touched it. The thing that bothers me most about gardening is creatures crawling on me :( I do wear gardening gloves but still can't stand the thought of them with their hairy legs YUK.

  • I can think of one with hairy legs that I wouldn't mind in my garden, he'd get on with it, do all the digging and sort it out for me then I could carry on doing all the pretty bits. :) He has a moustache and lives up north so it's not quite round the corner for him. :D :D I keep telling him that that's what he needs to do for a job instead of being a doormat where he is now. :(


    He's even got a built-in spear to chase those cravings away! :D :D

    Re the ankle, I think I've worked out what I might be able to do and he said there's loads we can do so that should be interesting. :o Meantime, the last couple of days I went to the swimming pool and did a deep water aqua class which is really good. Have also booked in for one tomorrow so we'll see if I can manage that as well. :o :D :D

  • Hey andi I think this could be the man !


  • where do you find these brill pics, there so funny :D :D

  • Hey Sue your doing pretty well with the pics too. :D

  • I can just never find really good cartoon ones, at least not when i want them :D :D

  • Sorry Andi here's your cake :) I bit fell off when I sliced it. Sue this cake is a bit crumbly, pieces keep dropping off :P


  • Hey Kaz, I'm not sure about Paul McKenna but I know that Allen Carr was a smoker and was actually diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006.


    I believe that there are many ways to stop smoking and that no particular way is 'the only' way. The best way to stop is the way that works best for each individual person.

    Hey Chickles, day 75, wowser :D That's fab. Your sense of smell certainly has improved, smelling that chocolate cake and turning up for it just before it disappears :D

  • Hello everyone, by you have been busy chatting today.

    I have done my shopping , had lunch and now having a lazy afternoon.

    Andi I posted a new blog with photo of the flowers as I couldn`t manage to post it on here.

    I decided stillettoes are not for me so decided I might try these


    thought they would go with the jim jams. :d

    I see you have brought the skipping theme back from yesterday. Hope Kazz doesnt strangle herself before you show her how to use it. :P

    Sue WELL DONE! on your 8th week thats SUEper. :) :) bet your full with all the cake and cuppas. :D

    Dawn BIG well done to you too day 10 it will soon be week 10 before you know it. and another well done with your co reading thats great. :) You must be feeling really proud of yourself. Andi is right about leaving the book lying around for hubby to read, I bet he cant resist it. My hubby didnt want to know anything about me and my lungs , but after Emjay kindly sent me some brochures he kept on peeking at them. What a transformation he now is feeling so positive and helping me . So persevere with it .

    Chickles another one WELL DONE 75days its amazing how the days roll by. Soon you forget all about counting which is when you realise your a Non smoker.

    Emjay gonna stop reading your posts as You always make me blubber( in a nice way ) xxx

    I think each and every one of you are brilliant and should be so proud of yourselves, You

    NON_ SMOKERS. :)

    Here is something to show my appreciation to you all for your support.



  • Hi Jillygirl,

    Thank you for your kind words :)

    don't know if i'll manage any more food, i'm stuffed on cake, but ii'll enjoy a cocktail :D :D

    love your pink slippers, it's getting slightly spooky though, these are the ones my son bought me last christmas

    therandomshop.co.uk/images/... :o :D

    enjoy your lazy afternoon :) xx

  • Hi everone,

    well done on day 75 chickles


    sorry you still have a sore chest, hope it goes soon :)

    what's deep water aqua class Andi, hope your not doing this

    cartoonstock.com/newscartoo... :D :D

  • forgot to tell you Sue my hubby is still chuckling about wayne rooney.. :D

  • :D :D that was funny, i'm still chuckling thinking of you in one stilletto and one trainer :D :D

  • Might wear the other pair tonight one trainer and one stilletoe. :D

    or what about these Sue looks like I could polish the floor at the same time.


  • I love them Jillygirl, i think you could polish the floor at the same time, what a good time saving device :D :D

  • I think you deserve a proper cake Jillygirl


    :) xx

  • Sue they are great. can I keep the dog too?

  • you sure can :)

  • Thanks for sending the link EmJay, I apologise for jumping to conclusions, I'm just so used to people that don't smoke preaching about stopping so just presumed he was another of them. Smoking 100 cigarettes a day, that is unbelievable, I always wonder how people find the time to smoke so many but when he was smoking you could still smoke inside offices, pubs etc.

    You are right EmJay, we all have our own way of doing things and doing what we find most comfortable :)


  • Fantastic pic Andi, so apt :) There is just no stopping you is there when it comes to exercise. I would be using a bad ankle as a good excuse not to do any :) Maybe when the one with hairy legs has finished your garden he can come and do mine, it you haven't already worn him out :)

    Those slippers are more appropriate with your pyjamas Jillygirl and less chance of you tripping up on your way to bed. If you need to sleep in something then maybe you could get a pair of these.


    Thanks for the buffet and drinks, I quite fancy the turquiose drink right in the middle, it looks lovely

    Well I really need to get some work done now :D I will get a cup of coffee first though.


  • Hey kazz I like them think my hubby would like those he always has cold feet. :)

  • No worries at all Kaz, I know exactly what you mean :-)

    I'm liking these cocktails :D On a school night too... and whilst still in work!! :-/

  • Yes I agree, I just found some of the things he said so helpful

    and true, so for me it's good but each to their own.

  • Erm, you can keep the choccie cake, honest Kazz, I'm a savoury person myself, crisps and I just love cheese! Alas, my cholesterol doesn't like me eating cheese and I have to cut down, as per recent test! Specialist wants it under 4, it's never been under 4 in 6 years, closest was 4.1, it's now 5.1, but they have been trying me on new medication etc. I am also back of decaff coffee, sighhhhh. And although I just loved the cocktails and nibbles, alas, I am on anti-biotics for a dental problem! I think I need putting in a bag and shaking up! Mindst Jilly, I can get proper plastered on virtual cocktails, I won't have a hang ache and head over with them!

    Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement! The chest problem is irritating, but I am not going to the docs this week, am back next Friday. I have got the deep heat out and will be popping my solrock crystal in the microwave and trying that later with meditation and self-healing!

    Well done to Dawn on Day 10, and Sue on 8 weeks, and everybody else too!

    I like counting the days, my chart thingy finishes a week this Saturday!

    I'm going to a dinner dance this Saturday, and can't have a glass of wine! C'est la vie, I can enjoy myself without needing a drink. At the beginning of 2011, I had 6 months off alcohol and caffeine, and managed 16 weeks without the horrible cigarettes! I am so not going to slip this time!

    Well, I spose I'd best go and make tonights tea...Lasagne, as usual am starving!

    Thanks again!


  • Hi chickles,

    I sympathise with the no drinking, i haven't been able to drink since my thyroid problems started, but like you say you can still enjoy yourself :)

    I hope you recover from your dental problems soon, and are not in any pain

    sounds like a lovely tea your having,yummy, i'm away to start my chicken casserole :) xx

  • Well, I'm back and starving reading all your posts. You have been having a busy afternoon! :) Hope I haven't missed too much of Jilly's party or are we waiting to start it once Pete's home? If that's the case then he'll be well and truly pickled cos I don't bother drinking much these days either. :D :D

    Sue, with deep water aqua, you strap a buoyancy belt round your middle then you do aerobic-type exercises in the deep end of the pool. Sometimes they get you running up and down the pool. You really have to hold your core strongly to keep you in an upright position. Halfway through they give you toys to play with like big foam dumb-bells and woggles. It's a really good workout and one guy was saying how much weight he's lost since he started doing it. :)

    Got to get my dinner on before I starve! :D :D

  • Thanks Andi.

    just wondering if i could do that with my arthritis, i no swimming is fine, not sure about that, i'll check and see, it sounds fun :) xx

  • Hey Sue I think you have to wear swimwear !


  • Got Pete his tea time treat ready :-



    And this is from us girlies who younmight want to do some gardening for. :P


  • :D :D D :D these pics are brill Jillygirl, i'm sitting here struggling to type for laughing

    I think i might need this one



  • I'm sorry if i upset you Jillygirl, i would never want to do that :(

  • Sue you havent upset me. sorry if you took my piccy the wrong way.

    Now we are getting like pete. :D ;D I thought your pic was brill.



  • sorry Jillygirl, that was my fault, i always worry that i'll upset people


  • Anybody help delina with her question ?

  • How's that for a hat


    :D :D

  • Brill have you got one for Pete keep his moustache warm. :D

  • can only find


    maybe you'll find something better

  • Thats going to take some beating. :D :D

  • could try using this on Pete.


  • good one, i love that it's pink :D :D

  • talking of Pete wher is he or do you think he`s eating his tea and a bit tipsy with that lager. :) or hopefully not still working.


  • hopefully eating his tea, would be much better if he was happy

    dreamstime.com/prospector-d... he he

  • Hey John Big well done with your co reading . Going to have to move near you your cooking sounds spot on. :) always makes me feel hungry. :)

    Emjay told me what you had suggested as a gift for me. Well firstly thank you for the flowers and thank you for inspiring my hubby. Yep he went to sainsburys today and came back with a poppy mug so thank you John. :)

  • Thats so nice John, your getting there love. :)

  • Once Pete gets on here i think we should all have a party


  • Oh Yeah got to find something to wear . wont be long. (rummage in the wardrobe) :P

  • Ok got the dress.


    seeing cant wear stilletoes got these instead.


    what do you think Sue or can I borrow one of your outfits. :D :D

  • What about this one


    I'll see if i have shoes to go with it

  • What about this pair


  • will they go ok with the wrinkly stockings ?

  • Or even feet! :D :D

  • there nice, will they not be a bit chilly though in this weather


  • Oooooooooooooooooooooh! sexyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hi everyone,

    Just got in from work, have been having a bad couple of days really where I seem to be craving all the time and questioning whether I am doing the right thing or if I was happier smoking.

    It is day 25 now for me. I read an article a couple of days ago about feelings of loss and depression and wonder if I am feeling this way or am just responding in some way to the article. I do feel like I have lost something and just want to sit down with a coffee and light up! I haven't and I don't want to but am feeling sorry for myself!

    So I thought I'll log into the quit support, I read jilly girls opening message from this morning and read through some of the comments throughout the day. It has helped to refocus me. I thought it was so lovely for people from this forum to send jillygirl some flowers, it must have been a huge surprise when they arrived.

    Even tho it was nothing to do with me it has cheered me up.

    I didn't realise you were unwell jillygirl I wish you all the luck in the world for Monday and for a very speedy recovery. XXX

    I will now take a leaf out of your book, stop feeling sorry for myself, inhale another nicorette cartridge and get back to being positive!

  • Hi Aaron , 25 days is brilliant. You wouldnt know about my prob as it is only about a month ago that they spotted the tumour on an x ray. I try not to mention it too much as you all have enough on your plates trying to stay focused and positive. I am afraid it took me a good 40 years to see sense. But I have gone nearly 8 months now without a ciggy. It does help when you log on to this site your not alone with your feelings. :) take care . xxxx

  • Hi Aaron, yes I think we've all been through this along the way. I think it's a kind of bereavement that we have to go through because we have lost our so-called 'friend'. Whenever it happened to me I would go quiet for a day or so and then come on here and everybody would cheer me back up in no time at all so come on and moan away. :)

  • Thanks all and sue (below) I do feel better, it does help to feel like you're not on your own with how you're feeling and that others are going through or have been through the same things but then you feel a bit guilty for moaning when others have worse things to worry about. And that just makes you feel worse! Anyway I do feel better and am so glad I can come on here to moan to people who understand - thanks everyone

  • Hi Aaron.

    sorry you've been having a bad couple of days, it was good that you came on here, i always do that, the people on here really cheer me up and keep me going back to smoking

    you are a star


    big well done on not giving in :)

  • I love the star! Thanks

  • your deserve that and more, your doing amazing :)

  • right i'm waving the flag now, i cant' keep up with all the posts, or my computer can't



    :D :D :D

  • Ok sue , think I will have a break and nip back on a bit later. :) :)

  • don't have a break because of me Jillygirl xx

  • Oh not that going to make a cuppa . besides dont want to neglect hubby. might get a complex. :D ;D wont be long back soon.

    You keep an eye open for that pete. :) :) xx

  • will do :)

    I'm getting it wrong all over the place tonight, my brain cell must be on strike he he


  • Hiya John (CF). Ta for your tips about the paella. When I sat down to mine I asked where the chicken was and was told it was a seafood only one. Didn't even think about the saffron (none!). I think she should have just called it a risotto - but I think that would have been an insult to risotto too - especially as I make a pretty mean risotto! :D :D

  • Sue, Jilly, I should think you're both exhausted now - you deserve a break. :)

    Jilly, I think the slippers are in your style. :)


    Sue, have found the equipment you'll need tomorrow (but they'll supply it :o ) :D :D


  • Sue, is that better than frying the sperm (as in my comment of a couple of days ago :o ) :D :D

  • :D :D :D Andi i can't remember what you said a couple of days ago, i can'T remember what was said this morning :o :D :D

  • That looks scary :o :D , don't know if they do that at the leisure center here, they do do aqua aerobics though, in the shallow end :D :D

  • Hi everybody, sorry am late, got trouble with my comp, i see its been really busy on here today, :) :) lovely to see you on here Jillygirl :) :) :) :)

  • Hi Pete, are you ready for the party, Jillygirl kindly supplied the food and drink, we just need music now :D :D

  • Hi Sue, so sorry am late tonight :( :( buuuuuuuut av found some music for Jillygirls party :) :)


  • And then wer`e ready. :D


  • Hiya Pete, you're gonna need ages to catch up with this lot today! :o D :D

  • And dont forget andi we have a newbie today so knowing Pete he will have to introduce himself first. :)

  • Hi ya Jillygirl, not sure what newbie :o

    Just bin lookin at your's and Andi's pins, hmmmmmmm very fanciable :) :)

  • And she left the noras off specially for you. ;) :|

  • Hi Andi, yeah ha ha ha ha av got no chance gal, i will have to come back to it at the weekend and have a read :) :) i've had a quick looksy :o

    I hope your ankles getting better, and i see that your doing a bit of swimming then, nice one gal, that will keep you fit :) :)

  • Nooooooo, I'm not swimming - I'm doing deep water aqua - no swimming involved and certainly not touching the bottom! :)

  • Delina is on the questions post. Sure she would love to meet you. :)

  • She came on before when she first quit a couple of weeks ago cos she felt sick with the minis. I'm sure your brain cell was somewhere else at the time. :o :)

  • I think my brain cell slipped somewhere else , prob onto my chest ha ha. :D :D See andi we need you on here to take control your the only one here with more than 2 brain cells. :)

    Going to get mine fixed.


  • Am so sorry, having a job getting my comp to do what i want it to do :o

    Jillygirl at least you have one, all i've got is fresh air between my ears gal :D :D

    Andi, who's bin touchin your bottom, i will sort him for ya gal :D :D

  • Well everyone, I am worn out its been a busy day on here. Thank you all for just being there. your wonderful. So Night night all of you , sorry cant stay longer but my eyes are closing.


    sweet dreams. xxxxx :) xxxxx :) xxxxxx :)

  • Jillygirl, im glad you liked the flowers gal, and i hoped they cheered you up :) :) see we do love you dont we :) :)

    Sweet dreams to you too xxxxxxxxx:) :) :) :) stay strong and be happy eh :) :)

  • Hi everyone, i'm gonna have to leave all you amazing wonderful people, i have a headache so need to lie down

    here's a cake for your party


    and that's for chickles


    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Jilly and Sue, don't blame you. Sleep well and hugs. xx :)

    Sorry Pete, I'm off too, got a busy morning tomorrow so need o go to bed early. Hope your day wasn't toooooooo bad - at least tomorrow's poets day then it's the weekend! Yippee! :)

    Nite nite and sleep well (hug) x :)

  • Andi & Sue, :) :) nite nite and hugs to both of you :) :) xxxxx

    Good night to all you lovely people and love you all xx :) :)

    Sorry about my comp having gremlins, will try to sort it tomorrow :( :(

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