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Daily Chat: Monday 23rd July 2012

Daily Chat: Monday 23rd July 2012

Good Morning, Good Morning... Rise and shine! :-)

Today is a brand new day, a brand new week and a brand new start for others :-)

I'm just waiting for some course delegates to arrive as I am delivering training both today and tomorrow so will pop on as and when I can.

I hope you all had fun last night, looks like you did and all food and drinks were eaten and supped :-)

Will catch up with you all properly later, although I'm sure Claire will be around at some point :-)

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Good morning everyone

Can anyone else see that big yellow thing in the sky :-D ???

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Look forward to catching up on all the goings on here ;-)


Morning everyone, just lol, managed a lie in today, first time in ages. Had a great day yesterday with my inlaws, went for lunch, the restaurant over looked the river, saw dolphins playing and splashing about, that was a treat :) the weather was lovely but of course today it's raining, hope you all have a fab day and the weather is better for you, away to get something to eat now will talk later :) x


Good afternoon everybody. Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday Sue, shame about today. :( Looks like the great north/south divide has now kicked in as we have wall to wall sunshine today. 8-)

Decided to go for a run/walk round the head this morning as it was so lovely, being very careful not to run up any inclines, and it was misty over the sea. Calf was ok. Just come back from seeing the physio who seemed quite happy with me and can carry on running but to be careful!! :o

Decided not to go to the beach this aft but plan to go out on my bike for a bit so enjoy your afternoons and chat later. :)


Hi everybody, Suepagal, i'm so gald you had a nice day out yesterday and the weather was kind to you too :)

Andi yep same as down there gal wall to wall sunshine 8-) 8-) am glad your calf is on the mend, and you take it steady gal :)

Jillygirl i will probably be at work by the time you get on here, so i hope those Grand children arnt chasing you about toooooo much :D :D perhaps speak tomoz eh ps - thanks for night out, sorry for going to the wrong pub :D :D us blokes always getting it wrong :o

Emjay and Claire i hope your training goes to plan and you have a good day :)

Pete :)


Hi everyone glad your calf is getting better Andi, hopefully it will be completely healed soon, your braver than me, i couldn't go on a bike; am too scared of the traffic lol, hope you have a good time, Pete hope your having a good day in the sun :) hope we get some soon or i'm moving to a warmer country :D, take it easy at work today, will chat later :) x


Hey Andi

I'm glad your calf is healing, enjoy your bike ride :o

Thanks Pete, all good here. How are you doing? I've not spoke to you for a while :-(

Sue52, a lie in would be lovely. I remember those, a long time ago ;-)

Speak soon


Hi jarvo know what you mean about a long lie, first time i've had one in years lol, hope your having a great day, i'm glad to get back on here, and be back to my normal self,nearly, haha, away to have tea will chat soon :) x


Hi Everyone, Glad your all ok. hope the bike ride went well andi, and dont overdo exercising that calf. :) Sue glad you had a good day yesterday with in laws sounded lovely. Feel awful telling you but its been lovely and sunny here . unusual for Yorkshire.

I see Pete must have managed to get out of bed after all the drinks last night. :D Hope he takes it easy at work.

Emjay hope the training goes well.

Lovely to hear from you Claire.

Well I have had a full day with Jessica my grandaughter . Loved every minute of it but I

am cream crackered now. :O Same again tomorrow with the other grandaughter.

Getting good at scootering now. ha ha. ! :D It will be skipping or dancing tomorrow. :O

Off to put my feet up now See you sometime tomorrow. Night night all. xx :)


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