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Daily chat : Monday 31st December 2012

Daily chat :  Monday 31st December 2012

Good morning everybody :) I hope you all had a nice sleep and not like me, had to work :P but am not bothered, am not, cos have got today off :) :)

Well its the last day of 2012 today, so what are your plans then ? ? going visiting relatives, going to work, cooking a lovely dinner, just having a lazy day, or like me going for a serious nod in a bit :D :D or are you thinking about quitting the smokes !!

If you are then dont just think, rite then i'm packing in tomorrow, sit yourself down and plan it, get a piece of paper and ask yourself what the good things are about smoking, and write them down, then ask yourself what the good things are about not smoking and write them down :)

I assure you the later list will be a lot longer than the first one :)

Erm I'm just wondering how many good reasons for quitting you can think of ?? would you like to enlighten me :) :)

Have a good day and see you soon

Pete :)

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Good Morning Pete and everyone, i hope work wasn't too bad Pete, what you doin at New Year, i'm not doin anything really, will stay up to see it in, if i can stay awake :D :D, then off to bed for me :)

Reasons to stop smoking, erm that would be a long list, main reasons for me would be

better health

saving money, i need that for my new grandbaba :)

nice white teeth

no more tobacco smell in house or on clothes, i didn't realise how horrible that was till i'd stopped

no more standing outside in this horrible weather for a ciggie

i'm sure i could think of many more once my brain wakes up :D so i'll just wish you and everyone else a very Happy smoke free New Year, i hope 2013 brings you all everything you want :) :) xxxxxxxxxx


Good morning Sue, I hope your well :)

Hmmmm I think i'm the same as you gal, as in not going anywhere, but shell drink the New Year in with a can----erm a cupa :D :D

I wish you a very happy smoke free New Year toooooooo Sue, and hope that next Year brings you better health and good luck :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Good morning Pete and Sue and everyone else. :)

As you can see I got back safe and sound. My god-daughter got engaged on Christmas Day and was so surprised as the ring was in the biggest box under their Christmas Tree. :)

Thought I'd finish the year with a run this morning but when I heard the rain hammering against my window I just snuggled back down in my lovely cosy bed and dozed off again. :) :D :D


Hiya Pete, i thought you would have been snoring by now :D :D :D

it's gonna be way to cold to go out, i rather stay in the warm now :D :) have got my soup made, doin a washing, then putting my feet up :D :)

Have a good sleep :) xx


Day day Sue, am off now gal, hey maybe have a little party tonight eh :) :) speak later :)

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D :D


Hiya Andi, it's good to have you back, we missed you :)

It must have been lovely to see your god-daughter getting engaged :) i'm glad you had a great time :)

I think a cosy bed is the best place to be today, we don't have rain, but it's very cold and windy, i had to go out for milk and nearly got blown away :D :D

have a great day in your cosy bed :) xx


:D :D :D Pete i know your off now but you were working last night :D :D so your gonna have a party, hope we're all invited :D :D :) xx


Good morning everyone, the last day of 2012 :P . How are we feeling about leaving behind the year you quit smoking????

It’s so good to see we have new people signing up to Quit Support through the festive period. Welcome, I hope you find this site very useful. If you do have any questions or concerns please put it on here or you can message myself or Emjay. Please remember to put your quit date on the Wall of Winners page posted by Emjay. Your achievements should be recognised.

Such lovely news Andi, its good to see you back. I’ve heard a couple of engagements over Christmas now, must be something in the air!!

Fab Sue, remembering your reasons why you quit and staying quit. Well done. ;-)

Hi Jillygirl, how are you feeling? Wishing you the very best for 2013.

:D :D :D :D Have a lovely smokefree New Year’s everyone. :D :D :D :D


Hi Jarvo, A Happy New Year to you, hope 2013 is a brill year for you :) i always try to keep my reasons for stopping in my mind, when i find it :D :D, cause it really helps me to stay stopped :) i hope everyone else finds their own way of doing the same thing Year:) xx


Hi everyone

Good to have you back Andi, I hope you had a good Christmas. I'm glad you stayed in bed this morning instead of going out running in the cold and rain. What a lovely, romantic time to get engaged, on Christmas day, does that mean you have to buy a hat soon then? :)

Hi Sue and Claire, I hope you are both staying in and keeping warm, it's raining here and has been all day, I might need a pac-a-hood when I go out tonight :D

What sort of soup have you made Sue, sounds lovely on a day like this?

Claire, I'm not really bothered about leaving the year I gave up smoking behind but it is great to be starting a new year without giving up smoking being my new year's resolution for a change :) so let 2013 be a smoke free and hopefully cravings free year and good luck to anyone who is planning to give up on 1st January. To everyone who has given up smoking this year, well done, you should be proud of yourself what you have done is incredible and keep up your good work and be strong into 2013. Together we will do this.

I hope you are sleeping well Pete, sweet dreams if you are not already up again by now. I bet your poor body doesn't know if it's coming or going on these different shifts you do.

xxx :)


Hi Kazz, hope you had a good day, are you going out partying tonight then, have a great time if you are, i'm staying in, tooooo tired to go out, i prefer Xmas to new year anyway :)

I made vegetable soup with yellow split peas, enough for 2 days :D :)

A big well done to you too Kazz, you must be proud of yourself , a non smoker, your a star

Happy New Year, i wish you health and happiness in 2013 :) xxx


Thank you Sue and wishing you a very happy new year :) xxx

The soup sounds lovely and as I said earlier, just perfect for this time of year.

Yes I am going out tonight to a friends house party but I don't really feel like going out in the cold and rain but I wont be out in it for long and once I've had a few erm...... cuppas :D (yes we can all play at that game Peetie Weetie ) then I wont even be thinking about the rain.

Have a great evening Sue and everyone and I will see you all in 2013.

I hope you are feeling a lot better now Jillygirl, wishing you good health for the New Year.

Happy New Year my no smoking friends, thanks for all your support this year and here's to being here for each other in the coming year. I'm getting all sentimental and I haven't even had a cuppa yet :D What wll I be like at midnight :D :D

Luv yas xxx :)


Hi Kazz hope you have a great time at your friends, just don't have to many cuppas, you'll get water logged :D :D

see you in 2013 :)

Happy New Year everyone, have a great one, i wish you all health and happiness next year :)

Jillygirl, i hope your getting better and stronger each day :)i wish for you and your family a healthy happy 2013, hope you get all you want and need :) xx


Good evening all.

Nice to see you Kazz and looking forward to our virtual running together with Emjay from tomorrow! :D :D :D Can't see you being up before lunch though. :o ;-) Don't think you'll get wet though as it's supposed to dry out this evening thank goodness. :)

Sue, pea soup of the yellow variety is one of my all time yukiest food - my Mum used to make it and I was made to sit for a whole afternoon watching this congealed stuff in front of me when I refused to eat it - she always denied it in later life but it was always something I remembered and still makes me shudder. :o :D :D :D

John, glad to see you're all organised for this evening and planning on seeing the New Year in with your fave music and tipple. :)

Back in a bit as din's ready. :)


Aup Andi, its lovely to see you back in one piece :) missed ya gal :(

Ha ha ha, Andi I know just what you mean :D :D only it was cabbage that i didnt like, and was made to site at the dinner table until i ate it :P :P and no pudd until i had ate it, even tried giving it to the dog :D :D but he didnt like it either :D

My Dad always said that he didnt make me do anything that i didnt want to :o :| and my Mum still does :D :D bless her, she's loosing her marbles a bit now, she's nearly court me up :D :D

Enjoy your dins gal, perhaps speak later :) :)


So you've woken up then. :) I can't believe you're not off out tonight to the pub or a party - or are you the one that's having the party? :o :)


Andi i darnt go down the pub tonight cos there's to many that smoke, sooooooo i will have my own party :) :D hmmmm started already, got a cuppa :D :D

I tell you now Andi, your very welcome to join me, and anybody else, Sue how about you gal ? :)


I'm on my way Pete, put the kettle on :D :D :D


So what does the rest of your household do tonight?


Her in doors is in bed, and so is my Brother in law, cos he has got to work tomorrow Morning :P

Anyway, av got to go and sort this party out :) erm if your coming, just wondered if your bringing a bottle of tea with you :D :D


Yeh, thought i'd bring a bottle of earl grey :D :D


Hi Andi and Pete,

it's not pea soup i made, it's vegetable with a small amount of split peas as the thickener :P :D :D, i couldn't pea or cabbage soup, they sound yucky :D :)

Mums are always Mums aren't they, no matter how old we get, your mum sounds lovely Pete :) wish i still had mine here :(

enjoy your dinner Andi, will chat later :) xx


Hey Kaz, missed ya gal, I bet your slapping your makeup on now :D :D and hey go easy on that bright red lippy, cos i dont want to be wearing half of it around mi chops :P :D :D

You have a great night and dont have tooooooo many cuppas eh :P I know your a strong and confident Lady, so i know you will not get tempted back to the weed :) :)

Oy and dont you do anything that i wouldnt dooooo, you listening flippin Woman you :o :D

A very happy new Year to you Kaz :) :) you enjoyyyyyyyyy gal, luvs ya :) xxxx

Take care now and speak in 2013 :) :)


John it sounds as if you are going to have a lovely evening, but i hope your not going to give Vida & Amor any of that wine :D :D

You have a lovely evening John, and as you say, there will be a few tears, but you keep strong and stay with it, because that is what Linda would want you to do, because I know she is watching you and helping you get through this :) :)

I hope you have a lovely and smoke free 2013, happy New year to you John :) :)

Hey were having a bit of a party later if you want to join in :) :) but on your head be it :D :D

Speak soon pal :)


Happy New Year John, hope you have a fantastic 2013 :)


Well I was supposed to be going out to a party tonight but I've psyched myself out of it. Done all that in another life and can't be bothered doing all that jolly thing when not really feeling in the mood. Think I'll join your party for a bit and maybe crack open a box of chocs. :)


Good idea Andi, stay in the warm, it's freezing out there the :) we can have a party here, i'm not in the mood to go out either :)


Sorry guys but I'm feeling like that cat in the pic so have got to scoot as don't want to be a party pooper. :( I was up at 4.30 yesterday and bed at nearly midnight so it's all catching up with me now.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the evening and I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. :)


I shall now say nite nite to you all and look forward to seeing you all next year.

Love and hugs to you all. xxxxxxxxxxx :) :)


Cheers Andi and a very very happy New Year to you toooooo gal :) :)

Nite nite and huggs & love heading your way gal xxxxxxxxxx :) :)

See ya next Year :)


Happy new year to you to Andi :)

See you next year

love and hugs :) xxx


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