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DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 16/07/2012

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY/ 16/07/2012

Good morning everyone,

Monday morning , start of a new week, start of another smokefree week. I posted picture of lungs as it shows you how quick they start to heal after 90 days. once you stop smoking. It surprised me .

Lets all have a good ,positive Monday.

I will be out most of the day, but will call back later. I will leave you with Emjay and Claire who no doubt will keep an eye on you .

Enjoy your day. :)

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Morning all hope you are all ok just to let you know i am now at 15 days free :) I am going on holiday tomorrow for 11 days so see you when i get back.


Morning all, well done sure2 and have a lovely holiday! 6 weeks for me tomorrow, the weeks are flying by! Miserable Monday morning here - are we actually gonna get a summer this year. Think I may have to book another week in the sun with all the cash I've saved ...lol! Have a lovely day everyone.

Dawn x


Hi everybody, Jillygirl, you have a nice day out gal, and i hope that your having better weather than it is here, its chucking it down :(

Sure2, your doing so well, so you keep focused while your on holiday, and you enjoyyyyy see you when you get back :)

Dawn, 6 weeks tomorrow, thats just fantastic gal and like you say, with all the money you have saved !! hey why not treat yourself to another holiday, cus you've earnt it gal, plus then you will have something to look forward toooooooo :) :)

Speak soon Pete :)


Andi i hope that you are feeling better today, and hope that the sun is shining on you down there 8-) 8-)

Pete :)


Good Afternoon Everybody :-)

I have had so much trouble getting on here, couldn't access here at all from home yesterday and then both Claire and I have had trouble today.... :X

I've logged the problem with HealthUnlocked so lets see what happens...

Jillygirl, that's a really good photie, if you could let me know where you can=me across it, that would be useful. I think Andi will be keen to see once she pops on. Have a lovely day today and we'll chat later :-)

sure2, you are doing ever so well. Congratulations on making it into your 3rd week. You'll be almost a month smokefree when you get back from your jollies. If you are still using you inhalator, make sure you take it with you :-) Have a fantabulous smokefree holiday, see you when you get back :-)

Dawn, Congratulations :-) If you've got the time and saved the money, what are you waiting for?! Get that holiday booked! :-)

Pete, how are you doing? Feels like we haven't had a proper catch up for ages, I always just seem to have missed you! How are you doing now on your stop smoking journey, I know that working those shifts usually upset your plans but just try to stay positive and remember that we are all here to help you just as much as you help everyone here :-)

Andi, I hope today is a much brighter day for you xx


Hi Emjay i hope that your ok gal, i have just realised that i should be on step 2 patches now, woooooops :o dont know whether i can do it this week though :( i will have to get some.

Right will go and get my packup done for tonight, speak soon

Pete :)


Hey Pete, are you still buying your patches yourself? If you are and you feel that you prefer to stay on them this week (I'm assuming it's because of your late shifts?), then you aren't going to do yourself the harm that smoking will do to you. Stay strong and keep smiling, but lets set some time once these shifts are over to get you moved on to the next step for you :-)


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