Weekend Chat 19th -- 20th May

Good morning everybody,

I'm giving Emjay a lay in this morning, she deserves it, as you all know how hard she works for us all. :)

It's the weekend again yippeeeee, although saying that it's a bit glooooomy

here, but i have ordered some sun for us all, just not sure when!!!!!

Speak to you all soon, and dont forget, those little piggies can strike at any time!!

Pete. :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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  • Hi Pete, Your doing a good job there. Nice to let emjay have a break.

    see your trying to get darren interested in the site. No we wont nag him like we do you. Have a good day . Off to treat myself to some new shoes with my ciggy savings.

    take care. Jillygirl.

  • Morning Jillygirl, nice one gal, you go and treat yourself, you deserve it gal, your doing great.

    As for you nagin me i luv it, i hope you dont mind me taking the - erm -

    micky out of you now and again gal, if you do just smack me on the back of my hand, huh i had to smack myself yesterday, 'twice' :(

    Speak soon and dont spend toooo much. Pete :)

  • hi pete, Hope you are ok. and found those gears..

    Why dont you stick a no smoking sticker on your bike when youve finished building it. Show off a bit. Then you can go for a ride and call and get youself some choccies. treat yourself.

  • Morning Emjay - I see you've got a new hairstyle today. OH NO it's Pete (haha) Morning Pete, Jilly, Sue and everybody else (sorry if I missed your name out).

    Sorry to say Pete but the sun's shining down here at the moment but clouds keep coming over as well. I'll try and blow the sun up north for you! (It might work with all the extra puff I've got now!)

  • Morning Andi, hope you had a good nights sleep gal, aaah so you've got the sun!!!! i'm glad somebody has. :)

    Hhhmmm the hair!! i had it last night when i went to bed, it's like that patch i left on one night, it's just vanished!!!!! :o

    I see Jillygirls going on a spening spree, have you got anything planned?? Speak soon and will let you know if the sun reaches us up here. Keep strong gal. :)

  • Good Morning Everybody :-)

    Pete, thank you, you're a star - shining ever so brightly. What a lovely surprise! You've changed your photie back too, I loved you're 70's look, your hair do was the best!

    I seemed to have lost one of my posts from yesterday, quite a large one too... How frustrating!

    Anywhose... Saturday is here now, which for some of you can be a bit of a different day than the rest of the week and so you have to have be prepared and ready for any unexpected sly cravings trying to edge their sneaky way in!

    If today is just like any other day, then just keep doing what you have been doing - but don't get caught out by thinking you're out of the woods yet. Always be prepared, that way you're onto a winner :-)

    If it's you're first smokefree Saturday, just take it by the half day or even hour by hour. Remembering to stay positive and using breathing exercises to help destress you as and when the cravings appear. Remembering that getting cravings is a positive sign. If you didn't stop smoking, you wouldn't have them. :-)

    If you are using any kind of NRT, and just in case you do think that you've 'cracked' it, please don't stop using your NRT. Always make sure you have your stop smoking aid on you. It really is worth finishingthee full course of treatment.

    Have a fantastic smokefree day everybody, I'll pop on later and see how you're all doing :-)

  • Morning Emjay, yes changed my pic back cus i thought i might get told off for looking a lot younger than i really am, if that makes sense!!!!

    Oooooppps just spotted i havn't put the year on the weekend chat, well it's 2012 for those of you who have forgoten!!!!

    Emjay like you i lost a post lastnight, had to write it all down again, yes it was so frus erm yes what you said!!

    See you soon. :)

  • Hiya - oh no go slow - what a pain!

    Sleep soso, lie-in til 6.30, gym and now all fresh for the day. No plans at the mo. threatened to get bike out last week so might do that ready for when it warms up later in the week and pos a bit of digging.

    Have a good day everyone and speak later.

  • Hi Andi, you've just given me an idea, i've got a bike it's in bits though, so i will build it up today, that should keep me occupied for a bit, and keep my mind off those piggies, thanks for that gal.

    Digging eh, very good exercise but watch you dont stain your back gal.

    speak later. :)

  • Uh oh, I've got all jittery in the last half hour. Part of it must be hunger but I'm sure the rest of it is cravings - 1st time it's really caught me like this. Just finishing an early lunch and will go out on my bike and see how far I get!

  • Hope things are better for you now Andi, keep shouting those cravings away, don't let the piggies win, did you get far on your bike, i could never use one of them, i'd be lucky to get two feet lol, keep strong and keep piggie free, i know you can :)

  • Hi Sue, couldn't do much shouting on my bike - men in white coats would have taken me away!

    Funny enough though, once I got going I didn't think about the piggies once.

  • Hahaha i was taken by these men a long time ago, brill that the bike ride helped you :) sounds like it was a lovely day too, way to go Andi, keep those piggies out :)

  • Andi i'm with you all the way gal, if i had finished getting my bike built up, i would be thier with you, to help kick them piggies into touch, it may have took me a dit of time to bike down there, but its all down hill for one thing, and i know that you would mop my brow for me when i'd got thier, phew i'm buggered just thinking about it!!!! Right i will get back to fixing my bike up, its got 15 flippin gears, found 10, lost 5 somewhere, i bet that flippin cats got em. Keep in there Andi you know we are all here for you gal. :)


  • Tell you what - if you did bike down here I don't think you'd be thinking of those flying piggies much!

    The bike I used has 15 gears but you can't use all of them - a lot just slip - perhaps I need lessons on bike maintenance. I used to do my own flat tyres when I was a teenager but in those days you only had 3 gears - if you were lucky.

  • Hi everyone just coming to my senses i'm that tired i feel drunk lol oh well that's life just now, if only it happened at night, that would be a cheap night out lol, we have sunshine here today and it's not cold, thanks Pete, i've been out a walk to try clear my head, don't know if it worked though, keep strong everyone and have a great day :) x

  • Aup Suepagal, nice to hear you, have you ever thought about sleeping in the day and dancing at night???? gal te he could be fun :o as for biking Sue, you could always get a trike gal, and give that some jipp!!

    so you cant get out of it that easy!!!!

    I'm so glad your having sunshine thier Sue, it helps dosnt it, still flippin cloudy here.

    You too Sue, keep strong and if we all stick together, we CAN get through this, luv ya gal, and you keep on kicking them piggies outa that door!!!! :)


  • Hi Pete how you doin, having a nice day i hope, me on a bike would be hilarious, doubt my old bones would take it lol, might just try dancing all night, would remind me of when i did nightshift, don't know if the neighbours would like it though lol, have a great day Pete and keep strong, your right, together all of us are bricks in the wall that will keep the cravings out :)

  • Well thanks for your support Sue and Pete. Got the 1st bike out and pumped up the tyres - tested it then one went flat! Got the other bike out and that stood up to being used. Must have done about 8 - 10 miles down to the seafront then found some friends in their beach hut so cadged a cup of coffee. It's really warm here today - I think that summer's finally coming!! Got no energy left to dig in the garden so will just veg out now and hope those piggies just fly away.

  • Hope your having a nice time in the garden Andi, and that your cravings have gone, you got far on your bike, i remember when i used to do that, it was great, a few of us used to go out, i'm to scared of the traffic now, my husband has been knocked of his twice by cars, you keep strong Andi don't let the blighters win, you CAN do this :)

  • Evening Everyone,

    it's lovely to hear how well your all supporting each other, I love your "we're all bricks in the wall" analogy Sue :-) how are you feeling now? If you're not sleeping too well through the night, try and at least allow for your body to be resting, even if it means you having a nice relaxing PJ evening :-)

    Andi! 8-10 miles.... Phew! You have some energy there now don't you? The gym this morning too! When you wake up tomorrow you'll feel fantastic that you've done this today. Your health and fitness levels are increasing all round. Well done to you :-)

    Hope you had a lovely day spending your money saved JillyGirl, you deserve it - you're doing really well :-)

    Pete, hope you found those missing gears! Sounds like you've had a busy day too and kept yourself occupied. good on you though for finding something to distract you. Winners always find a way :-)

    Hope you all are having a lovely weekend and are confident that you'll continue your smoke free lifestyle into Sunday. For those of you who ay be planning on having a glass or two of your favourite tipple, remember to stay strong anytime those piggin' cravings rear their ugly heads!

    Something to think about....

    On a level of 1-10.... 1 being not so good, 10 being totally confident, how do you feel about staying stopped at the moment?

    Onwards and upwards everybody. Together we can do this :-)

  • Hi there Emjay, the fitness is just something I've got to do. My personal trainer told me this week that I am training better than most people 20 years younger so that gives me an extra boost and makes me want to do even more. Was never into fitness when I was younger and didn't start until I was 42. (Am 55 now)

    Re staying stopped I want to say (even at this early stageof my quit) that I am on level 10!!!

  • Aup Emjay!!!! you on overtime or what gal???? mind you, you did have a lay in this morning, but what the hec gal, hhmmmm i would have useually run off by now, but there is a young Lady called newromantic, wanting your help!!

  • Hi Emjay hope you've had a brilliant day, and relaxed some, you do Sooooo much for us you deserve it, i would say i'm a level 8 at the moment, i'm always cautious, making sure i get to 9 or 10 just a day at a time, don't know how i came up with the brick in the wall, my brain must be working for once lol, maybe not smoking has cleaned it out and i can think clearer now, so now i'm not brainwashed, my brain has been washed clean, and all with the help of you and everyone else on here, A BIG THANK YOU to you all :)

  • You may be pleased to know Pete that I have just finished my box of chocs - oh no, will I be climbing the walls craving chocolate as well now?!?!!?

  • 8 weeks gone quick still feel a little low at times but not giving in this time

  • Morning Lyndelou, that's fantastic hope I manage it I'm not 3 weeks in yet so still not sure what's got to jump out and bite me!

    I thought I was the only one to get up early on here!

    Congratulations and stick with it - don't forget you're a non-smoker now!

  • Aup Andi, if you have any more bright ideas, could you please keep them to yourself!!!!

    I finaly got my bike going last night, found the 5 gears and sorted it, so i went for a spin--20miles gal!!!! well perhaps 2 then, thought i would be aching this morning, but no!!!!!! but i have got a rite sore bum!!!! gal, and i thank you for that again!!

    They dont make seats like they used too, do they!!!! :( You got any tips?? gal!!

    I must admit though Andi i enjoyed it, i will give it a couple of days and give it another go!!!! Glad you had a nice ride yesterday. So you are 35 'A' nice one gal you keep at it!! your doing great :)

    I've got a pic of me on my bike, i took it yesterday i think????

    I may just pop it on here, ha ha, you keep in there gal, you are just fantastic!!!!! :)


  • Well hello, there is life out there! No Pete, they don't make them like they used to. When I got my bike (the one with the flat tyres) I chose a nice big old-fashioned saddle with springs. It's reallly comfy.

    Word of warning for when you next get on your bike - you will feel a bit bruised in a place you didn't know could be bruised!!! It usually wears off after a while though and after a week you'll find no more problems in that department!

    Good Luck, Andi.

  • Cheers Andi, so i've got another problem to look forward too then, i will stick to my rowing machine today, and maybe give the bike another try tomorrow, the bike in the pic never gave me a ore bum though!!!! ;)

    I hope your having a good day gal, and loads of huggs to ya. :)


  • Hi ya Garry, if you are looking in pal, if you have read the posts above, you know that i have a couple of problems, as in a sore bum, and just found out a sore, erm couple of other things as well, any tips would be much appreciated pal!!!!

    Hey you keep us posted on how you are doing.

    You keep in there pal, your doing great!!!! :)


  • Actually Pete I never mentioned the b word! I understand you could invest in a pair of cycling shorts - I believe they have gel in them in appropriate places!!!

    (Don't forget, Garry's gone to the Isle of Wight)

  • Andi i am so so sorry, but you didnt mention the b word, i did!!!!

    Thankyou for the advice about the shorts, i will look into it!!!!

    And i am saying sorry to you again, i thought it was Darren that had gone to the Isle of wight, i told you a couple of weeks ago, that i'm a hopeless case!!!!, well now you now that i am, for a fact!!!! :(

  • No chocs tonight - all gone! Just rummaged through cupboards and emptied the biscuit barrel!!!

  • Hi everyone hope you've all had a great day and kept those piggies out, we've had sunny weather here, thanks for that Pete, been out with the family all day, we took a picnic to St. Andrews, it was great walking along the beach, didn't go on a bike though lol, i've broken enough bones to last my lifetime lol, am totally exhausted now so gonna have a lazy night, and no cravings today :) hope you never had any either, keep strong we'll all do this together :)

  • Hiya Suepagal, wandered where you had got tooooo, it sounds like you had a glorious day gal, :) God i havnt been for a picnic in years gal!!!!

    What no bike!! mind you i have had a bit of trouble myself with bikes!!!! :o

    Lovely to hear from you Sue, and you have a LAZY night in gal, and maybe some --erm-- shhhh chocs, what do you think????

    You enjoy gal, you are one hell of a fantastic Lady, and dont you forget that Sue!!!! :) you are working wonders gal


  • Hi Pete you should have a picnic next warm day it's lovely, nice and relaxing, me i'd rather do that than go on a bike, i'd be to dangerous lol, it was fun watching the golfers as well, me i struggle with crazy golf lol, you keep strong Pete your doing an amazing job :)

  • Hi Sue, guessed you were out enjoying yourself today. Bet the beach at St Andrews is lovely. Nice bit of sea air to keep those piggies flying away!

  • Hi Andi, i bet you've got some nice beaches where you are havnt you?????

  • Hi Andi yes i thought i take advantage of the day think it's gonna be rain for a few days, our weather is going nuts, bit like myself, it was lovely can't beat the sea air, the beach is lovely, it's great to go there even when it's not warm, glad your keeping those piggies at bay, i think about how horrible they are, it's like inhaling a car exhaust, ugh, and saving for my daughters wedding :) hope you have good thoughts too and that the day comes soon that you no longer have to do that to keep cravings at bay :)

  • Goodnight all, going to bed now, Suepagal, you just amaze me gal, you keep kicin them out a that door gal, sweet dreams. :)

    Andi , you got no chocs, no biscs, but you have all of us gal, i dont know what i said to you earlier, but i am sorry!!!!! goodnight and god bless gal :)


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