Weekly Chat : Tuesday 8th May - Sunday 13th May 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

Where ever you are today, I hope the sun is shining for you and will give you every reason to want to start or continue to lead a clean and fresh smokefree week :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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  • Good morning everybody, glad to see a new page for the week Emjay.

    Well sleep was the same as the last couple of nights so up at 6 and off to the gym. That really keeps my mind off it but I still wanted one as I got back to the car so gave myself a good talking-to! It's actually not raining here at the moment so I might get a bit of gardening done.

    Day 7 - only 10 1/2 hours til 1 week since I lit up my last cigarette.

  • Hi Emjay i hope your having a goooood day gal, lovely and sunny here so far, i had to put a patch on last night to help me, left it on when i went to bed, got up this morning and its gone!!!! cant find it anywere ha ha. You said to remind you about how smoking and drinking and how they go together, sooooooo i'm reminding youuuu.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Andi22, thats an early start for the gym, aren't you good?!

    Glad you had a word with yourself :-) It's funny how our self-talk can affect how we feel. Not everybody will admit it but we all do it.... Some people just think to themselves, some may just mutter to themselves, whilst some of us just chat out loud :-)

    Depending on whether it's positive or negative, it really can set your day up!

    So, what do you say when you talk to yourself? Try to keep it positive as it's the most productive way :-)

    Hey Pete, the case of the missing patch eh?! We've heard stories from people who have gone to bed wearing their patch only to find that their 'other half' was wearing it when they woke up! Thanks for the reminder, I shall write up a blog about smoking and drinking later :-)

    Wonder, I've just read your post from yesterday, looks like you're enjoying the money you have saved. Treating both yourself and your family is a lovely gift. All because you have stopped smoking... Marvelous :-)

    Lyndelou, great to hear how well you are doing just remember to stay positive :-)

    I've just been listening to the radio here in work and was singing along to Simon And Garfunkel: Mrs Robinson and realised how apt some of the words are to our stop smoking community;

    'We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files

    We’d like to help you to learn to help yourself

    Look around you all you see are sympathetic eyes

    Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home'

    Hopefully, there will be something for everybody here and for those of you who are asking questions or sharing your stop smoking experiences, then you will be helping everybody else too. However, we respect that we have others who may just like to read the information posted and not feel that they would like to join in on any chat, thats fine, just as long as you are getting the help and support that you need. :-)

    The sun is really starting to shine now, let 's hope it's here to stay :-)

  • Sue where are you today gal?? i hope your ok, because you are an inspiration to us all!!!! i'm finding it hard to quit and i hav'nt got anywhere near the troubles you have gal!! and my troubles are of my own making-- as in drink etc, you are a true LADY not a mouse like me, but saying that, i hope to be a man again soon. I know with the help from you, Emjay, Andi and all the others that i will get there!! I hope you had a good nights sleep gal, that helps us get through the next day and to stay strong.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete just got back to the land of the living, have had a bad headache all day, like i said on the last chat log i'm really sorry for the misunderstanding, you've no need to apologise, i should have proof read before posting, my bad lol, sorry you're having a bad day but your not a mouse, it takes a man to stop smoking, and stay stopped, so you keep strong, like i know you can :)

  • Aup Sue i'm sorry to hear about the bad headache you've had, hope its gone now gal. I think we got our wires crossed somewhere along the line gal. Nice a sunny here today how is it there??

  • Hi Pete nice and sunny here as well, was raining earlier though, typical of Scotland lol, no music for me today so some housework instead and try to keep the positive thoughts going, how are you doing now, hope it's getting a bit easier for you now :)

  • Hi Sue, i'm glad its nice and sunny up there in Scotland. I had to put a patch on i dont know whether the inhalator is strong enough for me, i will keep trying it though. I have to try and get rid of the patches, so i can stop the drinking or cut it down. Got to go to work soon, working nights this week!!!! Speak to you soon Sue and hang in there gal your doing fantastic you are.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Emjay, sounds that your listening to some nice music, erm a question for you if you dont mind me asking-- whats the difference between a halator and a crafe--away plastic cigarette????

  • Hi Emjay, just come in from the garden - yes it was sunny down south as well - managed to get all the grass cut as it's supposed to be raining again til the weekend. Why can't we just keep this weather it makes us feel so much better. The clouds are building here already.

    About my conversations with myself - well, I keep saying to myself "I'd love to have a fag now" then reply "Don't be so stupid, you've come this far and you don't want to go back there" (you must realise that I only have these conversations out loud in the privacy of my own home with the doors & windows shut) (don't want the men in white coats coming to take me away.) I then have a drink of water & shove another mint in my mouth and try to distract myself.

    Got to keep up the fitness so I can keep off all the extra calories I seem to be eating like last night I was on half pack of pistachios followed by a few biscuits and ending with a few chocolates before I drank some water, shoved in a mint and sat on my hands. I DO NOT WANT TO PUT ON LOADS OF WEIGHT.

  • Hi Andi

    I've put half a stone on in five weeks but not feeling well enough to exercise at the moment .... When I shift the flu I am hoping to get my ass into gear and get active. Previous attempts at packing in have been hampered by weight gain .... Starting smoking again and dieting .... Then packing in again ......

    This time I am trying to be careful about the type of extra food I am eating ..... Melon cubes, blueberries .... It's amazing when you think about the number of times you put your hand towards your mouth when you smoke, maybe part of the reason why we eat more, smoking also suppresses the apatite I suppose .....

    Maybe when the flu has gone I'll do 20 situps instead of eating anything when I get the urge.

    Any tips on healthy distraction would be welcome!


  • Hi Jane, so sorry to hear you've got the flu - hope it goes away soon - but don't overdo it at the beginning cos you don't want a chest infection on top of everything.

    You sound like your eating much better than me! If you're strong enough to not eat rubbish (I don't like to but I seem to keep getting these urges for savoury stuff - I'll just go with it for now) then you're strong enough to finally crack the not smoking thing.

    Maybe you can treat yourself to a personal trainer with your extra money - you don't necessarily have to join a gym either. I don't believe in dieting - that just gives you more stress - just everything in moderation and keep active. The only thing I never did in moderation was the smoking and I don't want to do that any more.

    Keep you chin up and do a few roly-polys with those grandchildren of yours!


  • Hey Pete, the inhalator is the White holder that you put the cartridges containing nicotine in... Whilst the other looks just like a cigarette, made of plastic. When I used it and left it at my friends house, I only realised and panicked a week afterwards when she told me, so I resorted to using a pen (with the inside taken out) instead. In the end I just thought to myself "what's the point?!" so I quit the pen in the end too! :-) I've not been in the office this afternoon but I will sit down tomorrow and write up that smoking and drinking blog for you Mister :-)

    andi22, try and fill your fridge up with ready chopped veggie snacks such as carrot, celery, peppers etc... Remembering that not everybody puts weight on because they've stopped smoking. They may put weight on because they're eating more of the wrong things... But picking at stuff because of the 'feelings of boredom due to stopping smoking... If that makes sense?! :-)

    Hey Sue, hope your feeling better. Sometimes we have to work that little bit harder when trying to remain positive, but it really does make things a lot better and life a lot easier. Maybe if you have the time, you could take yourself away on a half hour visualisation? This can be done anywhere from sitting in a chair to lying on your bed. The beauty about visualisations are that you can be anywhere you would like to be :-)

    Hope you are all happy with the day you have had so far... For those of you who have sailed through today, well done... Keep the positivity going on throughout the evening... For those of you who have hit a few cravings, then look at it as a few more out the way and another step towards a smoke free future.. It will get easier if you stick at it :-)

  • Hi everyone, can I firstly say a big thank you to everyone who posted on my guilty blog - it made me get back on track,, think about what I really wanted rather than everyone else. I feel so much better and am back on track!

    Today seemed an easy day for me - (not thought about wanting one) - it doesn't happen very often lol!!!

  • Aaaaah Loopl, so glad that you feel everyone's comments helped. That's what this community is all about :-)

    Take the positive feeling from today, enjoy it and if you have any 'down' days at all in the future, think back to how you are feeling today...

    You're doing really well :-)

  • Hi loopyl, have you read the Allen Carr "STOP SMOKING NOW" book? I gave up myself 14 days ago cold turkey (as such), I have had no desire or want to smoke another cigarette since. I bought this book last Friday for my partner, as I want her to give up also. However out of curiousity I read the book myself over the weekend. I must say Its very good the way it opens your mind up to what cigarettes really are! Reading your comments, I think if you read the book, that sneaky cigarette would be a thing of the past. (sorry about duplicating this message, just understanding how these blogs work)

  • great to hear that this book is working for so many of you too.....I wish I'd of read it years ago

  • Hi there, I'm back again - just put the rubbish out and realised that - hey - that was my catalyst last week so I'm really proud to say that I've got one whole weekunder my belt now.

    Thanks to all of you cos I'm not sure I'd have managed it without all your help and support.

    Hi Loopy - glad to see you're back on track - hang in with all your friends here and you'll get there in the end.

  • Hi andi, yes i'm back, erm look its just a thought but do you like garden peas?? if so you could buy some in there pods and when you feel snackish get some out shell them and snack on them, plus your hands will be doing something as well, as in shelling them. If you like gardenig which i think you do, you could allways grow your own, if your sharpish at sowing the seeds, nice and fresh then too, your doing magic gal, got to go now before Emjay gets up.

    Pete :)

  • Morning everybody--WAKIE WAKIESSSS-- ha ha sorryyyyyy. Aup Loopy nice to see you here gal and i'm so glad that your back on track, if you need any help we are all here to help each other. Dont be afraid to ask :)

    Hi Darren, nice to see you here too pal, know what you mean about the blogs, but you will soon learn a bit of trial and error!!!!

    Andi i'm proud of ya, you've got through the first week,i think the first week was the hardest for me, and like you say without all of these lovely people and the help and support, dont know whether i would have got through. :)

    Hi Sue i hope your headache has gone and you are feeling better today, and i've ordered the sun just for you today gal, to cheeeeeeeeer you up!!!!! speak soon :)

    Hi Emjay, look are you going to pull your finger out and get something done today gal, you've just had a long weekend off- only half aday yesterday- huh its allright for some!!!! think its time i wasnt here!! ;-)

    Pete. :)

  • Good morning all, I hope you're well and happy! I'm on day 12 I think and just plodding along slowly. My throat is agony today, feels like my tonsils it's so strange! Going to spend the day in bed with Grey's Anatomy :)

  • Hi ya Lenne, im so sorry to hear that you've got a bad throat gal, have you tried gargling with a mouth wash or something, or shhhhh a brandy. but you mustn't swallow it you know!! te he. Day 12 hey thats great gal, i hope your proud of yourself for doing this well, and what a lucky chap Grey is!! speak soon and look after yourself Lenne. Huggs

    Pete :)

  • *hugs* Thanks Pete, you always cheer me up! :)

  • Morning everyone it's a lovely day today, thanks for the sun Pete, still have a headache, just can't seem to shift it :( having a hard time today, am sitting on my hands at the moment, can't get the positive feelings going at all i feel quite low at the moment, and stressed out, hoping this goes later, but i will keep fighting, i didn't get this far to give up now, i hope you all have a great day

  • Aup Sue, i'm so sorry your having a bad day again, just wandered Sue did the doc change your tablets when you went to see her the other day, if she did it may be an idea to give them a ring and ask them about the side affects!!!! no harm in asking gal is there. Your doing so well Sue and i hope that sun keeps shining for you all day long. Try and get focused and fight it, we are all with you Sue dont you forget that

    gal, loads of hugggs Sue. Best go now before Emjay see's the post i left Her he he, chat soon.

    Pete :)

  • Good Morning Everybody :-)

    Pete, you crack me up, you're funny! :-) Thats a good tip about the garden peas and from what I've heard they are quite easy to grow aren't they? How are you doing today anyway? I was going to ask you if you found the evening times more of a challenge than the daytime, but as you work shifts, I suppose this changes everything for you doesn't it? You seem to be doing really well though which is fab :-)

    Lenne, almost 2 weeks into your quit so you are doing fantastic. Just think how your body is recovering inside. With regards to your sore throat, see it as a positive sign of recovery. if you were to carry on smoking this would have been masked but damage would have carried on and you wouldn't have known to take care of yourself. See if you can get some sugar free boiled sweets to help and either gargle on some mouthwash or some salt water about 3 times daily. That should help. Other than that I think a duvet day might be a great idea :-)

    Andi, bet you felt great when you got up this morning and looked out at your freshly cut grass :-) I suppose thats another form of exercise in a way and also helped pass the time away too.You're now into your 2nd week... woooohooo! Well done you! :-)

    Darren, just posted on your other comment, was just saying that I think the Allen Carr book is really interesting and helps smokers to look at smoking from another angle. Giving up smoking can be quite a huge mind game and it's how we play it that determones whether or not you win or the cigarettes win. I hope your partner enjoys it as much too :-)

    Hope you are feeling better today Sue and are feeling lovely and sunshiny, inside and out :-)

    Remember, when stopping smoking, your are stopping doing something that you no longer want to do anymore... bare this in mind when you think that you want to smoke and rather than tell yourself that you 'can't have one', think along the lines that you can have one if you really want to... but you choose not to... Choosing a smokefree life is more beneficial to your health and to your pocket!

    Onwards and upwards everybody :-)

    Anyways I have my smoking and alcohol blog to write up today as promised, better get on with it before the boss (Pete) has to have another word with me ;-)

  • Hya Emjay--sorryyyy--loads of work to do last night, so kept my mind occupied and time went fast as well, yeh having a good day so far. The worst time for me is when i drink, lager that is,which is mostly when i get home from work. so today i got home about 7.30am and had 1 cupa and now i am on my 3rd can of lager, before i go to bed, because i need something to make me sleep in the day time, there i've told you, but it is the hardest time for me. Dont know whether that has helped you or not gal.

    As for growing peas, dead easy just do as it says on the pack, stick a few twiggs in for them to climb up or netting, watch them grow, pick, and enjoy!!!!

    Boss warn out now, am goin to bed, Huggs to ya.

    Pete :)

  • Hey Pete, I'm sure many people enjoy a few cans or a glass of wine when they finish work so It must be really difficult working shifts as it kind of turns your day upside down. I imagine that now is your night time?

    I would still give you the same advice that I would to anybody else drinking at more 'regular' hours. :-)

    At the end of the day, it is only you who can decide whether or not your drinking is a problem or that it is just down to shift patterns. If it is a problem, then you just have to decide which to deal with first, smoking or drinking.

    Hopefully you are getting your 'nights' sleep in now and that there will be a smoking and drinking blog up for you when you wake up my friend :-)

  • Thanks Pete i will look at tablets to see, it could also be my thyroid, as this is an autuimmune disease symptoms can flare up again from time to time, although knowing this doesn't make it easy to live with, it does effect mental capacity and mood as well as having physical symptoms, i need to do some detective work, at least this will take my mind off cigs lol have a happy sunny Pete :)

  • Hi Emjay that's a good idea never thought of that, might get that book that Barren was talking about it sounds good, i couldn't do this without you and everyone else on here so a big thank you to you all :)

  • The Carr book is very interesting, I've read it and passed it to my mum to see if she might find it useful. I was going to read it again now I've quit but he prefers the cold turkey method and I believe in using nicotine replacement therapy so I don't want to have any doubts about my course of action. It is a very inspirational book though.

  • hello i mary. i need help to stop. the fag.i have stop for today.it getting me .down.it hard.

  • Hi Mary, are you using anything to help you to stop? What time did you smoke your last cigarette at? Was it yesterday?

    Let me know and I'll know what advice to give to you.

    Stopping smoking has it's ups and downs and can be a bit of a roller coaster of a ride. You will have to go through some cravings but no matter what you do, they will pass. I promise :-)

    Try to stay positive...


  • Sorry Darren should have checked spelling before posting, i hate my phone lol, think I'll check that out then Lenne as i'm going cold turkey cause of all the med i'm on, can you buy that book anywhere

  • Hi Sue, I bought the book in WH Smiths. £9.99.

  • Hi everybody, was in the middle of writing a couple of hours ago when my computer died on me again - was just saying good night to Pete. I'm sure it happens when MJ does some kind of fixing or blogging in the background.

    Glad it's nice and sunny in Scotland as it's pouring down here in the south - not a nice day for a walk along the seafront.

    Yes now into my second week but not finding it too much easier yet.

    Emjay, thanks for the nibbling advice - only problem there is that I eat a carrot every day with my lunch and often eat peppers - perhaps I'll have to eat something like sunflower seeds one at a time - a handful should last quite a long time then! Perhaps that's another one for the dietary advice blog that you're in the middle of constructing!

    Oh by the way, another blog you mentioned that you wanted to do at the weekend was 'Jumping in with both feet'. I think you're going to be a bit busy for the rest of the day. Have fun.

  • Afternoon Everybody,

    Andi, I have put the 'Jumping in with both feet' blog on my to-do list and shall have this done for you as soon as. Thanks for the reminder :-)

    I'm not sure what happened earlier, I had the same problem when trying to post it just came up with 'error' on page and that HealthUnlocked (The hosts to this site) would be notified. Slightly irritated by the fact that I typed lots! :-(

    For those of you interested in the Allen Carr book, it is very well written and quite an easy and interesting read. Whilst it does encourage you to quit going cold turkey, it doesn't mean to say that you have to. There are many ways to stop smoking, you just need to find the best way that works for you. So, there is nothing to stop you using the book whilst using any form of NRT or non-nicotine based therapy. It's up to you to decide.

    Our stop smoking service, Roy Castle Fag Ends - provides stop smoking support in a number of ways - one-to-one appointments, drop-in groups within the community, telephone support and of course our new online Quit Support. This just gives all our members the opportunity to choose which route they would like to take on their stop smoking journey, with a little bit of guidance from ourselves and a lot of support from each other.

    By getting support from a stop smoking service such as ours, then you are 4 more times likely to stop and stay stopped. So why not arm yourself well and get as much help and support as possible? :-)

  • Mary, both the patches and gum will help really well. Just make sure that the gum should is kept to the side of your mouth and just be chewed whenever you feel a craving. Try not to chew it all the time.

    Have you had a read through some of our older blogs?

    Just in case you haven't, have a look at these to get you started;

    (Hopefully you should be able to just click on the link and it will take you straight there)

    This blog is a breathing exercise that will help you to relax a bit through a craving;


    The following blog will help you to see that getting cravings is a positive sign;


    The following blog will let you see how much better your body is now already;


    Just remember to stay strong Mary, you are doing so well :-)

  • Afternoon to everyone. Hope your enjoying your smoke free day. Just thought I'd let you all know you can download the Allen carr book free. I've just started reading it and must admit it brings some home truths. Plus as took my mind off the ciggies. Had a pretty hard day to today. More to do with feeling sorry for myself because I feel sick. It's the champix again, maybe unhave to cut it down to one and a day but don't no how I'll manage tonight without one.

    Oh Iftar stop smoking app can be downloaded on the nhs it tell you how long how much you have saved and how many you would smoke. It does help. although hubby got a bit fed up off me saying its been I've saved.

    Good luck everyone x

  • Hey Ollie4321, lovely to hear from you :-)

    Hope you are still counting your pennies, how much have you saved up to now?

    Did you try eating something before having your Champix? Another option may be to just have one tablet today and your normal dose tomorrow and see how you go.

    Don't worry about feeling any different so soon as they are in your system anyways.

    You've done so well so make sure you give yourself a pat on the back :-)

  • Hi everyone, yes I read the Allen Carr book years ago, in fact I went on the weekly course - it didnt work for me, but it may for others. Just off to my Stop smoking group and will collect my prescription for the next two weeks of Champix! Today was a tough day, it would of been my fathers 80th birthday today had he still been with us, I miss him so much. I have done well and not had one even though have been really down! Right off to my group session now.

    Hope you are all doing well today x

  • This is my, seventh week stopping smoking at 75 yrs old, and am a new person.

    I have stopped using 10mg patches and any aids for 3 days, however

    i am feeling anxious and irritable any advise welcomed..

  • hi Lang im on my 5th week and i have cut down to the 14mg patch and gum as and when, i have another 2 weeks on the lower dose then finally go on the teeny tiny dose for 2 weeks then im free of the patches, you have cut down quite quickly to say you are on week 7 but you have managed for 3 days free it could be because of the nicotine you are no longer having if it was me id try a 1mg losange or maybe a piece of gum but thats me i choose the easier option everytime:) but you have done so well for 7 weeks try and take deep breaths when you are feeling anxious or drink very cold water it eases it for me but keep going whatever happens, or nip and see your doctor he will know what will be good for you,,,,


  • Just to let you all know I did quit by reading the Allen Carr Book EASYWAY. ... and had my doubts ....well how on earth could a paperback book help ? But it did for me and I feel a totally different person and so confident that I've done smoking for good. All the book does is put you in a different frame of mind ... gets you to realise that you are addicted to a drug and have fallen into a nicotine trap ... it gets you to realise that the action of smoking the fag is just relieving the nicotine withdrawal.... and the crutch of smoking can be stopped. I also read his No More Overeating ... and it didn't gel or help me...... Yet 3 week ago finish his Control Alcohol book and now coming up to week 3 of not drinking booze ( so sorry but my chocolate vice is staying) :) .... so proud that I'm not drinking and have proved that I could stop .... but feel I'm having to make up excuses for not drinking as 90% of the adult population drink, it's socially acceptable (unlike smoking) ,,,,, Having a clear head every morning is lovely..... having not to buy fags though is great too. Good luck to you all in whatever method you try ... we are all different and no way is right or wrong.. go for it .... and keep supporting one another :)

  • Hey Wonder, that's brilliant - 2 out of 3 - you can't have everything. Just looked in your blog and glad to see that youre making the most of all that extra money with lots of treats for you and your family. Keep at it girl.

  • Thank Andi , Yes it is such a positive move to stop smoking ... and I have no guilt treating us all.... as previously I was spending money on fags and damaging my health at the same time.

    So tonight I've had no wine again (will be 3 weeks with no booze tomorrow) ... water with my tea and a nice frothy coffee after my tea with a twirl bar ... much nicer than having fag breath and a hangover.

    Not sure about the not drinking .... but 100% cracked the not smoking :)

  • Aup Wonder, its nice to see you gal and to know that you are doing so well, with ''loads of money''. I'm reading the easyway book now, hhhmmm interesting!! but he's hit the nail on the head so far gal he has, he smoked 100 fags a day bl erm thats a lot isnt it. I will have to get that other book--control alcohol, will go on ebay and have a look, cus i drink too much!!

    Thank you for the good luck, i need it gal i tell ya, speak soon and my luv to you and your family. :)

    Pete. :)

  • The No smoking EASYWAY book was a total success for me... I did give up with no cravings.....just had a strange feeling of hunger ....like a taste of missing something but nothing major. I still acknowledge with a smile the occasions or triggers that I'd usually have a smoke ..... but thats all it is ...a relief that I no longer need to smoke. Previously...by trying to use will power or cold turkey I'd of gone Nuts, shouted and hoped my partner would say "for gods sake go buy yourself some fags"....but none of that happened with Allen Carrs method. Great that you also got your copy off ebay too. I read the book 3 times. Once when I stopped ... then also in the first week (it was a bit like having my fags in my handbag!) and a final time after about week 3. That way I was sure that all his method had sunk into my thick skull........and it did......10 weeks and still free. I know I will never go back to forking out all that money.

    I'm finding the controlling Alcohol a lot harder as everyone around me drinks ..... Got my Hubby to read the book on boozing and he said he'll only stop drinking during the week... but that's real progress as we nearly drank every night and I don't want my kids to think wine every night is normal, plus the fact the 3 bottles for a £10 are as rough as hell and at least I'm not drinking for the sake of drinking.

    You won't need good luck if the stop smoking book gels with your mind ... you will know you've cracked the not smoking for good from ending the book. I know it sounds unbelievable but just by reading the book I cracked the addiction of smoking...... l

    Keep us all posted and well done so far with all your great support to everyone

  • Hi andi good morning, although its rite clowdy here, think we are going to get a drop of rain. I hope your sleeping for better now gal!! Just going to read Wonders post, not seen her for a bit. Chat soon. :)


  • Morning Pete, yes it's rite clowdy down here too. Sleeping's just about the same ta - seem to be up by 6 most mornings. It will be great over the summer (if we ever get one) and hopefully will improve as time goes on.

    It's funny how so many people on here seem to have cats! I used to have 2 but not geting any new ones for a couple of years as I want to do a bit of travelling. It would have been great to have one at the moment though cos you can relieve some stress by stroking it and just having it on your lap during the evenings gives your hands something else to do. Oh, you can always talk to it as well (and shout!).

    Keep on making us all laugh and sleep well, Andi

  • Aup Sue, you been decorating gal, looks like you've got some pink paint on you, hold on i will put my specs on -- aaagghh -- what you done to your ''hair'' gal!!!! te he :-)

    I hope your feeling better today Sue, did you get them tabs sorted out??

    As for that Allen Carr book, I got it off ebay for £2.95 and that was with p & p it arrived 3 days later, speak soon gal.

    Pete :)

  • Good morning Emjay, noooo i havent forgotten youuuuu, your going to luv this gal, you asked me to remind you to make a blog for '' pets & seconhand smoke '' sorry more work for you!! ;-)

    Oh yes and when the site had a bit of a flipp, you said you lost a lot of work and it made you ''slightly irritated'' ha ha yes i believe you gal!! God wish i had been a fly on the wall when that happened!!!!! speak later if your up before i go to bed!!!!

    Pete :)

  • My sister has a staffie called Daisy. I take her walks on my days off and she always sneezed when ever I sparked a fag up .... dogs have much more sensitive smell than us .....now she only sneezes if a smelly car goes by.

  • Hi Pete Hahaha you really make me laugh, just what i need this morning the weather is sooo bad here, it's my daughters room in the picture, she did that awhile ago, doesn't live here now though, i'm gonna get that book it sounds really good, hope you have a great day staying off the cigs, no not got tablets sorted, don't think it's them, will probably have to live with this, just another thing to test me, gotta go out now will speak later :)

  • Good Morning Everybody :-)

    The sun is trying it's very best to pop out and say hello here, lovely blue sky with a hint of warmth :-)

    For those of you who have stopped, hopefully having another day under your belt will give your confidence a boost in your ability to stay stopped.

    Those of you in your first week of stopping, how are you feeling? Take each day or even half day at a time and remember that every craving that you allow to pass will make life easier long term.

    For those of you interested, I shall pop some information up about how smoking in the house can affect our pets. I have some other information that I have promised to post too. I shall post it as a question as I think it might be easier to refer to in the future should anybody have any queries or need to look in the search option for it. Will do this today for you all :-)

    Lots of catching up for me to do on here, our online stop smoking community / family is starting to get quite busy now. Brilliant :-)

    A little reminder about cravings for you all.....

    If you choose to smoke, you may have to go through all this again. If you choose not to smoke, then the cravings will get weaker, until eventually they will stop. :-)

    Remember... The craving that you may be feeling right now will go away, whether or not you smoke :-)

    Stay positve!

  • Hi everyone, at work so cant stay long, finding it really hard tonight been easy all week, little demons coming thick and fast, my left shoulder seems lighter as well for some reason!! got to keep strong.

    Pete :-(

  • Hi Pete sorry your having a hard time, try remember the things Emjay said, that every craving is a step closer to them going, to think of this as positive, maybe try the breathing exercises, i know you can do this, your a strong person, and you have done sooo well to get this far, we're all behind you ((hugs)) :)

  • Hi Sue yes i've got to keep positive, keep focused, i will try the breathing exercises Sue, hugs to you too, sweet dreams gal.


  • Hi Pete hope things are going better for you now and your not suffering from the cravings as much, keep going strong, we're all behind you :)

  • Morning Pete, hope you managed to survive the night with not too much kissing that plastic fag. Don't weaken - you can do it - you've come this far , don't throw it all away now especially when driving home in your van. Turn up the volume and sing or shout out loud (no-one can hear you in the twilight zone!)

    Weather forecast's good for the weekend - should make everyone feel more positive. Think of getting out in the fresh air.

    I'm now on day 10 - can't believe I've got this far. I do believe it's getting easier- not sitting on hands half as much and thoughts are spreading out a bit now. Sleeping's not improved much yet though & still giving myself talking-tos and shouting now & then.

    Hopefully get a bit of gardening done at weekend and maybe even dust off my bike!

    Have a good day all and stay strong.


  • Morning Andi i hope your doing well and yes i managed to survive the night, flippin hard going for some reason, thought my patch had come off but noooo, ha ha and as you say i aint half been kissing that plastic fag gal!!!! and yelling, my work mate thinks i'm, well knows i'm loopy now, got to go now, cat wants feeding and i tell you i cant do anything untill i've fed her, speak in a wile, oh Andi was it you that likes pistachio nuts, if so i've got a bit of shocking news for you later.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Andi I'm glad things are getting a bit easier for you, i shout out as well if needed, doesn't half frighten people lol, your doing great, hope it's easier for you today, and gardening will help keep your mind busy on other things, that's what helps me, changing my thoughts, wish i had a garden to do though,might go and do my dads, if it doesn't rain lol,hope you have a great smoke free day :)

  • Morning Sue, you're about early - I hope you're not getting sleep problems too. The sun's now shining down here.

    Isn't it amazing how many people on here have cats - must be a great comfort especially if on one's own. Used to have 2 but can't have any more for a while.

    Have a good one.

  • Morning Sue, thankyou for your support last night it was lovely of you, your a true beauty you are Sue thank you. Dont know why it got so hard last night, been ok all week, maybe i let my guard down a bit or something. I too did some aaarrrggghhhing last night gal ha ha. I hope you are feeling better today gal and keep in there, your doing marv erm great gal you are, speak in a bit.

    Pete :)

  • Morning Pete i hope today goes better for you, i shout a lot as well, so now everyone knows i'm nuts lol, but i do whatever it takes cause it will be worth it in the end, i'm glad i was able to help you a little bit, it was my pleasure, keep rocking :)

  • Hi Andi it's sunny here as well, for a change, i can't sleep either; in to much pain from my arthritis, just another thing to annoy me, getting kinda used to less sleep now, cat belongs to my daughter but i've been left with him till she gets her house sorted, typical of her lol, just gonna chill now and wait on my tablets working and jump on any cravings that come :)

  • Morning Emjay, just one question to ask you gal - is this site paid for???? cus i wrote you a message yesterday, just before i went to bed, where is it!!!! its vanished!!!!, just replied to one of your blogs, it came up ''error on page'' and it just would'nt send it!!!!, look gal if you need a few quid to help pay the rent on it, i'm sure all of us here would chip in!!! and help you gal. :)

    Best go find a hidding place for a bit eh.

    Pete :)

  • Hey Hey hey! :-)

    Looks like we are trying to get as much rain out as possible to make room for any sunshine that Pete might have booked in for us!

    You were feeling slightly lighter on your left shoulder as we we're all behind you instead Pete ;-) this was just one of the next steps for you, to see how you crack on with anything unexpected. The way that these slimy little cravings work is that when they are getting no reaction from you during the early stages of your quit, they die down a little bit and then BAM! They come running at you big and strong and give their best attempt at catching you out. However, just by saying 'no' to that one cigarette is enough to weaken them a tad. Okay, so they may and probably will come back, but it will definately be weaker than the last time. Everytime you go without, the stronger you become.

    If there is any chance that you ever do have the odd 'whiff', 'puff' or 'smoke' then you will be feeding / satisfying that craving and making it stronger for the next time it comes back on you. However, it's not the end of the worl, just get back on track as soon as you realise what you have done. The sooner it's dealt with, the better.

    As Sue says, we're behind you all the way - never far from your left shoulder though Pete :-)

    Sue, how are feeling? - you really do seem ever so positve in yourself which is fab, it just makes life a lot easier :-)

    Andi, day 10 and doing really well. just take it through each day and when you need to - just get through half days. The time soon passes :-)

    Practice some breathing exercises and see which ones make you feel more relaxed, energised and happier :-)

  • Aup Emjay I thank you and all the lovely people on here for being behind me last night, for i dont think i would have got through without you, i just dont know were the devils came from, ha ha yesterday morning i thought that i had it sorted, how wrong i was, ''hey'' us men do get it wrong on the ''odd'' occasion, well i doooo anyway. Thanks again luv you all :)


  • Morning Emjay things are a bit easier for me today, thankfully, i think because i've had to be positive through all my illnesses has helped me, cause it's almost like second nature for me to be that way, sometimes it's the only way i get through my day, been doing some relaxation techniques and that's helped as well, when any stress goes it does make this fight a little easier for me, i can't even remember when i stopped smoking lol, hopefully today will be good, i'd love to have a day where cigs don't enter my mind at all :)

  • Hi Sue you will get that day soon gal you will!!!! glad to see that things a bit easier for you to day, maybe somebody up thier is thanking you for helping me last night eh!! Changing the subject--- ''stress'' you know what you need to take the stress away dont you Sue, A ''massage'' by an energetic-fitttt-handsome-virile-fatwalletted-debonhair young gentleman, just like me gal ha ha, best get going before i get a broll over my head eh gal, see you soon :)


  • Hi Pete your such a tonic for everyone lol, hope you have a great day :)

  • Hi ya Sue, i've got some more tonic for you gal, i've been serching the archives and just found your quit date!!!! Monday 16th April, you've gone for 26 DAYS gal,no sorry ''SUPER WOMAN'' cus thats what you are gal, you really really are a superwoman!!!!

    Emjay called you a ''SUPER GIRL'' just before your quit date, and now your 26 days older, so i think you are now old enough to be called Superwoman!!!!!!

    Luv ya gal and you enjoy today, it's a beauty here today, blue skies and wall to wall ''sun'', see you soon :)


  • Afternoon Everybody :-)

    Pete, you are on form today :-) Keep up the good spirit Mister and make sure you're as supportive to yourself as you are to everybody else on here :-) Thanks for finding Sue's quit date, I have been trying to search for it but for some reason I am having to log in every time I go onto another page! :-(

    Big fat congratulations to you Superwoman Sue, I bet you are well chuffed with yourself! One day you will just realise that it's been a while since you thought about smoking. Can't say when it will be, but it'll just happen :-)

    There are lots of posts that I seem to have missed now... off for a read :-)

  • Hi Pete thanks for that can't believe it's 26 days already, doesn't feel like that, wouldn't say i was superwoman lol just stubborn and determined, we got rain here now, again, just hope we get summer weather soon or i'm emmigrating lol :)

  • It's now almost feeling like the weekend folks....

    What plans have you all got in place to stay motivated and smokefree?

    I shall be popping in and out as I can. Stay strong, big smiles through the cravings, try and even (dare I say it?!) enjoy them...!

    You are all amazing people :-)

  • Morning everone, hah beat you Andi, whats up havin a lie in gal!!!! hhmmm think i had best go for a walk over the fields, maybe have a chat with some cows n sheep, they listen to me, they do!!!! :)

    Aup Suepagal, aint you up yet either, if your going to emmigrate, i will carry your bags for you, where you thinkin of goin????? :)

    Hi Emjay, erm dont think its any good having a chat with you yet, you dont get up till dins time, mind you saying that, I reacon you put a full day in yesterday, good on yer gal, ;) about flippin time, speak to ya later.

    Pete :)

  • Morning Pete could you get on here last night cause i couldn't. it was really annoying, don't know where i'd go, somewhere hot lol hope you had a better time last night, enjoy your walk, lucky you being that close to the countryside :)

  • Good Morning :-)

    You're hilarious Pete, very entertaining :-) The sun is shining already, so thank you very kindly for booking that in for us :-) Enjoy your walk, lots more lovely fresh air filling your lungs, cleaning them out and helping them return to better health. It'll do them the world of good. :-)

    Hey Sue, I've reported all the problems that we seem to be having technically wise, so let's see what happens. I'd hate to think that something like this will encourage any set backs. Especially when you've come so far. :-)

    Im really pleased with the support that you all show towards each other and the advice hints and tips that are shared are great. I loved reading through both your 'healthy snacks' and 'to drink or not to drink' conversations... It certainly got you all thinking and chatting. Can't believe the amount of calories in nuts!

    Anyways, any problems today let us all know and we'll see what we can find in our Mary Poppins bag :-)

  • Morning Emjay we have nice sunshine well, it is cold though, or maybe it's just me lol the site was weird last night i got on but all i saw were random words, numbers and symbols, bit like my brain then lol, still going strong today but i know not to let my guard down, these cravings can hit back at any time, the relaxation techniques are really helping, i can just do them sitting in a chair, am gonna be positive today and say that no cravings Will come today, there getting kicked out the door :)

  • Morning all, I did have a lie-in today Pete. I seemed to sleep a bit better last night (must be SO tired after not sleeping properly for ages). Got up at 6.30 and have been to the gym. Trouble is they don't open til 8 at the weekend - not very good timings for insomniacs!

    My personal trainer keeps doing sun dances for me so I call him Butch now (he did one 2 days ago - seems to have worked!)

    Congratulations Sue, so tomorrow will be 4 weeks. Just think, if you do emigrate, you won't be having to look for those sin bins in the airports any more. I went in one in Germany last year (why didn't they keep them here? - don't care now!) and walked around after thinking everyone was looking at me cos I stank so much. Hot-footed it to dutyfree to spray up with the perfume!

    Enjoy the sun everybody.

  • Morning Andi glad you got more sleep, where do you get the energy to go the gym that early, i want some of that don't have the energy to get out of bed lol, i can hardly believe it Will be 4wks doesn't seem that long, hope you have a great day and that the cravings stay away :)

  • AUP EVERYBODY, yeh its me again, oooooops sorry Emjay didnt mean to shout, didnt know you were having a afternoon napppp gal. ;)

    Got my computer sorted, can see & hear you all again now, print as well, without using a hammer!!!! flippin gremlins!!!! they can strike at any time-- just like the little demons inside our heads!! so keep your guard up eh. I'm having a brill day today so far, shhhh.

    Suepagal you have a great day gal, you deserve it!!! and as you say--kick those demons into touch!!!!! :)

    Andi sounds like you are sleeping a bit better now, hope it stays that way for you, i get most of my nutritional imformation from--www.nutrition-and-you.com

    there's loads of stuff on there gal. :)

    Right i will go and have a wonder around here to see if there's any gossip goin!!!! speak later.

    Pete :)

  • Time to get the chocolate out me thinks :)

  • Send me some lol, i'm right in the mood and don't have any lol :) hope things are going great for you tonight :)

  • Hey Wonder you get those chocs out gal, if anybody deserves chocs, its you gal, you have done stupendously well, not quite sure what it means but it sounds good te he, i admire you Wonder, you have stuck with it and done it!!!!

    to show all of us it can be done!!!!!!

    Enjoy them chocs gal you enjoyyyyyyy

    Pete :)

  • Cheers Pete , make sure you read that book :)

  • Hi Suepagal, how are you doing today???? if i had some chocs i would bring them around gal, even may help you nosh em, know what you mean being in the mood, ha ha all i have got is carrots!!!! like em but just not the same are they!!!!

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete how you doin today, still keeping strong i hope, you've done brilliantly so far, keep it up, we all know you can do this, know what you mean about carrots lol, i like them too but not the same as chocolate lol :)

  • Finished that pack of pistachios after my dinner (no, it was much less than 1/2 packet). All this talk about the munchies, I'll have to resort to a clementine and a handful of grapes (and try to resist the chocs!).

  • Andi !!!! let your self go gal, its the weekend, and you deserve it!!!!!

  • Evening everybody,

    Just checking in on you all to see how your doing.

    Remember to stay strong and keep positive :-)

    Hope you're all having a nice evening


  • Morning everyone - what a fabulous one - just got back from my fave walk near the sea. Trouble is being Sunday quite a few other people about already.

    Alright Pete, I own up - saw the box of chocs and the chocs won!

  • Hi all, Andi you '' ENJOY '' them gal, any nutty ones you dont like chuck them my way if you like, hhhhmmm yum yum, you treat youself gal for doing so well.

    I'm going to treat myself in a few weeks-- i'm going to buy myself a laptop i am, with the money i have saved from not smoking.

    Doe's anybody know a good make, there's so many, i would be very greatfull if you would let me know !! thankyou.

    Right go and get dins cooked now speak later.

    Pete :)

  • Hi everybody, huh you must all be sunbathing, and heres me workin my socks off, just finished mowing the lawns, and for the first time for years i've smelt the lovely cut grass smell, gorgeous, and for the first time in ages -- I enjoyed mowing the lawns, so that just tells me something!! smoking does take your sense of smell away!!!!!!!!!!

    Andi-- I have just weighed myself at 10st 10lbs. I will buy some monkey nuts on the way home from work tomorrow, and will munch them for the rest of the week!!!! This time next week i will weigh myself again, and see if there is any difference. I will keep track of the weight of the nuts as well, so thereeee.

    I do not mind beeing a ginipig!!!!!!!! is that how you spell it--I'm sure if i am wrong somebody will tell me :)

    Luv you all and stick with it, you know you have to do this, be the master !!!! of the fag, be above it!!!!take control of what you want and when!!!!! nothing telling you that you have got to light up, I am begging that day to come as soon as!!!!!! it will and i know it will, ace

    Pete :)

  • Evening All :0)

    You've been busy Pete :-) quite a lot of people say that they are really surprised that they'd never noticed that they'd lost their sense of smell! One of the first things to return. With regards to you treating yourself to a laptop, go for it, you'll definitely deserve it Mister. I'm not too up on technical gadgets but I'm sure you can google best buy laptops and check out the reviews :-)

    Glad to gear you had a lovely walk Andi.... And enjoyed your chocolates too... No harm in that :-)

    Enjoy your evening everybody, speak to you all tomorrow :-)

  • Just to let you all know today .... for once we all left the office together ..... I'd usually be ready with a fag in my gob and the lighter ready to spark up as soon as I stepped onto the pavement, into the street. One of the ladies I work with said are you going the long way so you have time to smoke and I really did feel proud to tell Julie ..."I don't smoke any more....it's nearly been 3 months !"

    ...... My final cigarette was 27th Feb and I felt free from that day ... try and think positive of the decision you have made .... the physical craving soon disappears in 3 days and the mental cravings within 3 weeks.....nothing happens after 3 weeks...as from day 1 you are a non smoker ..... but I do feel approaching 3 months that I do not feel any thought what so ever to ever have a fag again......and it's not on my mind......I do find I'm making lots of tea though :)

    Oh and I think my sense of smell is better .... I insulted my boss the other day...by accident, as to mask his smell of fags he'd just sprayed some aftershave on ..... I said who's had the pledge out? I thought he smelt of furniture polish .... only to be informed he had john paul gaultier on :)

    have a lovely fag free weekend and enjoy the fresh air

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