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Daily Chat : Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Good morning everybody.

What a beautiful morning it is, just heard the forecast, it says it will be in the 20s for the rest of the week, :) so get outside and do those breathing exercises.

Talking about breathing exercises have you seen the new one that Emjay has bloged???? you have a look, i had a go last night, erm lads erm just make sure that you are behind closed doors, because you have to put your hands on your hips!!!! if you see what i mean :o

I hope you all have a great day - a smoke free day tooooo.

Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Morning Pete, lovely one - just come back from my walk.

I think the daily blog is supposed to go under Quit Support section though.

Have a great one - it would be great out on that bike (push) now!! Enjoy!!


Morning Andi, wheres the quit support section then????? hey if you can dooooo any better then have a go then, HUH flippin Women always gettin at us old boys. We just cant do nothin right!!!! :o

You get out in the garden and get them peas set.

I hope its as nice thier as it is here Andi, that will cheer you up gal, some nice sunshine. :) You Enjoy as well gal.



Andi -- Whooooops, just found the quit support section, how the flipping heck can i get it on thier now?????

Emjay never said anything about it!!!! huh wait till i see her!!!!


Good Morning Everybody :-)

Thanks ever so much for your help Pete, I read your post earlier this morning before I left the house and it seemed to be in the right place then... Still appears to be now too... I didn't realise that there was another section myself! :0 I shall go and have a good nosie in a mo :-)

How are you feeling today Pete, confidence levels in staying smokefree today, on a level of 1-10? I've every confodence in you :-)

Hey Andi, glad to hear you've enjoyed a lovely walk already this morning. Lovely fresh air filling those lungs and making them all nice and healthy :-) Woith regards to your question yesterday, I'm still onto it and I shall let you know about any research as soon as I get anything :-)

The sun is shining here, nice opportunity to enjoy some good fresh air, maybe even try a few breathing exercises whilst enjoying your garden if you have one or even whilst out taking a nice walk.

Now I need to go and see what other section we have that I don't seem to know about! :-)


Good morning Emjay, what it is Andi says that the Daily Chat sould be on the quit support blog, like yours are!!!! but i just cant find a way of posting it on thier!!!!!!

Bye the way i'm 10 out of 10 thank you for asking, i've got the worst one out of the way, with your help, and i thank you again gal. :)



Suepagal Where are you???? not seen you for a bit gal, you havent been jumping up and down on your mobile have you?????

I hope that you are allright gal and still kicking them piggies outa that door!!!!

Pete :)

Emjay just spotted something, you need : and a little o !!!! :o


Hey Pete, I've figured it out!

The Quit Support Blogs are any blogs that have been posted by anybody from here at The Charity (The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation), such as me at the moment -but I am in the process of getting some of our stop smoking team on board.

The Community Blogs are any blogs that are posted by any of our lovely members such as yourselves :-)

I think the reason for this is so that you can easily trace any blogs that may have been posted by The Charity.

So, take a deep breath and chillax, you posted the right thing, in the right place :-)

Glad to here that you're feeling a 10 today, great news! I'm still learning how to do these little smilies and what-nots too Pete... So thanks for the tip... :o

I'm sure Sue will be about to let us know how she's getting on, she knows we are here for as and when it suits her :-)


Morning everybody glad to hear your all doing well this fine sunny morning, sorry i wasn't here to help you yesterday Pete, when you hit a bad spell, i wasn't feeling well at all, was in bed all day, went to the doctors this morning and now they want to test my adrenal glands, they think i might have addisons disease, just what i need :( the weather is great here so i might go for a walk later and enjoy the sunshine, hope your doing great Andi, and getting out on your bike, keep strong, hope your a 10 like me and Pete today, and that we all have a great day x


Aup Suepagal, i hope your feelin better today, and you do not apologise to me!!!!! young Lady!!!!, i know what your goin through gal, well i havent got a clue really, i can only immagine!!!!

There is one good thing about it Sue, and thats the docs are helping you now, and will hopefully get you sorted!!!! :)

You keep smiling Suepagal, cus as you know we are all with you gal, and dont you ever ever forget that!!!!! :) :)

I have to go to bed now Sue, just got to gal, luv ya, and loads of huggggs, just look forward to tomorrow, and have a better day. :D

Pete. :)


Thanks Pete, have a great sleep :)


Hiya Sue, so sorry that you were bad again yesterday and glad that you're about again today and enjoying the weather. With all your ups and downs I'm surprised you managed to get past day 1!! So, you have a brill day today. (hug)

The weather's so fantastic today I'd love to go on the beach but as I'd also want to go in the sea and can't then I'd better stay home and do some gardening. "Why can't you go in the sea?" you might ask then I'd have to reply (politely) "too blooming cold at 11c!!!"


Hi Andi thanks for that :) i'll get there in the end, hopefully, but that's more tablets, already walk about like a chemist shop lol, we have great weather here as well, it's probably our summer, which will last for 2 days probably lol,know what you mean about the sea i couldn't go in the sea here either, have a great time gardening in the sun and keep those piggies away x


AAAAGGGGHHHH, just lost the post i was sending to you, noooo not your site this time, the power just went off, and it was a long one, :( but hey it would have bored you anyway!!!! :o so a shorter version!!!! :D

I've got the bloging bit, only you can blog on the quit smokinig bit, as in Roy Castle fund!!!!! ( got you flippin Andi)

You and Andi got me running around in cicles this mornin, tryin to find a way, but i cant fault you Girls as you kept me occupied, and i never once had a cravin!!!! :) So i owe you more thanks young Ladies, hhhmmmm cant be doin with this, you keep helping me, but what am i doin!! :(

Emjay as for the smilies!!!! Lenne has given me most of them, She is brilllll at em,

Just a point Emjay, you use them in your posts, i think that they make people read them, cus they aint just text!!!!! :o

Thankyou again for helping me when i needed it!!!! and i love you for that gal, i really really do!! :) rite off up the wooden hill now to get some Beauty sleep, and BOY do i need it!!!! :o

Pete. xx


Cor, just come in from the garden and am getting those jitters - better cook my dinner to try and take my mind off it!


Can you describe what they feel like Andi?

You can do one of two things;

1. Check the time

Focus on where exactly they are - Mind or physical?

Deep breaths in through your nose

Breath out through your mouth

Picture all that lovely fresh air filling you recovering lungs

2. Check the time

Crack on with getting your tea ready

check the time if and when they re-appear

If they come back, then they must have gone! :-)

Remember to stay strong and that you are doing really, really well :-)


Giving you all giant hugs- had a rubbish day yesterday, very tearful and low. The depression won, just for a day, but that's only because I am nuts and not because I am sad about quitting. I had my lowest day since quitting, and I didn't even think of sparking up. WIN! Hope you're all okay, keep smiling xx


I'm really sorry you were low yesterday Lenne there's nothing worse, but WOW that was fantastic that you didn't even think about the pigs, you are winning and a winner :)


Hi Lenne, wondered where you'd got to - sorry that you were feeling so bad yesterday but happy that you came through it so well and are raring to go again today (bit late but better late than never!)

How wonderful that you aren't even THINKING about lighting up when you're so low.

The sun's finally shining so that makes us all feel better. 8-)


Hey Sue and Andi, cheers for the kind comments and encouragement :) Got to keep smiling to fight the good fight eh ;)


Hi Lenne we sure do, and together we're all winning :)


Exactly 3 weeks now since I stubbed the last one out!!! :)

Just had a phone call from a friend offering me to bring some back from day trip to France tomorrow. I declined and told him I'd given up and he was thrilled as he himself had given up about 4 years ago.:)


That's brill Andi :) you must be so proud of yourself, and so you should be, it feels great to say to people you don't smoke, doesn't it, never thought i'd see that day myself but i got there with the help of all you kind people :)


Congrats on reaching your third week Andi that's great!


Thanks Sue and Lenne - like I always say I'm not sure I'd have managed it if I hadn't found this community!! :)

Got to go to bed now as up early for spinning tomorrow.

Nite nite everybody.


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