Weekly Chat : Monday 14th May - Sunday 20th May 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

How are you all going to start your week then?

1. Is today your first day as a non-smoker?

2. Are you celebrating having another smokefree week under your belt?

Hopefully the sun is shining for you :-) and you have the motivation to spur you on. Focus on building up your energies and superpowers to combat any cravings that you are either expecting or that may ambush you at any moment. Remember that as many cravings as you can allow past you, the stronger you will become :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

61 Replies

  • Morning Emjay hope you have nice weather today, it's sunny here but cold, was really busy yesterday with shopping housework and my daughter was up for a visit, probably to get her birthday present lol, so didn't have time to think about smoking, i like to keep busy, even mentally, cause that seems to help me so gonna plan what i'm going to do today,you never know when these cravings are gonna jump on you, i hope everybody is staying strong today and kicking those cravings out the door :) x

  • Well done to you Sue, it's really good that you are discovering what works best and how to overcome any potential challenges along the way. You're doing really, really well!

    Onwards and upwards :-)

  • Aup Emjay, is that you???? ahhh you've had your hair done, it looks really nice and it suits you gal, makes you look young and s erm change the subject quick, its 3 weeks now gal, not had a bad day so far with cravings, mind you i've been busy again at work, i think that helps so you havnt got time to think about having a smoke!!!!!

    I hope you've had a nice weekend gal and a bit easier morning than i've had, speak soon :)


  • Thanks Emjay it has been a challenge at times but i'm etting there, i've been playing stupid we games on my phone, not something i've done before, but i find it keeps both my mind and hands occupied at the same time, a good thing to do when i'm to sore to do anything else x

  • Hi Suepagal, catching you up--3 weeks now, tell you what Sue you were right, it soon goes dosn't it!!!! I'm the same as you gal, as in keeping busy, but you take it steady wont you!!!! Instead of playing the games on your mobile, you will have to get a piano!!!! and tinkle on the ivories, you could have a sing - a - long then tooooo!!!!!, that would cheer you up gal and your nei erm them next door, am sure. Keep strong Sue, am allways thinking about you gal :)


  • Hi Pete i'm so glad things are getting better for you, and 3 weeks, that deserves a whoo hoo, it's good to keep busy but you get plenty rest too, i better not get a piano, or sing to loud i'd have the neighbours thinking i was strangling a cat lol, you keep going strong your doing brilliant :)

  • Allo! I've been smoke-free for 2 weeks now, today is day 17. Tomorrow I am having my first smoking cessation so that should be interesting. The nurse I am seeing is my favourite, we get on really well and she genuinely cares about me so I am quite looking forward to her seeing it's actually me of all people coming in to see her.

    I hope everyone else is feeling happy too :)

  • Aup Lenne, bl erm flippin great gal, bet your happy with yourself aint ya!!!!!! i've got the traffic cone sorted, but whats a smoking cessation all about ????, sorry gal i know i'm fick, am an old boy see, cant help it!! you really are doin brill Lenne, you are gal, stay with it, if you want any help just give us a nudge eh!!!!huggggs

    Pete :)

  • Hi Lenne that's brilliant, you must be feeling great getting to day 17, it is such a hard thing to do, i hope things are getting easier for you now :)

  • Aup Suepagal, strangling a cat 'A' sounds better than my singing gal, even when i'm in the bath, allthough my singing gets drowned out with all the bubbles bursting, as i am still on the patches, and thankyou for spelling neighbours for me i've wrote it down now!! as for yours - i recon that they know your mad anyway with all your screeming and shouting you've been doing the last couple of weeks gal!!!! ha ha, can't fault you gal, i can't!!!!

    I know you are a very strong Woman, with all the upsets you have got, but i am allways here for you gal, dont you forget that!!!!

    Luv ya, Pete :)

  • Haahaha your brill Pete you soooo make me laugh, you so help everybody, just make sure you look after yourself as well, hope your having a great day :)

  • Big hugs, Pete and Sue! Thanks, yeah it's not been too horrible. The first time I quit a few years back lasted 4 months and every day I cried and it was a horrible nightmare, this time I think I have totally got it under control.. in theory anyway :|

    Pete, the smoking cessation is like a weekly or fortnightly check-up thing where you can discuss how stopping smoking is working out for you, and get your carbon monoxide level tested (I am guessing that is to see if you've been naughty and smoked and because I am getting free patches they want to make sure I am not harming myself wearing patches and smoking or something else more sinister heh)! I think that's what it's all about anyway.

  • It sounds like your in a better frame of mind this time Lenne, that will help you beat this hands down, my doc told me to wait till i was ready so i'd be able to stop and stay stopped, so that's what i did, all of us are here for you and with you all the way :) x

  • Hi Lenne, aw gal dunna cry this time, we are all here for you!! NO with you !!!! just ask us, or tell us how you are feeling eh!! there is allways somebody here to have a chat with, even if it is me!!!!!

    OOOOOH thats what Emjay was on about, you blow into it and it shows how much carbon monoxide is in your body, suppose if you dont smoke then, it should be nill !!!!

    You gettin free patches?????? wow there costin me £15.50 a pack of 7, hhhhhmmm i'm doin somthin wrong here arnt i ?????

    Hey big huggs gal, and i hope everything goes allright for you.

    Loopy Pete :I

  • Doh, sorry I totally missed this message my bad- I am dopey! Don't worry no tears this time bar on day one. Yeah, it's the same thing Emjay mentioned, I would totally bounce around the room if I got a zero but apparently pollution and living with a smoker will keep it in the 0-10 region but fingers crossed for zero eh :D

    I am classed as disabled so I get free patches *blush* :)

  • Cheers Sue, I truly believe this forum and my new friends here have definitely been a huge help in my quit quest (my entire family are smokers bar my dad). My docs over the years have just kept telling me to quit smoking and a few years back I went into hospital because I couldn't breathe and the doc said "if you smoke again you'll die". So, I stopped but I didn't want to. In all honestly it's only been over the last few weeks I have understood what the doc meant- before I thought that one cig will kill me but it means one leads to more, and then back on the habit. Sad how it took me so long to understand the message, maybe I didn't want to ;)

  • I'm back again Lenne, you have just knocked the nail on the head gal!!!! the docs told you to quit, and you didnt want to, so you failed!!!!

    This time you, yourself, wants to get riddddd of the bl____ erm dreaded weed!!!! and do you know what gal!! i know you can do it this time, cus you want to do this, you kicked the drugs into touch, and the drink, so why not the weed!!!!, go for it gal, go for it!!!!!!!

  • I know what you mean Lenne i never managed to stop before, i've tried umpteen times, you got to that stage now and that's brilliant, it really is, just take a day at a time and you'll get there, i love this site as well everyone is so kind and helpful, kick those cravings out the door, kick a pillow lol whatever helps x

  • Oh well, roller coaster it is and I'm on a BIG downward spiral at the moment but I won't give in to the weed.

  • Hi Andi, whats up gal all the chocs gone?????

  • No - just eaten half a dozen but it didn't help!

  • Hey just think about next weekend, you can have loads more chocs then, ''BUT'' only if your a good girl , ok!!!!

    If you want a choc gal, you have one or two !!!! like i've said before, its got to be more healthier for you than the dreaded weed!!!!!!

    Keep in there Andi, i am with you all the way gal, i truely am!!!!

    You know yourself that you want to kick the dreaded weed into touch!!!! WELL DO IT!!!!! if you want to snack you flippin snack, and i will snack with you, dont you give in now gal after all you have been through!!!!

    luv ya, Pete :)

  • Hang in there Andi i know you can do this, find something to help take your mind off the pigs, oops spelt that wrong lol, meant cigs, remember some of the things Emjay has said, you could look back over the old posts for strategies to help you we're all here for you stick in there x

  • Suepagal --you were spot on--- pigs

  • Andi Andi dont go gal

  • Haha! If you're worried about gaining weight just do a bit of cardio to work it off :) It's also a great way to distract yourself if you are having a nasty case of the cravings- dance it off! At the end of the day, if chocs help it's still better than smoking right? Can always address that if you need/want to once you're comfortable as a non smoker?

  • Sorry haha= pigs comment. Stinky pigs!

  • Andi dont you give in on me gal, i'm a lot stronger than the weed!! and you've given me a run for my money a few times, so i know that you are a strong Woman, no, ''Lady''

  • Lenne you are so right gal, you spot on gal, may i ask if you can dance Andi????? can you do the walts? quick step? the jive? or even rock around the clock!!!!! now then, that does take some doin, dont even know if i could do it now, but i tell you i would try!!!!!

    So you have got to try to beet the weed!!!!! and dance it off with me, ha ha whats the worste!!!!!!!!

  • Now then Pete, you and I are almost the same age - did you learn all these dances as part of growing up?

    PS at 9pm we have to watch 56Up.

  • Yes go Andi have a dance have a sing but don't give in x

  • Thanks everybody for cheering me up a bit. Not worried about gaining weight Lenne - went to gym this morning but gave up before I got to do any cardio! Thought I'd come home and do some digging instead before the rain started again - forecast to start at midday - started at 9.40 so only managed about 20 minutes! I think the weather has a big part in how I'm feeling - got all set to sit in my deckchair yesterday then the clouds came over and it was really cold - had to go back in and put the heating on again.

    I'm planning a bit of retail therapy tomorrow (only looking) with a friend so hoping it's not p...ing down again!

  • That's why were all here Andi glad your feeling a bit better; you should treat yourself in town tomorrow, even a small thing, you deserve it ((hugs)) x

  • Thanks Sue, I'll look out for those pigs when we drive through the countryside to Salisbury (market day on Tuesdays).

  • Hahaha i hit that letter by mistake, i think, maybe i meant it on some level, don't know but i'm calling them that from now on lol x

  • Yesssss to flippin right Sue, give em hell!!!!!

  • Andi im so so sorry gal, but i can only order the weather for the weekends at the moment, as in i aint got enough up there gal, if you see what i mean,

    I'm with you all the way about the sun, i love it too!!!! HEY Suepagal was on about emergrating, --- well lets do it!!!!!! but not Alasca ''A''

  • At the rate we're filling up these blogs I think Emjay should consider putting up a new one every or every other day - when there's loads on there doesn't it take forever going up & down?

  • It does Andi i'm in my phone and that takes ages to load as well, plus i'm on the thyroid UK site to so it takes me forever to go between the two, then trying to get to the bottom post on here, think we need more than just weekly blogs x

  • Andi-- I tell you now gal, I have got buckets and buckets of love in my heart and it is all yours, dont give in gal, like i said you are a LADY, hold your head up high, and tell the little pigs to pi___ erm go away, ''OK'' kick em into hell,

    Pete :)

  • Ok, thanks Pete, the air does get quite blue round here quite frequently. Am now going back to my sofa for a bit then an early night to see if I can catch up on a bit of kip! Nite nite.

    Nite nite Sue

    Nite nite Lenne

    See (!) you all again tomorrow.

  • Swet dreams gal!!!

  • Night Andi hope you get a great sleep x

  • You too Sue, have a nice one. oooobugger Andi, i've misted an E out gal i'm so sorry, so so sorry gal!!!!!

  • Nightnight Andi, night all- sleep well! *hugs to all*

  • Night everyone x

  • Hi Everyone and well done to you all i am now into 4 weeks, cravings getting a bit better starting to feel better for not smoking Pete you are going great mate 3 weeks well done to you love reading the comments on this site full of fantastic encouragement

  • Morning Garry. At 9.30 tonight it will be 2 weeks since I last lit up.

    Am trying to get back into spinning and going twice a week at the mo. Is 2 weeks into quitting too early to expect the puff & endurance to start improving? or am I just too impatient? I really want to get out & about on my bike but I'm a fair weather cyclist and as you probably read am really fed up with the weather! I heard them say on the radio this morning that it's going to stay cold til mid-June now! Shame we don't all have crystal balls.

  • Well done Andi keep up the excellent work 2 weeks is fantastic i also like cycling i will be doing the Londonto Brighton in June this will be the second year hope to finish in better condition than i did last year When are we going to see the sun again hope it's soon as i am off to the isle of wight on Friday with my wife(Still Smoking) and my big black labrador Keep going with the exercise i find this helps a lot as it takes your mind off them dam ciggs

  • Yay well done on week 2 Andi! I am wondering if the bad stuff gets forced out your lungs quicker if you do more cardio and improvements will come after all the nasty stuff has been expelled I don't know but it's certainly worth a try eh!

  • Well done Andi, that's brilliant, hope you have a better day today x

  • Afternoon Everybody :-)

    Lovely to read how well you are all doing. You just have to remember to 'keep on, keeping on' and as time passes, it will get much easier :-)

    Having read through some of your comments, I have thought about some more information that I shall put up into the question section for you as soon as I type it up for you. This will include; how to find out about your local stop smoking service - just as Lenne does. Information about carbon monoxide and how it can affect you.

    I also hear your requests about a daily chat instead of weekly. This isn't a problem, as from tomorrow you can have a brand new chat space on a daily basis :-)

    Garry, 4 weeks is brilliant! It may be worth you sitting down and having a good think about putting some strategies in place ready for your first smokefree holiday. I'm sure Mr Black Labrador will be happy to help out with some lovely walking, I hope your lovely wife can keep up too! :-)

    Andi, 2 weeks in to your smokefree lifestyle tonight and then you're hitting your 3rd week. Fantastic! :-) You should be able to feel improvements already. If not, you can be sure that a lot of your health is improving internally. Keep smiling and stay positive :-)

    Lenne, it sounds like you have built up a fab rapport with your stop smoking advisor. It just goes to show that nobody cares how much you know until you show how much you care - Sounds like the nurse you see really cares :-)

    Sue, just thinking about all the times you have wanted to stop smoking in the past, they haven't been failed attempts - just practices towards you having a good go and putting it to bed for good. You are doing really well and should be proud of yourself, I am very proud of you :-)

    Pete, that's still me in the same photie, I've not changed it :-) I hope you have had as easier a morning today as you had yesterday? I shall put some information up for you later and maybe you could get some more extra support from your local stop smoking service. It may be that you will only have to pay for the price of a prescription. Every penny helps :-)

    You are all really helping each other out big time and I think you are all amazing :-)

  • Hiya EmJay! Yup, definitely have a good relationship with my nurse I am very lucky to have support there, and on here- both as equally treasured.

  • Hi Emjay hope you have good weather today, never thought of previous attempts to stop that way before, much more positive, we have sun today, but showers in between so have to watch when i go out lol glad you have a great relationship with your nurse Lenne it makes such a difference, i stopped going to mine cause she looked like she couldn't be bothered half the time, have a great day whatever your doing :) x

  • Aup Suepagal hope your doing well today gal, its been raining most of the day here, but i have put my order in for more of the SUN for this weekend, for all of us this time, even Garry on the Isle of White, but he cant have all of it, cus we want some!!

    Do you really come onto this site through your mobile gal???? gosh it takes me ages typing on a big keyboard, mind you i only use 1 finger, nearly 2 now though, ha ha got a cd--Mavis Beacon teaches typing, ha it keeps telling me off!!!!! its as bad as a W---- Pete shut your erm mouth, think i will leave that 1 out, eh. Speak soon gal, luv ya!!!!

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete hope things are going great for you today, i look forward to your sun at the weekend, feels like summers not coming with all wiind and rain, yeh i'm usually on my phone, it's a fight to get on the laptop here lol, i find it easier, smaller keyboard, just a pain to get on lol, you'll get there with your typing, more you do the better you get, just no getting annoyed like me and throwing it out the window in temper lol, had to buy another one, won't do that again lol, keep strong, will speak later :)

  • Hi Emjay, hhmmm the same pic eh!!!!! does quitin smokin efect your eyesight? or maybe its the carrots im munchin on eh!!! oh i know what it is i've cleaned my specs gal, you dont look foggy any more!!!! and as in for having an easy morning yesterday, huh typical flippin Woman, dont think us old boys work, and do you know what the young ones say?? wear the old buggers out first, thats what i get gal!!!!

    Ace move to have a dayly blog gal, and may i point out Emjay, could you put all your blogs & questions on the front page, because i had to go onto your profile to find the breathing exercises, i hope you didnt mind gal!! ;)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Andi, hope you've had a better day today, I'm sorry for going onnnnnn last night gal, but last thursday night the little pigs were coming from allover at me, so i got on this site and sent a message for help!! Suepagal was at hand and helped me, she told me to go onto Emjays breathing blog-- so i did, ha ha''well''

    i couldnt do this breathing exercise for my life!!!!! it says to breath in and push your stu___ erm tummy out, there was no chance!! as when i breath in i pull my tum in and push my chest out, but after some practice i got it, and that took my mind off those piggies, brill Emjay !!!!! ;)

    I know what you mean about the weather, cus i love the sun, luv it!!!! but it cant get any worst can it!! so it will get better!!!!!! i have ordered sun for the weekend, and hopefully with my power combined with your personal trainers it will be, and you will get that deckchair out gal!!!! chat soon.

    Pete :)

  • Aup Garry, its a beauty to see you again pal, and a load off my shoulders,cus this lot dont half keep naggin at me!!!! perhaps they will give you some, ha ha nice to hear your getting on well, and 4th week ace mate, I'm so proud of you and i hope her-in-doors is toooooo. As for going away next week, i have ordered some sun for you!! but not all cus we want some n-all, Isle of White, never been thier, have heard it is so beautiful, i hope you and her-in-doors will love it, you Lady is still smoking then, just go onto Emjays blog for pets!!!!! and show her, but maybe after your hols eh, have a good en pal and keep strong!!!!! :)


  • Good evening everybody and a big thank-you and hugs etc for all your thoughts and messages over the last 24 hours.

    It's now 9.30pm and that magic time when I last sparked up 2 weeks ago! HURRAY!!!

    Unfortunately I didn't have a good night's sleep but I had a lovely day today thanks. On my drive I saw swans on the river and horses, cows and sheep in the fields but NO PIGS! I had a lovely lunch in a little brasserie and bought myself a new handbag - how exciting is that? (My friend laughed her head off when I caught a whiff of someone light up though - haven't done that for ages)

  • Awesome Andi! Big congrats on your 2 weeks since quit :) Handbags are exciting to us ladies, and it's a well-earned treat. I bought myself a 20" monitor to treat myself, and laughed my head off when I realised it cost less than a weekly supply of smokes!

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