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Good Morning Everybody,

Welcome to a fresh new week! - It could be that it's a fresh new start, a fresh approach or even better you may already be feeling refreshed :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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  • Having a bad day today, although still not giving in, am pulling my hair out, and don't have much to pull thanks to my thyroid, am suffering cause of housework so need to have an easy day which doesn't help, I'm still going cold turkey, worried in case it interfered with all the meds i'm on so might see my doc about this i'll see how today goes, i'm just so fed up right now, feel really low but will do my best to stick with this,even if i have to glue myself to a chair so i can't leave the house.

  • Hi Sue, so pulling your hair out eh, whats up cant you afford to get it cut gal?????? I'm sorry Sue i know what you mean, i havnt got much left after yesterday and i'm on patches to help me. anyway i hope the sun got around to you today, cus weve got it here gal at last. You go and see your GP and see what they come up with!!!! and you keep that dancing going while your doing the house work gal, as for gluing yourself to the chair erm how would you get into bed!!!! have to think about that one, chat soon Sue and keep looking forward gal.

    Pete :-)

  • Hi Pete I'm gonna go to docs tomorrow, got a few things to sort out so will see what she says, we got sun yesterday rain today, oh well I'm used to that lol, thanks for replying u really cheer me up, just what i need today, as for hair think i'll get a wig then pull at that lo, but I'm not giving in to this even if i go bald lol hope things are better for you today and that you can kick these cravings out the door

  • Aup Sue, guess who??????? yep its me again, just wandering----- you liked the Bruno Mars song-- Count on me-- when you have one of those days like your having today, just listen to this one please, its called ''The Lazy Song'' and just sit back in your chair gal and enjoy being LAZY!!!! I hope this will help you Sue.

    Pete :-)

  • Thanks Pete i certainly will listen to that I'm sure it will help me, and great to do when my son is watching the football, which i hate lol. Just don't know why i'm feeling so down, it could be that i need my thyroid meds .increased, i'll find out tomorrow, then hopefully this mood goes, keep rocking :)

  • Hey folks, sounds like you two are getting a few more cravings out of the way!

    Sue, hopefully chatting to your GP about your thyroid meds will help. If you feel that the cravings really are getting too much for you, you could chat to your GP about one of the NRT products that you just use as and when you feel the urge, that way you are only getting nicotine as and when you need it. So maybe something like the inhalator, gum or lozenge for example. It might help to just take the edge off your craving.

    However, you have come this far now and the more half days you get behind you, the easier it will become. :-)

    Pete, was wondering where you'd got to today :-) are you feeling the cravings at the same times each day, is it more morning, afternoon or evening? How are you using your patches, do you put them on at the same time each day?

    If you can let me know how it is that the cravings are affecting you, then I'll have a look in my Mary Poppins bag for some advice for you :-)

    It really does make sense to focus on your cravings, notice where exactly you are feeling them, is it in your mind or in your body? Note the time you get them, then the time that they return. How do they leave you feeling and what ways in the past have helped you to overcome them?

    Your mind is an amazing thing, it really is and is quite powerful too. This is why it is so important to try and remain positive at all times.

    Together we can do this, it just doesn't happen overnight. You are both doing fab! :-)

  • Hi Emjay yes i do need to see doc as i don't know if this was craving or a symptom of my hashimoto as they are similar, certainly feeling low is symptom of thyroid, plus don't know if it's the physical craving or just psychological so listened to some music and changed my mind set, this has helped get rid of the cravings for now, thankfully :)

  • Aaaah you're doing the best thing Sue, you're a winner and you'll find a way. I've just put up a breathing exercise in the blogs section, why not give it a go and see if it helps?

    I think if it is a craving, then it's very likely going to be a psychological one at this point as you're not getting any nicotine at the moment.

    Keep on keeping on, you're doing all the right things :-)

  • Good Morning Everyone, I was thinking about how well you have been supporting each other on here, it's fantastic. I know that we have a lot of members who just like to read through the information and advice without posting, and that's okay. However, if you have a smoking related question that you can't find the answer to then please just ask.

    If you really are struggling, then remember - we're here to help - If you're doing great, then other's would love to hear your hints, tips and success stories.

    Pete, how are you feeling today Mister? I hope you'll find dealing with your cravings a lot easier. Nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it's worth it. You have been so supportive to everyone on here and I'm sure we can get you through another successful :-)

    Sue, hope all goes well for you today at when you see your GP. I can just imagine you dancing all the way! :-)

    Lin, I hope you're not feeling too stiff after 30 minutes on the treadmill last night! :-)

    Remember everybody, staying positive is the key to success :-)

  • Hi Emjay didn't make docs as had a horrendous night with pain, can go tomorrow hopefully as i have to phone up on day of appointment, can't book in advance, am feeling better on the non smoking though, way better than yesterday, just keep thinking about why i need to stop, so hopefully i can keep doing that and dancing lol :)

  • You're doing so well Sue, and considering that your pain has had you feeling this way, you've still stayed quit. Well done to you Missus :-)

    No signs of Pete today, hope he's okay...

    Did you see JillyGirls poem? :-) It is really good!

  • Hi Emjay yes i thought her poem was really good; yours was really good as well, i couldn't write poetry to save myself lol, i hope Pete is ok he's normally on here by now, hopefully he's just been really busy. :)

  • Hi Emjay, you cant get rid of me that easy, you would have to bash me with your broll or hand bag to get rid gal, just been busy looking for another van, as mines kn erm ready for the scrap yard like me gal, plus i'm working 6 -- 2 this week so dont get home until about 3 depending on the traffic.

    I've tried 1 of your tips today as in welcoming the cravings, its great gal, I have had a really goood day today, when i got the cravings i just said to myself ''yes come on in'' and they went!!!!!! but i do have good days and bad days so i will try it for the next few days and let you know how i get on.:-)

    Hi Sue, you stay in there i'm with you all the way gal, just wandered Emjay said a few days ago to try yoga, it might just help you get over the pain that you are getting, it helps you to relax, not just your body but your mind too!!!! sorry dont know much about it, I wander if there is somebody on this site that does?

    HUH my flippin SUN didnt last long did it!!!!! dont think i made a good weatherman do you ha ha. I will have to try harder, just like my school report used to say!!!! :-)

    Lin well done gal, treadmill eh!!, you will hurt for a few days but will soon get easier, you ought to try the rowing machine, gosh its found muscles i didnt know i had!!!!! :-)

    Pete speak again later.

  • Hi Pete glad to hear ur managing your bad days, hopefully you won't have much more of them, but i know you'll do it,we're all here for you :) i was gonna try yoga just need to get my thyroid meds checked first cause if they're not right that could make my pain worse. We had warm sunny weather here today so you got it right, at least for here lol speak again later

  • Hey Everybody, the sun is shining! :-)

    Let's hope this is a fantastic motivator to not smoke today! Breathing in all that glorious fresh air, filling up your lungs and helping them to become as nice and pink and as healthy as can be.

    Glad to hear that you are okay and are using some of our recommended combat tecniques Pete, it really does get easier the longer you keep at it :-)

    I shall be posting up some of the health benefits that stopping smoking brings to you so hopefully for those of you who aren't feeling any difference yet, you will at least see that there are plenty of healthy changes going on behind the scenes.


  • Hi Emjay a bit earlier tonight, gorgeous sunshine here toooooo gal, its also starting to get light at 5 am now when i went to work, so thats a good sign that summer is on its way, something to cheer us all up, because we all need it. :-)

    I love this site Emjay its really helpfull in a lot of ways, and your combat techniques that i am trying --- erm a bit harder today but like i say i have good days and bad days with cravings.

    Love your poem Emjay--- magic gal speak later.

    Pete :-)

  • Aup Emjay, just read one of your blogs, i must have missed that one gal, have you realy got a Mary Poppins bag ?????? gosh i would love to see inside it--- bet theres loads of magic things in it ha ha, mind you your magic gal, your allways there to help, when we need it, i thank you for that Emjay, wish i new your real name. Right then 'cravings' not too bad first thing--driving no probs now--work no probs now--when i get home from work and open a can of lager--the worst time.

    I've been on a different nhs site and found that because i drink every day, I am classed as a dependent drinker, i only drink lager, but its every day!!!!! so i have got to knock the drink on the head as well, somehow!!!!! I know myself that thats the worst time for me, for cravings that is. I've printed some leaflets off this nhs site and will read on gal. I dont know whether i could quit both drink and cigs though!!!!

    Will see!!!!

    Pete :(

  • Hi Sue just wandered how you are doing gal, did you manage to get to see your GP today???? i hope you did and i hope they have given you some magic tablets to help you gal, speak soon.

    Pete :-)

  • Hi Pete i'm pulling my hair out trying to get up in time, at my gp u have to phone up on day u want the appointment at 8am, u can't make one ahead of time, the pain has meant i can't sleep till about 6am so sleeping in but i'll keep trying to get up, hopefully tomorrow lol. We got the sun here to, just what we need , :) doing some of these techniques as well to keep the cigs of the menu lol and started punching my cushions if things get bad, when i can lol

  • Aup Sue back again we will both be bald by the time weve done, at this rate gal!!! so you cant book a couple of days before your appointment then????? thats stupid gal that is, dont they make allowences for you!!!! they must know what you go through!!!! thats got me mad gal that has, Right then Sue tonight when you get the bad pains, ring 999 and get a ambulance out to you, and see what they say about it!!!!! please do it Sue. As for you punching your cushions, just glad i'm a man and not a cushion 'gal' ha ha. I'm trying to find out about yoga for you, to see if it may help you, will let you know, bye for now gal and keep in there, with you all the way.

    Pete :-)

  • Thanks Pete ur so kind to be doing that for me, u didn't have to, i get annoyed at docs to, they started this 2yrs ago cause some people didn't turn up for their appointments and never phoned in either., i'll just have to stay awake all night lol hitting cushions is a good stress reliever for me, that's if I'ts not to sore to do it lol keeps my mind of the cigs as well hope things are going better for you and that your having a great day :)

  • Hi Everybody, it's lovely to come onto here and see how you've all been supporting each other and welcoming new members. You're a proper friendly bunch! :-)

    Pete, you are a star and a cracking support to all our members here. Sometimes it's much easier to help others before we help ourselves. I shall be delving into my Mary Poppins' bag for you Pete and finding something that will hopefully help you out. :-)

    With regards to drinking and smoking, both go hand in hand with each other and are like best friends. Drinking in moderation isn't a bad thing but you have to be honest with yourself as to whether or not yours is more than this.

    However, there is no such thing as smoking in moderation!

    Depending on your will power will determine whether or not you will be able to work on both things at once. I would suggest that you choose the one that means the most to you and work on that first. Remembering that stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health - Fact :-)

    How are you doing today Sue? Hope you had a better nights rest last night. I'm a tad late on getting on my PC at work today and justwant to say a big thank you for your support to our new members too. You've been fantastic :-)

    Weather is quite nice here, the sun is trying it's very best.

    In answer to Pete's question... with regards to my name... Emjay stands for Melody Jayne - but I'm mostly called Melody or Mel....So there you have it :-)

  • Hi all just to let you know i've wrote my poem and bloged it on Gillygirls blog.

    I give it 1 out of 10 ha ha.speak later.

    Pete :-)

  • Hi Pete brilliant poem i give it 10 out of 10 :)

  • Hi Sue your far far to generous gal, but thankyou for reading it, i hope your feeling better today, i had a bad day yesterday but much better today, and now looking forwards to the weekend and guess what-- yes i've ordered some more of that sunshine for us all, stay with it gal.

    Pete :-)

  • Hi Pete glad ur having a better day today, i feel a little bit better think it was the lovely sun today, looking forward to more tomorrow :) stay strong and keep rocking :)

  • Hi Emjay, Mel, Melody, Melody Jayne, Gal, ha ha which name would you rather be called by????? and i will, its a gorgeous name by the way. :-)

    I've had an easier day today with the cravings and still welcoming them in. I want to stop smoking for good, so i will take your advise and concentrate on that, but may try and cut some days of drinking out alltogether, i will see how it goes!!!!! and will find out how much will power i've got. Thank you very much for your comment on my poem gal, although i dont really know what it means ha ha :-) Keep up the good work gal, as i said in the poem your great.

    Pete :-)

  • Evening everybody, just a quick hello to see if you are all doing okay?

    Has anybody had trouble getting on here tonight? I kept getting an apology from Healthunlocked saying that they were experiencing a few hitches....

    Pete, just read one of your other posts... about the health benefits and trying to get it to stay on the main page... I shall look into it and see what I can do, you're right they do seem to drop off the end :-) However, if you go to the top right hand of the page, in the greyish part... you should be able to see the archives tab? This is where you can access any of the older information. I think it's a good idea though, as you said - to keep some of the information on the front page.

    I'm still learning how to use the site myself, will eventually get my head around it I'm sure! :-)

    Keep strong everyone, remember to stay positive and no matter what happens - you'll get there in the end :-)

  • Hi Emjay i've had trouble as well couldn't get on the site for ages, glad to say i had a good day today so just hope it's the same tomorrow, but i know i have this brilliant site, and the people on it, if it's not :)

  • Good Morning Everybody :-)

    I have had to search in the archives for our posts as they seemed to have dropped off the edge! Hopefully you will be able to find this!

    I shall have to look into how we can keep our daily chat on the first page. I may need to have a chat with somebody from Healthunlocked regarding this... so please bare with me.

    Anywhose! How are you all doing this morning? Hope you all made it here safely and smokefree. :-)

    Remembering that relapses can and do happen, when they do they normally catch up out when we are least expecting them. Sometimes the cigarette can be smoked before we have even thought about putting up a bit of a fight with it. If there are any of you who have felt this, then please let us know as then we can help you get back on track :-)

    Today is a fantastic day for getting a smokefree weekend off the ground and march on to a healthier week ahead :-)

  • Hi Emjay just managed to find this finally managed to get to my doctors so got better tablets, that should be pain sorted; it will make everything else a bit easier, i was beginning to struggle with the cigs mainly i think cause i was so fed up with the pain and lack of sleep but got through it without smoking :) now it's onwards and upwards :)

  • Oh bless you Sue, will they be effective straight away or do you have to wait for them to get in your system?

    If you are really struggling, sometimes it's worth going back to basics with your thinking. Remember your main reasons for wanting to quit in the first place and try to reinforce these reasons. Sometimes if we are not careful - the cravings become too much and before we know it our reasons for stopping become our excuses for going back on them. However, the thought of smoking is quite often far nicer than the actual act of smoking itself.

    The first thing to do is to try breathing exercies and then see how you feel then.

    If it gets real tough, try to imagine yourself going through the actual smoking process... imagine getting your packet, taking the cigarette out the box, tapping it on the box, lighting it, taking the first puff in, breathing it out etc... etc... etc... see how you feel then. Really, we would prefer if you didn't have to do this, however - sometimes it's worth taking yourself through the process and at the end of the day, if you don't smoke then your in a better position aren't you?!

    You've done fantastic to come this far :-)

  • Thanks Emjay the tablets work straight away, i'll just be taking them forever, like all the rest, i feel like a walking pharmacy lol got passed the craving stage, i just try to keep my mind strong and alert to any problem areas where i might be tempted, the breathing exercises do help as well, as do you and everyone else on here :)

  • Well just as long as you stay as positive as you seem to be right now then all should be good :-)

    It's a bit of a nightmare having to search for this blog isn't it?!!!!


  • It certainly is took me ages to find it the first time them my phone started playing up so haven't been on since then till now; i think it's going nuts like me lol, i always try to stay positive and upbeat cause it helps me a lot, it doesn't always work though

  • Aup i've flippin found you at last

  • Hi Sue i'm glad your feeling better and them docs have sorted you out ''at last'' just wandered gal with all them tabs your taking, do you rattle when you shake them hipps of yours- when dancing i mean- ha ha sorryyyyyyyyy tell me off if you want Sue, i need telling off sometimes gal.

    Is it friday the 13th -- i've had a load of hassel today as well gal, hope you've got your phone working and keep strong, I really do admire you Sue for what your going through gal, and if i can help you in any way i will, chat soon hopefully!!!!!!!

    Pete :-)

  • Hey Pete, hope your hassles have been easily sorted and haven't got the better of you :-) How you dealing with everything today? You've been such a motivator to many people on here I'd hate to think you're not looking out for yourself Mister :-)

    You're right about trying to stay upbeat Sue, even at sometimes when you don't really feel like it, it's worth a go. Being this way can trick the rest of your mind back into a positive place, which can only be a good thing :-)

  • Hi Pete hope your looking after yourself like Emjay said, we're always here for you, and yes i do rattle a bit between my tablets and my bones lol it's like i carry my own percussion instruments around with me lol, hope you got things sorted out stay strong and keep rocking :)

  • Good morning all, found another way to get here-- click on the blogs tab--about half way down the page--weekly chat on the right. Just been for a quick walk over the fields, lovely and fresh out there this morning, nice blue skies at the moment, huh got to go do shoppin now, just love it!!! going early this week to hopefully miss the crowds and getting run over by the trolls.

    Speak togfasgfxcf -ha ha i think the cat just said hi to you all-- she is a nosy soandso, speak to you later.

    Pete :)

  • Hey Pete, hope you didn't get yourself run over by trolls (don't you just hate it when that happens)!

    I hope everyone is doing well, just wanted to check in. Yesterday was my 1 week mark and I plan to spoil myself today with some tacky horror movies and chocolate brownies (starting diet after first month as non smoker so going to enjoy myself until then).

    Big hugs to everyone :)

  • Morning Everybody! It's Saturday again already, can you believe it?!

    Happy shopping Pete, hope you've a licence for your trolly?! Thanks fir that 'where to find you all' tip too! :-)

    Huge congratulations on getting to your 1 week mark Lenne, you've done well :-)

    Hope today is a good day for you Sue and that you had a pain free night :-)

    For those of you who have stopped now for a couple of weeks, here's another weekend to get under your belt. If you're a fresh new quitter, what plans do you have for a smokefree weeend?

    In terms of stopping smoking and staying stopped how do you feel about the weekends?

    Sometimes they can be so different from our weekdays, all depending on whether we work or not, shift patterns, have family around, spending time alone, going visiting people, or just relaxing and chilling out.

    For those of you who might fancy a glass (or bottle!) of your favourite tipple, have you thought about how you can still enjoy this without smoking, or are you safer giving it a miss?

    Depending on individual curcumstances, all the above can affect our moods in many ways. Soooo thinking about yourself, what plans and strategies are you going to put in place to ensure you have a smoke free weekend?

    Looks like a lovely day today, hope it's that way for all of you.

    Any problems then we're here to support you :-)

  • Morning all, as I said in my blog I am SO HAPPY that this site hasn't disappeared into the ether for ever.

    I tried to find a substitute but there's nothing out there like this. They're all friendly enough but just post comments, not chatty like here and they come from all round the world.

  • Hi everybody yeah its me again, done the shop and thanks Lenne for that hug gal just what i needed, and you go for it, spoil yourself and have an extra chocie brownie for me please :)

    Hi andi22 nice to see you here, they are all so friendly on here gal its a magic site to help us, glad your so HAPPY.

    Hi Emjay no i have to put L plates on my troll gal!!!! I had a bad weekend last week, erm what strategies or plans have i made erm, just pull more hair out, not too bad sofar, done 12 days now, i've got to keep focused, long weekend as well, working knights next week so dont go back to work untill 8pm Tueday.

    As for drink i've found this other nhs site and have printed a load of leaflets off and it says to track my drinking, so i'm making a spreadsheet at the moment to keep track of the times and units etc, so i can look back and see just how much i am drinking. I havn't seen Sue yet, hope she's alright, see you soon.

    Pete :)

  • Emjay so helpfull to us gal, if ever you need help with anything were only a click away, dont you forget that Mel :)

  • Hi everyone just got back from shopping and i Def need L plates on my trolley; it was a nightmare today lol hope your all feeling well today, we have lovely sunshine today, just a day for a walk, if i could manage it lol, not had too many cravings so things are not bad today, i try to keep busy, and mentally busy, although that's not as easy lol hope your all having a good day and staying strong, we'll get there with the help of each other well:)

  • Hi Emjay I bought some cans of fanta orange when i went shopping this morning and i am trying that instead of lager- ha ha ha - theres a problem, what with that and the patches, there's wind coming from everywhere gal

    '' HELP ''

    Pete :(

  • Hi Pete - your comments just make me laugh my head off (now that might be a good solution to our problems!!!)

    Had a bit of a breakthrough today. When I decided a couple of months ago that I was gonna quit smoking, my mate told me not to tell anybody so I didn't until day 1 when I told her, my personal trainer and all of you other quitters out there. A good smoking buddy came for a visit today and she's been talking for weeks about maybe doing smoke stop, cutting back etc but not really done much about it. I allowed her to sit at my table and smoke and on her 2nd one she noticed that I hadn't had one yet. I first told her I was cutting back (like her!) but then admitted that I was now on day 4.

    Thought I'd leave the stinky ashtray til after I got back from a walk and shopping (couldn't resist the smell of the hot sausage rolls - had 2 but really don't want to put any weight on) and hope the smell would become horrid - but it didn't. As yet I still (psychologically) love the smell and taste - hope it turns around soon.

  • Hi andi22-- ACE gal ACE your buddy came to visit you and smoked infront of you!!!!! magic gal i cant fault you, the temptation- the smell-brill gal, and as for the sausage rolls--- YOU DESSSSSSERVED THEM--- and as for puting weight on, whats up with that????? us men like curves- not sticks alright, thats that sorted then. As for the smell erm i dont really know, as i came out the shop this morning they were a couple smoking out side, and i got a wiff of it and it was erm well i didnt dislike it, you will have to ask Emjay or blog it. Speak soon and keep in there andi22, magic.

    Pete :)

  • Has anybody seen Garry lately?????? if not i will blog him, and try to find out why not.

  • G'day all, it's the insomniac here - lasted til 5a.m. in bed today. Had my oldest friend round last night for dinner and a chat. She was here for 4 and 1/2 hours and didn't make one comment that I hadn't had a cig. Her other half was supposed to come but cricket,football & curry got in the way. He's very bombastic and gave up smoking as a New Year Resolution and was only saying a week ago that he thought I would never give up!

    Day 5 now - will be seeing above later and wonder how long it will take HIM to notice!?!

  • Hi Andi sorry u can't sleep, i can emphasise with that, you stick in there your doing great, you'll improve your health and prove everyone wrong :)

  • Hi andi22 you got up at 5am!!!!! on a Sunday ''wow'' i didnt get up untill 10am, i do like a lay in on a Sunday, just cooked dins and washed up, am pottering in the greenhouse now, a gorgeous day here. Just to let you know andi its not as windy here today, as i have'nt put a patch on today nor am i drinking fanta orange, while i was shoppin yesterday i bought an inhal----- a plastic fag that you put cartridges in, and i am trying that, so far so good, but hurting today!! will let you know how i get on with it.

    Day 13 for me, been a long slog this time, sure it was easier the first time!!!!

    Keep in there and proooooooove ''HIM'' wrong!!!!!!!!!!

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete lucky you with good weather we've had rain and hailstones today lol, so i won't be going out, did manage a better sleep though :) let me know how it goes with the inhalator, thinking if getting one, you stick in there Pete, i know there are really hard days, sing and dance in your greenhouse lol, that helps, or post on here i'll help you, if i can, your doing great, i'm proud of you, keep winning the battle, don't let the little b*****s get you down :)

  • Hi y'all, Just got back from a nice walk in the forest. The sun only came out about 1 hour ago and now there's big black clouds arriving ready for the Bank Holiday!

    Only comment from my friend was that she didn't think I smoked as much as normal last night. As her other half never really noticed either I've decided to keep quiet for now.

    Before I quit I was considering a plastic fag cos then your still going through the motions but decided I have to do it properly right from the word go and blow the consequences (so long as I don't relapse)and you're just going from 1 crutch to the next.

    I remember that I seemed to start smoking not long after I gave up biting my nails as a teenager but I am an adult now!

  • Hi Andi glad you had the weather for a nice walk wish we'd had that lol, can't believe your friends never noticed you weren't smoking lol, i was thinking about getting the plastic cigs as well but not sure, it's great your doing this without anything :)

  • Hi Sue, nice to see you and I hope you're having a good, positive day. I'm just so glad I found you all as I'm sure it would have been SO much harder doing it all on my own.

  • Hi Andi i agree there's no way i could manage without everyone on here, there like a big family :) hope things are going well for you today I've had not too bad a day, a bit hard this morning but fine now, i just take day at a time, i feel, although i could be wrong, that as we all help each other we're helping ourselves as well, cause we're thinking about the positive things and strategies at the time, hope you have a great rest of the day :)

  • Hi Sue, hope them tabs are working gal, sorry about the weather around your part, lovely and sunny here still but cold with it, not had my shirt off or put my shorts on yet this year, normaly its april when that happens gal---- not a pretty sight gal---ha ha but what the heck, i luv the sun on my body.

    I can remmber the winter of 1975 -76 being long and drawn out, but that summer was a scorcher, i was working on a farm then, very long hours but i loved it, as i can remember.

    Plastic fags erm dont know yet as i've used 5 cartridges already, but will stick in there today with them, got to try them!!

    Andi i admire you for going cold turky, i need help with my quitting as i used to smoke between 30 and 40 a day, as i have said before if it wasnt for this site and all the help, well, i dont think i would have got this far.

    Sue as for dancing in the greenhouse---- what do they say? dont try this at home!!! huh got to repot some of my geraniums now, i got a bit carried away gal, but i'm sure the tommato plants enjoyed it. Speak soon.

    Pete :)

  • Hey Everybody, wowser you can all chat! Lovely that everyone's supporting each other and 'egging' each other on.

    How's the Fanta going Pete? Hope it's a whole new weekend experience that you're going to enjoy carrying on :-) Seems like you're taking less drinking quite serious then, good for you Mister. At least when you do drink, you'll enjoy it more I expect. Remind me either tomorrow or Tuesday and I'll write up a blog about stopping smoking and drinking :-)

    How are you getting on today without your patches? The good thing about the inhalator, is that you are only getting the nicotine as and when you need it. Just make sure you are using it properly. Most people think that they have to 'breathe in' when using it, this isn't the right way. What you have to do is kind of 'kiss' the white plastic holder... Or give a 'tut' whilst it is in your mouth... Hope this makes sense to you... Not very good at explaining am I?! This allows for the nicotine to be taken in through the mucous membrane within your mouth, rather than be inhaled down your throat you see.

    If you find you are struggling, especially if you are going to have a drink... It might be worth yuo keeping a patch on. See how you go but keep me posted. You're doing fab so far :-)

    Andi22, sounds like you're building up all your positive blocks and using your friend and her hubby as a motivator. I really marvel at how well you're doing considering that you've spent some time in the company of smokers. Jumping in with both feet... That's kind of the same thing that I done really... Another blog I've just had an idea to write about... Remind me either tomorrow ot Tuesday and I'll write a blog on 'jumping in with both feet' :-) Just remember to focus on the positive and stay strong... Especially if the thought of smoking is in your face... Just be ready for it! :-)

    Sue, how are you doing? I agree with you that by helping each other we are also helping ourselves... Not selfishly though, like in a negative way.... However, I do believe we need to make sure we take good care of ourselves as we want to give ourselves as good a chance as the person we are offering our advice and good will to. :-) with refards to using the 'plastic cigs', not sure if you're talking about the inhalator or the plastic cigarette called 'Crafe-away'? Let me know which one you mean so I'll know what o talk to you about :-)

    It's a Bank Holiday here for most of us, so there may be some challenges ahead. Preparation and saying positive is the key to getting safely and smokefree to the next day.


  • Good morning all, you were up late yesterday Emjay.

    Managed to sort of sleep in til 6.30 this morning so feeling a bit better today. Only trouble, as Em pointed out, it's a Bank Holiday today and the usual Bank Holiday weather where I live so not very conducive to going out for a long walk or doing gardening or other fresh air stuff. Perhaps I'll have to finally channel the energy into cleaning the house and washing clothes to get rid of the smell as suggested by Pete. I've got some nice brown glass lamp shades that need taking down and washing - they should look white or clear when I'm done!

    Before I start I think I'll go round my friend's for a coffee and sniff (her husband also smokes a pipe) so that should urge me on a bit!

    Day 6 now and I don't want to give in. I have to keep telling myself "failure is not an option!"

    Good luck to you all and get yet another day under your belts today.

  • Hi Andi well done, your doing brilliant, cigs brain wash us don't let them win :) i know what you mean about housework, i'll be joining you the weather here is bad as well, we had hailstones earlier lol. keep strong and have a great day :)

  • Hi Emjay, gosh you were up late last night, only time i'm up that late nowdays is when i'm working nights gal. Inhalator hmmmmmm i've been sucking it oooooops, have tried kissing it, just tried tutting it -- ha ha -- cats just buzzed off out now, i watched her walk up the garden path- she stopped-turned around and looked at me as though to say-- Pete you've finaly lost the plot, ha ha, perhaps she's right ' A '. I will see how it goes, if not i will don a patch. As for the fanta giving that a miss for now gal. I hope your having a nice weekend Emjay, you put so much thought into helping us, dont forget about yourself gal!!!!

    Hi Sue raining here today, hope its a better day thier gal, ha ha nooooo dancing in the greenhouse for me today and thankyou for all the support you have given me, you are one hell of a magic Woman, and i will help you in any way i can Sue, luv ya gal, you keep them hipps a swingin while you do the house work. Like you say Sue helping others seems to help me too. Stay in there gal, i'm glad you had a better nights sleep, because rest is a wonderfull thing for the body, speak later Sue.

    Hi andi, i'm glad you had a better nights sleep too, if its cleaning your doing, put a cheerfull cd on while your doing it, 'enjoy' and have a dance ha ha and remember the faster the music- the faster the cleaning gets done!!!! however i have got a bit of a bone to pick with you!! you talked about lampshades!!!!

    now i will give you one guess what i'm going to be doing for the next hour or so, lets see if you know??

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete hope you have a great day, i'm a bit down today but that's to do with other health problems, it is a danger for me though so gonna get some happy music on to cheer myself up, doc wants me to do aquatic aerobics so will have to look into that, she won't let me do anything else, cats can be so funny and they do have some looks on them, mines is the same, he thinks i'm nuts lol, have a brilliant day and stay strong :)

  • Hi Sue, I'm so sorry to hear that your down today Sue, you go and get that music on gal, the lowder the better!!!! hhhhhhm aquatic aerobics!!!!! erm andi has got a personal trainer, i wonder if they would know anything about it!!!!

    Aquatic tells me that it is something to do with water, but i am sure that they will be somebody with you at all times, as i know you are afraid of water, and this is just what you need to get over your fear gal. i'm sure after the first few minutes you will get to enjoy it, and wonder why you havent done it before!!!!

    Now then-- a ''bikini''-- i think a nice little pink number would suit gal, maybe with pokerdots, so get shoppin tomorrow lol, and dont you forget i am with you all the way gal. As for being nuts, i think you all know that i'm nuts without my cat telling you!!! I hope the music cheers you up Sue, hang in there and you too keep strong, and thankyou for helping me through this tough time, luv ya.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete thanks for that it is a bit daunting but your in the shallow end of the pool, it's exercising in the pool, it's about all i can do cause not allowed to do any weight bearing stuff ( the gym or walking eg ), but no bikini not with my figure lol it'll be a reinforced costume lol :)

  • Hey Everyone, had trouble logging in today and so I'm a bit late saying hello but looks like you're doing great anyways :-)

    I'll start a fresh new weekly chat blog for us tomorrow now, better late than never eh?! :-)

    Happy 6th day to you Andi22, 1 more sleep and your into your 2nd week! I bet you feel so pleased, if not then you should do! I hope the sniff, sniff, sniffing of your friends husband worked a treat for you and topped up your motivation levels ;-)

    Sue, joining water aerobics is a fab idea. You're right in that you have your feet touching the floor all the time so you'll feel nice and safe. I've never tried it myself but apparently it's really good for you and you don't actually feel that you are doing as much exercise as you actually are! Go for it! The swimming costumes you can buy these days are all so quite nice and there are designs that can flatter anyone :-) Hopefully, this kind of exercise will help with any other health conditions you have and on top of stopping smoking your body will definitely benefit. Feeling good about yourself will have an amazing effect on your outlook on life too. I'm excited for you :-)

    Pete, giving the house a clean round is a great idea, not many people think about things such as the lamp shades, ths was a fab suggestion from Andi22. Hope you can see a difference in yours too. In terms of using your NRT, if you find that you may feel a bit weaker say for example when you might be having a drink... Then you could stick your patch on and use your inhalator as and when you need it - It's quite safe to use these two particular products together.

    Today as been a funny old day with the weather, it doesn't really know what to do with itself does it?!

    Any whose... I'm about with my beady eye today and shall be perching on the shoulders of a couple of people that need that little bit of a gentle nudge.

    Let's make today a Happy Monday :-)

  • Evening all, Andi here. Well I managed to get the lamps cleaned - the brown ones are now a dazzling white and the other ones are sparkling crystal. Might start cleaning some windows when the weather warms up! Did you manage to clean your lamps Pete? By the way I thought that if you drink a bit more water with it or instead of that fizzy c - rubbish the wind may die down a bit in your neck of the woods.

    Sue, I've never tried aquarobics but I have seen them all running around in the pool getting all hot and bothered. What I have tried though is something called Deep Water Aqua in my local leisure centre. This time its in the deep end BUT everybody wears a buoyancy vest so you are completely weightless. Maybe you could progress to this once you get used to being in the water - or you could even spend some of that money you're saving and have 1-2-1 swimming lessons. Whatever, I'm sure you'll keep us posted.

    Emjay, was just about to post my evening comment earlier when my computer beeped at me then died again. Thought "Oh no, not again" then when I got back up & running it took me ages to navigate via various routes back here again.

    Anyway, 1 more day now and then it'll be a week as you say. Doesn't seem to be getting too much easier yet. I'm still sitting on my hands in front of the tv (that's when I'm not stuffing nuts or chocolate into my mouth!) but am a lot less fidgety. I still tell myself that I would love to have a fag and then tell myself that actually I can't as I haven't got any and I'm certainly not going out to buy any as that's a quick run back down the hill and I don't want to be there any more!

  • Hi Emjay, you really are on my flippin left shoulder gal, you are, i opened a can, i had to put a patch on to help, but you say i can allso have a tut at the halator, which i shall give it one now, not as good as suckin though gal, must be me!! thank you for the tip Emjay, nice one gal, i hope youve had a nice weekend, you deserve one gal, you really really doooooooooo.

    Sue i am so so sorry for the bikini bit, it was only meant as a joke gal, i do apologise, and please foregive me for my insensitivity and the fanta orange had nothing to do with it this time!!!! Please exept my deepest apology Sue.

    Look everybody if i erm say anything out of turn!!!! please please tell me off.

    I know what i am like sometimes, things come out of my mouth before i put my brain into gear. Sue i luv ya gal and i will always be with you in my thoughts.

    Pete :(

  • Aww Pete i didn't take any offence at what you said, i was having a joke with you, you have absolutely nothing to apologise for, i'm soooo sorry if i made you think that, i should have proof read before i sent the post; i know you would never say anything out of turn, you're to kind a person, i hope i didn't upset you, i'm always here for you, to help you through the tough times :)

  • Hi Andi, yep ive cleaned the lamp shades, God to see the color of the water!!!!

    I've just put the lights on, and its so bright in here now ive just found a chair i lost months ago ha ha .

    I thank you Andi for thinking about my drinking obsession, but i havent drank shorts for 30 years or so, i just dont like them, i drink lager, which is cool-wet-fizzy but not quite as fizzy as fanta!!!!! any sugestions for a substitute would be very greatfull thankyou.

    Pete :)

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