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Weekend Chat :- 22nd - 23rd September 2012

Weekend Chat  :-   22nd - 23rd September  2012

Good morning everybody, the first day of Autumn today and its lovely and sunny here so far 8-) 8-)

I hope everyone's well and staying positive :) keep on kicking those piggies out of the door because you know that you can do it :) :)

Jillygirl, Andi you have a great holiday :) and dont forget us rock !! :o :D

Rite thats enough of me yapping on, so enjoy your weekend :) :)

Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Morning Pete

you just beat me to it, i'm just up, that's early for me lately :D :D :D

love your picture, soooooo cute

how you managing to start this, you on your break

have a good day, hard when your at work, i know, but you might get a laugh along the way :)

I'm not doing much today, too sore from yesterday, and too COLD, :D :D :D

will chat later, away to have some brekkie :) x


Good Morning :-) Yaye for the weekend!

I think Pete starts his shifts on Monday Sue, so we'll have him to entertain us over the weekend :D

Sue, I was thinking about your quit date, for Monday.... It might be best if you see how your appointment goes on Monday first and then depending on when you can collect your NRT, set your quit date to fit in nicely with that.With regards to which NRT you want to use, I know you are going to ask for the inhalator, how about you also ask about the patches too? Providing that you use the correct dose, and in the orrect way, the patch has really good results and when used alongside another oral product (such as the inhalator, gum, lozenges etc) then your chances of success increases. Just ask your stop smoking advisor about combination therapy. They'll know about it as it's recommended up and down the country. I'm really excited for you :0)

Pete, you stay strong today and make sure you let us know if you hit a brick wall. Especially after saying that you now struggle when at home. You already do the right thing by taking yourself away into the garage, garden and bygiving all your attention to your plants and Monkey cat :D As soon as you feel a bit :-/ then make a note of the time, a note of what you were doing and what you think brought this feeling on, try a breathing exercise and then the next time it happens do the same again. By the end of the day, you might be able to recognise a pattern to when these cravings set in and how you have learnt to overcome them. Keep us posted on how you get on. You're a winner and you can do this :D

Today is Saturday, I hope everyone see has positive plans for a smoke free day. I'm sure it's a big day today for Lisa-Jane, shall have to check our Wall of Winners out.

Together we can do this :-D


HI Emjay

It's just me going nuts, i'd forgotten what day it was today, think my brain went on holiday with Jillygirl and Andi :D :D :D

you might have a good idea there about waiting till after my appointment on Monday, i already have the inhalators though, i got them from my doctor a couple of days ago, it's always difficult thinking when to stop, am i doing the right thing? or am i just putting it off?

I do feel more positive this time though :)

have a great day, will chat later :)


afternoon peeps,11 weeks smoke free and here we are day 6 "unpatched".nice bright day,back hurts but im going out for a bit ,cant just sit down all day cous it hurts to get up, got to do something,you all stay strong and smoke free ;)


That's great that your 11 wks. smoke free, and 6 days without the patches, :) brilliant

know what you mean about sore backs, i'm the same, but decided to have a lazy day today :D :D

have a great smoke free day whatever you do :)


Hi Emjay hope you are well and ready for all that cooking your going to do this weekend :D now you've got your dinningroom back :)

Sue what you on gal :o as Emjay said i dont start my shift until Monday :( and you have a lovely lazy day :) :)

Ken thats just fantastic pal patchless for 6 days :) :) cant wait untill i can get there :) you have a nice easy day too :)

Me i'm busy fixing the guttering at the moment while the sun is out, so will speak later :) :)


That's where you got to Pete, up on your roof, i was about to send out a search party :D :D

I think the problem is i should be on something like senile pills :D :D :D

you take care up there Pete, don't want a long journey to hospital to visit you :)

stay strong, you'll get there :)


Where have you got to Pete, hope you haven't fallen off your ladder he he he

I' going quick :D :D :D


Aup Sue, just finished for the day now :) :)

Sorry i havnt been on much, but wanted to get it done while the weathers good :) it gives a nice day here until late afternoon tomorrow, so will be at it then, but will try to speak more tomorrow gal, i havnt forgot you Sue dont worry about that gal :) :)

Just going to get washed up etc, speak in a bit :)


Hi Pete

I know, that has to be done in good weather

it's been bright here but cold, same tomorrow, but Monday heavy rain and wind all day, just as well i got my washing done today :D :D :D

and don't you worry Pete i wasn't on here much myself today, all my housework done so i can relax tomorrow, hopefully :)


Aup Sue i thought you were having a lazy day today gal :o :| you flippin take it easy for once, think about yourself Sue :) :) ha your as bad as i am gal, i think rite i'm going to have a lazy day, but always think of something that needs doing :( :)


Same here Pete, we,re a right pair :D :D

how you getting on with the inhalators, i just got some from my doctor, thought i'd try them this time since cold turkey didn't really work :)


I'm using patches at the moment but use the inhalator at bad times, which seem to be more and more just lately :( but yes it helps me get through :) :)

Sue there's Caggle on the questions, you might just be able to help her :) :)


Thanks Pete, how you doin today, you still staying strong, i know you can do this, i have faith in you :) :) ((hugs))


Hey Sue, thanks for having a chat to Carol, you Ladies seem to know what to say :)

Rite am off up that wooden hill cus am creamcracked gal will try to chat more tomorrow big huggs and luv to ya Sue, you have a good nights sleep and charge them batteries up :) :)

Pete xx :)


Nite Pete luv ya too sweet dreams :) xx


well that's another day done,went out for a walk,stopped at the pub for 2 beers,saw my mum and come home again.thought about the airing cupboard ,swap summer duvet for winter one but no tomorrow maybee,been a nice day today,had a "long" hour a while ago so just had a lie down, that's me about done,coffee, biscuits counting down the time to footy on the telly,catch you all later :)


Sounds like you had a lovely day, i might go for a walk tomorrow seen it's gonna be nice, before the storm hits :D :D

that put me in the mood of a cuppa :D

will catch up later :)


Morning everyone

the weather here is nice and sunny today but i bit cold, might go out for a walk later so i don't find something to do :D : D

what you up to today Pete, still fixing your guttering, hope you get the weather for it :)

Have a great smoke free day everyone, whatever your doing :)

I'm off to have breakfast now chat later :) x


Morning Sue and everyone, no sun here yet but its dry :)

Just finished cooking dins so now off to finish the guttering before the storm comes :(

It gives a yellow warning for here for this afternoon, high winds and heavy rain, so that will test my guttering :D :D

Sue you get out for a walk gal so you dont find any work to do :o :)

Rite where did i put my ladder hmmmmmm :o :D


Hi All just to let you know i am still going strong 12 weeks today :) just worked out i have saved £576 to date. Keep it up the rest of you, If i can do it you can.


Hi Sure2, its nice to hear from you again, and i'm so glad that you have got this far with your quit :) :) £576 ''wow'' thats just fantastic, now then dont go spending it all at once - erm go on then :D :D

Keep in touch Sure2, your doing so so well :)

Pete :)


That's brilliant sure2 :)

that's a lot of money you saved, you should have a holiday with it, you deserve it :)


Aup Sue, i hope you enjoyed your walk gal :) :)

Ha ha i was just finishing off the guttering at the front of the house, i was at the top of the ladder and i felt something clinging to my leg :o looked down - it was my cat :o :D she had climbed right up the ladder to the top to see what i was up too !! I thought i would have to turn around on the ladder, crouch down and grab her, but i didnt have to, cus she very cautiously climbed back down without the help of my right foot :D :D cus a lot of cats can climb up !! but cant climb down again :(

I tell you Sue, it just astounds me to what lengths you Ladies will go too to find out what us blokes are up too :D :D

Think i'd best scarper :D :D


Hi Pete

bet your cat gave you a scare :D :D :D they're good at that he he

did you manage to get your guttering fixed before the storm arrives, it's coming up here tomorrow, i'll have to batter down the doors :D :D you could come fix iy for me seen your good at that kind of diy :D :D :D

had a lovely walk by the sea, it was a nice bracing wind

need to go get the washing in now

Chat later :)


Aup Sue, i'm glad you got out and had a nice walk by the sea, that must be so embracing :) :) wish i lived near to the sea, we havnt had a holiday this year cus of buying this van and paying for my plumbers course, but hopefully next year :) :)

But i tell you this is the first year we havnt been away anywhere, and ''dont'' i know it :( :(

But you have to make sacrifices dont you :) :o

It is p____g erm raining dead heavy here now, and the wind has started to get up, so have buttoned down the hatches, so now i'm prepared :o :( we will see if my expertise on guttering sealing works :D :D


Hi Pete

we've not had a holiday this year either, had to decorate the house instead, hate not having a break but that's life :D

had a nice walk, i'm lucky not to live to far from water, close to the river Tay :)

Your weather sounds really bad, i'm sure your guttering will be great, it will easily stand up to that wind, it's heading my way tomorrow, no way i'll be going out :D

hope it's not to bad when you go to work tomorrow:)


Yep your right Sue cus what we get tonight, you will get tomorrow, cus its coming up to you :( :(

Will try to post you tomorrow morning and let you know how bad it was :o :)

Hey gal I hope you've got your nrt ready for the morning :) your strong Sue, i know you are, you'll get there :) with a bit of help from my right boot :D :D

Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz :o


You'll have to catch me first :D :D :D

got everything for tomorrow, and my first meeting here is in the afternoon

so here i go again :D but we can all do this together :)


TOOOOOOOOOOOOO rite Sue, cus we help each other on here dont we :) :)

Am sorry Sue but, have to go to bed gal, got to be up at 4 in the morning, you will be fine :) :) gal, because you know you have to do this for yourself !!!!! this is one time you look after yourself :) :)

I will be back tomorrow night to see how you have got on :) :) and am sure Emjay and Claire will look in on you toooooooooooooooo :D :D

Sweet dreams Sue, luv ya so much xx :)


Sweet dreams Pete, stay strong love ya :) x


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