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Daily chat Saturday 20th July 2013

Daily chat Saturday 20th July 2013

Good morning everybody :) :) I hope the weather is still being kind to you 8-) :)

Weekends, although I love them :) are one of the most hardest times for me to stay quit :o and have found out, that to keep my quit thoughts in one place in my 1 brain cell, this helps me when I get the urge to smoke, cos there all at hand when i need them :) Try to memorise the reasons you are quitting for, then when the cravings come, just bombard them with your reasons to quit :) :)

Jonathan, this is what I meant about '' collected '' as in having all your reasons for quitting, ready and waiting to pounce on them cravings when they come, you've got a small army behind you, telling you NOPE :) :)

Please keep letting us know how your feeling, what you are going through :) cos I know that i couldnt express my feelings like that :o just wish I could :)

Rite you flippin lot, thats enough of me gassin on, brrrmm whoops, sorry, if you have a window thats closed, then open it now please :) I assure you , it wll be for your own benefit :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

By the way, the 2 cats in the pic, were white yesterday :o :D :D :D

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Good morning Pete , and everyone else. A few clouds around but still very hot and sunny. Well shopping this morning and child minding this afternoon. Hope everyone has a NOPE day. p.s. 2 weeks for jonathan. :)

catch up later. xx


Good morning Pete, Jillygirl and everyone, It's cloudy here and not as hot, I'm glad to say, having a relaxing day today then get my hubby's stuff ready for him going to hospital tomorrow, 3 days peace and quiet for me then, yipeeee :D

Well done on 2 weeks quit Jonathan :)


Have a brill NOPE day everyone :)


Good morning Pete, Jilly, Sue and everyone.

I love your sun-tanned pussies Pete, not so sure about your problem though. :(


I think it was the hottest night yet for me. I woke up about 1 and couldn't get back to sleep then some noisy neighbours (obviously had a few) spent the next couple of hours outside chatting and playing yuk music. :P I gave up tossing and turning just before 7 and got up. I was just about to make my tea when the phone rang and a friend of mine had just fallen over and had a suspected broken wrist. Helped her get dressed and dropped her at the hospital and now waiting to hear from her.


She's just phoned to say that her wrist is broken in more than one place and she'll need an operation. :P :( (She was on her bed trying to get a spider on the ceiling when she fell over. :o )

Jonathan, congratulations on getting to 2 weeks today. :)

I must have a practice to get the hang of doing pictures on this site. The above works on the hilight/view route.

Have a good day all of you. :) 8-)


Good Morning Andi, I'm sorry you had such a bad night :( the heat is bad enough but there's nothing worse than noisy neighbours.

Sorry about your friend, hope she got good pain relief till her surgery.

I've found, so far, that if i put 2 or more spaces before pasting pics it seems to work, hope that helps you, and I hope you have a great day :)


Sounds like nurse andi to the rescue. Hope your friend is soon better. Think the picture thing is hit and miss. have a lovely day. xx


huh, tell me about noisy neighbours, some muppet thought it would be a really good idea to put their wheely bins out for the bin men at 1.15am on Friday morning grrrr - trundling them around at that time of the day tsk. Still, at least it didn't take them 2 hours to do it.


Good afternoon to everyone. A little bit cooler and cloudier here today. Good luck for your hubby in hospital Sue. Perhaps you could have a little snooze on a breezy beach this afternoon andi to catch up on your missed zzzzzz's last night, mind you its a bit late now, its tea time. I've spent the last two days at work in my nice air conditioned reception, so missed out on the really hot weather.

I've been child minding too today Jilly. We had to take my daughter shopping cos she can't find her way there then we looked after baby while she hit the shops. Just found out we have both 3 year old grandson and baby next Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning as daughter is going to a wedding. Eeeeek, I feel massive cravings coming on already at the mere thought of it. I don't like looking after 'ittle babys, they scare me. I will be up all night staring into the cot making sure she's still breathing :o


Hi Sinfree,

I wish i'd been with you in your air conditioned work I've been melting the past few days :D :D at least I'll get a few days peace when hubby has his knee replacement, and the telly all to myself, that will make a change :D :D

I know what you mean about looking after babies, I get like that when I'm just watching Nairn for a couple of hours :o :D hope you have a great NOPE evening :)


Hi sinfree, what a daunting feeling looking after baby and a 3 year old. I am sure you will be fine.


at least its disposable nappies now a days. :D


:D :D. That will be me! Haha


Sinfree, I could just picture you with a nappy round your head gal :D :D :D

I think the safest move for me, will be to scarper :o :| :D :D


Good evening all. It did cloud over here a bit at times today and was quite breezy but the wind didn't do anything to cool us down. I went to the beach this afternoon and the sea was lovely and rough. :) My friends wimped out of going in today. :P

Had my friend with the broken wrist round for a cuppa this evening and then fed her. She didn't realise how hungry she was and had struggled to do toast for her lunch. It turns out that she fell off a chair not the bed - one bone in the arm broken and one in the wrist is in bits. We hope they operate asap cos we're going on holiday together in September and she's like to be swimming again by then.


Aww so jealous, I love the sea when its rough, it always seems warmer in big waves. Hope your friend gets better in time for your hols.


I just like it rough :o :D :D :D


Good morning all

I will go on yesterday's post as not senior enough to start my own day yet and also didn't add anything yesterday !! Well it is good news at 12 noon today as it will be exactly 2 weeks since I QUIT - hooray ....

Things should be easier after this !!!!!!!!!!!??

Have a great day everyone & soooooo glad to be a NON Smoker.

Best wishes from


NOPE ever again

P.S. Do not want to go through another 2 weeks like that again - ever again

(Sorry tone of bricks should have beed ton of bricks - but don't need to worry about being illiterate as well at this stage in the quit)


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