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First Smoking Cessation Session

Hiya! Just thought I'd post how my first session went, just incase anyone else was interested in getting in touch with their docs and doing the same thing and want to know what it's all about.

First off, we discussed how I was getting along, how long I have stopped smoking for and what NRT I was using and what else might help me. She did suggest the spray but I am happy with the patches I am currently on which is great. She said that the type of patches I am on (Nicorette 25mg) I can stay on the strongest version for a certain amount of weeks and then when that time is up we can have a discussion as to whether or not I am ready to take the next step which would be a lower doseage and it would be to my timeframe, whatever makes me feel comfortable so that's one less thing I don't have to worry about.

She took a note of my weight, to be honest not entirely sure why, then I got to use the carbon monoxide tester. You just hold your breath for 15 seconds, then blow into a tube, wait a little while and you get your results. Mine was 3, and that was a great result. 0-3 means non smoker. Sometimes it can be more than that, she explained, if you live in a polluted area or have been near a lot of traffic or live with a smoker.

I then had my lung capacity checked- again you hold your breath and blow as hard as you can into another tubey gadget. They ask you to do 3 of these if you can to get the avarage reading. I am severely asthmatic and have been monitored over the last 6 years and was stunned that my lung capacity was the best it's been in all that time! Right there was evidence that quitting smoking is helping, and so fast too. I am only on day 18!

The session only took 15 minutes, it was enough time to discuss how I was feeling and to ask any questions I had. I am booked in again for a fortnight's time, and it makes me feel good to have someone else cheering me on.

I know I still have a long way to go, but I believe that the hardest part is probably over now and I just need to carry on and keep battling alongside my fellow comrades, which is you :) Thanks for being there, knowing there are people on the forum who care and are battling alongside me makes me feel so strong and I truly hope you feel that way too. xxx

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Aup Lenne, thats great news gal only 3 on the carbon monoxide tester and nearly at the 3 week stage as well!!!! you must be chuffed to bits gal, and i aplaud you, i do. I'm on the 25mg patches as well, had to have the strongest cus i smoked about 40 a day, also need a puff at the inhalator now and again, but what the heck as long as they keep me off the fags gal.

Aup you've had your hair done too, looks nice gal, makes you look younger and prettier, hhhhmmmmm i wander if i was to get my hair done, it would make me look younger and more handsomererererer !!!!! :D

As you say Lenne this is a magic site to be on, everybody is so friendly and helpfull, and most of all very supportive.

Speak soon gal, and enjoy,

Pete :)


well done Lenne.

Its nice to know how the nurses etc plan the cessation session. Keep us informed. I have had my lungs tested. But i forgot to ask about the carbon monoxide test. But I am going again in 3 months to see how i am coping , so perhaps I will ask the doctor then. See Pete is being very observant. Think you may have cracked it there getting an admirer. (Yeah I am jealous at 63yrs old) LOL!. At least we all keep each other going.

keep up the good work.



Lenne, Jillygirl is right, i am a admirer but i admire you for what you have achived !!!!!! God gal you must have gone throuh hell and back, I never tried drugs, just was'nt my thing!! but a couple of my mates have, well, i know what they are going through!!!!!

Jillygirl wake up Woman, or are you as nuts as i am?????? join the club gal!!!!!

Pete :)


Hi Pete, Yeah your right I am as nuts as you if not nuttier. My family say i am. However at least we can have a laugh. No good being miserable.

Take care. Jillygirl.


Hehe it's okay made me smile :) The drink and drugs I kicked when I was in my early twenties so roughly 10 years ago now, I don't miss either or give them much thought to be honest. I am just glad I've finally gotten clean of all three habits- while drink is ok in moderation I can't do anything by halves so it's best I avoid entirely ;) Thanks to you both for your kind comments. Jillygirl do let us know how your docs appointment goes even though its a while off :)


Hiya lenne well done you. I'm at the same stage as you day 18 ain't it good that we ha e gone 18 days and live to tell the tale. I live the fact that I dont need the stick any more keep it up love x


Hey Ollie, yeah it feels fantastic! It's lovely to feel freedom and well done for you also! xxx


Hi Lenne, Hope your having a good day. will let you know how i get on at docs. Hope its as good as your results.

Have a lovely day.



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