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My Stop Smoking Story

Hi Everyone im a new member to this site and i would like to tell you my story about stopping smoking.

I am male and am 47 i have smoked since 15 due to peer pressure from my classmates, i smoked 60 a day at my worst in my 30s and 40s then last year i decided to try to stop, i tried everything gum, patches, books then finally stumbled upon a Hypnosis cd by Marius Vintila it simply involved listening to a short audio cd for about 16 minutes and that was that ive not smoked now since December 2011. I finally feel that now i am free of the habit and all the health problems that go with it i feel 10 years younger now.

I just wanted to share my story with people here so that you too can have the strenght to stop smoking like i did, Frank. Here is the link for the audio cd i used.


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Wow that sound fantastic. I am sure others will welcome your help thanks frank.

I have now stopped soperhaps dont need it now. :)


Frank - just ace pal,

This is what we want on this site, story's of how you quit the habit, how you beat the ciggie!!!!

I cant thank you enough Frank for letting us know how you DID it :) :)

Thank you for giving us the link to the site :) :)

Frank I thank you again for coming on here with your quit story, i'm sure it will help somebody else to quit !!

Cheers, Pete :)


Thanks Jillygirl and Monky ive also tweeted to my followers on twitter so people can find this site as it seems to help people so much and its just a great place to come to meet up with all you friendly people, thanks again.


Good morning

Welcome Frank; thank you so much for sharing your story with us. 9 months smokefree is pretty amazing considering your smokers lifestyle. It’s lovely to hear you’re doing so well too; it gives our quitters a real boost.

Well done and thank you again.



Hi Frank, welcome to our on-line stop smoking community. Lovely to have you on-board and thank you for sharing your story. Just think of how much free time you must feel you have now, especially smoking up to 60-a-day. There are only 24 hours in a day and if you think about how many hours spent sleeping, how are 60 ciggies fitted in?!

Well done to you for coming this far, you have every reason to be so pleased with yourself :-)

I've not heard of Marius Vintila before but shall take a look at the link you have shared.

We look forward to getting to know you :-)


Thanks everyone for your kind comments im really enjoying this site, i only wish i found it years ago.


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