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giving up smoking

my last cigarette was February 26th at 22:30pm i started on NRT on patches on the 27th February

its day 38 for me as well as my Husband and for the past 2 days i am having a nose bleed a few hours after i wake up and a slight headache afterwards, Otherwise i am enjoying a smoke free life , my cravings are hit and miss (or is it because i am having a good day) who knows . this time around (i gave up in Feb 2003 and started smoking again in may 2009 ) i feel better in my self now and i know what to expect but i didnt have the nose bleeds that time around so this is new for me. is this normal after giving up smoking or can you give me any advice

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Hiya dappyduck, a big warm welcome to quit support 😃

Congratulations on 38 days quit to you and hubby, well done. I can't say I've heard of nose bleeds as a symptom of quitting but maybe someone else on here has 😳

Good to hear you're enjoying your smoke free life and perhaps if the nose bleeds continue, it would be a good idea to get it checked out with your G.P. Just to be on the safe side. Wishing you continued success on your quit and I'm sure you'll get some more help from the lovely people on here 😃 x


Hi ya Daddyduck, its great to see you here and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support forum :) and a massive flppin well done to you for reaching 38 days smoke free :) :)

You and hubby are doing tremendously well on your quit's :) :) just please try to stay focused and positive on your quits,

As for your nose bleeds, as Briarwood has said, its not common at all :o But in saying that, quite a few Years ago, I suffered with nose bleeds, I was hospitalised for about a week :o It was simply due to me taking Aspirin !!

The Aspirin thinned my blood down tooo much :o I havnt took any Aspirins since :) and have never had a nose bleed since :) :) Just a thought gal :)

If in any doubt nip and see your GP :)

Pete :)

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Hi dappyduck and welcome to quit support.

Like the others have said it is not a common symptom of quitting can happen for some people. My hubby quit 10 years ago and he too suffered with nose bleeds. He went of to his GP and was informed that it was a part of his body adjusting to not smoking.

Like all the common symptoms of quitting it did stop and been none since. For memory it lasted about 3 months.

For your own peace of mind, mention it to your GP

FANASTIC effort on your quit so far 😀😃😀😃


Hi ya Lin :) :)

Is it Tuesday for you now :o hmmm, just dont know where I am gal at the moment :o :D :D

I will e-mail you the data base now, ermmm, if I can remember how to do it :o :D :D

If your working today, I can leave it until later if you like :|


Safe advise is go see your GP.

It is allergy season depending on where you live.

Sounds like a sinus infection.

One thing I can answer, smoking would not help, it would prolong any recovery from anything.

You can do anything better without smoking.

When you getting off the nicotine?

I always say no nicotining makes more sense than no smoking.



hi i get off the patches in 4 weeks and i do have allergy's and have medication for that and i use them but i am also allergic to antihistamines

but i will see a doctor about this


Have you considered hayfever? ??

I quit in July last year and I was getting nosebleeds every morning. I went to my gp and he gave me antihistamines and a nasal spray and the nosebleeds stopped.

The last week or so they started again so I went back on the treatment and I am symptom free again.

Good luck with your quit journey


I do have hayfever but i am allergic to antihistamines so i have a nose spray, eye drops and i wear sunglasses alot


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