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Day 2 of the rollercoaster ride that is quitting smoking!

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I was watching an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Thursday evening- an episode where Willow totally hits rock bottom and realises shes got a magic problem. Watching her realise, and begging for help was when I realised something I already knew- that I was more than addicted I was obsessed with smoking- it was just time I stopped. I didn't even think about having one last cig to say goodbye- I didn't need to. I had enough and from a tv show! How random is that!

I started using patches yesterday around 12pm- it's 25 mg for 16 hours and it felt fine all day yesterday until about 10pm that night. My skin under the patch felt quite warm and really itchy so it was a relief to take it off for bedtime. I now have a little rash there, it's a bit itchy. Am I allergic or is this normal? To be honest, a rash and a bit of itching is much better than smoking eh ;)

I've been a heavy smoker (40-45 cigs a day) for roughly 10 years, and cigs were my life in a really obsessive way. I quit a few years ago for 4 months because the hospital told me if I smoked again I would die- I didn't obviously but I think at that time I quit for the wrong reasons. I feel truly blessed and lucky that I got my moment of clarity, the moment you know you've had enough and want to quit. Obviously the cravings are a bit hellish, but I scream at them to go away (looking insane but it works) haha!

I quit because I'd rather spend £70 quid a week on something else. Hell of a wonderful way to look at it- the things you can buy for £70! Makes me so happy when I remember to focus on this when the cravings hit. Does anyone else feel like everything is fine, then it's like a slap in the face when you remember that you don't smoke anymore, almost like someone's taken the next step away and you stumble briefly? I don't expect that feeling will ever go away but I will have to learn to live with it because I can do this!

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Aup lenne, my names Pete, I too are on the same patches as you, my second attempt, and yes the patches left a red mark and itched like hell for the first 8 days or so, but then my body seemed to get used to them and it got easier, this time they just leave a bit of a pink mark, but no itching, and yes like you i was smoking about 40 a day depending on whether i was bored or not, i've been smoking since i was 13. I love the way you let your feelings out, please please go to Emjays weekly chat blog, and see what you think!!!! we are all here to help each other get through this, and i know all about the cravings-- got the Tshirt, the cap, you name it i've got it, good luck.

Pete. :-)

Hey Monky, it's lovely to meet you and thankyou very much for your comment! I am so glad the patches will eventually stop itching- I am worried that after a while with all the pink marks I will end up looking like Mister Blobby! I will check out the weekly chat blog, I am very eager to meet new people who are also battling the same war. Once again, thankyou, you're very kind :)

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Hey Lenne, welcome to our online stop smoking community :0) there's some lovely people on here all either stopping, staying stopped or just about to.

I loved reading you're blog, you'll be helping lots of others as they'll realise that what they are feeling is normal.

With regards to the patches, everything that Pete says is how it is. Some people don't feel it as much, whereas others may be a tad more sensitive. You can either choose 7 different places on your body, one for each day of the week, or put the atch on your right arm one day, the kept the next, then on your right again the day after, but slightly higher or lower from where the pink /red mark is.

The cravings are funny things, as you've already noticed-one minute there's no sign and then suddenly... Bam! In your face! They do become weaker over time, the longer you stay stronger.

Top tip is to remain positive!

Congratulations on getting your first day under your belt :0)

Hi Emjay! Yup- trying my best to be positive but it's nice knowing that there's some friendly people who are battling the same demons and we can all join together to do so. The amusing thing about the patches? My first patch area is rashy and still itches, there's no problem on the one I had yesterday, not even a mark! Must say I am quite relieved.

I think the hardest thing is knowing that because I am agoraphobic I can't go out to escape my thoughts, or change my routine in any big way. The depression is tickling in the background but I am pasting on my happy face and thinking of all the wonderful benefits!

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hi lenne, good luck and well done for stopping. I am on my fourth week and find this site so supportive. I can tell you my hubby quit 10 years ago and smoked for approx 40 years. 20+ a day. He doesnt have any cravings now and is much fitter. It took him about 6 months before he realised he didnt have any cravings to smoke. He used a inhalator which I am trying at the moment. keep up the good work you can do it.


Hi Jillygirl, 4 weeks is absolutely epic- you must be over the moon kind of proud of yourself! not to mention your hubby being all proud too! The inhalator looks really good and I bet it feels nice to do something with your hands when the craving hits. I tend to wave them about or flap them at people saying "Tell the Nicotine Monster I am not going to feed it" haha!

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hi Lenne , I too have a nicotine monsters, they are in 2 packets in my kitchen drawer. when i open the drawer now i look at the packets of cigarettes and think i dont need you. and then i slam the drawer shut. when i have reached 6 months not weeks i am going to get great delight in throwing those nasty packets away. jillygirl.i

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Hey Lenne, something for you to think about... your thoughts are your own, and if you know how to 'work' them, you can take yourself wherever you want to be. This can be both negative and positive, but one thing is for sure - you are in total control of them :-)

Roll on September then eh' jillygirl, that's a great milestone for you - although I'm sure it'll be like a walk in the park for you :-)

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Hi Lenne

Well Done great work I am now into my second week This WEB SITE IS A FANTASTIC HELP with great advice and tips I also feel like its a roller coaster ride but the good days are excellent Think of the good you are doing for your health and the money you are saving I find i am more concerned with the health side of things Have you Stopped before ? This is my 3rd attempt i want to totally quit this time Hope the weather is better where you are and keep going


Hi Garry! This is my second attempt- the first time I was "forced" into it with blackmail so it failed obviously haha! I did last 4 miserable months before I actually had a nervous breakdown. I am kinda relieved it's going much better this time round! I had a few tantrums yesterday, I've decided my parents are useless support-wise so I am glad I am doing this for myself and have adopted people in this group as my support.

As the saying goes Garry one day at a time we can do this, there's nothing to be scared of because we have decided to be free! I am going to put a list on my wall today with the top 10 reasons I have decided to no longer be a smoker and if I feel squirmy or like I am going to have a tantrum there's my reminder.

Keep smiling and don't forget we are going to kick nicotine monster buttocks!!

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Tinkerbell6729 Months Winner

im on day 6 of not smoking this is my second go at it.Last time i stopped i went for 7months im trying the paches this time an finding them much better than the tablets .im stopping for the sake of my son who has sever asthma.

Hiya Tinkerbell67, it's lovely to meet you.The patches are brilliant- I don't think I could handle the cravings without them. How are you getting on so far? Your little boy must be so proud of his mummy :)

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