Computer problems

Computer problems

Finally able to say hello to all you determined non smokers....I'm doing good. I like being a non smoker. Knowing my body is healing makes me look forward to my future. Before I was always concerned about my health I was afraid smoking would disable me with a serious health problem and/or amputation Yes. That is what smoking can do too. My grandmother was affected that way and she was a heavy smoker. God bless Her...........soooooooo I think I have alot of reasons to be scared as hell to light up


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  • Hi Arizona :) I'm sorry your having PC probs gal :( cos I know what there flippin like :P :o

    Thats a gorgeous pick :) it looks like my fish pond in my back garden :D :D :D

    As for you liking being a non smoker is just flippin ACE gal :) :) like you say, there can be a lot of health issues when you smoke :o ermmm, and we just dont want to go down that path do we :o :)

    In a few minutes, you will be 4 weeks quit gal :) Whooooopy flippin Dooooooooo :) :) :)

    You stick to your guns and just remember NOPE :) :)

  • My computer has a problem, too. Me.

    Belated congratulations on 4 weeks!!!!

    And a "way to go" on your upcoming 30 days!

    .. & I agree -- beautiful pic! (Canadian Rockies?, eh?)

  • Aup Will :) and hows life treating you at the moment :o

    I hope things are getting better for you :) :)

  • Thanks for asking .. the "new improved formula" of my brain chemicals is starting to balance out. One of the benefits of quitting is that i'm taking less medication -- and that's a minor miracle if you knew my history!

    'Hope things are going well for you!

  • Hey Will, thats great news pal, less medication the less you rattle when you walk :D :D

    It just goes to show you how many flippin chemicals, toxins are in a fag to mess our bodies and minds up eh :o

    Will, you stick at it now cos your doing just ACE pal :) and am sooooo glad your docs are sorting your meds out now :) :)

    Am off up the wooden hill now for some zzzzzzzzzz, so see ya soon and you take care now Will :) :)


    Massive Congratulations Arizona on your 1 month smokefree, sooo happy for ya👍🏼😊

    be very proud of yourself for a terrific achievement 👏🏼👏🏼

    Loving your beautiful pic too, thanks hun😊x

  • Thanks Briarwood🌷It sure feels good to keep those nasty cigarettes out of my life. I'm looking forward to another smoke free week/day/hr

    Hope you enjoy your day

    Arizona xx

  • Well done hun!!!I've stopped 2 weeks now and feel so happy and proud iv stuck to it and not gave in to one puff!u should be proud off yourself !!well done :)

  • Thanks shellymarie🌷 You're doing great too... It gets easier.... Keep on keeping on!!!!

  • Thanks hun!!you too!!:)x

  • Congrats Shellymarie on your 2 weeks quit, you really have done very well and you're right to be very proud👏🏼 I'm proud of you too👍🏼😊x

  • Thankyou hun!!feel do much better without them!!!:)x

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